Dungeon Ni Deai O Motomeru No Wa Machigatte Iru Darou Ka / Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka Vol 1 Prologue

Is it Wrong to Expect for Encounters in the
There is a seemingly infinite dungeon with many and many floors. Inside there are
a variety of heinous monsters.
I, together with those adventurers seeking fame and fortune and risking their own
lives, registered my own name at the guild, and then began to adventure.
With a sword in my own hand and swiftly emerge abruptly. Then in the end, I
would have an encounter with a girl that has been attacked by those monsters.
Endless Screams. The monster’s savage roars. Just in the nick of time, suddenly
the sound of a swift and sharp sword, piercing through the air, would emerge.
The monster was defeated. What was left was the beautiful girl remaining seated
on the ground, while I stand gloriously.
Her cheeks would be slightly dyed red, and in those beautiful, tearful eyes, what
was projected was only my appearance. A faint love will awaken in her heart.
At times I would talk to the cute shop personnel in a restaurant about my
adventures that day, forming a closer relationship.
At times I would protect a female elf from savage adventurers.
At times I would also lend assistance to the Amazon warriors when they were in
trouble, forming a party together to adventure.
At times I would get too close towards a girl,and the other girls that witnessed it
would be jealous.
At times At times At times At times……
This was a completely normal way of thinking for a male child, who grew up
aspiring towards the heroic adventure.
Wanting to have a closer relationship with cute girls. Wanting to interact with
beautiful ladies from a different race.
Holding to this somewhat improper, or perhaps immature thoughts. Isn’t this a
normal personality for a young male?
Can’t I have an encounter in the dungeon, correction, search for a harem, is this
really wrong?
I was completely wrong.
I guess this is the result for an adventurer like me who is holding such improper
and immature thoughts. I, am about to die.
To be more precise, I am currently being chased by a monster with a human body
and a bull’s head, a “Minotaur”.
This monster was completely immune to my attacks, who was only level 1. I was
about to be eaten by it.
I entered a dead end. That’s right, I was at death’s door.
So this is my fate for being obsessed with such a shallow delusion, becoming a
monster’s food, I am such a fool.
I am such a fool for expecting a fateful encounter.
The idea of becoming rich and getting a crowd of wives and concubines was
naturally just a dream.
At the instant when I first began to prepare and search for an encounter in the
dungeon where numerous people die daily, I was already finished.
Ah, I really want to go back! Go back to the time and punch the me, who had just
become of age and was signing the registration document with sparking eyes at the
No matter from what physical angle or from the angle of my fate, these things were
already impossible.
The Minotaur’s hoof.
Although it did not directly kick my back, every step it takes crushes the earth,so
even the location where I was standing was being affected by the impacts.
I wasn’t able to stand still and could only roll around the floor of the dungeon.
I would actually be sitting on the floor, when my life tragically ends.
The wish of encounter

ing cute girls would be completely destroyed. Looks like
from the very beginning, I did not have the qualifications to become a hero from
the fairy tales.
My back hit the wall. There was no path to retreat.
It passed through dozens of paths and finally managed to chase after me. Forcing
me into this square-shaped space.
(Ah…! I’m dead.)
My teeth constantly chattered, tears also flowed down in torrents.
My own skin could completely feel the deep and heavy breath exuded from the
Raising my head and staring at the muscular body that was one to two times larger
than me. As if I completely gave up, my face expressed an completely disgusting
slight smile.
——In the end, I did not have an encounter with a girl.
Just as my unrepenting brain spouted these incorrigible thoughts that drove me to
my death, the Minotaur that was slowly waving his hoof appeared in front of my
In the next instant, a line passed through the monster’s body.
Those were the dumb sounds issued by me and the Minotaur.
The flowing line did not just pass through the body, it also ran through the thick
chest, hoof, then the upper wrist, thighs, lower body, shoulders and finally ran to
the next, all in one go.
At the end, I could only see a silver light.
The result was, the monster that I completely could not phase, instantly turned into
pieces of meat.
Painful screams echoed throughout the room before its death.
Following the carved lines, the Minotaur’s body also fell down in parts. Along
with the blood spraying out, the dark red liquid gushed out, it completely collapsed
in the next moment.
A large amount of blood spattered onto my body, as if I had taken a shower. I was
completely frozen stiff.
“Are you alright”?
What came after the bull-headed monster was a girl that could have been mistaken
for a goddess.
Her slender body was wrapped in blue lightweight armor.
The flexible limbs, that extended out from her clothes, were also dazzlingly
Considering her slim soft body, her chest was abnormally filled based on my
opinion. Wearing an emblem on her silver breastplate, and the same colored gloves
and accessories also bore an emblem. Blood was trickling down from the tip of her
sword that was pointing to the ground.
Her blond hair extended straight down to her shoulders, it held a shine that would
not lose to a large amount of golden treasures.
On top of having a body that other females would be jealous of, she had a very
cute baby face that everyone would like.
The color of her eyes , that looked at me, was also golden.
——A blonde swordsman wrapped in blue equipment with golden eyes.
Even I, who was still only a Level 1 and a novice adventurer, knew who the person
in front of me was.
It was a top adventurer belonging to the
Among the human, no, even among the females of all the races, she would be
considered to be one of the strongest as a Level 5.
Aizu Wallenstein.
“Excuse me….are you alright?”
I’m not alright.
I’m not alright at all.
To my heart that was currently constantly jumping, as if it was about to shatter,
you cannot consider it alright at all.
My cheeks were dyed red, and the tearful eyes that were projecting the figure of
the other party, a faint…no, a strong love was awakening.
My wild ideas became real, the roles were reversed, and my thoughts had reached
the summit.
At that moment, she had stolen my heart.
Was asking for a chance encounter in the dungeon wrong?
I was definitely not wrong.

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