Dungeon Ni Deai O Motomeru No Wa Machigatte Iru Darou Ka / Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka Vol 2 Chapter 2

pter 2

“In other words, you’re a Supporter that has no affiliation……”

Babel 2nd floor, the simple canteen. Most of the Adventurers have already entered

having a conversation with a petite girl across the table.

Liliruca Arde.

, Onii-san. Lili reckons that it is a rather famous faction.”

accompany Adventurers in exploring the dungeon as a Supporter. However, it

perplexed while she was trying to find a target to renew her contract. She had

she found me.


she already had the feeling that I could be the only one.

not happy to the extent where I could straightforwardly nod my head to her request.

hood that she was wearing, her thin lips had an innocent smile sketched onto it. 

She had a cute and compact face, and her nose also had a graceful curve. It gave

Although I was reluctant to suspect such an innocent child, but it was simply

Since there were also other areas that I was concerned about, I decided to first

“Why are you choosing me, who belongs to a different ? Having a

thing……Can’t you form a party within your own ?”

everything, the other members all hate me and also treat me as if I was

Being excluded by her companions, but describing it as if nothing had happened, I

“People who do nothing cannot rest or eat in peace. Continuing to stay at the

around, searching for a cheap hotel to stay overnight.”

extent where she feels like she couldn’t hang around that place……H…How could

What she said to me was shocking. There are actually people who are excluded

In my opinion, a should be something like a family.

deep bonds inside.

a warm atmosphere that you could call it your home. Even if the amount of people


should be a .


suddenly pulled back to the world that I was familiar to, and I produced a slight

“The money that I have left to live in the hotel is only a fist-sized amount, so I

dungeon together with Onii-san!”

……Although there were many thoughts that emerged, but I ignored them.

turned my consciousness back to the original purpose.

to confirm. Is that okay?”

“We, really never met each other before?”

That was what I was curious about. Although I wasn’t able to clearly confirm from

exceedingly similar to her. Only one day had passed, so I should not have been

“Lili feels that it is her first time meeting with Onii-san……Could it be that you’ve

“……If it is possible, can you take off that hood?”

should be able to make an accurate judgment. The reason why I couldn’t be sure 

whether or not they were the same person was mainly because I had only seen half

Liliruca-san, who clearly revealed a shaken expression from this request, had her

used both her tiny hands to lift up the hood.

“I…Is this okay?”

her head.


I was stunned and stared for a few seconds, pa, I stood up imposingly and leaned

Perhaps feeling my gaze, Liliruca-san, who was sitting on the chair, seemed to be

robe was also revealed. A maroon colored tail was constantly moving around.

……It can’t be.

ears. Ignoring Liliruca-san’s trembling shoulders, I grabbed onto the two animal


also a fluffy feeling.


……It was real.

moist inner part of the ear, all of it cannot be made. There is no doubt that it was

(I…It’s not that child……)

different, and there is nothing more convincing than this.


“——!? S…Sorry!”

was like I was about to jump over to her. So I pull away from her.

around by me. Then with reddened cheeks, she stared at me and revealed a

“There was actually a boy who played around Lili’s most important ears, and made

……I was surprised to the extent where I could not speak.


“Lili’s hair is very thick, so it is very ugly. So I do not wish to let other people

After apologizing for a long period of time, I timidly inquired. Liliruca-san shyly


problem that I, as a man, would not understand. Perhaps if I was a female, then

Anyways, if it was the dwarf race’s Hobbit then I might still understand, but there

around 10.

“……I understand. Then tentatively, just for today, please be my Supporter”

Because of the guilt generated due to the ears, I was unable to reject her request. If

girl before running away.

days. I, who wish to become stronger, wanted to fully concentrate on the battle.

“Then, when do I have to pay the contract price……I should have to give, right?”

a trial period, so it should be okay if you give me part of your share of revenue

“Ah ah, you only want this little? Actually you should have a bit more…….”

immersed in a conversation.

In the dungeon, using the confirmed floors as a threshold, the terrain and nature


appear are low-level monsters such as Goblin and Kobolds. There are very few

Although there is a subtle change that is produced when approaching the 4th floor,

uppermost floors, as long as you’re not acting by yourself while being surrounded

However, from the 5th floor onward, the situation begins to change.

structure itself becomes more complicated. Led by the that first

And the interval between the monster emerging from the wall cannot be compared

monsters to climb out from the walls and surround you.

aren’t careless, the 5th to 7th floors is the first to demonstrate the dungeon’s

Once items that were brought were overused, then they will not be able to progress

floor or above. This is not limited to just , Experience, Equipment,

To rookie Adventurers, they should first have the goal of building up strength and

And this is especially so for solo Adventurers.


Although he had not entered the ranks of a top-class Adventurer, but he had a


The current location is on the 7th floor. Normally, it is a floor that requires a team

swarms of monsters.


Dodging the that descended from the sky, and at the same time,

Taking advantage of when the huge moth loses its balance after its wing was cut

“Stay there, don’t move!”

Staring at the monster that used its mouth, which was specialized for insects to

I pretended to have both Killer Ants as targets and headed towards the middle of

Suddenly, I forcibly changed my direction. At that moment, the monster’s


To crush the hard shell, roared as it tore through the flesh. The

Killer Ant became silent.

could not pull out the Dagger.


could not move.

and dramatically turned around, its sharp claws swung down towards Bell.


Gakin, what repelled the claw was the jade colored hand armor.

power could not cause any damage onto.

was holding onto into the air, then grabbed it using his right hand, which left the

And slashed.

sprayed out, and then continued to leak out.

already given a fatal injury to the Killer Ant.



and without a break, headed towards the remaining group of Monsters.

Beside the scene where Bell was continuously dispersing the group of Monsters,

Her actions were very skilled. Even when she was smiling slightly, she did not

avoid to bump into other monsters. Using a tea-color specially created rope for

through the dungeon.


the into food for his .

Ant level monsters, he did not feel overly confident. Following the guidance of his

companions, in order to try to avoid a development where it was many against one.


The Killer Ants issued a pitiful cry as it slowly climbed out from the dungeon

The scene that had already happened who knows how many times, had appeared

He took care of the remaining monsters swiftly, then ran towards the Killer Ant



A flying kick burst out.

strange direction also had its body limp down as if it had lost its strength.

buried inside the Wall?”

It was in a strange position since it did not successfully come out from the hole,

could not help but sweat. Heading towards the location of the Monster that was

side, and smiled.

“……This isn’t something to laugh at”

wry smile also appeared slowly.

them finally had a short break and they began to do recovery work for the Magic

Although there were two people, but this field could be said to be the specialty of


“Lili’s only merit is in this. Bell-sama, who defeated these monsters, is much much


neatly dig out the Magic Stone was very refined.

additional hole and then turned to ashes.

while he uttered the words he was thinking about.

“Sorry, but what you said is absolutely impossible. Although it is only a temporary

Supporters must remain modest at all times.”

“Bell-sama, please call Lili as Lili. Although other names are also fine, but please

“But it is obviously just how we call each other, why do……”

Underneath the eyes that were covered by the hood, the corner of the mouth moved,

“Supporter. Although the name sounds good, but after you understand it, you will

From the perspective of the Adventurers, who directly fight with Monsters, Lili

we’re watching on the sidelines. They are just parasites that want a piece of the

From the instant that they enter the dungeon, Supporters are also exposed to the

continued to talk.

Adventurer-sama. Adventurer-sama will not allow it as well. If we do such a thing,


“Bell-sama’s kindness, even Lili, who have just met you, also understands.

Lili is an arrogant Supporter. If such an assessment was sent out, then while other

consider hiring Lili. So sometimes being futile is also a good point.”

If it was just me, I could deny it. However, to represent the other Adventurers, Bell

What might be a needless matter to me, could be another matter for others.

but can you please accept? Please Please help Lili”

“Thank you!”

up on his own trivial insistence.

were friends of the same age.

Monsters by yourself……”

working, and counted the amount of corpse remaining.

Purple Moths and 5 Needle Rabbit. All together, there was a total of 12 Monsters.

small-sized Monsters. It was not so cumbersome if they had to fight against it.

able to defeat so many Monsters.

“Although saying that I defeated them, there were many times that I was in

“Because Bell-sama is fighting alone, there is no other way. A normal Adventurersama

know? Normally no one will go solo.”

but I have no choice? Besides, there are still many Adventurers that are stronger

“About that……Perhaps that might be true.”

stronger Adventurer than me?”

“Ah, looks like I’m still weak”

This is due to the slight deviation from the topic between the two of them.

was not asking questions about this point, but rather the point about how Bell had

Based on common sense, the floor range a Level 1 Adventurer can raid is from 1st

If it was based on Basic Ability to divide the ranks then, 1 – 4th floor is I to H, 5th

However, this was ultimately just limited for reference. After reaching the 13th

to defeat. A Level 1 Adventurer will absolutely not be able to raid it.

it would be Level 1. Half of the Adventurers are all currently in this state.

Then the remaining half which included the elite strength, would be Level 2. There

The transitional phase between Level 1 and Level 2 is the boundary between a

wide gap. Being able to be recognized as a , which is a

that point, it is a world that requires the talent and qualities in order to compete.

hard to define what was considered the standard for a Level 1 .

between the 7th to 10th floor.

this was the universal for

And Bell, who had become an Adventurer for just over half a month, was able to

“……Nnn, the reason why Bell-sama is so strong, beside from the , the

There was a slight change in tone from Lili.

planning something, and she stared at the dagger hung along Bell’s waist.

“Looks like that’s true. I seem to be overly relying on this dagger. If that’s the case,

“There is no such thing. As a weapon, it is their wish to be relied by their owner.

control it effectively, then it will become a powerful strength for Bell-sama.”


against Lili. He could not help but stretch out his hand behind and gently touch the

From the tip to the handle, it was his treasured dagger that was completely black.

Lili’s eyes shone brightly.

dagger is an amazing thing, where did you get it? Please allow me to be rude, but

“It is Kami-sama……My ’s Goddess bestow it to me. I think it was said


“Yes……She is a very important person to me”

conveyed to Bell’s ears.

“Ah, finished already?”

“Let’s get the Magic Stone from the Killer Ant that is buried in the wall, after all,

“Ahah, that’s right. But how should we do it?”

the Magic Stone is inside the chest. Lili will be responsible afterwards.”

“Here you go, Bell-sama”

“Eh….Ah, yes”

wanted to use , but forget it, he went over to the Killer Ant that

He held onto the hard shell of the corpse while cutting through the waist that

(Ah, it is slightly difficult to cut……)

help but tiptoed.


defenseless state.

He felt that his nerves was slightly sensitive and felt as if something was pulling.


at the monster. Bell, who was stunned for a moment, could only give a wry smile,

The Killer Ant was swiftly cut apart, and in Lili’s hand was the extracted Magic

“Then that is all for today, Bell-sama”

“That’s not the case, you were too careless. Bell-sama defeated many Purple


produce a symptom”

“It’s true. And unfortunately, the antidote that Lili carries around was used

Then he finally remembered. Eina had also warned him that he had to pay attention

pressed his temple, agreed with Lili’s opinion.

the symptoms appear? Or do I have to make every effort to defeat all the monsters

“That’s not a problem, Bell-sama. Let Lili teach you the method of how to swiftly

“T…There is such a method”

passing through the entrance, there were a number of Adventurers at the very

monsters nearby, and turned around and left.

any monsters. After all, Adventurers all chase after Monsters —— They enter the

“Ah ah, I see.”

thing is to select a route that has people in it. Then it is possible to reduce the

Normally, in order to not have any unnecessary dispute, you should try to avoid

there were no limits.

If you skillfully use the correct timing, then you may find a breakthrough point to

“If it is at this time, then Adventurers should still be entering the Dungeon in a


Whether it was the knowledge about the dungeon, she would definitely understand

“Lili, you are really amazing. Although they say that Supporter is this and that, but

“As long as Bell-sama accumulates experience, then you will be able to swiftly

Bell was pulled by Lili, who seemed to be desperate to leave, began to leave.

Adventurers a few times, and only occasionally encountered Monsters. Lili’s

It was to the point that it felt that it was too successful, the efficiency was so high.

“Yes. Since you have already helped me so much, let’s just split it evenly……”

allow you to have a comfortable income.”

say you originally wanted 30%!?”

said to allow Bell-sama to recognize the value of Lili, which could also be a ritual

“Nnn, you know……?”



“……Forget it, I’ll give him a parting present”

“……? Did you say something, Lili?”

in the future?”

Afterwards, Lili ran ahead, turned around and faced Bell.

Lili will absolutely never escape, please carefully consider it.”

× × ×

“As expected, it is bad right?”

discussing with Eina-san about the matter regarding Lili. When I returned, I first

exchange, then I headed straight here.

situation correctly by myself.

find Eina-san for her opinion.

“Although there are problems between , but it isn’t the first time that a

think, Bell-kun, about that child called Liliruca?”

Including her work ability as a Supporter, my impression towards Lili wasn’t poor.

and, at the same time, I felt that I could not ignore that child.

not do it.

the words that Lili had said at that time were not fake. It gave off this feeling that

“Do you know which that child belongs to?”

?……Appearing again at this situation where there is no clear

“About that, Eina-san. The , what kind of is it?”

quickly flipped open a large file that was already prepared. During this period, she

Not only just from her own knowledge, she probably wanted to teach me more

is regarded as a typical exploration . If I have to say

that they are involved in business as well”

“Ah…Selling wine”


However, what has not changed was that the amount produced was very little, and

in Orario”


their lives at any time. So if they wish to have a stable developing , it is

gamble, but Adventurers are always fighting with their lives on a bridge that may


Adventurers who follow the high-risk, high-return principle, may be able to earn

“The ’s strength is also considered to be in the middle of the middle.

all above average. Wow……The main point is that the number of members are too

“The having many members, this represents……”

seems that there are absolutely no rumors whether he is good or bad……”

does not interact with the other Gods, correct?”

strange for the gods to exist in this mortal world, and that God is just like that. I’ve

In fact, he does not seem to have a single friend. Maybe it is better to say, is there a

This is really……How should I put it, extreme if nothing else.

Never being concerned about the future or anything else, this was what Lili had

The reason why Eina-san would not say words about rejecting or accepting is

to be a that makes everybody friendly and smile, but it is also not a

kind of feeling?


and opened her mouth.

the seemed to be different from the normal ’s

each other, and are too passionate about Magic Stone and Items……”

“Although it doesn’t feel like they are anxious for success. How should I express it,

too desperate”

was also extremely confused.

feel that the situation about Lili seemed to be even foggier.

“Ah, is that alright?”

that the dispute between factions will absolutely never happen. Based on Soma’s


“Just be careful not to annoy other members, then it should be okay. And

a party. Should I say that this is something that I have always been trying to


still up to you. You have to take on your own responsibility”

If I accepted Lili based on another person’s decision, then it will be very rude to

I tidied my head again and reached my final answer.

couldn’t find any. The previous Supporters that I met had already joined who

Sorry, Eina-san gave a wry smile. I had discussed with her before about whether or

“Another reason is because solo Supporters will not specifically enter the Dungeon.

are many other jobs that are safe and give out high rewards”

Grace>…… will also not be granted. Basically, they will have the same

Nnnn, there are dwarves with high physical power or elves that control magic that

say that all of them have no battle power.

about when I talked with Lili.

“Eina-san. Supporters, do they not have a very close relationship with

“…….It is like this. The people who specialize in Support may have a relatively

me saying it……”

reawakened in my mind.

dream to a feeling close to despair.

among the top-class , even if they , they will still be let the

However, if that’s the case, they will be able to observe in close distance the

a side where they can learn. Although they are just the people who carries the

never achieve by their own strength, an unseen territory—— The strength of the

They have the opportunity to perceive it with their own eyes.

become infinitely strong. It also depends on their qualities and their mental

defeat Low-Level Monsters, there will be many tricky situations that one will have


becoming a Supporter……Even though it is not a large number. But that may also

The atmosphere seemed to have become somewhat heavy. From Eina-san’s bitter


she was labeled by the surrounding people as useless. Including being excluded by

…….I feel that my chest was slightly stuffy.


teeth and stood up from my seat.

entered it.



Then I gently stretched and prepared to head to the door of the room.

“Is there any problem?”

“Eh?” I unconsciously made a dumb response.

at my waist.

I placed my hand onto my waist.


was also here.


Saaaaa, the blood receded from my face at a terrifying speed.

expressed an expression.

My face turned pale.

× × ×

Compared to the spacious and bustling shopping street in the Main Street Area,

Looking upwards, the sky that was cut into pieces by brick houses was also very

Underneath the thick cloud that was dyed yellowish-orange, this path seemed to be

before. The black cat lied down onto of the crude garbage field and looked at the

Patapata, the gentle footsteps echoed around the surroundings.

She heading forward with no hesitation as if she was already familiar with this

she soon saw the building that was her destination.

clear if this was a really old shop, it did give off such an atmosphere.

front of the shop, which was slightly tilted.



report he was reading.

Without saying anything, she placed the dagger on top of the counter.

After adjusting the position of his glasses, he carefully looked at it, then he said

disappear into the depths of the shop, she began to look at the various antiques that

spat out a sigh.

It was rare for him to reveal a frowning expression.


there is a special ability either. I really don’t know what this thing is used


scratched his beard as if he did not know what to do with it. Then the Gnome

“It is rare that you would actually bring such a thing over”

“Although you say that, I shouldn’t let a regular customer go back empty

“……I’ll come back again!”

was distorted like earthworms, I feel that his old man had seen it before……”

She returned once again to the alley, patapata, the footstep sounds were even more

30 Varisu? The same price as the potato croquettes that the mobile kiosk were

Don’t play around, this is a high-class product that could even easily cut through

luxury suites and still have money remaining.

few days ago, he had given a satisfactory appraisal price. It can’t be that his brain

His appraisal technique were genuine. Even the guild employees cannot compare

Another appraiser that could match him, I have at least never heard of one in this



were written in a complex path, from the tip to the hilt, it seemed to be pitchedblack

It showed such a rotten-like dark color, no matter what, there was still a feeling

Before, it was obviously shining a bright purplish-blue light and was even able to

(If only it had the < Ήφαιστος> engraving……If only I had the sheath……)

garbage, it will still be bought at a high price.

on thinking.

contact with him again……

“Ah, it’s no big deal……Ryuu, do you always walk this path?”

taking this path. There is no need for Seal to worry about it”

People were coming in front. An elf and a human. Both of them were carrying

and vegetables that seemed to be crammed into the paper bags.

While she was surprised that there were actually people that pass through this

“——Please wait a minute, the Hobbit over there”


enveloped her entire back.

corner of her mind.

Her heart seemed to be completely speechless.

“……Is there a reason why?”

What kind of vision do you have, she could not help but wanting to yell out.

Not giving her the opportunity to refute, she left after speaking.

“Bring it out”


It was as if there was an ice blade placed against her neck. Even her toes seemed to

There was no need to look. You would still understand that the elf girl was

She did not look back. She also did not wish to look back.


heart seemed to be jumping as fast as if it was popping out of her ribs.

be called as a distance.

another step, just escape first.

at the moment when the other person’s foot left the ground, she kicked off from the

“I warned you”


The apple.

The red fruit directly hit the left arm that hid the dagger, turned into debris and

“It would be better if I use more strength towards the abdomen”

The dagger also fell out from her sleeve, so she turned around and looked to the

The elf had sky-blue eyes and a calm light emerging from it. Then she lifted her

So that was it. She, herself, was the ball. Don’t joke around.

was announced in advance.



Street Area.

In order to confirm that did not fall out during the path, Bell

unnatural commotion, he stopped.

next instant, from an alley, a large number of cats rushed out. Bell widened his

Meow~ Meow~! It was a powerful torrent of cats that was pitifully escaping for an

causing the enter street to be forced into a chaotic state. Bell, who was steaming

After probing around and looking at the situation inside the alley, suddenly, a


The figure that unexpected appeared was completely shaken, Bell kneeled down

“Hey, what is it!? What happened!?”


ground with both hands and legs, instantly revealed a tense expression, but it was

“Actually, a violent woman……No, I was attacked by a wild dog……”

“Looks like I survived……”

suffered a serious injury. Bell first lifted her up and brought her to a location that

Did I bring a potion, just when Bell was panicky about to reach into the small

“I can’t believe that I actually let him escape……”


“Ahhh, perfect. Actually, your……”

instantly narrowed her eyes.

on top of her hood that she was wearing.

“Eh, W…Wait a minute!?”

Pushing away Bell, Ryuu stretched out her hand towards the robe, and lifted the


There were also animal ears. Staring at Lili, who exposed a fearful expression,

“W…What are you doing! Lili, are you okay!?”

“Sorry, I recognized the wrong person. Seems like my actions were too rash”

While supporting Lili, who was gently sliding towards the ground, he looked back

Quickly, the alley issued a patapata sound again, and Seal appeared while carrying

“R…Ryuu~! You can’t treat food like that! Mama will be angry!?”

“About that, can you please explain the current situation……”

Good day, Seal politely bowed down towards him, Be

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