Dungeon Ni Deai O Motomeru No Wa Machigatte Iru Darou Ka / Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka Vol 2 Chapter 4

Chapter 4


The decoration was placed onto the counter. Wearing a red hat, the Gnome owner

The Gnome’s Miscellaneous Goods Shop. In this antique shop with an uncreative

Inside the shop with numerous decorations, the customer Hobbit was quietly

“Ararara, I’ve made you wait”

“It has been beautifully given support……to poison effects. It is high

Towards the owner’s words, the Hobbit nodded with satisfaction. The trade was

“Do I have to pay with cash today?”

The negotiations occurred in a bland manner.

spread between them.


Ignoring the customer who tilted his head, he played around with his decorations

“It is still better not to put your head into something overly dangerous. Although it


spreading among the Adventurers that there is a dishonest Hobbit that steals

“……What are you saying?”

repeated offender. To you, who is a male, these words may indeed be said to the

Only, the Gnome owner moved his white beard.

this old man’s eyes……Isn’t it? This old man was thinking that it may be better to

Throwing a sinister sight at the owner’s words, the male Hobbit revealed a slightly

“It seems like there is a rather malevolent Hobbit. But even if they say this, what’s

Most of them are also doing dirty acts. Aren’t they similar? Robbing, or

“That is, Nnnnn…….”


“It might be cruel, but it is still the side that got tricked was still at fault”

Nnn, the distressed moan by the owner was absorbed by the sorrowful sound of the

× × ×

“……What are you doing, Bell-kun?”

my head. Although Kami-sama was confused about the meaning of my posture that

I fled from Wallenstein-san back there.

clear about was that everything was real. Whether it was that the person I look up




unpromising sound.

had disappeared, where I went, how I got there, I already completely forgot about

already dragging my body back to the door of our base, as if I had lost my soul.

and moody child……”


together with Kami-sama.

wouldn’t work. The matter about Wallenstein-san, I should forget about it for

When will the day come when I will thank and apologize for this day.

“Ah, yes. No problem.”

’s job, she was continuing her work at the stall……Is her

I handed the heavy book that I borrowed from Seal-san towards Kami-sama.

Staring at the cover, Kami-sama simply browsed through it and suddenly stopped

Just as I was thinking about it, her corner of her eyes twitched. As if a problem that


“Magic Guidance Book?”

The nasty premonition had already become sweat and exposed onto my face.

“In short, it is a book that forces mastery of Magic……”


book can only be created by a person who had reached the limits of the rare skills

——I understand what you mean, Kami-sama.

at least a Lv.3 or above member. And this book is the work of a person

Probably, it was similar to the person known as the in the legends,

I revealed a petrified and broken smile.

did this Magic Book end up in this place?”

someone dropped……”

“Is it very expensive……”


“Incidentally, the effects will disappear after reading it once. Once you used it, it is

It’s over.

. Not only was it casually flipped open and read, the one-time use was



Kami-sama, as if she was wearing a mask to wipe out any emotions, pulled over a

my shoulders and said to me from above.

before it was read, just directly hand it over to the owner. As long as the book is

first place……That’s how it will go”

Why would you want to brush it off so normally!?

personally witnessed it. Just like being chased out from the place where I was

the basement of a ruin……being forced to hold a large debt. There are so many

“Isn’t this all Kami-sama’s fault!?”

Why did you hide it and not say anything, Kami-sama!

“Bell-kun, no, you are too pure! The world is even more fickle than the gods!”

day for sure!”

read the book, even if we continue to lie, it will be over the moment the owner of

Since things have progressed to this point, why not directly confess to it without


and rushed out the headquarter’s door.

“Ohoh, this nyaa is the boy. Morning nyaaa”

was sweeping the ground, talked with me.

left and right and revealed a smile towards me as if she was up to something bad.

nyaa, so full of vigor in the early morning——“

“——Nyaaa!? I understand, nyaa!?”

Was it because she noticed that I was unusual, she hurried inside the shop. The

Quickly, Chloe-san leaned out her head from the door and beckoned me over.

“Good morning, Bell-san. Is there any problem?”

Seal-san, who was, patapata, running over quickly from the kitchen to this

Towards Seal-san, who had a bandana equipped on her light-rust colored hair, I

Seal-san, who was revealing a confused smile, gradually began to widened her

constantly changing……Until I was finished, I, as usual, looked away.

“……Really now, you did something incredible, Bell-san”


like I was treated as the sheep for the sacrifice.

stared at me carefully.

“Although it is very cute, but no!”

“It’s really annoying, brat. In someone else’s shop, and also this early in the

We had launched a question at the spot, was it because she heard the commotion,

dwarf’s identity, she, who had a strong body, easily pulled out the book from me,

“Indeed it is a Magic Guidance Book……But if it was already read, then there is

“Ehhh!? B…But……”

saying please read this book. Even if you, brat, did not read it, a nearby Adventurer

that it was his own item. This is that kind of thing.”

hum from her nose.

too, if you lost your wallet stuffed with money, will you imagine that someone will


“That’s the case here. Even if you continue to think about it, it will go nowhere.

Auntie Mia rightfully declared it.

expression. Her head was tilted to the side.

unaccepting expression……and was stared fiercely by Auntie Mia. She said, “If

Towards that loud roar, I reflexively stood up straight stunned, “Yes!?” and

While sending off Auntie Mia, who disappeared into the depths of the store, I

Using my hand to scratch my head, my emotions were somewhat complicated.

After a period of time, I said this, and prepared to return. Seal-san took the basket

“Today, can you also accept it?”

While I stammered out my thanks, I took the basket with both hands with an

Although I usually always feel that it was rude, but whenever it was during this

also slipped in……No, although it does not mean that I was normally not

I blushed while thanking again. This time, I really left the

order to wear the equipment to explore the dungeon.

a gentle voice, “Safe trip”.

As I was walking down the street, I suddenly remembered the situation regarding

exploration. My pouch strapped on my left thigh was beautifully empty.

On the path heading towards the dungeon, I decided to visit the shop that I had

The shop location was situated at the West Main Street’s outer area, in the depths

A single building was built alone in a slightly damp land, it had a logo of a

for the sign.

Peeking in through the slightly pried open wooden doors, a female beastman was

noticed me and turned her half-closed eyes to this side.

Although the sleepy voice coupled with the sleepy expression makes it easy for

Above her skirt that her tail was sticking out from, she was wearing a strange shirt

even wearing a glove. Although her age range was similar to Eina-san, but the

located in the depths of the shop.


customers……Then, what are you buying today?”

where and placed it onto the table.

orderly manner.

“Miach-sama has some personal business until evening. Today I am the only

I asked and obtained this kind of response while I was comparing the tubes……the

This is the ’s shop that was led by Miach-sama, and at the same

was her, Naaza-san.

and patiently tried to sell it to me.


While being handed a high class recovery potion that costs tens of thousands of

sides were from poor . Once they have the opportunity, they will

already be regarded as a routine.

that was defeated……


“Miach-sama was very lonely. His stomach was also growling……Because he was

Because after hiring Lili, who took care of everything about the items, I really did

to be using lines to use my conscience, I tensed up.

“S…Speaking of which, I had a strange thing happened to me when I entered the

I, who attempted to immediately change the subject, began to talk about the

Naaza-san only silently listened and then whispered “Ahhh”.

awakened magic, gets carried away…….”

“After all, using Magic consumes this energy called Mental Power. When the

So……Naaza-san continued to speak as she rummaged the drawers underneath the

“Just drinking this Recovery Potion that recovers Mental Power, although it is still

“Ehh, b…but that is very expensive right……”

you……8700 Varisu.”

“I understand……”

she took another two tubes out.

“If you buy this at 8700 Varisu, plus another 2 Recovery Potion, I will only charge

Listening to this proposal, I widened my eyes and quickly clutched my brain and

’s Recovery Potions are sold at least for 500 Varisu. If it was

Varisu is still an amount that makes others feel bitter, but if it was an item that

Being able to respond to emergency situations was also a condition to becoming a

“In the dungeon, it is impossible to know what will happen. It is still better to keep

This sentence had become the decisive factor.

“I understand. Then I’ll buy it”

Naaza smiled towards me with half-closed eyes, and was not ashamed to have blurt

“So easy, Bell……”

anything. I must be hearing voices, hearing voices.

and forth all the time, and appeared in the central plaza.

armed warriors today.


were no beastman girl.

scene appeared.

Under the sunlight that passed through the gaps of the leaves, it created a

Adventurers were there.

while yelling something, Lili used all her effort to turn her face the other way. It

——Could it be ’s members?


“Already……don’t have……it! Really……!”

I, who was anxious, stood situated behind the broadleaf tree in a dead angle


However, suddenly.




team with that shorty?”

while ago in the alley.

“……That child isn’t the same child as the Hobbit you were chasing.”

said that half of it was based on my reflex.

to discern, but Lili was not a hobbit but a dog person.

the man crooked his lips and laughed.

idiotic play then.”


And I did not fully believe the words that the man had said……

“Compared to this, kid, help me out…….to trap that shorty”

“I won’t tell you to do it for nothing. I will not only give you a reward and I will

The male seems to be seriously saying this. I temporarily became speechless.

“You just have to pretend to go to the dungeon with that shorty as usual. Then just

big deal right, very simple?”

An annoying smile. I felt a despicable atmosphere that I have never felt before.

“Why do you have to say that kind of thing……?”

After all, you will be able to make money just like this. Isn’t it a decent proposal?”

“Think it over carefully for me. Isn’t that thing only a baggage? She cannot even

everything you can squeeze out from her, then discarding her is enough.”

Inside my eyelids, it felt extremely hot.

decisive anger dominated my entire body.

“You brat……!”

only placed all my strength into my eyebrows.

to fear, the leaves above our head trembled and rustled.

walked away speechlessly.

With a sinister look in my eyes that I could not remove, I continued to glare at that


A whisper came from behind me

looking at me stunned, in close proximity.

“Just right now……What did you say with that Adventurer-sama?”

I do not know why I hid the truth and said nothing. In order to hurt the person in

Lili, who was staring at my chest moving up and down, tightly closed her lips and

“R…Right! It seems like you were caught up by someone, are you okay Lili!?”

Lili opened her arms and quickly turned in a circle on the spot. Then, finally, she

There was no signs of being roughly handled, it seems like she was really not hurt.

“Lili, those people are……”

like we still look so weak, right?

Lili, who was smiling while joking around, clearly rejected further questions.

“Then, let’s hurry Bell-sama. After all, Lili had already been dropped twice for

Passing through my side, Lili headed towards Babel. Turning around to look at this

peaceful as if nothing had happened.

followed Lili.

from the crowd, I continued to think.

× × ×

“Yes. I was planning to”

At the guild’s headquarters’s window side. The reception hall that was located on

marble and exuded an serious atmosphere. From the sunset’s ray that seeped in

While looking at the scene of the hall near the window-side, Eina was probably

“WAA, so punctual!? That Eina would actually end her work at this time, it must

“Why did it become like this……”

her back.

Then excuse me, after saying this, she turned around and walked through the


Eina took a step in the reverse direction of where her residence was. Although her

Currently, in the North-West Main Street area that was already dyed by the color

giant shops that were neatly arranged on both sides of the road. As a street set up

If the people nearby were to talk about it, in this complex street area, this street

The road was extremely spacious. Even Adventurers, who were wearing heavy

(In the end, just by relying on the information from the guild about
In the recent days, Eina had been investigating about the internal situation of

Why, if she was asked about it, she would reply clearly that she was concerned. If

worried that Bell was involved in some sort of trouble.

that I will hear about will almost be the same……why not try to investigate

Even if she searched through the reference and gossips collected by the guild, there

It only revealed that they had an abnormal persistence towards money, a strange

surface was limited to this. Eina summarized the points while she continued to


feels that point is not exactly right)

out the points about the problems, it would be their dedication to money and the

Inside the , there were a large number of members that did not

(If the reason was not the God Soma itself? No, if they were attracted by

When she had thought up to this point, Eina temporarily stopped her footsteps.

“Nnnnn~……If I could enter this place, it would be the best……”

naturally think of bars and the downtown areas.

To her……no, to an elf, the wine bars that gathered numerous Adventurers was

In other words, no matter which race it was, as long as they were male, they would

“Ahaha……As I expected, it really won’t work.”

passed through wine bar that exuded an adult’s atmosphere. Once she heard the

(This is not considered as arrogant……)


having handsome men and beautiful women. The opposite sex would instantly

(Even though I am not the type that is a bit slow for relationships)

when she said was it a man.

worldly affairs. She was already 19 years old. It shouldn’t be strange if she was in

Was it a mishap from being completely devastated by work.


To her, it felt that when they were going to hold hands, all of them would make her

Just because they were like this, Eina was somewhat fearful.

Maybe she wanted a type where everybody wanted to take care of, the type that

A person who was plagued by problems, and through his own efforts, and finally

care of him, while thinking it can’t be help. The two of them would work together

Able to rely on their own, or perhaps a person who arouse her desire to protect. To

(Ahah, why does it sound like a man just like Bell-kun……)



finally got this conclusion in the end.

Hey hey, she extended her hand towards this void space.

In a place where they was nothing, she blushed, in a place where no one was there,

“Ah, it’s here, it’s here!”

subsided. She walked and entered a two-floor high item shop that was constructed

The reason for her to come here was in order to investigate the wine that the

Although there is a factor of only being able to select one of the remaining, but she

herself and still could not reach a conclusion, so she wanted to come and

(Compared to last time, it seems that the variety had increased?)

occupied the center of the shop. Eina turn her head around to look back and forth at

There were many products placed onto the shelves. The blue liquid that was inside

slender tube was a antidote, and served inside the elegant bottle was the


basically sell it. This shop not only occupied the area near

that the variety of items were also complete.

over towards the groceries area, which was indicated by the arrow mark inside the

(WAAAA! They have it, they have it!)

became happy.

stuff inside was also transparent. Even if you were to look at it positively, it

And under the situation where other wine still had many remaining,
indeed true.

Looking at the white label that did not seem to have any motivation, Eina’s jadecolored

The name of the wine was the same as the Main God……Could it be that Soma,

Eina shook her head slightly while she prepared to call a shop employee to take out

60000 Varisu.

(A….Ahhhhhhhh~~~~~~!? It is just only wine!?)


Eina rubbed her forehead that was turning red while staring at .

It can also be said that it was even more expensive than that. Although it was by no

one” and casually take it.

(T…The money I brought, there is no way I have that much…….)

reached the point where you would carry 60000 Varisu around. Moreover, if she

even bought an armor as a present for Bell.

“……Is it Eina?”

A stern voice brushed through her ears. She heard someone call her name, Eina

Standing behind her was a tall elven beauty, even to a female.

towards her waist was tied up into a bundle. The ears, which passed through the

this face can also be described as a divine and gem like beauty. It would not be

She, who was wrapped by a never-ending awe-inspiring atmosphere, had a similar

This time, Eina was really surprised.


have not met, you have become even more beautiful. I nearly did not recognize

Although it cannot yet be called a smile, but the corner of her mouth had gently

“I…I am deeply grateful! These words are too exaggerated, I deeply fear

“……Do not use that tone. This is not our native home for elves. Speaking of

attention to that.”

forget and be reverence towards nobles…….”

we were companions that left our native home together”

towards Eina.

that, it is unnecessary. I am annoyed of the cage-like atmosphere that comes from

feelings first.”

Towards Riveria’s words that were mingled with coercion, Eina shuddered in fear.

races living together, and only had the knowledge about the native elf

Half of her blood that flowed inside her body made her bow down.

need to be that sensitive towards it, that is what I am saying.”

“I…I understand……”

She nodded satisfactorily, but on the contrary, Eina still did not lay it down yet.

While pushing the words “I’ve really got to hand it to you” deep inside her heart,


not see Riveria.

about the existence of Riveria. However, because of the work arrangements, it

Although it was not impossible to meet, she had always been afraid and was

“Being spirited is good enough. I did not expect you to work at the guild”

“Don’t worry. I had been diving into the dungeon every day after coming to this

Riveria elegantly nodded. Although Eina had also grew up through the influence of

the royal family. The dimensions were too far apart.

“Nothing much, I had used up my items in the exploration a few days ago. I am

“Can’t Riveria-sama use Healing Magic……If I can ask this, isn’t it too silly”

I would not consider to use Magic. What about Eina?”


me”, Eina hesitated a little and tried to not involve the information of investigating

She made the judgment that it was to avoid unnecessary gossip about a member of

“Ho, this wine is it. A lot of people in my enjoys it.”

wine, is there any particular symptoms that showed up a little, such as dependency

“If you want me to say it, I think everybody who drinks wine is abnormal……but

“That……Yes, although a friend had recommended this wine, but I heard that

A way of speaking that mixed a tiny bit of truth into it. Just asking about the

be able to get an unexpected reward.

“Riveria-sama, do you know anything?”

There was no success.

Nnnn, Eina was stumped. This was bad, she thought.

heart and then following it to understand the real intentions of the other. When she



“……Forget it. Unfortunately, what I know about that is not a lot.

“I…Is that so”

Riveria only just temporarily looked at her, then she began to talk.

about that faction”

“Want to come along? To my ’s headquarters”

A long lodging house.

(Although I have heard of the rumors……As expected of one of Orario’s top

In the north most area of Orario, beside a street that was a little bit far away from

A long and large hall was built roughly on the land. The tall towers seem to be

each tower formed a flower frog.

still to the extent where staring at it would be painful to your neck. The top of the


This was the expression most appropriate for it.

“Excuse me, this is……a member of the guild?”

After explaining to the male and female guards, Eina and Riveria passed through

Although the two of them standing together looked like sisters, but truthfully, their

Among the demi-races, elves could be considered as a race with a long life.

“What happened?”

Familia>’s information that was blocked to others was stolen by me……”

would not invite you in the first place. Or are you insulting me in a roundabout

“N…No. That’s not the case……”

into the reception room.

facing the hallway. Several sets of seemingly expensive sofas and cross-placed

describe it, this reception room seems more like a room where friends gathered.

within .

(Eh, not bad, I want to look around a bit more……Nnnnn?)

of the armchair. A group of golden colored things were lying alone onto the back

No, it was a person’s head. Long golden hair poured out from the armrest.

over to Eina’s side.

“Welcome back, Riveria”

A beautiful girl that was younger than Eina.

body lines. Also, the beautiful golden eyes seemed to be crystal-clear,

Inside her body, there indeed coexists sublime battle spirit and adorable

Just as Eina had previously said to herself, she was a beauty that others could not

Aizu Wallenstein.

“That person……Is who?”

“A person that is just like my relative. The two of you also should do a simple

Being urged to self-introduce herself. Aizu looked directly at Eina and clearly said


the greenhouse. The pure white dress wrapped along her skinny body gave off a

regarded as average, seemed to be slightly bigger.

snowflakes dripping down.

Although she felt sorry to Aizu, but Eina still thought like this. Even though the

Aizu still came.

Aizu around the table.

another expedition”

Aizu, who was sitting on the chair hugging her knees, quietly muttered. Her voice,

While facing the same thing a long time ago, Riveria, who seemed as if she was

ask about a thing that she was concerned about from the beginning.

“What is it?”

From the body of the girl that had half her face buried under the white cloth fabric

golden-hair also bowed down depressingly.

was how depressed she was.

Towards Eina’s inquiry, Riveria revealed a rare laughter sound.


that Eina could laugh at. “Huh……” The hand she was holding her forehead

Looks like the spring for her cute little brother will temporarily be impossible.



Riveria, who was laughing lively, brought her hand into the bag she carried.

“About that, Riveria-sama? Aren’t you going to call someone……?”

that we will not be able to find her. Letting her come to us is the right choice”

——By submitting an application to it would be completely

Soon, the sweet and unique smell, that did not seem like wine, overflowed through

“Waaaa……What a refreshing smell”

Eina, who was temporarily immersed in the fragrance, unconsciously took the

pour for her, she almost fainted on the scene.

While huddling her body due to excessive fear, she slowly lifted the glass towards


So good. It was too good.

melted the instant it entered her mouth.

and last aftertaste was still swirling in her consciousness. It was just like every

This should be able to attract customers repeatedly, Eina understood this just from

“This smell is……”

Dadadada, As if the smell of the wine had caught her, intense footstep sounds was

“You, IS IT SOMA!?”


“Letting her come, so that’s how it is……”

you caring fellow!”

understanding what Riveria had envisioned, she had beautifully lured out Loki.

Even in the darkness, the red color hair and eyes still reflected a blood-red color.

that seemed to be something that a sculptor spent his whole life to create, was

was currently sparkling happily like a dog waving its tail.


surprise!? Ku~, Aizu-tan is really cute!”

Loki, who was excited and wanted to directly hug her, was intimidated by Aizu’s

anything strange, I’ll cut you.

“A…Aizu, isn’t it a bit overdone for just rubbing, how do you see it?”

to that, the one that brought that specialty was this child”

Just like this, Eina understood Riveria’s intentions.

undoubtedly their Main God Loki. In other words, if you pay a tribute to the God,

Although it was scary to directly hear from a God, but Eina still decided to

“Nnnn? Who, this child?”



noticed something and continued to stare at Eina’s uniform.

“What is this, a person from the guild wanted to come in contact with my

“N…No!? I did……”

“Ah, is it. If it’s Riveria’s guest, then it’s fine. Sorry, Eina-chan. Please forgive

“N…No problem. There is no need to be apologetic……”

then she revealed a wry smile.

“Okay, let’s skip the formalities, and quickly go into the main topic. Since you

“……Then, I will go straight to the point. If you know any information about

“So you just wanted to ask about Soma? Haha, so that was it”

Fuahh, Loki spat out a intoxicated sigh, and looked at Eina with a slightly red face.

know if I can respond to Eina-chan’s expectation……Anyways, it doesn’t matter,

“……The reason about the abnormality inside the , what do you

“Nnnn, you went straight to the core issue……But, how should I put it”

Loki swirled the glass while looking at the rippling wine inside.

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