Dungeon Ni Deai O Motomeru No Wa Machigatte Iru Darou Ka / Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka Vol 3 Prologue


“Ottar. That child had become stronger again.”



quietly lifted the corner of her mouth.

There are a small number of furnishings. Although the decorations had at least

no matter which decoration it was, it was extremely extravagant. At the same time,

The giant bookshelf, the huge bed that was contrary to common sense, and the dark

occupied the entire wall.

with a carefully selected follower.

“Looks like I saw it wrong. It is not the . Just by obtaining Magic, that

becoming more refined.”

the moonlight that enetered the room, Freya stared at the surface of the water that

The young white wine that was being illuminated did not have a deep color. Of

But Freya seemed to treat this transparent color as irreplaceable. Her silver eyes

“Development of the material……The improvement is apparent, right?”

Standing in the room was a solemn Ottar, who confirmed briefly.

Goddess as a follower was serene.

half her eyelids.

It is almost like chains that bind the child.”

“That’s right, the material has already been enough. But the core is not enough. No,

being prevented.”

because they were both male children, so she inquired this.

his owner’s question.


“Yes. As Freya-sama had said, it is the predestined relationship between that

it had become a thorn in a place where the actual person have no knowledge of,

She had once allowed Ottar to listen about the dispute between Bell and the

was just a rumor of some sort she had heard.

ferocious Bull and fled in panic. This was probably true.

“In other words, a trauma……Children really are very delicate. Even if we have a

Interesting…….Or should I say, from your perspective, we are just happily passing

“That is not true.”

Towards Ottar, who maintained a gracious attitude, while saying “Well that’s

“Then, what should I do to remove the thorn that is binding that child?”

question to her follower.

other way beside breaking apart that symbol from the past with your own hands.”

“…..Even if it is you, is it the same?”


She, who had one of her worries eliminated, revealed a good mood and began to

(If the Minotaur had become the lingering past that enveloped that child, then the

mature, sooner or later, he will indeed be able to cross that barrier……)

Able to get through his past lingering past. There will not be any problems.

be anything that will block that child’s brightness……)

and matured form. To the extent where even she would be able to see god.

currently the center of her attention, and was more attractive than anyone.

She had even thought to the point where she could continue to put her fingertips on

Thinking about this, Freya suddenly asked Ottar.

“What is it?”

care about everybody, who already belonged to my .”

to speak.


“Compared to you, perhaps I will cherish that child even more. I may also even

“All is up to Freya-sama’s feelings.”

Ottar quietly revealed his sincerity, as if it was a feeling of trust, and said.

of the merits.”

“I firmly believe, that even if my own shadow has disappeared from this spot, your

The silver eyes and the rust-colored eyes exchanged gazes.

“I ranted.”


As if they were speaking sarcastic remarks, it was going back and forth between

After that, Freya revealed a slightly evil smile, and weaved out a beautiful voice.

jealous appearance.”

“……Fu, Ufufu! Ahahaha! Please, Ottar? Could you not be so funny? If I see your


As if she felt that it was funny from the bottom of her heart, Freya laughed. Using


slightly at that time——As if he was embarrassed ——shakened. His pig ears

Freya, who laughed enough, wiped her eyes while understanding the feelings of

atmosphere and the topic.

“……What do you mean?”

She attempted to inquired based on her previous idea.

“That child, even if I do not take action, he will still become stronger. Someday he


cannot use words to explain it clearly…… Sooner or later, in this process, as long

will become very scary. Even though there isn’t such a thing, but it feels like as if I

Am I thinking too much, this monologue whisper.

hazy feeling that was indescribable. Can I really let this continue on, this kind of


who had talented faction members, was thinking if it was good to let time run its

At this moment, Ottar narrowed his eyes for the first time.

“Ehhhh, there is no doubt. In the end it will become like that. Only……”


imprisonment. This is also the truth.”

His own proposition.

He, who had bet his life numerous times, and finally built up to his current

who do not take risk will never reach the very peak.

boy, that Freya could not see through.

What Freya can not see through, which Ottar was able to predict, was the boy’s

“……This time, the action towards that child is all up to you, Ottar.”

grape wine.

the chair.

Only at this moment, Ottar did not conceal his surprise.

“But, after all, compared to me, you understand more about that boy’s situation.”

Freya raised her head, narrowed her eyes and revealed a flirtatious smile.



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