Dungeon Ni Deai O Motomeru No Wa Machigatte Iru Darou Ka / Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka Vol 3 Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The sky was shrouded by darkness.

day was still extremely ambiguous.

After waking up unusually early, I headed to the surrounding walls of the

The current location was the outer section of North West direction. In the huge

attention was stolen by the majority of the scene.

. The huge buildings with the height approaching the walls could be said

recognized from afar, I could not even issue a single sigh.

even the city wall brings forth a more powerful presence and pressure. Place

was never tiring to look at it.

farewell to the bustling noises. Right now, the Magic Stone Lamps’ glows

The thought of me living in this great city caused indescribable feelings and


“Ah, Y…Yes!”

The reason why I came to the city walls was in order to accept her guidance about

Since her seems to be planning an in the near future, so

that we began the training the day after yesterday and at the same time, the training

“Sorry, calling you out at this time……”

Wallenstein-san, who was part of the , should not even be doing

it would be an even greater problem.

eyes and ears.


considered my situation of having to earn my living fees and had to enter the

“T…Then, Wallenstein-san, what…what do you want me to do……”


I, who noticed that I was being criticized by how I called her name, almost


“W…Wait a minute!? ………No, it’s not that I’m unwilling”

Listening to the slightly depressed voice from that person, I covered my mouth and

My cheeks turned red. Shouldn’t I say, Wallenstein-san……In front of Aizu-san,

Once again, I had a realization of how strange the current situation was.

“…….What should you do…Okay.”

Towards Aizu-san’s slightly dull voice, I could not help but let out a natural

She huddled her slender chin and stood there, frowned as she desperately tried to

“Although I have been thinking……about it since yesterday.”

feeling that Aizu-san had become smaller.

vanished without a trace.

The Aizu-san in front of me was slightly different than the one I longed for.


I let out a bit of sweat as I listened to Aizu-san’s instruction.

proximity of her gaze, I swung once, twice and three times.

“You…only use Dagger?”

“The Dagger users that I know will also use kicks and Taijutsu.”

overwhelming attacks most of the time. The acts of punching and kicking were

While I looked at my own body, Aizu-san said, “lend it to me”, and took the

Looks like she wanted to demonstrate an example of Taijutsu.

Her right hand held the dagger in reverse grip and her knee were slightly lifted

She lifted her knee vertically by a bit……she tilted her head.

tilted her head.


tilt her head.

would also become speechless, I could only keep looking at Aizu-san’s next move.

Could it be …Aizu-san…is a natural airhead……

Just when I was thinking this kind of thing.


friction, causing the stone floor to cry out, and rotated her body around.

Her miniskirt rolled forward, revealing the blue tights she was wearing underneath.


The attack of the First-Class Adventurers that entered my sight, captured me, who

towards the opposite wall.

momentum, I smashed against the stone wall and finally collapsed to the ground.

My consciousness was blown away.

emotions on her face, could only stand there with her eyes widened.

The second before I lost consciousness, I finally understood this point. I tried to


Aizu-san apologized with a sad expression to me, who woke up shortly afterwards.

that got hit was still in pain, I do not know if I could conceal it properly.

to work.

should interrupt or not.

atmosphere was filling it up.


Standing up, she placed her hand on the sword handle.

on a corner of the wall, then she faced this side while holding the sheath.


Her right hand held onto the sword sheath that had nearly the same attack range as

Just by standing, my skin sensitively reacted.

“Yes……That is enough.”


from now on.”

The clash between the weapons, reading the opponent’s actions. Try to utilize

“……M…My weapon…has a blade, is that okay……?”

Facing Aizu-san, who cut off the sentence with one phrase, I moaned.

entered her battle posture.


The rigid air, biribiri, roared inside my ears. The eastern sky has yet showed signs

Aizu-san did not move. I also did not move.

Once the distance shortens, I, who was waiting, will be torn apart. The instant that

will come.

soaked with sweat, will become so unreliable.


“Since you are entering the Dungeon alone, being timid is a very important quality.

The sentence that I did not want others to say was declared by the person I did not

With a calm expression, Aizu-san quietly stepped forward.

is approach, you will have no choice aside from escaping.

Ka, the center of my body seems to become hot. Was it shame, was it rage. Mostly,

Even though I do not understand, but there was a sore feeling everywhere. An

instant, was a bull that was approaching from behind, roaring.

feeling surged through my heart.

Holding the handle of the with power, I raised my wet eyes.

step by step —— I took the initiative and rush forward.

“Not enough.”

The moment the sharp sound of the wind breaking passed my ears, I went straight

My abdomen…an uncommon pain.



enter my brain.

With an unimaginable speed, the sword sheath swept passed horizontally and


I know. I know.

This person…isn’t she unexpectedly fast……!?


slowly stood up.

bend down. I wanted to cry. But I definitely could not cry.

“Still not accustomed to pain……”

“But if that’s the case, then there is more of a reason not to be afraid of the pain.”

A thrust with frightening speed pierced through my heart. I could not block the


their function.

choking voice while I stood up.

angles. You will always have to maintain a wide vision.”


Just when I thought I finally avoided it, a second attacked followed.

kiss with the slab stone again.

“Can you stand up?” , this calm phrase. I stood up while my nose continued to

“Right now, it is fine if you can follow it. Try to read your opponent’s action.”

“That’s right.”

After the slash coming from bottom to top, a horizontal slash followed.

I placed the in the path. However, the sword sheath still managed to

rolled away.



Numerous slashes flashed by endlessly. I, who had no way of avoiding it, could not

After a tremendous sound from a blow, the slab stone issued a cry.

The ragged breathing sounds echoed through the faintly dark surrounding areas.

deluded by the

“Everybody is too dependent on the . Ability and technique are very

Looking towards Aizu-san, who began to speak, I widened my eyes, which were

She seemed to be teaching everything she had comprehended to me, and slowly

“Technique and Adaptability. These things you are still not yet capable.”

“Even if you lose you , these things still reside in your body. Aside from

She closed her eyes and no longer spoke. Then she looked directly over at this side.

During this training period, try to see through my attack and attempt to defend.”

“If we continue this kind of training, even the current you should be able to

“Towards your goal that you talked about……You will also become closer.”

stared at me, who was stunned.

This person was currently waiting, waiting for me, who was whimpering and

“Can you still…stand?”

Accepting her thoughts and calm gaze about the weak me.

I desperately made the knee that was bent, rose up and finally stood up.

sword strikes.

Newly-formed jagged rocks were currently occupying, up down left right, all

The high ceiling also did not help and created a locked-up feeling. The huge rocks

The faint light source was not the only reason why it made one worry; the dark

The ground obviously did not have a path laid out, the rough stone made it difficult

Caves, mines, tunnels.

The maze formed with combination of paths without any rules would cause one to

“It really has been a long time since I would reside once again on this floor……”

In this area where the Adventurer’s range belongs to Lv.2, a burly beastman, Ottar,

On the upper part of the walls, fist-sized stones bulged out as if it was a lantern

The surrounding equipment wrapped around his body was actually light armor.

armor, actually only used light armor to cover the parts that may be life-threating if

Having said that, each part had an incredible level of thickness and size, as if a

within the scope of light armor, nodding would also appear to be unnatural.

be unwillingly restrained and was expanding.


one or two noises, but not even a single footstep sound was made. This kind of

However, from the beginning, he had exuded an absolute presence that could not

As if they were afraid of Ottar, not even a shadow of a Monster appeared in front


While spreading his awareness to the surroundings, Ottar recalled the conversation

Won’t you be jealous, this was what his own Goddess asked.

Freya’s loving embrace and will eternally worship her.

love was played around by the gentle breeze, it will finally swept pass the

Basically, the wind will not seek a partner.

travelers in the plains, it may smile and tightly hug quietly behind. Then when the

Yet at the same time, yes, the wind is equal.

It is sometimes fierce, sometimes gentle. Just like the northern winds, just like the

The wind will silently touch the ears and whisper softly constantly. It will never be

As long as Ottar stands above the ground, even if he ran far away, he will

(……Since I decided to come here, I have already made my answer, right)

longed for appears.

If he was to look at that scene from above and felt inferior and grief for himself,


(Pale blue……)

face. If someone sees it, they will definitely be surprised.

already included among them. The Goddess has also seen through him.


From the helmet that was similar to a guard and was covered with extremely little

Before the toes that were wrapped by the boots changed direction, from the rocky


The huge bloodshot eyes captured Ottar, who was standing in front.

rumbling muscles and bones. It’s height was slightly taller than Ottar. Based on the

It was the reason why Ottar would remain at a floor that was extremely

That is to capture the violent Monster in front of his eyes.

The Minotaur was extremely excited.

Probably it was using , his hand was holding a natural

The axe that was the same size as a hand was soaked with red-color liquid. Did it

by the portions seen, there were no obvious injuries.

Placing his hand onto strap, ton, the specially made backpack fell down from his

construction beam of a building, the sound of a sharp friction could be heard aside

The moment the Minotaur noticed this, its eyes flew out.

Stamping on the Dungeon’s ground, he created a whirlwind of gravel. Then he

Even when he took the vibrating roar head on, Ottar remained impassive.

ground, at the same time, his left hand was hanging lifelessly. He did not even

Then just when the Minotaur in front of his eyes used its leg to crush the ground,


It was caught. It was a complete defense.

headed towards the ground.

arm with a hand armor.

Excluding the hardness of the armor, what was shocking was the abnormal

motionless. Even without assuming a fighting stance, the pig beastman directly

It was almost like a huge tree with roots underground, Ottar did not move. He even

Was it instinct, its eyes had a bit of cowardice inside, the Minotaur began to retreat

Towards the creature that was a Monster above itself, it gradually understood.


The Minotaur, which was shot by the gaze, really stopped.

temporary thought for a while.

Minotaur, he pulled out one of the two swords intersecting at his waist——The


While revealing an uncomfortable and amusing feeling towards the people if they


out with its hand.

(Since I already accepted this mission, I will not be merciful. Freya-sama)

Freya had once said. The boy, Bell’s major achievement will be spurred by Ottar.

me and you, there was only one so-called policy. She must have understood this

To place the Minotaur in front of Bell.

(……The preparations may have gone overboard.)

It was simply in order for Bell to shed a layer of his skin. It was in order draw forth

Towards a Lv.1 Adventurer, a Minotaur, that belongs to the range of a Lv. 2, may

an opponent that is equivalent to suicide if they were to seriously fight. Not only

It has reached the point where it was simply domineering. Ottar was currently

He admitted that there was a stupid feeling in the very depths of his heart. Ottar

If that’s the case, so, therefore, he wanted to remove Bell from Freya’s sight?

If Bell dies, Freya will definitely plan to chase after his soul. In other words, she

that wasn’t the case, then she would not likely risk the possibility of the danger of

Bell’s life or death already had no meaning. Whether it was life or death, what lies

This is not jealousy.

This is a baptism.

Ottar was searching for the signs of qualification. An evidence that he had the soul,

It was fine if you take her care. It is acceptable if you are exclusively loved by her.

Since you have already been selected by Freya, this has become your duty. Ottar


He easily bounced away the casually swinging Large Sword.

perfection, he took a heavy footstep and the training begins.

echoed in the spacious cave over and over again. No matter how many minutes

This was all for Freya.

× × ×

you’ve already become tattered?”

He could only reply with a hollow laugh towards Lili’s inquiries.

It was the second day ……that he had begun to accept Aizu-san’s harsh special

Towards me, who had barely managed to get to the meeting time for Dungeon

But I can’t confess, I don’t want to confess. I did not want to expose my

After that without any exception, the trend of becoming tattered completely did not

Although I know that a good thing about how I will quickly have progress will

completely shattered and disappeared from sight.

The place where that person is…and the place where I am standing at. There was

I carried a sense of loss as I passed through the Babel’s doors.

which is mainly composed of blue and white. It made people reminiscent about


vast majority of the Adventurers are preparing to enter, but there seems to be

As we passed by them, there were jolly teams, then the obvious contrast, teams

How much harvest achieved in the Dungeon is indeed dramatic, it caused us, who

It is one thing that you cannot laugh at. It is definitely not our business.


fault……And since it’s an empty bag, it doesn’t matter.”

guilty and shrink back. I smiled as I readjusted my posture of carrying the empty

Right now, Lili and I had swapped our equipment. In other words, right now I was

On the other hand, Lili took off the coat that she often worn and put on a

my hand armor on her back as a sheath for the .

Familia>’s members from noticing Lili’s existence.

carrying a mountain of luggage, the people with good instincts may want to have

Normally, it was rare for the Hobbits to carry large luggage, there is no need to

As a precaution, we used our brains to hid Lili’s true identity.

In the end, it was only just for show. When there are fewer Adventurer’s eyes and

the 9th floor, right before entering the 10th floor. Because starting from the 10th

need to pay attention to the eyes from the surrounding.

the sense of violation.

is not excessive, at least I believe so.


head deftly curled up.

From what I can see, the Short Sword suddenly became larger when it

color. Her round eyes were golden. Looks like today she is disguised as an

Relying solely on the smooth, waist-length hair, her entire atmosphere suddenly

becoming a noble lady, who enjoys reading book, with a mature atmosphere.

different than the usual impression of Lili.

Did she notice my gaze, Lili once again issued an uneasy voice and raised her head.

Although I was not clear which one she was referring to in the end, I still revealed

No such thing, I said to her.

refreshing? I believe it is quite cute?”

“Yes. It is very appropriate.”

Her face was flushed as if she had a fever. Although Lili quickly turned to face

from her skirt was constantly swaying left and right.

often appear, but when I see Lili, who will sometimes be happy or discouraged 

towards my words, I felt a comfortable feeling and unconsciously relaxed my

How should I say, it seems like I have a cute sister. It was the feeling of being

Although we were forced to be aware of the Adventurers’ eyes and ears……but

“Rabbit and a Wolf……”

“If the rabbit is the follower (Supporter)……Ahhh, it will be eaten.”

“Scary, scary. From the outside appearance’s , it is impossible to predict


Hiso Hiso, the surrounding Adventurers were all whispering something.

towards me. It was concentrated as well.

I was confused and the smile on my face gradually began to twitch. But when I

Overlooking the happy expression on my partner’s face, I spoke.

“Why do you ask?”

you won’t be able to see the God, right?”

In other to hide it from the public’’s ears, I leaned over beside Lili’s ears and

Lili will not be able to meet with her God, Soma, temporarily. In other words,

Being unable to update the , this state is deadly to Adventurers. It should

Monsters will naturally become stronger, the danger will also naturally

Don’t you feel uneasy, this sentence was sent through my gaze, as I asked Lili.

be not a problem. At least for now.”

“Yes, there are ways to cope with it. Anyways Lili si also good at dealing with

even once.”

Towards the words that Lili said, I almost fell to the ground.

act of hanging yourself.

“In the , if you wish to update the , you must reach the

“Eh……That is.”

According to what Lili is saying, Soma-sama also seemed to be diligently updating


expense. For his interest in brewing wine, raising funds are inevitable. If he does

himself, will be troubled.

has become a headache.

much a declaration that “He will only look at the if it passed the target

“So in other words, Lili did not earn enough money to reach the quota so she did

“That is slightly incorrect. After all, Lili does not want to attract other people’s

“Attract other people’s attention?”

considerable income. Lili, who is unable to fight, would be the best prey to the

Ah, at the same time I muttered this, I understood what Lili was trying to say.

“It was mainly because even if Lili had reached the target amount, she is still not

However, it has become a drawback of not being able to update the .”

Although after she had obtained , she had often troubled Soma-sama, but

……Because she was aware of her companion’s gaze so she was not able to update

I once again recognized how Lili was by herself in this matter.

Depending on a poor , she struggled day and night in the Dungeon, it was

Through wisdom and tricks, Lili was able to live until today. Even without

something that was derived from a distorted environment.

“But sure enough, you’ll feel contempt?”

“Towards Lili, who have deceived numerous people. Lili is a person who likes to

Just like what was expected, the content of the conversation was replaced.

“Lili hates Adventurers. Aside from Bell-sama, she still continued to hold disgust


done……She will also not reflect upon it either.”

Towards the words that echoed through my chest, I could not say these words.


Their pace had not stopped, Lili once again asked the question.

forward……Only that those things……Could it be the person itself haven’t


was afraid of something.

Although I felt a bit sorry for Lili, but I still leaked out an untimely laugh.

the difficulty too high.”

Stopping her pace, Lili seemed to bounced over as she turned to this side.

“Never mind. Because I like Lili. So I can’t do things like scorning, and will not

This was the truth.

It was to the extent of shocking, Lili widened her eyes and quickly had her face

I could not recover in that instant. The tail was already fiercely swaying in

During a short period of time, Lili continued to stare at me, whose heart was

“What does that mean, inquiring about this matter……isn’t it too stupid.”

Only in that petite back, I could feel a delight much larger than before.



While asking Lili numerous times, yet she was unwilling to speak, I could feel a

× × ×



horn that was slightly bloated. It was somewhat unbalanced with its thin body size.


movement seems distorted.

Towards the two Imp that was about to approach by jumping, my hands

Towards the Imp on the right, I took a step sideways.

preparations to have a relationship where I had to defend against a single enemy.

while it swung the claws on its left hand towards me.



in my right hand.

claws were bounced off, 5 fingers also flew into the air.

After the shock, the Imp immediately issued out a piercing cry, I took the

Imitating the movements of the golden hair girl that appeared in my mind and

With the right foot as the axis, I unleashed a powerful roundhouse kick towards the


The light-weight Imp that was kicked directly in the middle of the chest was

And just like this, it hit the one from behind. The Imp that barely caught its

Using all my strength to pull and charge power, I made a stab ……with the

“ “ GIII!?” ”

Their dying screams overlapped with each other.

collapse communicated back to my palsm.

——I already knew it!

Even when Lili issued out a warning, I still did not move. I had already captured

There must be a broad vision, and can never leave dead angles.

equipped the .

range and unleashed a double flash.

“Fuahhh……Bell-sama, amazing.”

Passing through the Imp that was divided into these three parts, I landed on the

I swiftly raised my head to ensure a broad vision. The shadows swaying in the

Leaving the recovery of Baselard to Lili, I flew off towards the remaining

The current location is at the 10th Floor.

bigger than before. Also, a milky white mist was born from somewhere and

In the center of a with only one exit, today, we were also immersed in

The past two days, I had reviewed the contents taught by Aizu-san about the form


okay. I will just meticulously use, absorb and hone the contents she taught.

What we were going against now was a community of Imps. It was a small-sized

Facing the enemy that uses its numbers as a weapon and continuously attack, I did

This Monster, Imp, is very cunning. Although it looks similar to the Goblins at first

It will absolutely never fight alone and will rely on group fighting. Based on a

Monsters, it was very mature. Even to the extent where Adventurers would feel

Also, there are rumors that in this misty 10th floor, a group of Imps could be more


I also agree with this view. Using the hand armor to defend against the attack from

depths of the fog. I could not help but pursed my lips.

attacks from all direction. On this basis, it was clever in succeeding in surrounding

On this side, in order for the enemy to not have their own way and began to move,


with it. However, for lone Adventurers, the situation that was mentioned earlier



The moment I stopped my pace, the surrounding net was completed in a flash.

The Imps slowly narrowed their round ring. The sound of the grassy area being

lips could be heard.

Probably I would hold a resolve of getting hurt a bit and forcibly breaking through


Right now, I was not alone.

Hidden behind the Monster’s back, an arrow was shot out.


Imps began to tremble and spread apart.

mist. By allowing her body to temporary hide in the depths of the mist, Lili had

Although it was very cunning , but that was it. Our side, which had already split



Taking advantage of this opportunity, I immediately began my counterattack.

arrows on the spot.


Just when I was about to fight an Imp that was hit by an arrow.

decided to attack Lili.

pouch from inside her arms.

The pouch that was thrown opened up and released a large amount of powder in

The amount of time that allowed them to fear the purple powder that was suddenly


From the poison from the scales collected, it was later on created into a poisonous

Unlike the Purple Moth’s scales, it could immediately cause weak Monsters to

——Good job, Lili is already proficient in dealing with Monsters!

While Lili swiftly retreated to the rear, I flew out.

this task.


instant kill.

were already dead.

“……! Bell-sama, something slightly powerful came!”

The room began to shake. I quickly noticed it as well.

body that almost reached 3 meters was currently moving its hands forward.

its servants.

enveloped in the color of darkness. Aside from the sharp teeth, it could also emit

The remaining Imps also began to shake their tails and fled to unite with the group.

“Yes. It is rare for many types of Monsters to gather together. How should we do it,

She raised this proposal as she placed her backpack on the floor and refilled the


Due to the mist, it was difficult to grasp the number of Monsters aside from the

confirmed, it will be slightly dangerous for Lili to take independent action……

patapata, lift up my right arm.

“Ahaha, although I feel that I am overly reliant on it……”

She swiftly escaped to the side and allowed a path.

ears, I treated my right arm as a gun barrel and extended it to the front.

The numerous lightning flames pierced through the mist. In just a few minutes, it

“Ah Lili. Am I too dependent on Magic?”

In order for us, who basically wiped out the Monsters, to take a break, we returned


Only in this area it was slightly different. The mist will not appear. Because the

Saying that it was the only area in the 10th floor that was safe is not wrong.


The more you chew, the more a refreshing bitter taste spills out onto the tongue.

Today’s attempt seems to be a waste, it feels that the deeper I go, the more depth it

honest, I wanted to cry, but there were no tears.

“Nnn~yes, Lili did not think about it so much……Anyways Bell-sama’s Magic is

Using both her hands to hold onto a small, but tidy bread, Lili seems to be

The small mouth ate the bread with a cute movement. Shortly after she finished

“Because the activation conditions are very low, it is probably undeniable for it to

actions, this was the feeling for it.”

It feels like it had become harmonious.

No matter what kind of Magic, it is impossible to avoid a Chant……In other words,

Just like controlling my own limps, this kind of description might be correct.

was not an action that limited my movements.

meaning of it being a Magic had become very faint.”

“Referring to the point about sure kills.”

book depicting about the activeness of Heroes.

The elf hero’s heroic posture while releasing a extreme chill blizzard towards large

is the type of thing that is a trump card. It could be said to be the final

it was against enemies at a higher Lv., it still has more than 100% of repelling

side of it definitely killing pales compared to it.”

different than the meaning of a trump card.

I revealed a subtle expression as I listened to Lili’s words.

powerful, thus it is more likely to trigger a change in the situation. It is indeed a

Which means, in turn……

“No, that’s not it. The key problem is about choosing quality over quantity or

ignored……At least from Lili’s perspective, compared to a huge attack that

to be more terrifying.”

Overall, my Magic was still a powerful threat to the enemies.

instantaneous explosive power.

durability —— it is difficult to have the effects of a normal attack Magic.

No that’s not right, Mmmm, even Magic isn’t almighty. If you really wish to list

Was it the drawbacks of the dreams that I had held since I was small about the

out……How should I say it, there was a little bit of regret.

looked at me and gave a wry smile.

forward, you know? The activation speed and projectile velocity is naturally

remarkable. Calling it outstanding is not excessive.”

“Activating a time-consuming Magic has no practical value. After all, Monsters
will not wait leisurely until the Chant is over. If the opportunity to use it ha

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