Dungeon Ni Deai O Motomeru No Wa Machigatte Iru Darou Ka / Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka Vol 3 Chapter 3

Chapter 3


I could see the blue sky.

stretched to the horizon.

attempted to recall the memories that cut off during the last 10 minutes……What

Once again, I could not do anything and lost consciousness……

deep down inside my heart.

Under her severe fighting guidance, losing my consciousness seems to have

easily knocked out so I was in the state where I was lying down on the surrounding

How long did I sleep this time, while I appreciate the gentle feelings below my

The golden eyes was staring directly at my face.


Towards Aizu-san’s face that appeared in the center of my vision, I leaked out a

As if I was trying to leave that place using the momentum of the roll, I stood up


Was it because of the incident——The incident about fainting after releasing

know why Aizu-san seems to give me a lap pillow during the period when I lose

I was happy…happy to the extent that I could not suppress it……But if I continue


patapata, and pat the top of her upper thighs.

“Your body, is it alright?”

With a red face, I sat down closely next to Aizu-san (I was invited by her waving)

The entire day today, I accepted Aizu-san’s guidance.

help out the place where I spend the night so I will not be able to accompany you

Instead of heading down the Dungeon by myself, although it was somewhat


the early morning period, we were still training underneath the clear blue skies.

“T…That…I…Did I make a bit of progress?”

“No, about that, because I keep fainting recently……”

I bit my teeth and threw out a topic.

“You, have indeed been changing……To a shocking degree.”

“Half of the reason……You fainted…was because my mistake of estimating my

“I…It can’t be like this!?”

expression, but I was about to understand it slightly that, at this time, she was still

I hurriedly tried to encourage Aizu-san, who did not even notice that her shoulders

savoring an incredible feeling.

Even though this fact should not have changed, but I was able to communicate

into my eyes.

that it is lacking a sense of reality.

Only that she, who was originally beautiful and sublime, have slightly changed.

Looking at her figure, who became depressed for a meager thing, you would think

“……Can you listen?”

Due to Aizu-san muttering this question, I, who was thinking seriously, had my

Looking to the side, I do not know when Aizu-san had already concealed her

“Why can you become strong so quickly?”

Towards the content that she asked, I rolled my eyes around.

Then I recalled the variously unsightly things I did up to date. Although I wanted

this side, I seriously thought for a while.

become stronger……

wanted to chase after that person and unconsciously reached this level, in

My thoughts were not properly integrated and so I was unable to express it with

Compared to saying these words in front of the person I wanted to chase after, I



Towards this answer, Aizu-san widened her eyes slightly.

above her head.

With a posture of hugging her knees, she concentrated at looking at the sky.


Towards the wind chimes-like whisper, I muttered “Eh?”.

The words after that were completely engulfed by the rapidly blowing winds.


that flew everywhere around the surrounding walls.

to stare at the sky.


Looking at Aizu-san, who tilted her head while lacking emotions on her face, I did


I asked myself.

From the east side of the city, came the clock’s declaration of noon.

of the city, you could still listen to the sound of horse neighing from outside the

they were probably being checked by the guild.

surrounding walls. On both sides, there stands a slightly tall battlement. The scene

Looking outside will allow you to see the stretches of grassland, forests and

Allowing the city’s clock chimes and the bustling noise outside of the city enter

Due to the warm sunlight that projected due from the cloudless blue sky, I could


I turned my head and looked to side, Aizu-san was currently using her hand to

The peach-like mouth was slightly opening……She was currently yawning.

had happened and recovered her original position.

“Afternoon nap training, you won’t do it?”


Looking in front, Aizu-san responded faintly.


That is probably true.

continued to fall, there may be a need to stay at the Dungeon for long periods of

fluffy bed. To an Adventurer, it was completely bad if you could not let your body

Aiz-san talked about the importance of sleeping, no matter what occasion, with a

But I, with a subtle expression, did not intersect with her eyesight and she asked.


head towards my direction.



cheeks were slightly dyed red.


“Nnn, Yes.”

position leaning on the back, and just like that she fell asleep.

as beautifully made due to the numerous bumps of different heights.

was a feeling of recognizing a First-Class Adventurer’s capabilities.

Floors, in such a sleeping place ——Precisely it was because they did not feel it

“Not sleeping?”

Being looked upon from below, it has become a strange thing. While I thought

Towards Aizu-san, who was sleeping defenselessly, although I had hesitated in that

do a strange thing, but after glancing at the bright shining saber, I let out a hollow

shameless acts.

temporary, she was still taking care of me as a disciple, perhaps it was the sincerity

……Anyways, this is also training.


I timidly lay down on the ground with my face facing the sky next to where Aizusan

This should be obvious, there was no traces of wanting to sleep. The sound of my

I inadvertently turned to the side. With a sideways sleeping posture, Aizu-san’s

With my eyebrows twitching, I awkwardly closed my eyes.

quickly, I muttered to myself.

Shortly after, a faint breathing sound entered my ears.

she had already fallen asleep.

She did talk about how recovering stamina was crucial, could she have been

Or perhaps was she really tired so she could immediately fall asleep……



It couldn’t have misheard it……It was the voice of my grandfather, who brought

at this time.

Facing this increasingly powerful voice, I finally began to think that it was an

(……Huh, strange?)

Is it an illusion. I narrowed my half-opened eyes.

“It’s time to go, Bell.”


Maintaining a posture where we faced each other, the distance between each other

Could A…Aizu-san move over while she was confused in her sleep……N…No,

C…Could it be……!?

——Was it me that leaned over!?

had stopped working. Nasty sweat was released over my entire body.

Why!? What’s the logic!? It can’t be that I wanted to some strange things!?

“Go take advantage of this sleep and attack—”


With her eyes closed, Aizu-san’s face was becoming bigger, even the details of her

Her smooth and delicate white skin, her slender neck……He small, pleasant pink

Facing this imminent, clear and intense scene, my face began to be dyed red in a

(Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute!?)

As if my actions were faithful to my grandfather and was like a bomb that was

sensitive feeling that did not allow this person noticing me from approaching her.

I…I…It can’t be….I …to this person……!?


Just at that moment.

“Attacking a sleeping lady in her sleep, how could I allow this kind of behavior! I

My heart and body suddenly began to shake.

being controlled by something.

I…It’s exactly what Kami-sama had said……!

Facing Kami-sama’s unprecedented, desperate roar, I had sweat flowing while I try

Only that my movements became abnormally slow, almost as if there were two

reaction force was fine.

currently violently colliding with each other.

“From now on, this is a holy battle—“

——Kami-sama lost!

From what cannot be called a distance, it was suddenly shortened. I approached to


My eyes could not focus. Facing the nose and eyes of the face from the person in

Despite the residual laughter sounds from grandfather that echoed within my ears, I

“Wait……a minute.”

My body instantly retrieved its freedom.

The muscles on my face twitched, I stumbled to the side and broke away from

My heart seems to be engraving with a rhythm as if it will immediately fall apart.

The illusionary voice of regret from grandfather still was not completely


She still had closed eyes and ,suusuu, released faint breathing sound that could not

All the strength inside my body gradually disappeared.

The trembling sound, bakubaku, that entered my ears was still from my chest. I

It isn’t… Wait a minute……But wait for me a bit.

Although I considered thinking about the meaning of this phrase, but a strong gush

it, What did I want to do……!!

without making a sound next to her, I felt embarrassed about my own actions.

I was temporarily embraced by a sense of disgust that could not be eliminated.

ourselves by a huge distance. Then I recovered the posture of staring at the sky.

In my heart, I repeated whispered an apology. During this period, my burning face


breathing rhythm.

turned my cheeks so it touched the stone floor and stared at that person.

Just in front, it was really nearby. That person’s face was there.

golden hair were scattered all over her cheeks.

else. It was a sweet and innocent sleeping face.

that location……That person was currently quietly asleep.

Under a curse, a lonely princess-sama was sleeping for centuries.


to in my childhood with the person that was quietly issuing out a stable breathing


face back to its original posture.


(As expected, it was just like a dream……)

the two of us.

seems to suck everything up.

physical and mental feelings.

were currently lying down together. I slowly closed my eyelids and immersed in a

× × ×

The walls that surrounded Orario were naturally circular. The path on top of it also

Normally, nobody should be able to approach the top part of the walls that were

to resist against attacks from the outside, but for the defense of the Dungeon. Even

even more unquestionable from the ground.

there was no need to worry about being noticed by others.

to observe.

training to be hidden from the public, there was no better preparation that could be

“Mmmm, there is also a place that can clearly see it.”

Although it is only limited, but it was the vision from the tallest skyscraper facility

Located at Babel’s upmost floor in her own room, she was sitting on an

The battlements that overlooked below suddenly lost its meaning, both Bell and

“The Sword Princess’s brilliance is somewhat too bright……”

Although from there, being able to see Bell and Aizu, who were situated at the

Freya’s could clearly see the brilliance of the boy and the girl.

dazzling golden light, which caused others to be blinded, both of it could not

After noticing Bell and Aizu who had concentrated in training since dawn, Freya

“Speaking of which……Things have just become interesting.”


who was the main character, had decided to study from one of the strongest female

The Monster that was training by the Warrior (Ottar) and the boy that was trained

Perhaps it had become something worth seeing beyond her own imagination, so


The silver eyes temporarily stared at Bell and Aizu silently.

knocked her slender ring finger on the arm of the chair.

abruptly stopped.

seemed to be like a wry smile, yet at the same time, a ridiculed smile.

Really now, Freya smiled.

feeling arise spontaneously. Compared to that time, it was much more intense.

slightly……just slight, she felt bored.

“……An unbearable hunger and thirst.”

the back, she took up a posture of staring above.

The Goddess, who had her eyes closed, thinly opened her eyelids…….and smiled

“Right now, how strong did he become?”

the location where he was at.

a strong sense of hopeless jealousy.

Let me stick my nose into it once more, Freya naturally complied with this sinister

The seamless glass that covered the entire wall of the huge room reflected a

× × ×

the door that connected to the outside world.

The pile of dirty wooden boxes and garbage made it seem like half an warehouse.

right and left at the same time we headed out.

the walls and headed towards the city.


……The reason why it turned out like this was because due to the actions that

was connected, my stomach called out.

the flushed me, went to get something to eat. Following this, we came to this spot.

While trying to endure the urge to cry out, I lowered my shoulders and followed

The shortcut that Aizu-san found——A road that leads to a certain door of the


spacious and clean backstreet. The atmosphere of the Main Street Area begins to

On the street surrounded by homes, elegant pillars of Magic Stone Street Lamps


“North Main Street Area. Tiona had once told me that there is a shop that sells

Towards my question, Aizu-san replied. Tiona…Probably a colleague inside her

At this time, being seen together by the crowd on the Main Street, would it lead to

that, another concern was stuck inside my chest.

Feeling the cool breeze blowing from the back, we reached the North Main Street

The time was approaching Omagatoki (Dusk), the sky was dyed in a somewhat

were many elves, dwarves and other demi-races. They all turned their gaze towards

to tighten my body.

Did she notice her target, she entered an large street from a forked path.

that open-air shop was shown in my vision.

“Welco……me, EH?”

Then the shop employee-san in the open-air shop ……Kami-sama also, the time

The peaceful and easily approachable cute smile was interrupted halfway, a sense

Inside the two eyes, it clearly reflected Aizu-san and my figure that was following

My face turned pale at a terrifying speed.


Besides me and Kami-sama, who were frozen stiff, Aizu-san calmly placed an

Receiving the already friend potato croquettes from another shop employee-san,

Varisu” as she handed it over. Aizu-san said “Thank you” as she took it.

the depths of the open-air shop and appeared in front of us.



I did not tell Kami-sama about the training between me and Aizu-san.

thing to have relationships with other . Originally, Kami-sama holds a

may have a grudge to treat Aizu-san as an enemy……

Because even if I explained to her that she did not mean any harm, she will not


what on earth happened, Bell-kun!?”

“Spare me the excuses, quickly explain it to me! ……Tch, forget it, stay away,

At the same time she raised her voice, Kami-sama inserted herself between us.

glared fiercely to contain her.

“T…That, S..Suddenly met up nearby……!?”

Facing the commotion by Kami-sama, who raised both her hands up high,

Her pitch-black twintails wriggled, beshibeshi, and knocked on my head.

not say anything else and started to perform the punishment.

Just like this, Aizu-san, who was watching us, slowly spoke.

the truth.

this sentence, ha, and she trembled.


“If that’s the case, could it be, that growth speed was still noticed……!?”

Aizu-san as if she was her father’s murderer.

the sound.

“Even if you stare fiercely and drool with desire at Bell-kun, I won’t let you get

“Kami-sama, what are you doing!?”


then go somewhere else.”

After being accused by the remaining beastman employee at the open-air shop,

I do not know why but I felt that I was gradually being depleted, as I was pulled

Entering a more twisted and deserted narrow path compared to the forked path

“……Fu. First let me clearly hear about the details of the situation.”

an apology about the concealed and unreported facts and explained the cause and

As the topic advance, I did not forget to look at Aizu-san for confirmation.

With her arms overlapping, Kami-sama closed her eyes. After listening to it, she

“……Nnnn, I understand the situation. Then, the two of you, do not have any


“Ahah. Wallen-whatever-kun. Do not continue to have a relationship with my Bellkun.

the best of both our Mugugugugugu.

Afterwards, I’ll compensate Kami-sama until she cools down. I made this promise

“W…What are you doing, Bell-kun!?”

between me and Aizu-san!”

I whispered and kindly implored Kami-sama, who tilted her head just like Aizu-san.

“There is only two days and it’s fine. There is only two days left until the promised

I told the truth about Aizu-san will also participate in the ’s

still bowed towards Kami-sama.

conveyed the inner feelings I had out.

money in the Dungeon! So……!”


grasping at straws in order to continue the agreement we made.

“How hopelessly childish, I also……”

“……Really, only two days?”

Aside from feeling repentance about the useless trouble that I brought with my

After that, Kami-sama set a condition where the relationship between Aizu-san

training for the remaining two days.

Bell-kun, then from that instant, you will say you never did it, okay?”

“Temptation and the like is even an unpardonable crime.

Towards Kami-sama, who repeatedly told strange things to Aizu-san, I hurriedly

“Then, let me go watch your training today.”

“What is there to be surprised about, Bell-kun. Confirming what my important

“T…That, what about work……?”

“It is already over today.”

towards the open-air shop, I watched as sweat began to flow. Shortly after, my

My gaze intersected with Aizu-san. Are you alright, it inquired as she revealed a

“She is really, a considerate Goddess……”

× × ×

accompanied back with Kami-sama to the surrounding walls.

observe, I tightened my nerves. After that, I no longer fainted——but in exchange,

When we noticed, it was already quite late at night.

up. It’s still better for you to not do this, that Wallen-whatever is probably using


Inside the walls without any windows, it was extremely dark. I was walking in

Kami-sama’s suddenly change her mood and become delighted, it was still

Was she really enjoying me who was abused?


Aizu-san, who was holding a small Magic Lamp (It seems like it is a necessity for

The sound of her boots, KotsuKotsu, echoed in all directions. Shortly after

air was instantly liberated and air that slightly tingled my skin surrounded my body.

were dotted in the pale dark night sky.

“What are you talking about, Bell-kun. This is different than the Main Street Area,

Towards Kami-sama, who had a beaming smile and her soft fingers firmly

Just like Kami-sama had said, we are currently located at the outer regions of the

it was indeed dark. However, it should still be clear enough to see the feet if you

We were moving forward in an quiet alley that was gradually becoming more wide.

slowly looked towards that person on the side.

will make me feel a bit sad……

Looking at her expression in close proximity, my thoughts froze for a moment.

angle and were quietly strained.


It was a backstreet alley with a certain width. In the quiet location that was

darkness enveloped there. There was not even the slightest light.

pillar of a Magic Stone Street Lamp that left a certain impression.

The exquisite pillar that lifted the Magic Stone Lamp seemed to have been broken



Towards her, who seem to have noticed something, I also quickly stopped. Kamisama,

Within that pair of golden eyes, alertness was already shown. I tried to look

After a moment, between the gaps of the building, the shadow of someone walked

(A catperson……?)

tights and a dark mask.

beastman cat ears grew from its head. He was a male.


Adventurer that was shorter than me did not stop.

Ton, the stone floor issued out a slight screech, and following, it disappeared.

The next instant, a shadow appeared in front of me.

The distance that was instantly shortened. It was an

Whether it was my eyes or my reactions, it failed to keep up.

close at hand.



Using god-speed to pull out the thin silver sword, it captured the spear within a

I gained back my time. I, who suddenly released enormous amount of sweat,

At a slightly further position, Aizu-san, who pulled out her sword, wordlessly took

Then, the two of them dashed towards each other and collided violently.


fierce battle between the sword and spear completely engulfed it.

Whether it was the trail of the spear or even the number of slashes that could be

I could not catch up, I completely could not catch up, there was not even a single

Leaving me and Kami-sama on one side, the black shadow crossed countless times


Above the catperson, who was fighting against that person, four small shadows

The shadows that appeared on the roof of the homes silently dropped downwards.

The four weapons that were flashing with a dangerous light suddenly attacked


First, she cut and caused the male catperson to retreat. Towards the total of four


“HII……A monster.”




exposed their figures.

male catperson. By wearing the same mask, there was no doubt that they were his

Without leaving a gap and surrounding Aizu-san from the front and the back, they

“B…Bell-kun, let’s go back. This is something we can’t intervene……”

it could also aptly describe the current situation.

Even if we label them as First-Class Adventurers, there should be no sense of

extraordinary abilities.

from those First-Class Adventurers.

deflected numerous attacks and at the same time, became the incarnate which

That is the .

her blade, I could feel unattainable heights.


Suffering from an untimely shock, I shook my shoulders and threw away the

What did I plan to do with a dumbfounded face! Isn’t there something I must do

There is already no time to stand idle, I must help that person……!


Aizu-san, the trembling voice of Kami-sama bounded my shoulders.

figure from the buildings.

body armor.

——What to do.


Facing the group of four, I pulled out the and from

“Kami-sama, please stay behind me.

The first one to approach was a female Adventurer holding a Short Sword.


The instant before she released the attacks, I took a step forward and shortened the


A pre-emptive strike.

She suffered a slash and was block back towards the rear. I did not witness this till

Using my left hand, I held Kami-sama, who was shocked due to my sudden turn.

Adventurer that unleashed the attack with my right foot.

completely kicked him away. Then I entered a fierce battle with a female

(The enemy is…also same as me, a Lv.1 ——!)

Compared to the men that was currently facing Aizu-san, they were not an

territory as me.

This time, I used the techniques and adaptability that was engraved by that person

I hid Kami-sama behind me and maintained a posture as I waited for the slow male


Facing the scream accompanied with the downwards swing of the Large Sword, I

The black dagger depicted a purplish-blue light and captured the side of the


Adventurer’s roar was tainted with a bit of surprise. I took advantage of this and

fiercely a roundhouse kick that had already been a technique I was proud of.

The Large Sword user flew to one side, his weapon also dropped from his hand.


The three people from earlier flew over as they placed me and Kami-sama in the

Instantly, my breathing stopped, I leaped over to the Large Sword that the male

“Please get down, Kami-sama!”

Kami-sama lowered her head towards the ground.

From the wide-ranged, roundabout slash, I blasted back the three Adventurers that

——I can do it!

Due to the effects of the rotation, I staggered. At the same time, I felt joy that I was

The thick and solid handle felt abnormally reliable. It left a distinctive feeling on

“OHHHHH! Bell-kun, that was really cool!? I’ve fallen for you again!”

In the midst of chaos, I did not know how to face Kami-sama, who was in disarray

The battle that belonged to the other dimension was still continuing. While the

It won’t be useful. Although I knew this better than anyone, but I still reflexively

At the same time as I supported Kami-sama in my left arms, I targeted the male


from that location.


The sudden outburst of the exploded into 6 lightning flames

The backstreet was instantly shrouded by scarlet light.


four Hobbit group bounced back from the tearing flames and leisurely walked

“We were hit by Magic that required no chant……”

Due to the excessive use of , my right arm and head were currently in a

chattered about something on the opposite side.

many facts.

I could see everything clearly, the gap between the strength of Higher- Class

“It’s too conspicuous. It’s all because of this fire. People will come soon.”

The male catperson, who stared above his head, declared this and was the first to

The Hobbits recovered the Adventurers that I defeated and soon disappeared into

Inside the backstreet, the remains of my weak flame was currently burning.

“Ah, sorry, Kami-sama……”

arm from her waist.

Then, she suddenly held out her hand towards my cheeks.

“Are you alright?”

With slightly worried eyes, words with some concern was sent towards this side.

defeated. This was what I thought when I saw the eyes of this Goddess.

to reply with a wry smile.

“Ah, I’m fine. How about Aizu-san……?”

Without any injuries, Aizu-san replied with an indifferent tone as usual.

tightly as I asked while pretending to be normal.


any logos of .

surroundings to not have any figures, it was probably the result of dismissing them.

should have been planned.

“Night attacks…Often happens.”

“Nn, yes. Although it is relatively rare outside of the Dungeon……”

In other words, it is common within the Dungeon? Towards these shocking words,

It feels that the enemies that attacked us were very strong…….I do not know why I

Could it be that they knew Aizu-san left her alone, so they came to

“But that makes no sense. If they were only aiming for Wallen-whatever-kun, then

“That was ……”

……Indeed, I agreed with the doubts that was made by Kami-sama.

against seemed to have their abilities deliberately matched mine. As if it was a

As a result, we still could not escape from speculation……

do they have, Wallen-whatever-kun?”

“Really. She really likes to stir up trouble, Loki that fellow.”

“Nnnn……F…Forget it. Compared to that, we should quickly leave this place.

While Kami-sama was talking one-sidedly to Aizu-san, they decided to leave this

Before we were involved in trouble, we should get away from here. This was the


prepared to chase up.

Suddenly, my body trembled.

Like an illusion that flashed through my mind, only the lips showing a beautiful

I unconsciously stared towards the sky, at the direction of where the catperson was

What was directly in front of my sight was Babel. The huge tower with white walls.

body as if I was being watched from the huge skyscraper facility.

Towards the Kami-sama, who frequently stated something to me, and Aizu-san,

There was some kind of dark omen, slowly, but surely approaching towards me.



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