Dungeon Ni Deai O Motomeru No Wa Machigatte Iru Darou Ka / Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka Vol 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1


As a window receptionist of the dungeon management, Eina Tulle shifted her focus

She had a pair of slender pointy ears and clear emerald-colored eyes. Her shoulderlength

type as the elves that seemed to be pure and flawless, but rather a natural type. She

making her extremely beautiful.

approachable. The truth is that this young female was a mix between a human and

As a receptionist, her afternoon wasn’t too busy since the adventurers were

her to read books. She lifted her head and noticed who had called her.

It was something that occurred almost two weeks ago.


old, and although “Adventurer” is a job that did not ask for race, nor their gender


what expression she gave him at that time.

time to time. When she confirmed that the boy was still alive, her face eased

She lifted up her glasses and turned her head towards the source of the voice.

A figure of a boy covered with black blood appeared in her field of vision.

“Please tell me Aizu Wallenstein’s information!”

“Bell-kun, you… If you are stained with blood when you return, you should at


We are currently inside a small room that is separated specially within the guild

Eina and I sat facing each other and were separated by a table.

“You actually were able to bring that bloody smell and absolutely horrifying

doubts about your brain.”


a knife. Tears also emerged in my eyes.

pay better attention next time, okay?” Yes Yes, I nodded heavily.


My face flushed before I explained the thing.

The instant that I had entered I met a Minotaur and was being chased by it.


thanks, the instant I saw she held out her hand, my head went blank —— A

rushed away at full speed.

followed my words.

by yourself, but you also stubbornly went to the lower floors! Didn’t I tell you


This was Eina’s opening statement. Although judging from the text it may seem

and you must always place safety as priority>.

because this stage is where the most deaths occur in an adventurer’s career.

Meeting a LV. 2 Minotaur on the fifth floor is something that no one can imagine.

floor or below. Eina said this had a feeling of “Did something happen in the

…Really. If that person did not exist, the me right now would have already died.


had mentioned.

today, I guess that is also the reason right?”

Correct. I wanted to pursue an encounter with the opposite gender so I wanted to

Originally, I wanted to become an adventurer only because I had always had an

— Kind of like those hero comics where they have a fateful encounter——The

the guild, Eina stared at me doubtfully for a while because she saw me exude a

thought in my heart.

motives, the reason for entering the dungeon will become very simple.

“That…There is…The thing about Wallenstein…”

I can tell you what is already well-known by others.” She first gave off a short

intimate. Perhaps it is because I am still a newcomer.

Real Name, Aizu Wallenstein. A swordswomen. Core member of the
Her swordplay is unmistakably at the peak of all the adventurers. She had wiped

also has a title, . It seems that name has also spread among the

She also taught a lesson to those approaching her with impure desires, or rather,

At this point of time, it seems like she had broken the record of 1000 failed

“What else is there? The rest is almost all about her appearance and looks.”

favorite food, and there was something that you didn’t say…”

or three times.

“No, Well…Ummm, Yes…”

when I see her.”

it was extremely elegant.

the adventurers.

all the conditions necessary for a beauty. It is said that there are many individuals

extremely happy.

As a half-breed, she has the beauty of the elf’s typical appearance characteristics.

fallen for the error gap between this impression and reality.

dating anyone.”

“About hobbies aside from that, I honestly have not heard anything regarding

“J…Just what is that!”

As if it was to get me out, Eina first stood up and urged me. My feeble protests

This hall that was built with white marble was very impressive. Right now there is

had a bit of existence.

“This…You are currently an adventurer. There are still many, many things you


The current me won’t be able to protect anyone. In order to survive to the next day,

develop an awareness for saving money, it is not acceptable.

In fact, I completely do not have the skill to feel strongly about the matter


were to get too close to her, who is a key member of the , I would


look at the reality. If I don’t say this, it would be bad for Bell too.”

work hard as an adventurer.

official and asked a question.

“…Yes. At least before I met the Minotaur, I defeated some monsters.”

Despite how annoyed I made her become, I still felt guilty deep inside. Although, I

it will be difficult to raise my head in front of Eina from now on.

obtained today’s rewards.

the magic stone piece from them. All together it exchanged into 1200 Varisu. It

Wallenstein, the time spent at the dungeon was also considerably shorter than usual.

meal, even items can’t be replenished…

“Ah, yes. What is it?”


She was hesitant, but afterwards, she seemed to have decided and began to speak.

charm…So, as long as you work hard, then…that…right?”

“……Wallenstein might also look at Bell who became stronger?”

at Eina.

encouraging me, I could not help but smile.


yelled to Eina.


Once I saw that I made Eina blush, I smiled and entered the street crowd.

Not only does it have an underground maze known as a dungeon, above it was a

The city, or rather a city that flourished because of the guild that managed the

As for me who still had little understanding of the place, the explanation for Orario

still not high.

to sustain their livelihoods, they are called adventurers. It is also my current

I grew up in a rural village not too far away from Orario, and can be regarded as

who raised me up, I had completely lost my guardian. So I took the remaining

Needless to say, but you should already know the reason I left was because I

while having a hearty laugh, till now I can still remember it clearly.

grandfather told me about. Repelling monsters, saving others, and also rescuing the 

trapped princess. At that time, I really had these ideas and wanted to become the

But, at that time, my grandfather told me.


a hero and also began to produce a passion to have an encounter with the opposite


my idea was just wishful thinking, so that dream slowly withered. What replaced it

After being persuaded by my grandfather repeatedly, what became one of my

heroic deeds from heroes within this labyrinth city. It is also possible that he

Placing myself into the gradually unfolding adventures and following the

Then at that time,wouldn’t I be able to become an hero, and be able to find my

At the time when I lost my only relative, I seemed to have been moved by his

At the beginning I was really still mindless, just like today and placed myself near

Perhaps I am the only one who holds a playful reason to become an adventurer.

something, I did not feel that I was that different in nature.

understand this.


My goal has already changed from before, it now includes the thing about Aizu

In the overcrowded streets, all kind of races are there. I was working hard to walk

Dwarves, Gnomes, Beastmen, Hobbits……there are some normal citizens, and

village, the streets were filled with freshness and beauty. Perhaps even just this

wonderful feeling in my heart.

remember my destination. Going past the busy street, I entered a narrow trial and

Once the noisiness completely disappeared from behind, I walked to the end of the


What was constructed in the depth of this unpopular small road was a broken down

You could also see that this two-story building that used to pay respects to gods

stone everywhere. It would easily make one feel that it has gone through many

At the top of the front entrance, a statue of a goddess, with a tattered body and half


anyone was around. Then I immediately drilled in from the front entrance, and


outside. From the gap between the broken floors, dense weeds grew. Most of the

hole in the ceiling, the warm sunlight shone right through. It shone onto the altar

This could be basically called a ruined church and I used the movement I learned

There is a row of shelves without any books in this dimly lit room. Behind the

After going down this seemly bottomless ladder, a door appeared in front of my


I shouted while stepping into the door. What was in front of my eyes gave off a

someone lived here, but about the point for people living here, it seems like it was

The person I called out to was seen once I entered the door. She was lying down on

hands. Once she heard my voice, she immediately stood up.

considered between a little girl and a female teen. She was even shorter than me, so

almost the same age as me was not a problem.

in front of me.

“I nearly died in the dungeon…”

quite sad to say.”

After saying this, her two small hands gently touched my hands. As if to confirm

From her words, I could hear a hint of concern. I feel very happy about this and my

“It’s not a problem. I will not let you be left on the street.”

must have prepared your resolve right?”

The two of them laughed while conversing and entered the inside of the room.

It just looks like the shape of the letter P. Near the door of the square section stood

The girl facing me was undoubtedly a beautiful girl. Her sleek black hair just

hair was a silver bell. A round head and a round face, it made her appearance seem

upper part of her clothing made her mature boobs more noticeable.

have a dreamy atmosphere.

future, she cannot get rid of her current appearance.

A different being compared to humans, demi-humans and monsters that appear in

They are different from us in how our appearance changes as our age increases. It

had envisioned.


“Oho, Look at this! Tada

“Because I made a lot of small contributions to the store’s revenue, so I got a lot of

you won’t be sleeping today right?”

This great existence was also working in a human shop. Of course, it was to earn

——A long time ago, descended to our world……According to their

explanations about this out there, but based on the words of the god in front of me,

We, who are trying to ascend to heaven, generally see it as paradise. However, the

boredom, they went to find some fun with the culturally prosperous “children” –

they are not perfect. For them who are bored, this world was filled with interesting

As a result, the Lower World made the gods extremely excited. The satisfaction


Although it feels like the Gods are just playing a game, but during the time, when

The Gods have not yet lived long in the Lower World. However, it seems that


have any dissatisfaction. Because they obtained a from the gods, so they

it actually a relationship of using and being used? The current structure clearly

help each other daily and strive to survive.

completely penetrated into this world.

mascot character, there is still no one who wants to enter my . They all


The God in front of my eyes is called . Gods like her all have children

To be accurate, a is a faction of the god. means

course, there are people who refer to it as faction so it is called Loki’s faction and

From what I feel, joining a family is equivalent to becoming a family member to

Although Gods decided to live with us from the Lower World ——There was a

World before. ——But food and living standards all require money.

simply enjoy themselves. These Gods, in order to continue their carefree living

After joining a family, they will give to the people from the Lower World.

Gods earn money.

In other words, if we unfold those words, Gods are supported by their family

However, we cannot completely ignore the benefits from the . Just by

lower level monsters in the dungeon.

“Ah, making Bell-kun take the burden alone, I really am quite sorry about it……”

If they are large families with lots of members, then, of course, there also exist

If it was like that, even Gods have no other choice……They must work hard like

only simply focus on surviving.

people from the Lower World. But for such a God, I also could not help but

Yes. But among the Gods, there are some that control their family like a empire—

empire……As if they pretend it as a managing empire game?

have betrayed the rules between Gods. Of course there are people who speak

Lower World based on their own personalities, but there are some people who also

Although Gods enjoy to smile and watch at the complicated and staggering matters

“……Sorry, I made you contract with such an incompetent god.”


My encounter with Hestia occurred shortly after I came over from the rural village

the street where they recruit Familia members.

and medium-sized Familias would always select those people with some

from a rural village and did not know anything and even required care from others.

Kami-sama and did not hesitate to follow her.

seems to have a feeling that she had abducted a child who did not know anything.

at her friend’s Familia before meeting me. Just like most of the other gods, she also

the Lower World. Because she had always lived a sloppy life, on the contrary, it

church was that friend’s final friendship.


The development afterwards is completely based on the individual’s situation.

on the member’s individual’s ability. It was absolutely not because Kami-sama

“Don’t let it bother you Kami-sama! Our Familia is still in the beginning stages,

long as we get through this, our life will become better. At that time, we will also

“Bell-kun, you…!”

And there you have it! I stood up from the couch while I was talking. From Kamisama’s

all this was what I’ve recently heard from Eina. So my heart felt sore.

At that time I was dreaming of a harem, but in reality, when I came to the city I

She is very important to me. I wanted to help this goddess.

my heart. It was also my first promise I made to myself.

our future, let us first update your !”

Kami-sama also stood up from the sofa. Those boobs, that did not match her tiny

then I immediately turned away. Since I’m a shy person, the impact was too much

It seems that the other Gods sometimes joke around and call her .

“Then, as usual, take off your clothes and lie down.”

While heading to the bed inside the room, I removed the light helm that

was completed taken off. Afterwards I tilted my head to look behind.

hair and the light skin color. What was particularly striking was the black

These are all things that Hestia engraved on my body. This is the God’s Grace —


After hearing Kami-sama hurrying me, I relaxed my entire body.

“Anyway, you just said that you nearly died, what exactly happened?”

When I began to explain, Kami-sama kept on touching my back. Once, twice, she

and gently stroked it.

I lifted my head slightly, turned back and looked. Kami-sama first used the needle

my back.

my back.

about the dungeon really is amazing. Anyway, in such a messy location, it is


I mean, I’ve heard that elves do not even hold hands with others if they do not

“Don’t yell now. Although there are races that are similar to the elves, there are

children. Also, I believe that those with your unrealistic way of thinking would


the same time, on my back, Kami-sama used the spot that the blood had dripped 

down onto as the center, and painted her fingers. From the left side, she began to

Now, what was engraved on my back is the ——it is also a
Kami-sama used the sacred text and engraved it on my back, using her blood as a

of the target. Of course, there are also things like . Those are

they are based on your own experiences in life.

human. If we need to explain it, it is equivalent of the history of your own

monsters>, extract it out, and allow it to become food for growth.

To Gods, these are visible and can be controlled. Perhaps it is similar to the ancient


Level Up happens and the ability values rise.

“Also there is the one called Aizu Wallenstein? That beautiful, yet strong girl must


“Fuu. Okay, Bell-kun. Just give up on that momentary infatuation. Pay more

that care about you around.”

immediately began to cry. Kami-sama began to continuous scold Wallenstein. I


herself. Eina will most definitely not accept me, as for Kami-sama ,who is an

to say it. It’s completely impossible for Kami-sama to be my partner.

“Once she became a member of Loki’s Familia, you became unable to marry


Overall, people who joined a Familia can freely choose to marry within their

child. Which Familia would the child belong to?

relationship with another faction, it can easily cause abuse. In order to regulate the

Also, if the Gods themselves have a poor relationship, and had a hostile

danger to their Familia.

from the Loki Familia, wanted to date each other, there will be a lot of difficulties

“Okay, I’ll put it bluntly. Forget about that girl, and look for your encounter in the

“……Kami-sama, you’re so mean.”

hasn’t been done. So I haven’t been disappointed yet.


wrote down the status on the prepared paper. Because I basically do not understand

down to tell me the details easily.

“Now, Look. Your new status.”

immediately fell onto it.

Lv. 1

Endurance: I 13

Agility: H 148 —> H 172


The general abilities have five categories — the categories are strength, endurance,

high to low S, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I. The higher the stage, the more powerful

The number besides I is the proficiency value. 0~99 is I, 100~199 is H, Generally

of 999. The more effort you place on a category, the faster the proficiency rate

rank ability so it isn’t a bad thing.

abilities will be greatly enhanced. It can also be said to be a huge enhancement

So that’s why the chaotic Lv 2 Minotaur caused me, a Lv 1, so much trouble.

Kami-sama called a

agility… And agility increased that much! ? From H 148 it increased to H 172, so I

Could it be because I was running everywhere to escape from the Minotaur……?

ability will not increase. Example given: endurance. If I wanted to increase its

enemy’s attacks, so this will basically almost never go up.

but no matter what I will still try to avoid it. Because it hurts!

“About this I’m not too sure. It seems to be based on related


From the Kami-sama engraved, what everyone cares about should be

Before the Gods descended to the Lower World, Magic was a privilege of certain

discovered they could use magic.

discover. Being able to use one is average, but if you can use two or more magics

Not only this, the existence of magic itself is very important. There is a legend that

short, magic is a trump card. It is an ultimate skill that can reverse a situation.

hard and swings his sword to attack, they would not have any chance of victory.

I confirmed the , there was nothing inside the magic section, so naturally I

“Kami-sama, what about this skill section? It feels like it has been wiped……”

“So that’s what happened…”

and values are slightly different, they are special effects that are

strengthening of the body, is the special reactions happening within the

Although it isn’t like magic where you can see how amazing it is, the discovery of


then I turned my head towards Kami-sama.

croquettes feast, we should not only eat just this right?”


Although I can only make simple dishes. Yes, just like Eina said, from now on I

I felt that Kami-sama’s gaze was still glued onto my back, so I suddenly felt

× × ×


the boy’s back.


the physical body and mental state and flow outwards.

from the Lower World.

absolutely do not want to admit that!)


looked at Bell’s back.

its window.

Lv. 1

Endurance: I 13

Agility: H 148 —> H 172

[Single-Minded Pursuit]

 Effects last as long as his feelings are unchanged

To actually extract this type of hopeful and personally carve
it into his . Now Hestia begins to regret it. 

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