Dungeon Ni Deai O Motomeru No Wa Machigatte Iru Darou Ka / Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka Vol 3 Chapter 5

Chapter 5

The Dungeon had the characteristic of how the area becomes larger as you go

At the 5th floor, it was already equivalent to the size of the central square. When

reached the 40th floor, the size of the area was able to match the scale of the city,

Although there are floors in between that ignore this rule, but basically,

width of the paths, each of the rooms and etc. continues to become more wide.

reach the isn’t a big issue. However, the starting point, the 1st floor,

Inside the narrow path and rooms, the movement of large forces could not be

daunting task.

together in an enclosed room was a violation of common sense.

generally divide the forces into 2 or 3 groups and converge and meet up at an

Without exception, when the began, it had also split their forces


can’t be Supporters that were hired, right?”



Deimne, the advance team consisting of First-Class Adventurers was about to

While the group of approximately 15 people were currently hurrying nonstop,

“Because last time, compared to us, our weapons were the side that did not survive,

“As long as there are blacksmiths with the ability of are here, then

“Yes. After all, it is too inefficient to carry large supplies of spare weapon. I heard

a helping hand.”

others a sense of arrogance……I really want a team of Blacksmiths.”

other words, the Supporters for the Expedition had the role of serving as the


Floors, seemed to be frivolously talking, but in fact, they are currently quietly


Blacksmiths also came along.

“Right—! If that’s the case, even in the Deep Floors, we can still go all out, right? I

“I should say this out in advance, even ’s blacksmiths will

Towards Tiona, who hugged her shoulders from behind, Aizu silently turned her

After seeing that smile, Tiona also smiled.

Aizu Wallenstein’s feelings could not help but be melted.

sister’s, Tione’s, commands every now and then, so she would play around and act

“Ku—, the group of people, even if it was unexpected, but

“Well there it is—. Bate’s arrogant statement.”

unhappy, yet interested gaze.

“Bate, you, why do you have to use such description? Does despising other

“Don’t be mistaken. I will not do such shameless things of feeling superiority of

Bate used his chin to point at the behind while saying


in your mouth, it seems like you are deliberately causing others to misunderstand.”

Anyways, don’t suddenly interrupt others, Riveria.”

impatiently lift his eyebrows.

shape tattoos were all slightly distorted.

won’t get you anywhere. You dare say these things when you also don’t have any

“All of mine are only stolen by Tioneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!””

“Indeed, I would be lying if I said that I sympathize with them. However, don’t

“If it is based on sympathy alone, I feel that elf-sama is even worse?”

Although he was not aiming at Riveria with that sentence, but elves easily have a

beastman, would occasionally be stubborn.

already a thing that was common. Even if it was unrelated with Riveria, Bate still

Because they knew this point, so the rest of the members in the group, including

their conversation in silence.

that is downright disgusting.”

“I can only hear the arrogant feelings of the people in a strong position.”

“I am only allowing them to weigh, to weigh their own value.”

“their own value” at the same time.

It was not sympathy, not insult and not surprising, it was just a transparent

At that time, the boy who was deeply hit by these hard words of not knowing his


vaguely sketched out the pair of crimson eyes that were about to cry inside her

Then soon after that.

“……Is it four people?”

The people at the scene all made the exact same response as hers. Tiona continued

his head.

right hand side, violent footstep sounds came. It was extremely messy.

corresponding measures, Finn raised his hand to stop them. He issued the

Shortly after, a team of Adventurers broke into Aizu’s vision.

“It—seems like there are in total panic. Do we try to call them and see?”

interfere with other teams.”


The Adventurers, who were frequently turning their head to the back, suddenly

“W…What is it you bastard? Huh……Ga! Da….[^1] (Amazon)!?”

“Rather, the !? E…Expedition!?”

dismay and naturally began to retreat.

was about to end, but Bate did not here and headed forward.

Did you leave your companions behind and flee to here after being attacked by a


“……Compared to that, Killer Ants are easier 100 times.”

raised his eyebrows.

Adventurers exchanged gaze. Then, the leader-like human seemed to answer




turned around to the back.

were a surprised expression on Finn’s and the other people’s face.

“Hey, could it be……a Minotaur that we let escape?”

“And it doesn’t make sense if it was the ones that escaped from our net. The past

then the number of victims of 3rd-Class Adventurers would not be a joke. I had not

“……I’m extremely sorry. Could you please explain to us what you had just


began to explain unclearly:

connected to their room, they instantly captured a figure of a boy with white hair

Based on the cries, it seemed that boy was calling out and the Minotaur was

Also, that Minotaur was equipped with an Adventurer-use Large Sword.


“Y…Yes, we were not mistaken……”

“No,no. If there was, then we would have been in trouble a long time ago!”

“Ahhh, it seems more and more suspicious.”

it was not one that they missed during their chase. At the same time, they had

As a leader with good instincts, Finn predicted that it was a prank of a rather evil

At least, this matter must be related to a God. Otherwise, it would be impossible to

Finn and the advance team had completely stopped their travel forward.

Among them, a golden hair girl moved by herself.


“T…The 9th Floor……If it still hasn’t moved yet……”

Moving along the path that these Adventurers had come from, she rushed away


“What are you doing!”


move forward! Just like what was predetermined, head to the 18th floor in the


“My thumb is already restlessly twitching. I want to see. Or rather, do you plan on

“……If Finn’s instincts are saying this, then there must be something happening


only look at each other.

× × ×

I can see my grandfather’s face.

His face was always filled with a crumpled smile, although he would occasionally

affectionate with her—“, “ Having beautiful woman and beautiful girls serve me is

yandere should still be excused?”, he was a extremely happy person.

My grandfather seemed to have personally witnessed the anecdote of heroes and

Knowing that on my birthday, I received an illustrated book that was actually made

——These people are amazing.

stronger than themselves.

While saying that he could not do such things, grandfather always seemed to

However, not being able to be like a hero, that is a lie.

When I was young and was nearly killed by a Goblin, that person was faster than

two hands.

His log-sized arms did not let the Monsters approach him one step.

My initial vision of a hero was my grandfather.

If you feel afraid, you should flee.

If you made a woman made, then you should quickly apologize.

something to be embarrassed about.

What you should be most embarrassed about is when you could not decide what to

My grandfather had always said this.

in the corner of my soul. It was my grandfather that made me decide on a lifelong

It was the words of that person that brought me to Orario.


Right now, I can’t move.

Raising my head, a Minotaur with saliva leaking out from his mouth entered my

As if it was trying to boast, his hands holding a Large Sword was located far ahead

From the body that seemed to have a heavy armor constructed on top, there were

In face of this reality where Magic did not work, powerlessness gradually

I can’t win. This sentence repeatedly echoed inside my head.

The knees that managed to stand up seems like it will fall any moment.


The gaze casted from the tip of its sight made my neck twitch sharply.

gradually losing strength was driven away.

If I continued to stay standing like this, I will be killed.

If I don’t move……!


Seeing the Minotaur approaching, I quickly escaped from that place.

be immediately blocked.

an vast area.

a sharp turn. Dogon, Dogon, Dogon, while trampling the floor, it followed me

Looking from the side, it was rapidly approaching.




stepped onto the ground and threw myself into the air.

avoided it.

heart trembled, I rolled over once and stood up.

Facing the cracks on the floor, I could not help but sweat. I made every effort to


distance was shortened to zero.

My head was filled with blood red.

and escaped the sure-kill attack in the nick of time.

upper body was originally at. Even a few of my hair was cut apart.


who was squatting down. I seemed to bounced away as I tumbled sideways. A

A current of furious attacks began.

the blood issued out a groan as it tear apart everything. No matter where I went, the


was being cut shorter.

The continuous loop of being forced to the limits and evading, where one wrong


It almost feels like my eardrums were about to break.

When I noticed, my entire body was covered with injuries. This was the cost of


injuries took the next step.

The originally ambiguous and endless future scenarios suddenly flickered in my

The next instant that flashed by my ends would be a blood road.

like this for a while, in the end, I will not be able to avoid death.

Escape, I must escape.



with a fuzzy vision. The bleeding had not stop.

“Lili, run away!”

At the same time I escaped the sword strike, I desperately advised her.

into tears.

“Escape……Quickly escape!?”

not stable, she seemed like a children who was throwing a tantrum and was not


If Lili left here, then even I can escape!

“Quickly runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!

Tears continued to flow down, at the same time, Lili’s face was distorted in pain

Running from this place, the sound of the footsteps disappeared into the depths of

This way, I can also escape!

Finally, I can also escape!

(……It’s not possible, right……!?)

If this guy leaves this room, if I let it leave, Lili will undoubtedly die.


Suppressing the cowardly, trembling feet, I directly faced the Minotaur.

feelings inside my body had already become entangled together.

same time, I continued to battle against the Minotaur where there was an obvious



the side.

Large Sword. The Short Sword is unable to repel that weapon.

My eyes that were distorted to the extent where it lost its original shape exchanged


“Gu, nnnn!”

face of death. Every time the Large Sword caused the ground to tremble, pieces of

The breathing of the Minotaur was extremely heavy. Was it because it was

However, my breathing was not that much better. Large drops of sweat moved

The aftermath of Minotaur’s strength caused the grassy terrain to rustle over and

While being overlooked by the light from the ceiling, in this vast room, two figures


It was a cry as if telling me “Not to escape”.

finally noticed as I blocked with the Short Sword that in terms of speed ——

However, I could not move forward.

of my body was taken away. My feet were standing in fear. The fear inside my

Don’t move forward.

Just cover your head and flee, Just cover your head and flee, Just cover your head

As long as you can get through this moment, in that case……!

If I’m like this, it is enough, right……!?

Ignoring my shortness of breath, I avoided the sword.

My heart was being squeezed and it was difficult to breathe. The wind pressure

My entire body was trembling and at the same time, I ran away.

was currently preparing to make a detour around it. That is the dead angle of the

Then, the instant that I entered there, the Minotaur’s eyes flashed a sharp light.

Fu, Fu, while releasing these snorting sounds, the Minotaur turned its gaze away


With a posture that was difficult to do, it resorted to a strike from its head.

Using the curved horn, I was speechless as it suddenly attacked me!

Knowing that there isn’t much use, but I still lifted the hand guard, the horn of the

It was luckily that I managed to avoid fatal injuries. It seems like the horn on top of

guard. It only caused a shallow gash on my left arm.

The Minotaur’s horn was still at a state where it was still piercing through my hand

As if I was solidly pierced through an angle, under my left arm, I was dragged


I was lifted up.

a few times.

was thrown around.

completely lost!

The left arm that connected to my body was creaking as if the joints were about to

Soon, after the Minotaur had frantically thrown my around two or three times

The half-destroyed armor began to shatter when the connection was loosened.

released and I was thrown high up into the air.


tall, and soon I began to fall.


ceiling had become far away in a moment——I fell.

From my back, a dramatic impact appeared.

Inside my head, my consciousness was flickering.

Without the improvement from the from , then I will have


I leaked out a groan towards the pain that surged throughout my body, I tightly

Following, passing through direct contact of the ground, the Minotaur’s footsteps

This is bad. Although I thought about it, but my body could not move like I


back inside.

become moist.

Sure enough, I was extremely afraid.

However, more than anything else.

I was afraid.


on its end. The Minotaur was leisurely approaching.

entire body.

becoming like that would be easier.

could do. The numerous lights burned my eyes and my tear glands quietly

——I already can’t do it.

leak out a cry filled with moisture.

The sound of the ground croaking had stopped.

As a replacement, what rang was the sound of a breeze.

could only raise a question.

Lifting up my trembling body, I looked up.


That person was there.

Clear, golden hair. Pale blue armor. Silver Rapier.

female swordsman was facing this side.


Being stared by her, who did not say anything, it trembled as it began to retreat.

As if the girl was surrounded by the air that was dancing, the room had become

The polished and clear pressure was rolled up into a whirlpool.

“Found it! Aizu—!?”

Although I could hear footsteps arriving one after another, but my eyes and

Not that far in front.

My head was in a mess. My thoughts could not keep up with the development.


could only stare at her back.


That slim face turned slightly over to the side and said the same, unchanging words.

“……You’ve worked hard.”

It was different than that time.

Gunya, my heartbeat whispered.


The things inside my field of vision had its color restored.

Save me?

Once again?

Just like that time?

Like the time in the past?

——Save me.

My head was on fire.

Just like an idiot filled with gas, I overcame my fear.

shattered my horrendous attitude.

Stand uppp.

How long do you plan to sleep!

I already do not want to repeat the same moments!


If there is still time to be afraid, why not make a resolve.

To the person that I wanted to convey my feelings more than anyone else, how


If I don’t try to act cool now, then when should I try to act cool!


If I don’t stretch my hands to the heights above, then when will I be able to reach

My foot violently pressed onto the ground and I jumped up.


I grabbed her hand.

I, using my own will, stepped forward.

I screamed out from the depths of the lungs and raised my dagger.

and then, it indeed let out a grim smile.

towards me.

Go Adventure.


× × ×

The body that received Aizu’s dumbfounded gaze headed rapidly towards the

“Well, stealing other people’s prey in the dungeon is also a violation of rules. You


To an Adventurer, the other side was the one who had the right of fighting first,

Afterwards, following Bate and Tiona, Tione also reached the room, then later on,

Under their gaze, Bell pulled the curtains for the beginning of his battle against the

After looking at Bell, who nimbly dodged the opponent’s initial attack, Bate’s

as he noticed something.

looks like he has quite a fate with the Minotaur, that brat!”

“Ahah, I can’t be mistaken! Didn’t he make the Minotaur attracted to him! It likes

“Don’t talk about nonsense, Bate.”


and Bell.

rescued~. The situation of him being rescued just like last time, he wouldn’t want

“I said that’s enough, right?” That boy is only a Lv. 1, right? He will absolutely be

“That is the tomato boy’s own decision, it is not something we need to intervene.

“Can you not drag me into this?”



this a problem of whether we hit it now or later! I will go help!”

already suffered so much pain, it is impossible for him to not understand himself.

“Bate’s aesthetics doesn’t matter!”

same time, a voice that seems to disappear immediately came over.

“……Please, Adventurer-sama. Please save Bell-sama……”

“W…What! Let go of me!?”

Lili, who had already lifted her transformation, seem to have thrown herself onto

The trembling small hands plus the knees kneeling on the ground, Bate was

“Your kindness will be repaid. Lili is willing to do anything, willing to do

“Hey, hey……”

consciousness, Bate lowered the ears on top of his head. Only at that moment, he

Riveria, who walked towards Lili from behind, bent her knees and used a hand to

tightly held her to her own chest.

out will not return.”

from the hand that was covering the eyes. Just as she had put it, Lili’s wounds were

It was no accident that Aizu and the others were able to find this room. It was all

She, who could not throw away Bell and escape by herself, could only use all her

the 9th floor.

guided them to this place.


Bate seem to frown against the wish of seeking assistance, as if he bit into a bitter

He roughly scratched his gray hair, Gari Gari, then turned his feet in a circle and

“Are you going?”

degenerate into a trash that crush someone weaker than myself.”

Facing Bell and the others’ direction, he shouted to Aizu, who had her back facing

“Move, Aizu! Let me do it!”

“Hey, why are you standing there unmoving…….”

his actions.

emotions——Only that the golden eyes were widened in shock.


Then, he froze.



The sound of the violent sword dance completely rang in all directions.

that seems to cut through anything. Through the intense tunes, it conveyed to

The engage from the silver white light and the purplish-blue light passed through

immediately see a purplish-blue light carving an arc again.

evenly matched battle.

“……Who say it was a Lv.1?”

Based on the situation, the Minotaur, who was actively using its physical capacity

everybody was convinced of, did not appear.

Another exceptionally high-pitched explosion sound burst out.

Tiona and the others all had their gaze towards the direction of Bate. How, they

Bate was completely speechless.

A calm voice came out.

making and turned his head behind.


quietly asked him.


On the other side, sparks exploded out.

illuminated the two people’s face.

could not move.

The child who was cornered under the Minotaur’s chase. Whether it was the basics

single glance, you would know he was a rookie Adventurer.

After that,

He had completely changed.

lazy and stupid Adventurer’s shadow that Bate detested.

Rookie Adventurer.

In just the time span of 30 days or so, even an overly talented Adventurer would

the Adventurer’s growth rate was the speed of a turtle.

Escaping from the very bottom, and unbelievable and incredible jump

Towards Bell, who seem to have completely changed into another person in such a

What swept through his heart was the puzzling facts and trembles.

Beside Bate, Aizu also stared at Bell.

but at the same time, it also revealed a bit of interest.


The Monster and Human clashed head on and continued the battle of power and

Naturally, the Amazon sister was also attracted to Aizu and the other’s side,

Nobody was able to believe, and could only stood staring at the battle between a



Adventurer, it was naturally a clumsy battle.


not let them look away. At least, there was something that stops them.


A high-pitched wind sound came into being.

In short, it was just like a page in a fairy tale.

starting a violent battle of swords.

It was a story where a boy that had a dream of becoming a hero went to save a

Sometimes he was being lied to.

An amusing story about a man that was confused due to the flowery words by

With the wisdom from his friend.

Step by step, he went to save the King’s daughter, an amusing, Hero’s name.


against the Minotaur as if it was a treasure.

face of the girl and added some spirit on her face.

all those that were present.

Under everybody’s gaze, the battle that was like a fairy tale gradually entered the

× × ×

My mind is clear

Passing through the gaps of the uninterrupted flash of the large blade, and headed

Using my own body’s roar to resist the shout that bathed through the entire body,

In order to grab the victory that excited my entire body, and headed forward

It was the first time thinking like this.

It is not the tiresome vanity

I want to become a hero.

I want to become a hero that is able to defeat this Monster.

like a powerful hero, this was the first time he thought so in the bottom of his heart.

× × ×

Freya suddenly left her chair and stood up on the spot.

In front of the round window that was suspended in midair, Freya stood

“……This can’t be, really?”

used in the Lower World.

granted the ability of being able to see distant locations, but in order for the Gods

Of course, aside from celebrations, it is banned for other private matters. If this

Also, also have a variety of channel modes, the special vibrations

none of them had ever done this type of self-destructive, stupid behavior.

surrounding Gods (Male).

to any > and only , a path opened up bypassing



expression changed from shock to joy and finally was fixed into it as if she was in

“Fufu, Fufufufufu……!? Did you see, Ottar? This beautiful scene……!”

Bell’s soul had reached the degree where it was shining.

While releasing such bright light, its color still remained its clear transparent color.

There was no intention or planning, there was also no dirtiness or vileness. It was

Inside Bell’s body, were already sprouting.

The battle still continues.

The four legs constantly trampled, brush and torn the grassy area, and numerous

Both of them were entangled together and their actions did not stop.

Bell fiercely lifted his eyes and injected his willpower into his body.

While trying to break the chains, being released from the curse, Bell’s dictionary

Without any cowardice, he constantly blocked the Minotaur’s fierce attacks and

(It is only bigger in size! Look carefully, do not close your eyes!)

The Minotaur’s monster-like power was indeed a threat. If he was to directly

his body would be somewhat paralyzed. The specialization of destructive power

However, although that being the case.

long as it did not hit, the large sword’s one-hit kill will only become a decoration.

The crimson eyes gaze past the Minotaur’s expression. Even the twitching of the

Wiping his fear and attempting to look over, the enemy’s large body gave Bell a

violently——The muscles that were angry to a violent extent communicated

The Minotaur’s action was clumsy and foolish.

(I have already fought many times against that person who was much faster than

Compared to the girl that taught him, the enemy in front of him could only be

Even the special property of it equipping an Adventurer’s weapon, it was still only


The Minotaur’s attack will not hit. He will not let it hit.

exception. It was blocked by the pitched-black dagger, which had long seen

Bell pushed his forte, his speed to the very limits and dodged the Minotaur’s attack

“……From the very beginning, what on earth is that dagger? It bounced off the

“No, although there is also the performance factor of the weapon……”

The purplish-blue light flashed again and rushed towards the Large Sword.

Bate’s question.

, but it is still powerless if it directly confronts the Large Sword that was

of strength, it was losing enormously.


body to escape through the tiniest gaps. It was a iron-like defense that did not

The method of receiving an attack that he stole from Aizu. Coupled with the

He had already etched deeply the teachings of the girl into his very bones, giving


fruit in this battle.

“His attacks do not work.”

body was trembling, after the in his right hand repelled the

but it easily bounced off.

apparent that the extent of the injury could not be called as Damage yet. Allowing

Minotaur was breathing heavily, then he caused Bell to escape from within his

“……The Minotaur’s meat is difficult to cut.”

through numerous Monsters.

already a strength that was to be reckoned, in addition of excessive layers being

On top of this, its durability was high. The Monster’s skin that was highly valued

half-assed attacks could not hurt. It’s skin also had the effect of resisting against

This is also why among the Monsters in the Middle Floors, it stands out due to its

Adventurers and they deeply engrave it into their hearts.


Facing against Minotaur, who demonstrated attack and defense, Bell’s situation

Originally, there was already an unreachable gap between the Lv. 2 Minotaur and

This was where the Minotaur’s unshakable advantage was.

The Monster’s innate abilities (Status) was overwhelmingly pressuring the


struggled to call out Bell’s name.

dodge the sword.

hooves, Bell used his naturally quick speed to make an emergency escape while

Which was blocked by the Large Sword again. The sharp metallic sound rang out.


was revealed.

Dagger> was the only weapon Bell had that could effectively damage it.

The enemy, the Minotaur, was preparing itself to unless its true strength the

enter an attack mode.

Cutting apart the meat, breaking apart the bones. The enemy was extremely good

From the light inside the depth of its eyes and the abnormal horn that was cut apart,

“Y…You bastard!”

Bell used a skilled approach and stretched out his right hand in momentum.


Following the sound of the explosion, the huge body was forced to retreat.

the opposite side of the flames.

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