Dungeon Ni Deai O Motomeru No Wa Machigatte Iru Darou Ka / Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka Vol 3 Epilogue

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The sounds of crying echoed.
His throat was sobbing again and again, the tears were also fallen down in large,
large drops. He tightly held onto the big, big chest. It was the sound of a child
Also, banging that child’s head and holding the child, who was covered in blood
and bruises, was a burly old man.
“Does it hurt, Bell?”
Hearing the sympathetic sound coming from above his head, the child first nodded,
then he shook his head. In the end, he began to cry once again.
The old man could not help but reveal a smile. He continued to hug that child who
was trembling.
“So that’s why I told you not to run outside of the village. Seeing you being made
tattered by a Goblin, it made this old man terrified.”
A nostalgic voice. A nostalgic action. A nostalgic smile.
He could not see and touch that person’s figure again. Even during dusk, he was
exceptionally bright.
“However, you must bear it. You did not lose to that Monster. Lift up your chest.”
The burning, crimson-like sky had a glowing golden light spread across the
boundless plains.
In this beautiful scenery that he recognized from before, that person’s stable and
calm words were all said towards the child in his arms.
That must be a piece of memory that he could not recall.
Opening your eyes, he would forget it. The oldest, the most worrying, past desire.
Something that could not be replaced, the childish and faint longing.
“Very cool, Bell.”
Towards that big smile, the child cried out once more.
His head was hazy and tears continued to overflow. His eyes reflected the
expression of longing.
While lifting his head and looking at that person’s face nearby, he made an oath
using the sounds of tears.
The young child’s movement of his lips and the voice of me, who was standing
outside. Only the form of the words had changed, but the rest perfectly overlapped
each other.
I wanted to become like you.
I wanted to become a person that is as strong as you, who saved me.
I wanted to be like you, my only hero.
“Too small, too small. Instead of making this old man as the goal, why not aim for
something bigger.”
Then, if I am able to become like the heroes in the legends.
If I am able to become those people, who were blessed by everyone.
Will you like me.
Will you be proud of me.
Will you be happy?
“Ahhh, I will be extremely glad that I can’t close my mouth. You are this old
man’s grandson. I will like to show you off to others, laugh out loud now and no
matter when, I am still proud of you.
Then I. If that’s the case, I. There will be no mistaken, I.
If you are protecting me no matter what time from the skies above, then you are
my only……
“No matter when, I will protect you. No matter when, I will think about you. So,
don’t say it is for this old man.”
Revealing a face filled with wrinkles, that person’s face smiled.
“If you’re a man, then chase after the butts of the women. If you are a man, then
rush forward for the women. Let the other people see your heroic figure. Continue
to advance forward.”
Then, that person, with a transparent look said.
“As long as it is for the person you are attracted to, it does not matter whether you
are a hero or not. You can do anything.”
The red and golden scene gradually disappeared far away.
My vision was gradually surrounded by the night. I used all my strength to stretch
my hand out.

In the depths of the light, that person finally said this sentence.
“If I have to say why, it is because you are the grandson, of this old man, that I am
proud of.”
× × ×
“What kind of dream did you have, Bell-kun……”
Looking at the tears that went across Bell’s face, Hestia quietly asked.
On the bed of the treatment facility in Babel, her own dependent was quietly
sleeping. He was transported by that golden hair, golden eyed girl. The Supporter
girl was also there. The sound of calm breathing melted into the silent interior.
Passing through the trials of an extremely vicious fight, on the face of the boy that
achieved victory, there was no expression. It was extremely peaceful.
“……Even though there are still lots of words that I must say.”
The tears from the corner of his eyes was gently wiped away by Hestia’s fingers.
Her lips parted and in front of the boy that was in deep sleep, she slowly revealed a
calm smile.
“You’ve worked hard……Congratulations.”
After calmly looking around, Hestia gently lifted Bell’s bang and gave a kiss on his
The Goddess, who had her cheeks dyed slightly red, looked at the legend engraved
on the back of the boy and narrowed her eyes.
“This is the first page.”

Race: Human
Class: Adventurer
Achieved Floor: 10th Floor
Weapon: ,
Money: 79500 Varisu

Lv. 1
Strength: S 982
Endurance: S 900
Dexterity: S 988
Agility : SS 1049
Magic : B 751

[ Fire Bolt ]
 Speed cast Magic

[Single-Minded Pursuit]
 Accelerates Growth.
 Effects last as long as his feelings are unchanged
 Effects are determined by the strength of his feelings

 Doubled-Edged Short Sword (Baselard)
 An item that was a decoration in the .
The value is 19000 Varisu.
 It is actually an expert-class weapon. It is more than enough for a rookie
Adventurer to use.
 It is a dishonest Hobbit, who wanted to at least make up for Bell, and
bought it. Of course, there is a price for returning it.

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