Dungeon Ni Deai O Motomeru No Wa Machigatte Iru Darou Ka / Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka Vol 4 Chapter 2



Inside the hidden room under the church that nobody else was in, I was laying on the sofa by

There was nothing that I was planning to do. I was just laying down idly in order to pass the


Just like having no purpose, I was already somewhat accustomed to the lifestyle of doing

After that duel, I had slept in the treatment room of Babel for two entire days.

strength, my mind and body could not keep up with the rhythm and completely could not bear

remember the peaceful expressions of Kami-sama and Lili that entered my eyes when I was

For half a day, I was severely scolded by Kami-sama and Lili. Then, I rested again for the

“Level 2……”

I was extremely happy. This was absolutely not a lie.

the proof that I had become closer to my dream, causing the heat from my back to remain.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

From the start to the end, I was immersed in the fiery aftertaste. It was not that I had no

blindly entrust myself to that incredulous feeling.

liberation, it also seems a bit incorrect. If I said it was a sense of loss……That should not be

Although I am unable to use words to convey it properly, I was certain that the Minotaur’s

I even felt that the meaning of the did not beat the meaning of defeating the


of my eyes.


The Minotaur’s body had already completely turn into ashes. It only left this and
left with this thing.

of the horn.

whether it was because of the effects of my Magic, the crimson core inside of it was exposed.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

The weapon the Minotaur used to attack me even in its last moments.

the depths of my head was gradually fading away.

I stood up and felt that my body was floating.

my head. The time to be immersed in sentimental feelings should be over.

Truthfully, today I was going to participate in a party. The location is the bar that I often visit,

I was ashamed to say that the party itself was organized to celebrate my ……

of my . In the end, I do not know how it became a celebration that was hosted in

Although not willing to lose an opportunity to earn money was indeed their style, but they

(If it is going to be organized, I also hope that Kami-sama could come……)

have also organized a feast or perhaps comforting banquet of some sort, anyways, it seems like

When she just came back, Kami-sama also took the opportunity to tell me the title of ……Ah, Kami-sama seemed to be very happy and said as she hugged me “Not

dissatisfied, I will not be dissatisfied, I will not be……dissatisfied.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

It was almost time, it’s time to go.


about to come.


Just when I was about to enter the flow of people in front of my eyes.

W…What? There was no time to look left or right. Instantly, I was surrounded by numerous

Huh, Gods……!?

“Putting a surveillance nearby seems to have some value……”

“You finally came out, usagi-chan ☆”

Facing the numerous pairs of eyes that surrounded me, there should be no reason that I should

drain from my face .

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

Each of them muttered unintelligible vocabulary had caused me to increasingly become more

“The early bird gets the worm! Bell-kun, do you want to join my !? If you join right

“Ah, you bastard!? You’re trying too hard, restrain yourself a bit! So that’s why the weak

“All of you should just back off! Bell Cranel, come over here! You stole away my heart! Fufu,

“What do you plan on making that child wear!”

mouthful of cold air.

When I just came to the city, no matter which faction I went to, they all just gave me the cold

“T…That, I already joined Kami-sama……Hestia-sama’s ……!?”

“To the Loli Goddess, it is a bit of a waste!”

“Tell the truth, is the true face of your growth speed due to your physique? Or perhaps your

“Rare skill, rare skill? Hey, that’s right isn’t it? As expected, it’s a rare skill!?”

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

“If it is possible, then could you take off your clothes? It is fine if it is just the upper body, I will

“Rather, we could directly strip it off?”


× × ×

“Ahaha, you actually dared to come late, Adventurer-kun.”

I placed my hand onto the entrance’s pillar and panted towards the floor. The sounds of my

Not so long ago, I escaped into an alley and got rid of many Gods.

that. There were a few times when I was nearly caught, it really gave off a feeling of survival.

“Seal-san and the others were waiting for you for a long time nya. Even though the kitchen was


The cat person shop personal Anya-san was scolding me while she was welcoming me. The

Wiping my sweat and straightening my back again, I entered the bar.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

The store filled with guest seemed to booming as usual. In the depths of the shop, Lili was

Lili was also participating in today’s party. Because it was a rare chance, I tried to invite her. In

……Suddenly, I thought that it would be nice if Aizu-san was here. However, that person is

order to get rid of these greedy thoughts, I gently shook my head.

and Ryuu-san was sitting at the table. They were also wearing shop personnel outfits.

head. This could be considered as my apology for being late.


Inside the bustling shop, noise with a strange atmosphere was mingled together.

“White-haired human……That must be it. Think it was something like……?”

“Seems like he is called the World’s Fastest Rabbit (Record Holder).”

Only one month, no matter what, it is impossible.”

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

“But it seems like it is true that he defeated a Minotaur. That Monster that appeared on the

“So I say, he only defeated a Minotaur. Don’t act easily surprised.”

“Hehe, who would do such a stupid thing!”

After every glance, there will be whispers following.

somewhat at a loss. Although these actions are very suspicious, but I still could not hold back

closed his mouth.

“You’ve become famous all of the sudden, Bell-sama.”

Gods that I do not know……”

patiently endure it.”

I placed my right hand on the back of my head while I constantly twisted my body.

“About that, Seal-san and the others don’t have to take care of the shop……?”

spend a bit of money.”

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Within the counter space, the shop owner Mia-mama was letting out uninhibited smiles while

kind of day.

Due to Mia-mama’s recommendation, I also attempted to drink. Anyways, I should first order

Seal-san wanted an orange-colored fruit wine. Because Lili said that she would not drink so

the end, only Seal-san and I ordered alcohol……

relieved. While I talked about my hobbies with Anya-san and Chloe-san, I was enjoying this

Lili was still slightly afraid of Ryuu-san due to her past thieving activities, but she did not show


side of Lili’s face.

wanted to eat something?”

I do not know when Seal-san had appeared next to me and was taking care of me attentively.

was very attentive……I do not know why I felt that the usual smile that Lili reveals was

Just when I was at loss, Seal-san exposed an extremely happy expression.
“It feels that……you seem to be extremely happy, Seal-san.”

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

“Is that right?”

smiled shyly.

over that book to Bell-san must have helped. Once I think of this point, I feel especially

That book probably referred to the “Magic Book (Grimoire)”. Her burning gaze was directly

Seal-san smiled and glanced at my eyes. This kind of Seal-san gave off a powerful impact.

The many layers on my face twitched. Right now, what kind of expression am I making?

a with just the power of yourself……Looks like I underestimated you a bit.”

Sitting directly opposite of me, Ryuu-san congratulated me.

“I…It is because a lot of people have helped me. Ryuu-san, you also, towards me……”

Minotaur is a major feat. Cranel-san, you can feel more proud of yourself.”

Perhaps noticing this now was a bit too late. However, I really am not accustomed to being

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

I bowed my head while blushing and letting out a groan “Yes……” already used all my strength.

“Lili was constantly worried about you. You do not know how many times my heart seemed to

“S…Sorry, Lili……”

D…Don’t say it again……

gradually felt weak.

from a short distance away.

“Cranel-san, what do you plan to do from now on?”

“Your future actions, I am somewhat concerned about it.”

the wine that I have not yet drank due to the intense bitterness inside my throat as Ryuu-san

not thought much about.

almost completely destroyed.”

“What is it, Lili?”

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

accompany you.”

Lili shrunk back as if she was extremely sorry. However, she was constantly being taken care by

and then planned to consider about tomorrow’s plan.

prepare my armor.

problem, right? I’ll go tomorrow.

“Then, Bell-san will be buying stuff by himself tomorrow?”

“If that’s the case, can I come with you?”

After listening to Seal-san’s proposal, I could not help but cry out loud.

“W…Why must you……”

is okay. I also wanted to wander the streets and buy stuff together with you.”

has completely seen through her trap! If this continues, Bell-sama would be completely eaten

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

“T…There’s no need to say it to this extent……”


thing!” This is what her light gray pupils seemed to be saying while it was becoming

W…What should I do……?

somewhat awkward……Ah, but Seal-san also had a criminal record before. At first when I was

Just when I was in a dilemma between Lili’s protests and Seal-san’s slight smile, a banging

Behind Seal-san, a large shadow appeared.


It was Mia-san. She mercilessly beat the back of Seal-san’s head and was overlooking her, who

“If I easily allow you to rest, then how would I manage this side, you ungrateful girl. Don’t get

“Skipping work without discussing with me, what are you thinking of!” Mia-mama continued

On the back of her head, her light gray hair was tied up like an onigirl and revealed a tiny

probably protesting about it with angry eyes. This point was extremely easy to see.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]


to the other side of the counter.

The awkward silence lasted for a while and Seal-san finally turned her head back towards us.

“Okay Bell-sama! No matter what, you must find some good products by yourself tomorrow!

I was worried whether or not Lili and Seal-san’s relationship would be in discord.


“What……do you mean?’

continue to raid the Dungeon, are you planning to immediately head to the ?”

After I exchanged a glance with Lili, who formed a party with me, I looked at her once again.

plan to continue and venture further into the 12th floor.”

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

I told her, I planned to confirm my strength after , then break past the division line

over to the . This was what Lili and I had discussed and decided upon.

“Although it may be somewhat nosy……but I feel that it is still best to not venture into the

“In other words, Ryuu-sama believe that Bell-sama and Lili is not an opponent for the Middle

“I did not say that. I only wanted to say that the Upper Floors and the Middle Floors are not the

Although she should not be saying these words, Ryuu-sama continued to speak.

single person can cope. The Middle Floor is a place like this. I do not know how much help

and the terrain of the Dungeon.”

“Yes. You should increase the members of your party.”

guild recommends.

could be activated mutually.

against the enemy’s counterattack and would ocassionally play a role of supporting the

responsible for treating the two people at the frontlines.

monsters, then even if they were attacked by numerous monsters at the same time, the 

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]


of an exception. In short, if it was not a party with three or more members, raiding the dungeon

Comparing to substantially increasing personal abilities, adding a member to the team would

This is what Ryuu-san believes. The party with me and Lili would be overly burdened while

“However, Ryuu? If there is only Bell-san and Lili-san, then wouldn’t it be easier to escape? If

“What Seal has said carries some truth, if you are currently planning on escaping, then it

into this dangerous situation, why not think about how to avoid this kind of situation from

I could not help but utter a sigh.

and was extremely easy to accept.

join your team.”

that we would need to think over it.

goal, then they would have long joined another party. But precisely because of this, this is why

Ryuu-san, who was in front of us, seemed to be hiding something, so we could not count her.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

work. I cannot forcibly pull that person, who had a personal trauma with Monsters, to join my

As expected, I should do a bit of persuasion between the ?

“Hahaha, are you worrying about the things about your party? !?”

Lifting my head to look around, it turned out that a guest at another table was drinking while

As my face froze, that guest——a male Adventurer brought his two companions over to this

However……really rough.

unconditionally retreat.

why don’t you join our party?”

This time, I was really surprised.

“W…What is going on?”

so~ kind, so I extended a helping hand. Hehe, I don’t look like it, right?”

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

“Right? This is to help each other, help each other~. So I would like to enter the hot topic now,


His breath was overwhelming strong and nearly made me want to escape. Beside me, Seal-san

was overly sensitive to Adventurers……

However, it seems like she was already accustomed to it, her expression did not change as she

“Then! We will bring you to the Middle Floors, correspondingly……”

The situation before seemed to have changed……?

……Uwahh, Uwahh!

money you spent, but sharing is the basics for being companions! Right!?”

Aside from the guy in the middle who was constantly speaking, the two people behind him,

shown an disgusted expression.

People, who look at females with such eyes, how could I cooperate with them!

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

must let them see my “macho-ness”……!


However, someone said it earlier than me.

“……Oh? What did you see, elf-chan? Are you saying that we aren’t able to protect them?”

“Ahah, hey, did you hear that! A newcomer to the rookies seem to think that we are in the way!

The men laughed together. I lost the ooportunity to stand up and could not interrupt.

“Little lady, we have been staying in the Middle Floors for a very long time?”

“Yes, and all of the members are Lv.2.”

The refreshing laughing expression the men have suddenly twitched.

again. This time, it seemed like they narrowed their eyes and revealed a fake mask-like smile .

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

“Little lady, are we really that unreliable? Are we still brats that are like trash?”


——To elves, if they do not recognize that person, they will not let them touch them.

At that moment, Ryuu-san’s actions could be described as swift as lightning.

her right shoulder, she swung it backwards.

The hand that was about to be placed onto Ryuu-san’s shoulders was stabbed inside the beer

Then, Ryuu-san stood up while twisting the beer mug.

The burly men’s arm was twisted in an unimaginable angle and issued out a tragic scream

“No, sorry. This is my own willfulness and my own selfish thinking. I do not want to let Cranelsan

Looking at the man screaming in pain in front of her eyes, Ryuu-san said this.

She fiercely looked at the cowering Adventurer and twisted the beer mug again.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

screaming out loud, the man was finally able to pull out his hand from the mug. Bang, he

“……You, you!?”

“You actually dare to do such things!?”

Ryuu-san instantly lifted up a dagger. The three men were prepared to engage her, but before

DODON! A large blunt sound exploded behind their heads.

The man’s companions was lying on the floor.


“Men are really troublesome, nyaa”

It was apparent that they attacked the enemy from behind……But a single attack!? Was enough

“Guest. Our fairies can be brutal, so it should be best to stop now?”

With a glance, it seems like she was not in a state where she could fight, but in my eyes, it

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

From the surroundings, sounds of “Ahhh, got defeated.” Came. The other guests seemed to


The man placed his hand to his waist. Under the light from the Magic Lamp, he pulled out a

It was a Short Sword. It was unknown when the male Adventurer, who was distressed, would

Looking at this, the shop employees of the all narrowed their eyes.

This male Adventurer would probably meet a tragic end, just at the very next moment.

(W…What happened this time!?)

over……This time, I really do not know what to say.

V-shape. The customers sitting next to the counter seemed to have opened their mouth in

Standing at the center of the counter, which was caved in, was Mia-san, who swung a fist down

Runoa-san and the others all showed fearful expressions.

The shop was quiet again. Runoa-san turned her gaze from the massive dwarf and quietly

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Mia-san finally looked with a livid face to the Adventurer standing there.

again——Then I’ll bury you underneath the shop.”

man nodded without saying a word.

“Idiot, pay your bill before leaving!!”

After being scolded by Mia-san, the man probably left all his money behind. The moneybag

The Adventurer stumbled and crawled out of the bar, the guests were also gradually restoring

and lively sounds rang out.

I could only look from aside……

“N…No, it does not matter……”

Directly opposite of me, who panicked, Lili even praised and calmly apologize to Ryuu-san.

Although the atmosphere was somewhat awkward due to the chaos, Seal-san stood up and

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

“Then, let us begin again?”

Looking at Seal order a new drink and handing the drink to each person respectively, I could

This time, it once again let me recognized that you should not mess around with the employees

Then, we continued to drink and eat delicious food until late at night.

A clear sky, a comfortable breeze blew up.

I used my hand as an umbrella to cover against the hot sun rays and quietly looked at the

It was the huge, white tower, .

shops again.

insight was not good, there was naturally no need to keep my pride and head to another shop.

As for the price, there is no need to be too concerned about it today. Because I had saved up a

Minotaur for money, that thing was actually worth 50000 Varisu. The people at the exchange

it had even equipped a large sword.

Then I headed into the main doors of Babel.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

destination, the 8th floor.


The 8th Floor.

surrounding it. Signs that mimic swords, spears and other weapons were decorated among the

Every time I pass one of the shops, I would stop and look. Finally, I reached the armor shop.

from there.

model’s body’s armor’s color scheme was a lot less. It was all black or gray.

I confirmed the price of the items one by one……21000, 35000, 64000……Yes, looks like I can

Not so long ago, I would never have imagine that I would have a day like this.

From very tough to very beautiful, although I could casually pick even the high-class armor, I

The lightweight armor that I was always wearing before it was destroyed by the Minotaur.

importantly, it fits my body size.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

walked to the shop’s corner where armor was not decorated. Even the boxes, which were filled

The harvest was……zero.

I felt that my stomach seems to be showing some symptoms of indigestion. Even though there

I recall that he was called .

Because I refuse to give up, so I decided to head towards the counter.

armor, I could not make up my mind.

“Why……is it like this……”

I walked a bit forward and could already see the counter. I heard a roar coming from near the

One of the people at the counter, ’s shop employee seemed to be

“Why is it always, always……at that kind of corner……! Do you have a grudge with me……!”

The person standing in front of the awkward employee was a male human. He was wearing a

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

The red hair reminded me of flames. It seems like he is bigger than me. His height was also a

His hairstyle was a slightly longer short hair, it gave off an impression that his hair was too

On the counter, there were many boxes filled with lightweight armor pieces. From his rage, it

“I desperately made it! Shouldn’t I have a better treatment!”

“Are you trying to shirk responsibility!? These kind of words, you should better——!!”

The employee beside the counter seemed to be impatient and was looking at him, then he

Although I was curious, I still headed next to the counter and prepared to directly ask the

“Do you have any problems?”

——At this point, the sound stopped.

was stunned, and looked over at me.

I could not help but be a bit afraid after being stared at from three directions.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

“Y…Yes. I want to use Welf Crosso-san’s armor.”

Then, the next one to respond was not the employee in front of me, but the youth who was

“Fu……Hahahahahahahaha!? You deserve it! Even if it’s me, I would still have one or two

I thought that he was going to laugh. Then suddenly, that person turned his body towards the

The employee seemed to be speechless and uncomfortably shifted his sight.

immediately turned over to my side.


He brushed past the box filled with armor and pushed it to the counter in front of me.

This armor was similar to the one I used before.

real thing! “How is it, do you want to use it?”

I do not know whether he understood my question or not, he only blinked at me a few times,

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Just like that, he revealed a brilliant smile towards me.


Crosso. Currently, a very low-leveled blacksmith in

smiled slightly……Crosso-san was looking at me, who had not recovered.

“So you are that !? The World’s Fastest Rabbit (Record Holder) that broke the

“Your voice is too loud……And what is the World’s Fastest Rabbit (Record Holder)……?”

Crosso-san and I was currently in a small lounge at the 8th floor and were talking near the

After that, he asked me if I wanted to talk and invited me to this place.

them, actually wanted to purchase his armor again, so he was extremely interested.

did not get the corresponding treatment at the shop. His previously sold works were even

individuals……Anyways, he said a lot of things to me.

a mature smile towards me. Although I have not know him long, he gave off a professional

“You really are smaller than me. No, Adventurer and Age is not related, right?”

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

hair casually move based on his actions.

appropriate. His features gave an impression of strong-willed ——Just like an uncompromising

passive, could see that he was very cool.

his open collar, his neck and chest were buff as he had undertaken blacksmith work.

“I am 17 years old this year. Right, don’t call me Crosso-san. I do not like my surname.”

Although it was somewhat difficult for me to directly call out his name, but I still listened to his

“Then……W…Welf-san? What are you finding me for……?”

Welf-san stood up from the chair and looked at me.

fine, right?” He casually carried it out just like this.


embarrassed saying it myself, I am confident about my own products. However, this point is


Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

not say it out.

“Yes, so……?”


Even in the forest of armors, I still wanted Welf-san’s armor.

then everybody would be attracted and come here to purchase your products. However, if you

fledgling Adventurers, who would occasionally purchase the items after consider the capacity

“Do you understand this situation?” He asked me like this. I reluctantly nodded.

could also be said as the basics of business. If the Adventurers, who were their customers,

was not famous.

blacksmith, having ties with the Adventurers seem to be more important than I thought.

products. I have said it earlier, “You recognize me”, to us, there is nothing more happy than


Although I frowned and let out a wry smile, I still liked Welf-san’s character.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

“So, you hope that I will be your customer from now on?”

Then, this time, Welf-san revealed a shameless smile.

——Directly making a contract?

This is a contract signed between blacksmith and Adventurer. It is a very sturdy
Adventurers would bring from the Dungeon for the Blacksmith. The blacksmith

Mutual exchange. This is the cooperation between the blacksmith and Adventurer.

certain power.

“Hey……Is…Is that okay?”

ability, how would I match you.”

position, indeed, probably it was just as if he had said.

I suddenly felt nauseating and said nothing.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

“And look. The shops that are selling swords, axes and shields. They have been secretly peeking

“Ah, yes……”

It seems like that they are very anxious……


are both good and bad points. This is the difference between a Low-Class Adventurer and a


He is currently letting out a smile of victory towards those blacksmith. After noticing my gaze,

“It is my desire to become your personal blacksmith. If you hesitate, another blacksmith will

to sign a contract with you.”

Welf-san simply said while laughing.

the many armor, you selected my work. I did not expect that one day a person would say that


Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

This could be the luck of a blacksmith. Welf-san was somewhat shy.


the two of us working together, I could feel warmth inside my heart.

“……I understand. Then I’ll sign a contract with Welf-san.”

He held onto my hand, which I extended, and stood up.


“We will discuss about the formal contract next time……”

He displayed his victory to the surroundings and the blacksmiths, who saw this scene,

After Welf-san looked around and confirmed that his peers are all gone, he released my hand

“Then, I’ll say it……Could you listen to my selfish request?”

“I will obviously return the favor to you. I will remake your equipment free of charge.”

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

“So there is no need to be surprised. A blacksmith requires a reliable Adventurer, doing this

I had never dreamed that he would promise to give his works to me free of charge.

I revealed an idiotic expression.


“Please let me join your party.”

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa
Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

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