Dungeon Ni Deai O Motomeru No Wa Machigatte Iru Darou Ka / Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka Vol 4 Chapter 3


Welf-san said as he used one hand to support his waist, while the other hand was carrying his

Indeed, just as what he had said, we were currently located on the 11th floor of the Dungeon.

to the center of it. Although this floor also has mist, the format is different than the 10th floor.

Here the view was extremely wide. Looking around, it is a lush grassland, the height does not

scattered around the surroundings.

“Ahh, that’s correct. But sorry, Bell. I keep troubling you almost every day.”

after I heard his objective, I swiftly agreed.

was a blessing that our small team would be able to gain strength.

“Since you are this kind, it really helped me a lot.”

Without this ability, towards a blacksmith, it could be said to be a world of difference. It is not

members that he used to enter with had already and he wished to catch up.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

Dungeon, they will find people from their own Familia……

do not bring me along, can you believe that?”

In short, Welf-san was being excluded by his own faction’s members. Although

against the lower floors by himself——Just thinking about it, he knew it was too dangerous——

’s members——Before their side as a blacksmith, they would work

from their competitors. The ability, in other words the matter about
which they have good relationships with, to explore the dungeon……

and say: “They are jealous of my hidden talents”. However, was that the truth?

and said:

, I still do not intend on abandoning it.”

Welf-san threw a stupid smile towards me. I, who had gifts blinding my eyes, could only feel

After all, the brand new armor I was wearing was still shiny.

bought by the equipment?”

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

These words filled with discontent made me sweat and I could not help but look over. I could

Although I wanted to tell her that it was a misunderstanding, from the perspective of a

Right now, the equipment on my body, armor, was a newly produced light armor created

Compared to the earlier light armor, there were no major differences. It was a set with a

ruby that extended from the wrist all the way to the elbow. Isn’t it even cooler?

had increased compared to the earlier armor, I did not feel that it was as heavy as what he

Although I was not fully attracted by this set of armor……Uh, but saying that it did not tempt

Therefore, I could only apologetically smile towards Lili’s eyes of contempt.

stuff, it completely followed Lili’s uneasy expectation, and brought back a bunch of

These sarcastic words that were as heavy as fists bombarded me and opened wounds, even

However, you said that the troubles have also increased……!

causing trouble is absolutely a misunderstanding!?”

that basically using us! And isn’t he a temporary member of the party!? If this Blacksmith-san, 

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

to go back to fighting alone because there is only a Supporter remaining! We just advanced

an unpromising future!!”

This stormy barrage made me become like a sieve, I was unable to speak, and bowed down

Too embarrassing……W…Welf-san’s gaze……!

“I… I can’t……?

Hestia-sama also requested me to carefully take care of Bell-sama!”

really that uncredible?

It feels that the reason of her anger was not only because of Welf-san.

similar. It probably isn’t true.

over me before she stops.

At this time, Welf-san, who was observing us from the side, began to speak.

“I am not a pipsqueak! Lili’s name is Liliruca Arde!”

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

“……I won’t argue with you, since there is no reason to waste my energy.”

apologetically smile, Lili could only turn her face to one side.

there would be much trouble in the future.

he is a blacksmith affiliated with .”

beginning at the meeting up location this morning, Lili’s irritated mood rapidly increased, so I

As for Lili’s name, Welf-san had just heard it from her, so it should not matter.


I did not expect such a big reaction and could not finish speaking the words.


No, compared to that, what is a Blacksmith Family……

His face suddenly sank and he also pursed his lips.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

I looked at the two of them who revealed completely different expressions and asked about the

completely silent expression.

“Uh, that……Y…Yes.”

Lili sighed and began to explain it briefly.

Sword>, it is a famous family among Blacksmith families. According to this, the creations of

royal family throughout the generations had already surpassed millions.”

“It is not incorrect to say that they are the leader of Magic Swords. There were also praises that

After Lili said up to this point, she paused and glanced at Welf-san.

“……One day, they lost the trust from the royal family. Up till now, it has completely gone

Lili ended with a somewhat anticlimactic explanation, and I did not know what kind of

After Welf-san scratched his head, he waved his hand.

arrived at the Dungeon, there is only one thing to do, right?”

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

Welf-san bowed his head and looked at me. He smiled slightly and simply changed the topic.

attack range, sunk into the grassland.


Just when we faced each other, biki , a sound entered our ears.

anything and knew what this unlucky tearing sound represents.

“Uuuu, WAAA……!”

“It’s a .”



shell. Following the destroyed walls, not only a left arm, even a right arm and lastly, a huge pig


Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

(It is the first time I witnessed the birth of an Orc……)


The Orc that was crawling on the ground slowly stood up.

Yes, the sounds of the walls being crushed did not stop yet. The surroundings were all echoing

From the 10th floor onwards, it is possible that a large amount of Monsters would instantly

before would soon be packed with monsters. Some even call it .”

room. You will be instantly surrounded by monsters. I unconsciously let out a wry smile.

very big. We do not need to be worried about being surrounded quickly. In case of the worst

Lili calmly finished speaking. “Heh”, she shook the bag from her shoulders.

down to the 11th floor. Although her was the worst out of all of us, her guts were not

After listening to her words, I immediately turned back and look at the large staircase behind

“Okay, leave the Orc to me.”

Welf-san volunteering on his own was outside of my expectation.

cause a Lv. 1, no, even a Lv. 2 Adventurer would lose their battle ability.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

“This is what I wish for? Their actions are slow, and their head is also big. Even if it is me, I can

Ah, so you were thinking of it like this……

seems like he viewed the Orc as if it was a weakling. Welf-san quickly looked in front and

. Although it is a faction that focuses on Blacksmithing, its combat

Blacksmiths. Welf-san is not an exception —— Although he claims that it is something that he

tell that his battle ability was definitely in the lead in terms of a Lv. 1 Adventurer. He would

“Bell-sama, please move by yourself according to the opportunities you see. Let Lili offer her

care of this side, it would be the best.”

“Hating you is obvious. Lili only does not want to drag down Bell-sama.”

Lili’s proposal was based on the premise that I had already leveled to Lv. 2. She felt that after

There was nothing to object to.

But I wanted to understand my current strength.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

“There is no need for you to say that. Bell-sama, you understand, right……”

We all drew our weapons and placed our posture.


On the way to the 11th floor, although we encountered monsters many times, it was all dealt with

The swarms of sight and sounds may seem to be intimidating, it was 1 vs. 5, and the enemy

It was impossible to count the amount of monsters being born by the dungeon. Following my

——But today, I bravely moved forward.

Looking at the distance between my enemies shorten, I ferociously stepped down on my right

Then, the grassland exploded.

The Imps appeared in front of me.

It was me, I instantly shortened the distance between the two sides.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]


to keep up with it.

towards them with the .


The remaining ones could only look at their comrades’ flying head or stare at the purplish-blue

This unexpected situation made them all dumbfounded and I did not hesitate to attack them.

After my body’s jump that was floating like a feather, I dashed through the enemies like a bolt

the floor.

sharp movement that goes through their bodies, I cut the Imps into pieces.

Every time, it was me who made the first move. The Imps could not even counterattack even

It was not that their actions were slow.

(——I… I became faster!)

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

Whether it is the attack, speed or even reactions, all of them were reborn!

Goddess’s Grace!


chest. The small-sized devil-type monster flew towards the opposite side with incredible speed.

Far more than 10 Imps were defeated by me in an instant.


Their sizes were similar to mine. They stood up with their two short legs, the front limbs had

like armor. The scaly skin extended all the way to the head and formed a helmet-like structure

Two of these armored mouse-like monsters waddled and charged towards me.

Facing this enemy that appeared for the very first time, I immediately flipped through the thick

its information.

nothing protecting its chest so it is incredibly soft. And compared to the Killer Ant that is 

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

of……but at the same time, its shell is far harder than the Killer Ants.

second to none on the Upper Floors.

that a Lv. 1 Adventurer will not be able to defeat this kind of monster in a blade fight.

difficulty of defeating Hard Armored is completely different than other monsters.

Just when we were facing each other, the instant our gaze met, both sides moved.

And one of the Hard Armored rolled its body and rolled towards me.

rotation, it can break apart an Adventurer party’s power. An half-assed counterattack would

The huge meat bullet was approaching me while spinning. And I dodged it to the side when the

First cut apart the subsequent fear.


This time, it was the same. When the two of us approached to a extremely close distance ——I


Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

In front of its eyes, I depicted a right-angled movement trajectory.

After passing through, I flew past its dead angle and immediately reached behind it.

strength as I swung the in reverse grip.

The sturdy shell body was cut apart by me in one slash.

Even the sturdiest Upper Floor defense was broken down.

could not help but hold the dagger in my hands with a bit more strength.

The remaining Hard Armored once again turned into a ball shape and rushed over.

high speed.

The lightning flames erupted.

through the ball shape that was spinning.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

At the center of the explosion, I could see completely charred charcoal. That is a ball of armor,

Then the body, which was surrounded with smoke, dropped down from the air and was not

(Even the Magic was strengthened…….)

Not only was the power different, even the size and scale had changed.

(The distance must have shortened!)

Although it is still a distant scene, I had went further onto the path of chasing that golden

My heart was rapidly jumping, I desperately restrained this excitement.

At this time, a loud roar came from the Orc and attracted my attention.

Orc’s battle was about to occur.


He had inadvertedly caught a glimpse of Bell’s series of actions as he entered his view.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

all of it was just like a rabbit.

nickname of a .

“Follower Lili, I seem to understand your temper.”

The reason why he did not even turn back was because a few seconds later, he would start a

After noticing Bell’s gaze, Welf smiled triumphantly and set up his posture.

Behind him was a Orc’s corpse lying next to Lili. He placed his long sword onto his shoulder.

Don! Don! Don! The Orc was slowly approaching here.



The long sword at his right hand was still placed on his shoulder and at the same time using his


swung the giant blade.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

With the sound of flesh tearing apart, the Orc’s unsteady stomach was cut by the large blade

Green blood splashed everywhere. After the monster was subjected to a large-sized weapon’s

“I’ll send you to hell!”

His hands that was holding the long sword was lifted high above his head. He looked at the

Don!! A loud sound occurred.

“It has already come!”


onrush from the monster, he smiled slightly and licked his lips.


She lifted the hem of her robe and shot an arrow with a hand crossbow that was tied onto her

The metal arrow hit the shoulder of the Orc.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

The pain from the shoulder made the Orc stop its movement. Then, the pig headed-monster

Then at this moment.

His black battle robe was dancing like fire and his boots sunk deeply into the ground.

He raised the long sword high above his shoulder and fiercely swung downwards.

that slashed towards the Orc.

not have any time to make a sound and sprayed fresh blood as it stared at the crimson eyes.

This attack beautifully cut apart the that was hidden in its chest.

outrageous! Bell-sama and Lili’s income will be reduced!”

Lili chased after Welf’s mistake in hot pursuit. It made him annoyed after listening to it and he

“Speaking of when we are splitting the money, why is there no portion for me?”


Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Although he was currently arguing with Lili, he was also alert and noticed it.

planning to do a pincer attack on Welf.

This white furry monster had muscles intertwining within its body. It causes one to think of

the back of its head.

monster that represents the 11th floor like the Hard Armored. Compared to the Orc, whose

has superior physical abilities, is definitely a formidable enemy.

behind him, another Silverback jumped to the ground.


At the dungeon, the situation of being outnumbered and surrounded had to be absolutely

(I messed up……Isn’t this the same as fighting alone)

He could not help but recall the past when he was excluded by his comrades and had angrily

memory of barely surviving.

The encirclement between him and the monsters was shrinking, he anxiously pondered.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

fighting against one of them would use a lot of strength. If he was surrounded, he was definitely

was rather unrealistic to expect a lot of help from her, who was just a Supporter.

the Silverback in front of him with his weapon on his shoulder.

experiences in the dungeon, he had also felt this annoying tension created by the cries and

The explosive atmosphere drifted around.

The monsters where about to move.

“——One, Two!!”


It was Bell, who directly charged here with lightning speed. His foot was like a javelin that

distorted at a weird angle and crashed into the companion that was next to him.


When his eyes met with Bell’s crimson eyes, Welf reflexively woke up.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

Bell brought his right hand behind his head and then suddenly threw the .


The wailing Monster trembled and like a top, Welf turned his body and swung the long sword.


holding the long sword and slowly turned his head backwards.

Welf looked at the scene in a trance, then he smiled and placed the long sword back onto his

“As expected, teammates are a good thing.”

let out a blooming smile.

“I say, you are still too fast. It isn’t strange for you to fly over here at any time.”

After the battle with a large group of Monsters had ended, we were temporarily resting.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

everywhere on the grassland. For example, there were traces of the Dungeon Walls being

Welf-san placed his long sword back into the sheath behind of him and strapped it to his arm.

“As expected, having a talented person in battle makes everything easier. Although overly

“When I was fighting, I also felt that it was easier than before.”

or mentally, actions will be different than before. Of course, the strategy of facing a Monster

Welf-san began talking about the benefits of a team. Because he had entered the Dungeon in a

“For a temporary team, we did pretty well. Although we have not yet developed any teamwork

Follower Lili.”

“Yes. Although the things she did may not seem remarkable, it was very important. And after

lubricant oil for us1.”

Perhaps we should use an example to describe this. Lili is concerned about the battlefield from

Welf-san felt that this is because she understood Adventurers extremely well, I understood why

countless Adventurers.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

“Whenever, at this time, I always feel sorry for the Supporters……”

recover Magic Stones.

wanted to help her out, I was refused. She energetically placed the bag onto her back and

In her words, it was ‘that this is all part of her work.’

Should we switch to another location?”

Before, there was not even a shadow of a person, but the surroundings now began to reveal the

Because this room connected two floors, many people would pass by. And because there was no


to be a dispute between , then it would be even more troublesome. In fact, when we

our net. Basically, when we are exploring the Dungeon, we would have to avoid others. The

……By the way, Lili had discovered the other teams early on and deftly tied up the Monsters we

Although this move would not be seen as remarkable, among the Supporters, only the ones that

“……Or should we eat lunch here now? After all, there are a lot of people here, there is no need

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

“If that’s the case, indeed simply giving this place up would be infuriating, so we should make

Welf-san agreed with my proposal. Although I felt that his perspective was a bit petty-minded.

(Speaking of which……When we reached the 11th floor, every team clearly seemed to be

After I glanced over, I had this thought.

The weapons and armor were also high quality goods, they exuded a sharp and sturdy

The beastman carrying the broken bow, the large tomahawk that was placed on the floor by the

them were races of demi-human that walked an unusual path.

Within the teams that were exploring the 11th and 12th floor, many of them had already began

be surprising to see teams with a few people that have levelled to Lv.2.

I am already Lv.2, it should be fine to raise my chest up……but seeing the burly dwarf, my

of reach, it is still too early to act cocky at this time.

(Huh, right, my ……)

. I had completely forgotten about it, only now did I remember……

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

Although my actions became faster and more powerful, I felt that this was the effect of the


about it.

and attacking actions that were based on my consciousness, but nothing had seemed to occur.

Perhaps there was a pre-condition like the Chant for Magic, is there some sort of catalyst?

……How did I learn this skill ?

Because I defeated the Monster known as Minotaur?

and was caused because I was not willing to continue being mediocre?

I made this kind of wish.

Just like a civilian inside the world of myth.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

Just like them, selflessly sacrificing myself to save people’s lives.

I sincerely wished that I could be a Hero. Even if it was just one step, I still wanted to approach

A wish of wanting to be a Hero.



There were white particles flashing.

I could not help but stare and issued out a dumbfounded voice.

my hand.

intervals. Just when I thought of this, new particles were produced again. It was like a video

The light particles gathered, converged, and kept repeating.


Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

Just like the sound when the clock hands moved a little bit.


Both of us had a dumbfounded expression, it was predicted that neither of us would get an

W…What is this……?

gap open up.


“ “!?” ”

Adventurers in the room had a frightened expression and stared at the same location.

broke through the mist.

It was approximately 150 centimeters in height, its body was four meters in length——a small


Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

This Monster that walked with four legs was of the dragon-race that was at the top of the

could see that hard scales wrapped along its powerful body. It had a potential far exceeding the


In these vast floors, the total amount would not exceed 5. Being able to run into them is beyond

once eliminated a party of low Adventurers.

was the true Floor Boss.

With a loud roar, the Infant Dragon moved. It used its tail to sweep away the closest elf

widened. His neck was broken like a puppet who had his strings cut. Cries burst out from the

Although it was not as strong as the Minotaur, it was still a powerful Monster, it would not be

identity and forge a temporary alliance. Seeing the people ignore the shackles of the teams,

swords and axes, and rushed forward.

In the middle of the confusion, Welf-san shouted out in panic.

dragon was heading to the distant Lili, who was recovering Magic Stones in the room.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

consciousness had not recovered yet, but my body had already rushed over.

throat, I roared out:

The next instant, all the voices were gone.

Pure white flashes.

Exploding from my right hand that was inside the white light, lightning flames,

Only that the scale was too unusual. The white light wrapped along the scarlet flames and with

The next moment, the small dragon was directly hit and sent flying towards a distant Dungeon

A huge explosion.

The amber-colored scales were peeling off.

Although dragon skin has resistance to fire, it was completely burned away. Its enormous body

In the depths of the room, you could see the terrible situation of the wall that was cracked apart

be pulverized as if it was reduced into fragments after it was struck by lightning.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]


The Adventurers all stopped their actions and focused their attention onto me. This included

Shock, trembling……And there was also hostility. There was a variety of feelings, but I did not

I looked at my palms in shock, the white particles had disappeared. It was peaceful. As if

× × ×

I let my head come out from inside of my shirt and as if I was trying to release all my fatigue, I

Kacha, I opened the door after changing into my clothes and walked out of the bathroom.

“Bell-kun, if you are tired, then you should rest, right? I will make tonight’s dinner.”

“Ohho, is it? Then let’s do it together.”

come home late and started to prepare for dinner. The time right now was already in the

Due to her wish, the chores would be shared between the two of us. I originally thought how

“Bell-kun, don’t be so polite with me”.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

“……Ah, Bell-kun? There is something I wanted to talk to you about.”

Inside the small kitchen space, I was washing the vegetables at the sink while Kami-sama was

I stopped my hands and looked at Kami-sama, who was standing on a chair due to height

“Have you seen Freya……Ah, no, a silver-haired Goddess before?”

I replied after thinking for a moment.

could be counted on one hand. If the Goddess had such an eye-catching silver hair, then

“Ah, that’s true, indeed……”

Speaking of which, after the God’s Meeting was over, she always had a preoccupied expression.

and said “Not a big deal”.

moment later, Kami-sama and I placed the food onto the table.

“Yes. He is extremely approachable, and gives off a reliable vibe. However, his relationship

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa


The food had recently become better. No, it should be that the simple food from before had

Right now in front of the two of us, aside from the bread, there was a huge bowl of meat salad,

Passing through this road that was kinda long, yet short……We finally escaped slightly from

“Ah, his character is decent and he is also a boy, so there are no issues. I agree. Bell-kun, do not

“I know, Welf-san is also a blacksmith, and I heard that in a three-man party, it is a lot safer. If

“That’s right. No matter what, you have to keep him, if it is just you and that Supporter-kun

Looking at Kami-sama, who revealed a refreshing Goddess-styled smile, I also nodded

Even her twintails seemed to be shaking with excitement. It seems like she was really

However, I was already getting used to this manner so I began talking to her about the thing

First, it was the matter regarding Welf-san. I had already mentioned that I signed a direct

“Being able to form a party with Hephaestus’s child……Ah ah, it is only because you are my

Kami-sama giggled.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

Heaven. It could be said that they were close friends. However, after coming to Orario, through

contact each other.

“……About that, Kami-sama? About Welf-san’s surname, do you know anything

I took advantage of the idle moment and decisively asked Kami-sama about the problem I was

What Lili had mentioned, the matter that was related with and .

not suppress my curiosity.

should only be about the same as Bell-kun.”

Listening to Kami-sama speak, she had not come down from Heaven for a long period of time,

have a similar level of knowledge compared to me.

“……Although I am not too clear about , about that blacksmith-kun, Welf-kun, I can


Ah! Once she said that, I immediately understood.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

of their shops. If she was working there, then it might be possible to hear the evaluation of

“How’s this, Bell-kun!”. Looking at Kami-sama triumphantly lifting her overly huge chest, I

According to what she said, after I had mentioned Welf-san’s name yesterday, she had

“As a blacksmith, his skills seems to be pretty good. Although he is only starting, Hephaestus

“H…Hephaestus-sama would often mention about Welf-san?”

said that this child has talent, but he is unfortunate.”

talents……Could it be that Welf-san has top potential within the ?

lot to shine……However, she also mentioned that this child’s perceptional aspect was a bit


By the way, the name of his light armor that he gave me had inherited the names of its

“Then, within the , everybody’s evaluation is completely different than Hephaestus

“Eh? Why?”

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

“In conclusion, it seems that he is able to create .”

“It is not a fake, but a genuine . It was said that if it was created, it would

However, this talent matches the name .

The words that I have heard earlier seemed to finally have some sense of reality and it lingered

“But……wait, if it is a Magic Sword, then you must first learn the development ability

That’s correct. When I first visited the ’s shop, Eina-san had said it to

Even if it was among the people who learned the ability, only a portion of the

“I am not too clear about this point, but it seems that he is really able to create it. Hephaestus

“……If that’s the case.”

I felt an enormous shock.

was still considered to be a noble.

Magic Sword.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

I suddenly thought that is it because he has a special skill that allowed him to create Magic

However, Lili had said, the family, all of them are able to make Magic

Ah, if that is true……I could not help but have a headache.

I suppressed the emerging suspicions and focused on the conversation with Kami-sama.


but he did not create one. So therefore, he is not even behind the high ranked blacksmith in

Even though he can cre

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