Dungeon Ni Deai O Motomeru No Wa Machigatte Iru Darou Ka / Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka Vol 4 Epilogue


around in the large hall.

meeting rooms.

the table.

“Yes……As expected, he is a famous person?”

family when they hear the word, Crosso.”

Eina. Including that he had formed a direct contract with this new blacksmith comrade. It is a

“But, it was really surprising.”

“The fact that Crosso is at Orario. Normally, his reputation would quickly spread throughout


request of his customers to create Magic Swords.

Sword. Regardless if they knew he was in , the customers who did not

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Although I cannot blame Eina……but I have personally recognized the truth about using the

“Sorry, then about the thing just now.”

Bell changed his thoughts and cut to the chase.


Bell Cranel

Strength: G267 Endurance: H144 Dexterity: G288 Agility: F375 Magic: H189


Ten days had passed since he became a Lv.2. Nevertheless, his highest ability value had already

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

How much do you want to skip the process until you are satisfied?

“The team has already become a three-man party. If that’s the case, can we go to the Middle

The gaze contains a blazing will. In front of those crimson eyes that would make you gasp, Eina

The beginning of the Middle Floors, 13th to 14th Floor’s basic ability requirement was I to H. In

The Lv.1 vanguard-type blacksmith and the poor Supporter. With Bell’s power that

encounters did not have a significant gap in strength compared to the 12th floor. With
If Bell’s support could be put into place, then there will be no danger of being completely

It was a party rating that would just be barely allowed into the Middle Floors.

Eina, who widened her eyes, temporarily left the room.

holding three papers that were the length of a train ticket.


Towards Bell’s expression as if he did not understand the situation, Eina explained:

for your entire party.”

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

“It is a Spirit’s charm. Listen carefully, if you do not equip this, then you absolutely cannot go!


She, as a half-elf, raised her slim eyebrows, exhaled out and returned back to her seat.


As he was being watched by her emerald-colored eyes, Bell nodded.


“Then good luck.”

Etching that smile into his eyes, Bell and his companions began to embark to the dungeon.


What released that slashing attack was the red-colored dagger held by his left hand. The blade

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Heading towards the new monsters that continuously did sneak attacks from the depths of the

“Take this!”

Using a speed surpassing a Lv.1 to obtain the first move: a high speed counterattack.

“The mist is going to scatter!”

Their location was their destination on the 12th floor. It is also the stairs that connects to the

Within the square-shaped room, only half of it had mist. Once you pass through the boundary,

Lili of the Hobbit race, which had good vision, concluded that the destination was near.

the grassland.

Just when the mist seemed to sway like smoke, the line of sight brightened.

wall at the depths of the dungeon.

rocks. In the center of the wall, a huge hole abruptly opened up.

The entrance that led to the Middle Floors.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]


Heading towards the group of mounters that issued threatening sounds, Bell released a


He aimed for the position slightly lower than its chest, but the impact spread. The Magic Stone


a Minotaur’s Horn to create. It was different than ’s sharpness, which would

Violet and Crimson, two types of blade light.



Then he casually used his Long Sword that was on his shoulders to cut the Monsters. And cut


Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

It was a huge body that was rushing over as it shook the ground.


The source of the sound was in the sky, the flying .

instantly destroyed.

picked up the super-thick wooden club.


At the same time he grasped the situation, Bell reacted instantaneously. Because Welf was

Bell quickly made his judgment.

“Lili, Large Sword!”

Just by these actions, Lili understood what Bell was planning to do.

Large Sword that was outside of the backpack.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

the strap to let the hilt stand out. The petite body and the Large Sword formed a beautiful

After Lili’s body entered the predicted route of the boy, she turned so that her back was facing

Then, Bell saw Lili as the sword sheath, Shing, he pulled out the silver-colored Large Sword.

A full-powered acceleration.


Compared to the monster’s sweeping attack, Bell released a diagonal slash.


The Orc’s eyes were filled with fear as its prideful strength attack actually failed.


horizontal flash, the Orc’s head was cut apart by the Long Sword.

“No……After all, we are companions.”

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

Welf widened his eyes and broke into a smile.

It was the crisp sound from the arrow that Lili had fired as it hit the Bad Bat.

After Bell and the others cleaned up the monsters inside the room, they sat down on the floor

In front of the fragmented rocky walls on the grassland, Lili drew a simple diagram and began

“Just as usual, we would need to arrange the formation after entering the Middle Floor. First,

“Can I do it?”

win at. Ah no, Lili is not saying that she is great……Sorry, I’ll continue.”

“Bell-sama will be the middle defender and is responsible for Welf-sama’s support. Because it

the highest……Is that okay?”

Looking at Bell, who nodded, Lili pointed at the final circle and said: “Using the elimination

“Although I feel that you should already know, but this small party is extremely unstable.

insufficient firepower. So please understand that when we are in a difficult situation, it will be

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

“Just a single misjudgment could lose our lives? How strict.”

“What kind of nonsense are you saying? I need to become a high-ranked blacksmith as soon as

Bell could only watch dumbfounded at the already accustomed interaction of Lili and Welf.

to look at him.

“Uh……I’m laughing?”

Placing my hand onto my cheeks, indeed, my cheeks had relaxed.

“Just forget about the apology, but why did you laugh? I am curious.”

so I was happy.”

the interactions of Lili and Welf.

While his face was still red, Bell excitedly smiled.

Stepping into an uncharted area, working together to constantly discover new things.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

that was exciting.

match the age of the boy as it shined.

excited, then you are not a man!”

After looking at the others’ faces, Welf let out a huge laugh and Lili also revealed a wry smile,

Bell, who did not know why he was excited, revealed a smile following his emotions.

“Ahhh, no problem. Let’s go.”

The three of them stood side by side and approached the rocky wall with the open hole.

extended to the other side of the path and at the depths, a dim light was quivering.

with just words. In front of this, there are uncovered, violent monsters.

powerfully gaze towards the depths of the dungeon.

I am not by myself. Although we are from a different family1, I still have reliable comrades.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Bell thought like this.

Inside the depths of his heart that acted as the source of his thoughts was agolden aspiration.
Bell headed towards the Middle Floor.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Race: Human

Achieved Floor: 12th Floor

Money: 94000 Varisu

 It is originally the work clothes used while smithing.

 Normally, you would wear other armor on top of these clothes.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa


Strength: C617 Endurance: D521 Dexterity: C645 Agility: D509 Magic: I70


 Activation Chant

[Magic Sword Bloodline (Crosso’s Bloodline)]

 Able to strengthen Magic Sword’s ability.

 A large-sized sword with a broad blade.

 Because it is the weapon he uses himself, he did not name it.

References and Translation Notes

2. For the activation chant, the japanese part is 外法の業, not too sure how to translate it.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

“I did it, Kami-sama! I defeated a Goblin!”

This was during an afternoon when Hestia was currently enjoying reading a book.

boy proudly said this as he appeared.

The room that was made from a combination of a square and rectangular space formed a Pshape.

short. Casually glancing around, you could vaguely see the paint peeling off from some of the

While lighting up the only Magic Lamp in the ceiling, Hestia faced her faction’s only member

as if he was suddenly hit in the head.

especially dazzling.


afraid……But today, I finally defeated it!”


Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Did you specifically headed down to the Dungeon and only defeated the Weakest Monster and

froze at that spot for a few seconds.

expression instantly turned into embarrassment. He deeply bowed his head down while using

“I’m extremely sorry, I will go challenge the Dungeon once again……”

you……W…Wait a minute!?”

and ran out from the door of the headquarters.

Hestia’s encounter with Bell on the street, and recruiting him into her own faction, had only

After forming a contract with Hestia, Bell completed the relevant procedures at the guild, and

force of earning money for the Familia, had a burning passion inside of him, and he began to

Hestia, who was keeping watch of Bell-kun, would occasionally find a new side from him and

tolerance as a Goddess, and her slight smile, that made others feel that it was intimate, on her

had just encountered each other, but it could still be counted as it was completely removed.

target to ensure that their funds for their daily lives would not cause complications while they


Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

and never came back, even if I am dreaming, it would be terrible.”

“Haha, it isn’t much, but this time it was my words that were terrible. The one that should

Hestia and Bell were sitting beside the table in their headquarters while they were talking.

already set. The moonlight from the dazzling night sky could not reach inside their

The progress of Bell, who had just finished his debut in the dungeon —— 300 Varisu, was

Even though it was very little, the Magic Stone creation that ignites fire still exuded a warm

“So how was it, your first time challenging the Dungeon? You finally overcame it, right?”

monsters, the current me can still fight. The Goblins or Kobolds, after defeating it once, it

In order to celebrate Bell’s first Dungeon exploration, they had prepare this small amount of

Although not being able to prepare celebratory wine was a pity, but bringing the sliced bread

to smile while they talked.

thinking whether you would be chasing other girl’s butts in the dungeon, and running here and

“T…There isn’t, this kind of thing!?”

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

Facing the flushed boy who was denying it, Hestia continued to speak, “Really”.

you leave the Monster and run off the flirt with others?”

only want an encounter! Just like the ones from Hero Stories!”

“H…Harem is a male’s romance. That is something a man will chase after from birth, even the

His cheeks were still very red, Bell closed his crimson eyes as he passionately explained it.

the remains of the youth and elegant appearance, she was faintly indulged in her thinking.

understand him.

the opposite sex, all his words, his stories did not seem to make sense. Whether it was good or

activate, to the extent where it would affect his words and actions.

his , Hestia believes.

smiling and waving his hands, he had played a key role in forming this boy’s personality.

met with Bell’s grandfather, sighed while thinking that it was amazing. If it was not because of

person he was right now. The roots of Bell, the principle of his actions, there was no doubt that 

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

from his pursuit of the .

This was the true face of the boy called Bell Cranel.


would be able to achieve their long-cherished wish. So I……”

While leisurely looking at Bell’s face as he continued to speak lively.

× × ×

Hestia was also busily working.

gone through the days of exploring like Bell, who had just arrived at Orario. Although she

stimulus that could not be tasted for the ones that descended down from Heavens. This was

“Okay, Hestia-chan. This is today’s wage.”

She gratefully accepted the daily wage from the female beastman.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

with seasoning, after adding in the flour, and frying it, it becomes a big mouthful food called

It was probably used to enhance the flavor of the recovery agents slightly, it was extremely hot.

Because today she worked 6 hours, so based on a 30 Varisu basis to calculate the wage. Even

coins from her palm, still let out a sigh.

with the shop——The causalities aside from the completely burnt Hestia was 0——, the loss at

to help share the burden for Bell.

descended down from the Lower World.

“Hey Auntie, as expected you should still join my ? Right now there is an Adventurer

“Ahaha, even if you say such words, it is still not acceptable. Really, Hestia-chan is really

“Why——, I beg you——“

could only embark on her trip back home.

also a problem.

—— Towards herself who was not treated as a Goddess——, sighed once again.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

Placing the potato croquette in her mouth, and moving her bulging cheeks, Hestia headed

Usually, she would have already returned back home before the sun had set, but today her

this was what Hestia thought as she walked down the streets.

between the North-West and West Main Street, she walked from her workplace at North Main

Through the lined up high-quality brick houses residential street, after a certain location as the

order of the ancient item shop and the lengthwise inns, in front of the wine bar in a small

This large street that did not have a guild headquarters is known as the

were beautiful shops that were incomparable to what was just seen.

As the sun in the west was gradually sinking down below the walls of the city, Hestia, who was

In front of a certain shop stood a white-haired boy.

Her own ’s dependent had his back towards the crowd of Adventurer that were

was planted in front of the display window of the shop made Hestia stop.

that he stared for a long period of time, he slowly moved away from there.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

She also peeked into the display window that Bell was enthusiastically looking at, then she

In the display window, there were many weapons placed there. Inside, there were various

Occasionally he would be attracted by it, and even though he knew that it could not be

No matter what, Bell had an strong interest in these decorative weapons.

Holding her arms, Hestia began to contemplate. In order to fulfill what the Main God should

It was also because of the thing that happened earlier so she wanted to advocate that she was

It should be enough if she used all the wealth that she saved up, Hestia closed her eyes and

Thinking about the general direction of Bell’s gaze, he probably wanted this dagger. Inside the

Even in Hestia’s eyes, it was extremely beautiful.

the door, “Eh?” Hestia narrowed her eyes.

Hestia quietly closed the opened door.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

This is impossible, while the back of her head continued to let out cold sweat, Hestia cautiously

The price is too exaggerated. What about Hestia’s entire wealth, it was just like a powerless

“Ah, this is……”


that took care of Hestia when she first descended down to the Lower World.

could not purchase it, so Hestia could only walk away in dismay. Only leaving Bell-kun, who

Losing the opportunity to express the God’s might, she faced the dark red stone and sighed

(……My hairband is nearly broken)

face projected by the shop’s display windows.

twintails. However, it was worn to the extent that just by looking from the side, you could tell

Hestia gently touched the hairband that was in poor shape, and looked at her own figure that

The doll wearing a dress was equipped with accessories that were Adventurer’s equipment,

customers, they were all wearing a very cute hairband.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Looking at the observation doll’s blue hairband for a few seconds, Hestia shook her head a few

she recklessly spend money, this was how she warned herself.

obsession cut away from it by turning her body away.

to leave the North-West Main Street.

The crimson eyes that did not honestly go home and was nearby, witnessed the entire event.

× × ×

Hestia, she was looking at the scene with her mouth forming a へ shape.

As if you could hear the tiredness in his voice, Bell stepped through the door to the

Looking at the clock, you could see that the clock was pointing at nine in the evening.

“T…There is no such thing?”

smile “It is completely fine”.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

He would leave the headquarters early in the morning and desperately explore the dungeon,

body was already in a tattered state.

appearance and attitude right now was completely different than from a few days ago.

“Ah, Ahhh……”

Bell’s income from the dungeon exploration would be kept by Hestia as savings for the

exploration, only then a small amount will be kept by Bell as pocket money.

Varisu. If you consider that the boy had kept 1000 Varisu in preparation for the next

efforts of Bell-kun diving into the dungeon from morning to night.

“……Hey, Bell-kun”

“You, what are you hiding from me?”

Hesta slowly inquired.

still feel that Bell was hiding something from her.


Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]


Disregarding the unbelievable words and quickly be honest, this sharp glare stabbed into him.


fled into the bathroom. Facing the swift actions, Hestia was stunned and her mood dropped

For Bell-kun to hide something, she felt sad, this was what Hestia was considering in her heart.

The boy had respected the Goddess from the bottom of the heart, and also brought gentleness

Watching his awkwardness, watching his dangerous posture, she felt that she must protect

placed herself in his back.

descended to the Lower World.

“Even though I told him to say it, but he still refused to tell me the truth, right, Bell-kun……”

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Was this the arrogance of the Gods when they felt anger when things don’t go the way they

become a pillar inside her heart.

more intense.

Hestia’s eyes that looked up, had a unstable light. Bell, who is secretly planning something, is

into the kitchen that was prepared inside the house.

“Ah, Kami-sama……”

Hestia revealed a slight smile to Bell, who walked out of the bathroom with his changed

seem to have completely forgotten the previous incident.


“Ah, okay.”

The unprepared white rabbit honestly listened to her words.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Bell Cranel

Strength : I 49 – I 58 Endurance: I 5 Dexterity : I 66 – I 72 Agility: I98 – H 107 Magic: I 0

[ ]

[ ]

It was still and

rest of the work in one go.

The update of had ended, she clapped her hand.

below her.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]


“——Okay, Bell-kun. You already cannot escape now?”

She let our her breath in the location next to the boy’s ears, and changed her deep voice into a

Bell seems to be trembling violently, as if an electric current had passed through him. His

“K…Ka…Kami-sama!? What are you doing!?”

Bell made a response to the words , but he quickly revealed the embarrassment of

“You know right, Bell-kun? You cannot lie to gods, oh?”

“Ooh~ Preparing to act dumb now?”

Bell, who had a red face while shrinking back slightly, had an expression of fear towards his

Then, the next instant.

Ignoring everything and hugged it upwards.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

“Okay, you’re planning to say it now right, say it now Bell-kun!! If it is right now, I can still

“D…Don’t knowwwwwwww! IIIIIIIIIIII did not hide anything from Kami-sama!”


pressed down came from between them.

overwhelming thing’s ever-changing attack and issued a cry. From his head to toe, his entire

Hestia frowned and inserted more strength to her wrist that was around his neck, and pressed

That night, everlasting cries continued to come out under the abandoned church.

“Really now, Bell-kun……!”

In the end, Bell-kun still did not speak, it made Hestia felt unhappy. Even when she finished

Sitting on the sofa in the headquarters, she violently turned the page of the book she was

(Based on the way he acts, instead of being immersed in dungeon exploration, it seems more

was forced to spend money……)

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

she would normally have not thought about emerged. Knowing that her own dependent

So, she should let him live his own life. Although she really wanted to say that, but recalling

was angry about her own imagination.

Kacha, Kacha, the sound of someone walking down the stone steps rang out in the

He was exceptionally early today, Hestia, thinking that it was Bell who returned, still raised her

Just when she was waiting for the door of her base to be opened, dondon, there was a dry

“Excuse me, Hestia.”

Betraying Hestia’s expectations, who appeared was a God that was more burly and tall than

His blue long hair, and the tattered gray robe. The male God, Miach, “Nnn” smiled and nodded

“I heard that you formed a . Although it is a bit late, I still came to say hello to you.”

Although she and Miach both descended from Heaven, but they had only formed a relationship

forged a friendly relationship. Facing a God friend, who was also not accustomed to the city life

“Fuhaha, no, I thought about our pride and carefully planned this. There is no need to worry.”

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

The primary activity of the was to sell recovery potions. Because its

exception, Miach raised his voice and smiled.

blue recovery potion in tubes over.


“Speaking of which, Hestia. Did you hand over the report about forming a to the

Miach asked Hestia, who was filled with gratitude while accepting the recovery potion.

“Even if it is not for dungeon exploration, when a in the Labyrinth City creates a


jurisdiction over the Labyrinth city. The dungeon’s management was directly linked to the

develop to such an extent. From

Base on the regulations placed by the organization that also manages the city, must

“Hey, will also have to do similar things as Adventurers. Nnnn, since they let us live

“I see. This is also < The Pleasures in the Lower World>.”

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

Nnnnnnn, The two Gods had a common understanding.

along with me?”

“Truthfully, I don’t have anything to do later, very free. Compare to having some leisure time, it

“That’s a model God.”

While releasing a sense of tiredness that only Gods have, Hestia and Miach left the hidden

“Do I have to just record everything down?”

In the spacious lobby of the guild headquarters.

confirm things while burying herself in the parchment related to registration of a faction. Using

The window reflected the faint sunset as it approaches night. Because many Adventurers


receptionist who was cold rejected by the male beastman as she tries to sell her services and the

happening and it was completely bustling.

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]


“The guild will grade the ’s organizational strength…..It is primarily its rank. It is

the elements, but it is fine to directly interpreted it as indictors of combat power.”

in Orario is also ranked the same. The higher the rank, the more its performance

course, respect and fear is also included.

their levels, and fully enjoy it within their hearts.

rank is higher, it will increase the trust to the surroundings. Customers will also increase.”

“Fuhaha, it’s H.”

rank, I.

amount will also rise.

“What now, changing the topic.”

wanted to know.”

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

“White hair, crimson eyes, is it…… Nnnn, could it be that person?”

Stopping the quill from moving across the parchment, Hestia looked up.

human boy was stopped by a guild employee.

“Looks like it is. Hmm……It looks like he handed something over?”

side. The half elf girl wearing the guild uniform seems to carefully confirm the item inside the

“Giving a girl items, huh. Fufu, your child isn’t bad.”

Hestia continued to look at that scene without responding to Miach’s words.

embarrassment, he bowed down his head.

The cold gaze she sent out muttered in her heart.

dungeon early was to give a present to this beautiful half-elf girl.

Bell waved his hands while his face was flushed red as he was being played around by the girl,

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa


“Sorry, Miach. I’ll head back first.”

apologized to Miach, then she headed out of the guild headquarters by herself. Leaving behind

(Damn it, it really is unsatisfying……)

Why she felt unsatisfied, she already understood the reason.

Facing her first dependent she obtained ——An existence she had wished for before ——she

words. She can’t just love the child. Just look at me, hiding such childishness inside my heart.

Only faintly, if her first contract wasn’t Bell…if her initial encounter wasn’t with him, she could

(Bell-kun, you idiot……)

Entering the depths of the room, she threw herself onto her own bed. She frowned and

She forced the matter about Bell away from her head, and in the darkening vision, Hestia

× × ×

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

The sound of the cutlery came from outside.

opened her eyes.

covering her.

She unconsciously narrowed her eyes.

With a groggy mind and blurry vision, she immediately saw a white figure.

make a sound as it gently moved on the ground.


The white figure immediately noticed and turned his head and approached Hestia.


Raising her head, she noticed that it was already 7 o’ clock at night. Her consciousness was

shook her head.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

“……Did you prepare it?”

A simple salad, peeled potatoes and the recently made soup was on the table.

“Today you came back earlier than ever.”

made her happy, Hestia could not help but use an ironic tone.

revealed a shocked expression, then shortly, he began to blush slight and temporarily walked

He had his back towards Hestia as he took something out from the cupboard, then he came in

“That, this……Kami-sama, please accept it.”

What was handed out was a small box.

She opened the box, inside there was a pair of hairband.

“Bell-kun, this is……”

I put it……”

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Hestia was really stunned his time. She widened her eyes and lowed at the boy, who was gently
bowing his head and

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