Dungeon Ni Deai O Motomeru No Wa Machigatte Iru Darou Ka / Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka Vol 1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The water droplets that fell from the sky constantly hit the window.

(It started to rain……)

and a downpour of rain came down. The people on the outside were trying to seek

Inside the guild headquarters, Eina, who was undergoing this and that kind of work,

outside the window.

“……It should only be a rain shower, it should stop when we leave”

of papers, watching this heavy rain with a sigh.

employees were currently fighting hard against the overtime. The superiors were

documents, Eina’s friend and colleague, a human girl, said that it was enough, and

“I know that currently we are busy managing the festival period, but I really hoped

as Eina”



table, her eyes widened.

anything, secretly pulled out a piece of paper.

accepted that, that rookie-kun!”

detailed contents.”

The paper that her colleague took recorded simple information about that person.

that it recorded all the basic information that is required to live in the Labyrinth

The name recorded on the top of the paper was

kid is really amazing!”

down, and luckily reached the fifth floor. And he almost died there”

said Eina, while lifting up her beautiful eyelashes.

somewhat unnatural, looking at her own expression, her human colleague seemed

“But, isn’t it caused by the Minotaur that the carelessly allowed to


“That’s true, the Minotaur was abnormal……but for that kid, exploring the fifth

Eina took back the information about Bell from her colleague and looked at the

“From the fifth floor onwards, the monsters will begin to change, and the

he wants to pass through it……He will definitely die.”

exploring the dungeon alone.

You think that an adventurer that only experienced half a month worth of time,

all the elements, it was still too early for Bell to raid the fifth floor, this was the

“Anyways. As long as I am still looking after him, I will absolutely not let him

“Overprotective eh—. Could it be Eina is concerned about that child?”

While saying this, it felt like everything was empty in general.

Suddenly what flashed through her head was, two days ago, the “I love you”

confession and the innocent smile, thinking about this, Eina reflexively blushed.

and calmly took a deep breath then seriously looked and said to her colleague.


Watching the silhouette of her colleague leaving the table and going far away, Eina

(I got toyed around with, really……)

After all, it was just a cute boy that was like a brother to her, in her mind, she

imagination, Eina’s smile almost leaked out her saliva.

Looking outside the window, the rain became heavier once again.

violently continued to rain.

A single step.

“Ahhhhhh! ?”

The monster behind fell down with a short hum, and the resounding sound echoed

Turning around, a frog monster with a single large eye, had died due to the dark

The frog monster that uses its long tongue to attack adventurers, .

I looked at the monster that had its eyes sunk in without any expression, turned

Ignoring the fatigue from my limbs, only concentrating my gaze at things that were

The flat floor and walls, from the ceiling, began to construct an organized maze.

walk on this endless path.

and was quiet. The breathing from the monsters could not be felt at all by the

Listening to the sound of my own footsteps, that headed towards the path in front.

As if I was possessed by a ghost, I continued to head straight ahead.

monster claws, teeth or from being grabbed. The shredded clothing made it seem

emergencies, had already been offered countless monster’s dripping blood.

My equipment was basically not adjusted, it feels that the me, with all these scars,

Running, running, running, running.

Only pursuing monsters, and running around the dungeon.

I admitted my own powerlessness, abandoning myself to despair.

Using the regret that gushed out from my heart as fuel, I swung the only weapon I

If I wanted to chase after that person that was far far away, how much troublesome

The idiotic passion lit up and became my heart’s will, allowing myself to take rash

(……Here, where am I)

After a period of time where I abandoned my own reasoning, the fire in my heart

Constantly dealing with the monsters I encountered, my head had finally started to

The dungeon walls that I was currently leaning on had changed from light blue to

the dungeon has also become extremely complicated.

monsters from before.

Using my vague memory, I calculated how many floors I had descended.

The me, who had completely no sensibility, continued to linger around the never

whose feelings were paralyzed.

searching for the next prey.


than I had expected.

The phosphorescent ceiling in the dungeon allowed me to ignore lighting issues,

about to set. For me, who didn’t carry a watch, there was no way to determine the

(……Here is)

The room was square-shaped, and there was nothing to block my sight. There was

I headed to the center of the room. Then I looked around and could not see any

Then, I finally understood that this place was a dead end, and prepared to turn


Bikiri, Bikiri.

completely did not know where the sound came from.

Within the wide space that had no objects covering it, I could not see any

It was the first time that I had encountered this situation, so my brain could only

I used my five senses that were enhanced by the ——Relying on my


The dungeon wall in front of me was emitting the sound, which was gradually

In a short period of time, the dungeon wall in front of me was broken.

Monsters are born from within the dungeon.

from within the walls of the dungeon. The speed of its growth was extremely fast,

This huge dungeon was indeed the mother of the monsters that could threaten the

From the crack on the wall jumped out a monster’s hands that struggled in the air.

outside. The dungeon walls messily fell apart.

To express it in one word, it was a

the legs, it was completely black and the shape of the two arms and legs were

feel like an animal and its entire body was completely painted black.

mirror embedded onto it.

The monster that appears on the 6th floor,

Gasha, a sound appeared from behind, turning my head around, another War


No, two versus one. It was an unfavorable situation.

trap —— the original face of the dungeon appeared.

The War Shadow that had no vocal organs, silently moved their bodies, quietly

From the incredulous luster that was emitted from their face, it was staring at its


I estimated that I had reached a state where I was not able to completely defeat

My brain had thought back to the scene that happened at the bar. The body that had

Ignoring the instinct that was warning me, I rushed out to fight the foolhardy battle

× × ×

In front of the unusual two arms, were three fingers, those three thin and long

Kobolds and Goblins, and with their two hands as weapons, they were ready to


The War Shadow was designated as the first monster that a rookie adventurer


In fact, it ended exactly that way.

The two War Shadows moved independently and, although it was very repetitive,

before, swinging their black hands around, my clothes and even my skin were

The long arms could also retract themselves. It had a decisive advantage in


Unable to fight back, there were no weaknesses and no chance to escape.


The soundless attack was a deadly attack.

increased, wanting to jump above it and avoid the attack, but I could not do it

From the front, the side and the back.


already been blurred by the huge amount of sweat and fresh blood, and

was in danger.


time, a strong and uncomfortable feeling.

retrieve a little bit of cool, finally I could confront the current situation.

The first thing that I had to notice was this.

Thinking carefully, this was indeed strange. For an adventurer that had just begun

After encountering the War Shadow and barely managing to survive, it was

I was indeed taught that by that half-elf. And I have also been warned.


once there was a crazy growth of abnormal numbers.

The engraved on the back seemed to be aware of this.


back to reality.


the flow of the attack and flew away, the strong impact made me drop the dagger

My only one weapon issued a crisp sound on the floor.

My own black shadow also immediately climbed to the location where I landed

The War Shadow that had just attacked and the other one moved their right arms

Its eyes became very small.

My past memories suddenly flowed through my mind. Like a revolving lantern, the

That includes the newest one which is the fateful encounter I had.

Then, it was the one that granted me the Grace……My most important memory:

“——! !”

Jumping up from the ground of the dungeon, I used my right arm to attack the eye


used all my strength to fully grasp the fist in my right hand and attacked towards

What was heard was a dull crushing sound.

The fist that contained all my power destroyed the enemy’s mirror-like face, and

After being pierced, a black liquid leaked out from the back of his head. The War

its strength, and fell to the knees.

I could not stop now.

approach the War Shadow, that was frozen due to his companion being defeated.

towards the arms of the enemy.

reached it first, so I won.

Towards earning another victory, it sliced off the enemy’s chest.

The Magic Stone within the sliced chest, unfortunately, was broken.


of ashes lying on the floor, I suddenly lost my strength and began to gasp.

“Ha——, Ha——, Haaa……!”

Once the tension of being nervous was cut off, the fatigue appeared from my body.

eyes, I listened to the sound of my rapid heartbeat.

The enemy that was one level higher than me and which I was not supposed to

it because of the sharp rise of my ?

Problems that continued to appear one by one, made me completely unable to

my limits. I stopped thinking about these issues and began to move my scarred and

Right now, I should escape as soon as possible.

However, just like it was informing me that I …… Gasha.

I stopped breathing. Lifting up my head, on the left and right hand side, the walls

double the previous amount, of War Shadows were born from the dungeon.

venture down to the lower floors of the dungeon.

completely different than before.

my ears.

Turning around, from the only entrance, appeared a lot of monster eyes.

One following another, the 5th floor monsters began to enter the wide space.

War Shadows were also surrounded by other monsters.


bent down.

Equipping the remaining one finger out of the three, I instantly completed my gear.

blood continuously flowed out.

I, who was holding onto two weapons, narrowed my eyes.

determination and will of one who would die here.

I would not be stopped by this place.

As if I was driven by a burning imprint, I grabbed onto my weapons.
After a while, I began to fight the rushing monsters.

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