Dungeon Ni Deai O Motomeru No Wa Machigatte Iru Darou Ka / Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka Vol 1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The mechanical sound that warned about the time rang within the house.

Within the hidden house in the church, Hestia was constantly walking back and

(No matter what it is, it is still too late……!)

Bell’s growth rate is probably affected by his crush on Aizu and after looking at

Holding onto her temper and went to drink, but when Hestia returned, what greeted

Because she was the one to tell him to eat by himself, and also because no one

she did not shower and jumped onto the bed, deciding to go to sleep, but……10

midnight, made her feel anxious.

to lie in bed with her eyes opened, she finally threw off the blanket that covered

“Where did you go, Bell……”

The eye-catching white hair could not be seen at all, so she held a glimmer of hope


expression. It had completely replaced the anxious tension she had earlier on.

he should have suppressed his feelings within his heart……Normally, he should

Thinking about when she had last left, Bell revealed an expression as if he was a

The sense of guilt that she felt at that time once again surged through her chest,

This is not the time to be immersed in sadness, calm down and think.


Her composed body collapsed like a sand castle, and she began to sweat. Hestia,


As if it was calculated, the rectangle door headed towards her.

At the same time, her boobs made a “mugyu” sound that crushed the sound of her

Hestia trustworthy level immediately increased by 100!


above her head, she let go of her two hands that covered her eyes.

Looking at the owner of the voice, and noticed that he was safe, Hestia stood up.

As she had expected, the person standing in front of her was Bell.

tears……But, looking at Bell’s face, she was speechless.

the mud-stained body, his weary state were impossible to conceal.

and on his right knee, there were three scars that were torn by sharp claws. The

was most serious.

“What happened, this injury is! ? Could it be you were attacked by someone! ?”


The words that were squeezed out made Hestia completely forget about her anger,

“I…Idiot! What were you thinking of! ? Entering the dungeon like that……And


being naked in the dungeon.

body also say this.

Looks like he was still holding onto the dagger he used as a charm……Superficial,

Using this sort of equipment to challenge the dungeon the entire night, it was really

“……Why did you do such an unreasonable thing? As if you gave up on yourself,


used a gentle voice to warn him.

Hestia quietly sighed.

there is no meaning to it.”

“What, forget it. Then go take a bath now. It looks like the blood had already


Finally, Bell gave off a slight smile, Hestia, who was holding in the pain within her

Pushing open the door, allowing Bell to come in.

Hestia, who could not continue to watch it, silently cursed her own height, while


“Today you kept apologizing. If you really feel sorry about it, then properly reflect


They walked together towards the bathroom. Pushing open the wooden white door

crooked, making the angle of the door somewhat strange.

something, and spoke.

“Is this alright……?”

rather mean, right?”

for him to rest, Hestia let go of her own bed.

Looking at Bell, Hestia gave off a evil smile.

already very tired……Fufu, you won’t refuse right?”

sleep together.”

Originally, she wanted to make a joke, but it was completely ignored, causing

began to stir. Instead, she was the one who became nervous.

think had dropped considerably. Bell did not even know what he was saying.

Damn, it is only Bell-kun……!

heartbeat increased.

She could only think about rubbing her face on the boy’s body.


She issued a strange sound.



His eyes seemed to be staring at something.

then made an “Ah……” sound and sincerely accepted it.


Lv. 1

Endurance: I 42 —> H 101

Agility: G 225 —> F 313

[Single-Minded Pursuit]

 Effects last as long as his feelings are unchanged

Suddenly, Hestia’s hands stopped.

it was like an ancient book, the entire body was filled with “Sacred Text” ——


trembling eyes.

Because of the extreme fatigue, he had slept for the entire day yesterday——Once

such an early time, the two of them, after all, had to first update the .

“Sacred Text”……What was different than before was, Bell’s numbers on his

——Too fast.

person who joined her , Bell. She had only heard about the information

What way to speed up the proficiency rate, how to discover magic and skills, she

But, the granted , is absolutely not like this, this point she still knew about.

This cannot be called as growth anymore, but rather a “jump”.

If the other adventurers grew at the same rate as Bell, then most of them would

Lv. 2——The elites of the adventurers, they were generally members from large

were still maintaining their Lv. 1 Status.

speed growth.

will hit a wall, this was what she had heard from her God friends.

Half of the people were troubled about how to break through this wall.

What made Bell inflate up considerably was.

subconsciously bit her lips.

swayed by her own emotions.


Hestia smiled and said “Sorry Sorry”, then she continued to work again. No,

(What should I do……? Should I tell exactly what happened to Bell-kun……?)

Hestia already knew this. Not only humans, but it was the instincts of all the

Although she believed that Bell was not the type of person to think about such

plans for the “Just in case” possibility. “Just in case” she may lose Bell.

side it would lean to.

In addition, this may hinder Bell’s growth.

are not evenly matched against him, how much growth will he obtain. In fact, it 

was said that the nature of the was to rise faster in terms of

If the words that she passed on were false, then even if it was for good intentions,

Hestia’s heart suddenly became silent.

Finally, what Hestia decided on was trust.

The boy’s one phrase of “I want to become stronger”, even if it was born because

Gods could not do——Hestia thought she wanted to lend a helping hand to Bell.

“Ah, okay. I don’t have a problem……”

growth rate.

(It really must be this skill.)

between adventurers.

although they had different names, with similar effects as another skill. Especially

the elves have an magic support effect, and dwarfs have the strength power.

referred as .


Not letting Bell know about this skill was absolutely not a prank.

no, 90% of the reason, anyways, saying this will cause a lot of trouble.

would react to these words. As if they were children, satisfying their own interest,

Also, there were idiots that were invited to other .

(This child is not good at telling lies, if he was asked, he would definitely be

The specific conditions that rapidly upgrades the growth rate.

In order to protect Bell from the demonic hands, Hestia kept the existence of this

After being told about the , Bell was surprised. Hestia finished off the

“And well, about the proficiency rapid growth. Do you have any clues about it?”


“Bu! ?Ah, ahhhhhhh! ? You did not even take your defensive gear, do not casually

“S…Sorry! ?”

Hestia stood up from Bell’s back, while preaching. Bell did not even dare to wear

smaller and smaller.

rate is too fast. We do not know how long it will continue, let’s just simply call it


quality of adventurer, you have both of them”

Just relying on the discovered skill, it could be the cause for the rapid growth of the

But thinking back about it, there were some things that need to be considered.

without even a master, and only relying on himself to achieve results from the

Even if it was this ——This skill that accelerates the

battle experience. When to attack, when to defend, when to avoid. Even with the

own “Strength”.


become stronger.”

Hestia placed her hands onto Bell’s chest, who bent his back on the bed and was


“……I hope you will promise me that you will not force yourself. Vow that the


aid, will help, and even lend you my power……So”

“……So please, don’t leave me alone”

Bell’s shoulders trembled, he widened his eyes, he seemed to start thinking about

looked back.


His expression changed from as if he was apologetic, to as if it seemed that he

It was not a false smile, more than any words, it passed down the trust and belief.

“I will not be reckless. I will try hard to become strong, but……I will absolutely

“After hearing this, I feel at ease”

After a while, she handed over Bell’s clothes and shyly said “Sorry”. He began to


She decided to do something for Bell.

the middle drawer, she began to search. Searching inside the drawer that was

An invitation letter that had written on it.

Thinking about the face of the person who granted this hidden house to her.

thing to do.

The date it was hosted……Today at night.

“Bell-kun, I will have to leave the house for tonight…no…maybe a few days. Is

“Eh? Ah, understood, for work is it?”

my friends. It has been a long time since I saw everyone’s faces.”

important, as if he was smiling to encourage himself.

in the closet. The closet did not have many clothing, after selecting one that could

would miss a few shifts at work and she headed towards the door.

“Bell-kun, could it be, you are heading to the dungeon today again?”

“I think so……Is it no good?”

afraid while he waited for the answer.

“Ah, there’s no problem, go ahead. However, you have to consider about returning

“Okay, Thank you——“

× × ×

The time currently is right before noon. People crowded along the main streets, so

After Kami-sama had left, I wore my adventurer gear and left the house. Preparing

Just like Kami-sama had said, my knee’s injury was still very painful. The 6th

before it was completely healed.

I cannot do mindless things. But, I should do things that I can do.

when I was still thinking that I must continue to strive forward, as if I had to catch

After being scolded by Kami-sama, my mind had calmed down. I…I already had


catch up to Wallenstein, this is the most certain and closest shortcut. If I forced

I thought back about Kami-sama, who was seriously scolding me, “do not force

reached the place I wanted to go.

“It’s a bit awkward……”

I hesitated for a while, then made up my mind and walked into the
“I’m very sorry, customer. Out shop is currently still preparing. Could you visit

“He came to Mia’s shop again, nya!”

currently spreading the table cloth, but after noticing me, they immediately

Regardless of which one, they are both very cute. The two of them, who were both

they belonged to different categories. I, who had recently noticed that I liked elves,

“Sorry, I’m not a guest……About that, Seal-san……Is Seal Flover-san here? And

As if they noticed my words, they both looked over.

completely ignoring her, that white-haired bastard, nya!!”


“Forgive us. We will immediately call Seal and Mia-mama out.”

The cat person employee did not seem to follow the mood.

escorting the elf employee, I, who had nothing to do, looked around the shop

It was different than when I came, the current appearance is the same as a tea shop.

different than night time, is it because the customer’s goals are not the same?

From behind the counter urgent footstep sounds emerged and Seal-san appeared

Recalling about the last time when we separated, I really wanted to find a hole and

“I’m really sorry about what happened the day before yesterday. I did not pay and

“……No, it does not matter. Just by coming back, you already have made me very

I bowed down and apologized, Seal-san was smiling as usual.

so my tears unconsciously flowed out. I used the excuse of something entering my

“This is the money that I haven’t paid for. If it was not enough, I can give

“I did not say such a thing. Just having your feelings is enough……It should be my

After saying those final words, I immediately said that Seal-san did not have to


shoulders. As if she was relieved.

something and clapped her hands together. “Please wait a moment” Then she

Seal, who came back, was carrying a big basket.


about that, I also helped out quite a bit……”

“I want you to taste it, is that no good?”

She wanted to cheer me up……No, it is to cheer for me.

Noticing her mood, I smiled and accepted the basket.

and revealed gentle smile.

Uwaah, from the door behind the counter came out the female boss——Mia.

Among the dwarves, she would be considered slightly big. Whether from looking

“Ahah, so that was it, he came back to pay back the money. Doesn’t it make people


“Seal, don’t intervene. How is work at that side?”

After Seal-san had said her greetings, she left. Mia revealed a heroic (not a bold)

Then this person said something about “If he does not come, then this place will

toy”. If I was really a bit later, then my own life would have been in danger.

“Seal, if you handed that out, then you won’t have a meal during the day……”

“Nya, why do you choose to endure and give it to that person, nyaaa? If it is an

“No, this……”


From within the kitchen came out a loud voice, but I did not pay any attention to it.

of Mia.

plea, then you would have already been at the bottom of the lake.”

I could not laugh.

“Seal attempted to chase after you, did you not see it? Seeing that gloomy Seal

lot of effort to prevent that”

(But, if it was like this…….Chasing me……)

I really wanted to pay my gratitude, this was what I thought.

“What is it?”

desperately fighting for your own life is enough. Even if your knowledge had

I widened my eyes.


“In the end, the person who is still standing on his feet is the best. Even if the

then I would use a big feast to entertain them. You see, those people are the


don’t cause any trouble for us, go away now”

Even if my breathing had stopped, my feelings of gratitude had not.


being turned into materials to fuel me.

to survive.

“Kid, I will only say up to here, but if you died, I would not forgive you”

Walking outside of the store, I mindfully called out “I’m leaving!”, then when I

× × ×

The moon had risen up into the sky, the surroundings had already become dark.

everywhere, and in addition there were many sounds of leaves falling.

towards the grassy area, and landed at a certain spot which was their limit.

Saying that it was a castle wall was not an exaggeration, the thick, tall, and sturdy

The interior of the defensive wall was created by a large rock, revealing a little bit

outside world.


Goddess had not yet descended, there exist a few large cities in the world, at the

The city walls that surrounded the city were in a perfect circular shape. From the

it heads to the center, the buildings began to become relatively shorter. The city

Stone Lamp.

In the center of the huge city, it erected stone walls that soared to the skies.

seemed to cut through the darkness, and creating a huge shadow, releasing its

Orario is this tower, and would have their consciousness temporarily taken away.

center —— Which was like the name of the city, as the dungeon is the main

Orario had this special feature of a dungeon, and compared to the other cities, this

throughout the continent was also here, the dungeon which was known as one of

one had contacted before. And this had attracted countless curious

Of course, there are more adventurers that were dedicated more to the benefits.

unlimited amounts of Magic Stones and loot drops, this vast treasure, plus the

and Goddess in Orario attracted to it, the ability to obtain honor, and with their

This was known to them as the unknown excitement, the great amount of wealth,

All of this gathered within the city.

Then, people who were attracted by their dreams ——there could possibly be a

“Ah, isn’t that the representative of the ultra-poor Takemikazuchi-kun!

“Ah, isn’t it the Takemikazuchi that always had that bad and collapsing face! Hey

“These damn Gods……! ?”

Compared to the adventurers that were seeking the unknown, the
very natural.

The unthinkable amount of Gods formed a huge group.

“Ohoh, long time no see—. Has it been a few hundred years?”

“Ah—since there has been so long that I haven’t seen you—. You have also

“Excuse me, although it may be off-topic, but is the venue for the

A building that exuded an atmosphere of deceit was currently right in front of her

In the shining megalopolis Orario, only this stood out as different. Rather, it was


by white screens, was sitting cross-legged.

and prestige, it was in a posture where the chest was stuck out, causing people who

was being illuminated by numerous large-scale Magic Stones.


knowing how he thinks, but he used the money earned from his to

The stronghold of the was the location for the
The membership was not that good, they were almost crying when they entered

“What is Ganesha thinking of?”

These few beautiful men, wearing the same outfits as nobles, smiled and walked in.

They were the guests of the that Ganesha had organized.

World to meet up. There were completely no rules about which god organizes it or

participate can participate. It completely demonstrates the inconsistency and

“To everyone who has gathered here today! I am Ganesha! This time, to have so

also something that I want to say, this year, which is also the same as the previous 

years, the Philia will be hosted three days later, and to everybody’s

The interior space had a different appearance than the building.

Ganesha, who looked exactly the same as the design of the outside building, he

usual, ignored the voice and continued to converse and laugh.

cloths were various dishes, the scent of the food floated around to every direction.

around, the band was waiting near the walls.

together. The invitation of is delivered based on the organizer’s

based on the organizer.

of the Gods in the Labyrinth City were invited.

“Mmm! Waiter, quickly give me a stool, hurry!”

Among the bustling sounds, Hestia had summoned a waiter from
could not reach the inner part of the table.


had an shocked expression.

To her, the stationed food means that there is no need to be polite.
reduce the burden to Bell, Hestia completely ignored her dignity, and took on an

In fact, the clothes that she was wearing wasn’t a luxurious dress, it was just

“Ah, the Loli Big Boobs came”

“Oh, I heard that she was working hard at the north side of the business street. She

“As — expected — from — the Loli God……! !”

which attendees were quietly eating their meal, even if it was different from their

It was like she was being played, but Hestia decided to ignore them, and

constantly chewing.

“Mugu? Mmmm”

Turning around, what entered her eyes was red hair and a pure red dress that

Slender body lines, and a sharp face, showing a strong and stubborn consciousness.

Then what was most eye-catching about the eyebrow was that half of her face was

A beauty with an eye patch on her right eye, was looking at Hestia shocked.


was able to see a more pleasant posture, I would be even more happy.”

Stone Lamp in the sky illuminated these red lines, it was dazzling as if it had sugar

No matter when you look at it, the hair was always still beautiful, Hestia, with a

“This is great, you really did come. Coming here was indeed the right decision”

“H…How rude!”

about the sorrowful story about Hestia.

Although they had associated for a long period of time, but once they began living

trust in her dropped dramatically.

Hestia had relied on Hephaestus for a long period of time, she did not have money

she had received great care from Hephaestus.

but she could not just leave her alone, and was troubled.

was arranged by Hephaestus.

adding Bell to her .

In reality, Hestia tried to act as an adult in front of Bell, but she was a God that

“Am I a God that would do such a thing! Of course, I was taken care of by

now, do you still think that I will bother my friends?!”

“Mmmm……That’s incorrect, this is, something that will be left over

use of, what is……”

tears by this action”

Facing Hephaestus, Hestia regretfully muttered.

A clear footstep sound was heading towards Hephaestus from behind.


more outstanding to the other gods. It can be said that it was in a completely

White skin that was like brand new snow. Her slender limbs seemed to be floating

your reasoning may be in danger. The dress with gold engravings revealed her

dyed in the color of sakura.

Her long eyelashes seemed like they were completely enveloped by light.

A goddess with the charm of beauty, Freya, shaking her long hair, walked in front

“You…Why are you here……”

stroll around the venue.”

“Are there any problems, Hestia?”

The Goddess of Beauty asked while smiling.

“I am just not good at dealing with you”

Hestia waved her hand, expressing that she should not be like this.

the other gods, was known as a , she was also the most

To the gods that were basically fickle and lascivious, the ability that they want

lower world people seeing this, will also be attracted towards it.

This made the other gods very troubled.

“Hey! Hephaestus-tan, Freya —, Shorty! !”

annoying fellow”

“Ara, isn’t that good”

heading over.

because it was for the party, she rolled it up. Wearing a thin black dress.

she was also wearing the same expression as Hestia.

“Why did you come over here, you……!”

be more accurate! If you want a reason, then it is because I have too much free

“……! ……! !”

Loki, who was two heads taller, attempted to act as an fool, Hestia did not have

Facing her, Hestia had nothing to say.

“Really long time no see, Loki. I also met Hestia and Freya, today really isn’t

“Ah —, indeed it has been a long time……Mmm, there are also faces that I did not

Widening her tiny eyes, Loki sent a smile towards the silver-haired goddess.

glass cups, closed her eyes, without losing her smile.


“Hmmm ——, Ah, Loki, the fame about your has often been heard

“Not really, if the successful Hephaestus-tan also says this, then I could be


up her embarrassment, her expression was completely hidden.

“Hey, Loki. I heard that in your there is a Wallen-whatever person,

“Ah, , right? I also want to hear about it”

tomorrow? Armageddon! Ragnarok ! I’m getting this kind of feeling!”

“……I’ll ask you. The rumored , is there any relationship with a

“Idiot, Aizu is my darling. I will absolutely not let her marry out, no matter who it


“Why are you clicking your tongue here……”

She was sure that she did the same to Bell. Hestia thought that how nice it would

From beside her, Hephaestus suddenly noticed one thing, then said.

“Although I am talking about it now, but Loki wearing a dress is really rare?

“——Fuhehe, about this, Hephaestus-tan. I heard that there was a Shorty that was

Secretly aiming at Hestia, Loki approached the shorty herself.

(Aaannnoooyyyiiinnnggg! !)


met was not even a century ago. Even so, this fellow has always been like this

play around with me

thing she doesn’t have, but Hestia does.

“Hmmm ——! ! This fellow really is funny! In order to mock me, she even

“What! ?”

……Specifically a talent for digging your own grave! !”

Currently, the dress that Loki was wearing had a high degree of exposure. The

Hephaestus was holding one arm and looked around with an expression



gorgeous dress.

chest! It is like the despair when facing a cliff, idiot! ? Oh, I think I said something

“It isn’t nice at all you idiotttttttttttttttttttttt! !”

Loki, with tears in her eyes, finally fought against Hestia.

Pulling them in all directions.

reach Loki, every single attack hit empty air.

“Loli Big Boobs vs. Loki Boobless……!”

“The Boobless will in the end be careless, 10 Elixirs”


The gods were all in an uproar.

given up.


Continued and continued, to shake.

( ( ( ( ( ( She’s totally shaken……) ) ) ) ) )

Without even glancing at the girl rolling on the floor, Loki turned away and left

The figure of the victor and the loser of the battle.

you loser dog!”

Loki finally could not hold back, and fled from the venue.

“She’s really become soft, that Loki……”

became a child…… “


“Before coming to the Lower World, in order to pass time she would fight against

dangerous at all”

“No. The same as you two”

Hephaestus lifted up Hestia from behind, and she stood up.

“Loki seems to like kids very much. So it became like this.”

“Heh, didn’t you say before are not willing to enter my


“I remember that it was a white-haired, red eyed human? When you came to report

Beside Hephaestus, who was nodding her head, Freya moved slightly.

“Then, please excuse me”

“It’s enough already. I already confirmed the things that I wanted to hear……”

people’s conversation?”

made a surprised expression.

at Hestia.

“……And, I have already had enough of the men here”



Only leaving Hestia and Hephaestus to make a subtle expression, and they looked

“As expected, Freya is also a ……What a slut”


gods……she will be hated by her kids”


This was her habit. Simply put, if she feels dissatisfied or something is

Seeing this action, Hestia sighed herself.

preparing to head back?”

She recalled about her original purpose.

like the past times?”

Facing the suddenly panicking Hestia, Hephaestus tilted her head.

Her line of sight was wavering between the slender neck and the red hair, Hestia

“About this……There is something I want to request from Hephaestus……”

Suuu, the red colored left eye became narrow.



carefully about what you have just said?”

“You will not bother me, isn’t that what you said?”

A glare as if she was seeing garbage in front of her. Within her heart, Hestia had an

However, once she thought about Bell’s face, her heart was suddenly motivated

With a half-baked resolve where it was possible to be hated by her own friend,

“……Incidentally, I’ll still hear it. What—Are—You— requesting from me?”

The created by her, who was known as a Fire God in heaven, was the

Even if it was inside the Labyrinth city, which is impossible to survive in without

that every adventurer that lived here knew about.

You can say it was a famous brand.

developed, is better than over a hundred products. Besides from Orario, many


“For Bell-kun……the child in my , please make a weapon!”

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