Dungeon Ni Deai O Motomeru No Wa Machigatte Iru Darou Ka / Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka Vol 1 Chapter 6

Chapter 6

“Ganesha-sama, Ganesha-sama! This is bad, big trouble!”

still ongoing.

reached a climax as they watched the tamer perform a horse-riding show, and

“————What is so urgent, I am Ganesha.”

On the uppermost seats of the coliseum, Ganesha, who was standing in a location

elephant mask seemed to expressed a strange posture.

whispered in her own heart, but she still immediately reported the emergency

“The monsters we captured have escaped! The monster stables are completely

“……Uh, isn’t this a lot of trouble?”

Facing Ganesha-sama, who had finally stopped his weird actions, his Familia


guild were also affected. From this information, they predicted that someone

With a strange expression, Ganesha listened. After he finished listening to their

“Escaped, no, it should be how many monsters were let out?”

high-class adventurers……”

mask that he was wearing was trembling.

the small dragon, the tamer issued off a command to stop, and at the same time,

bowed its head down and used its tongue to lick the hand of the tamer.

to tame the dragon, lifted his hand and waved at the audience. The audience

“Okay, immediately chase after those monsters! Also, quickly seek the help of


out is our mistake. If we request from help from other forces, then we may be

“I am everybody’s Ganesha! Do you want the civilians that we protect to be

reputation, these things can be just thrown aside.”

“The Festival will continue! Do not let the coliseum audience out. Also, do not tell


“U…Understood! Also, about the matter of capturing the one that let the monsters

“Oh, we will temporarily ignore that. Because after all, they did not release all the

wanted to cause destruction. I think they have another goal. If we mobilize our

us, the civilian’s safety is the MOST! IM-POR-TANT!”

The monsters’ escape was confirmed to be less than 5 minutes ago. According to


This was when Ganesha had knew about this matter.

“Ehhh,Ahh! Just when they ran out from the coliseum, they were seen by the team

measures……What should we do, Eina~”

thinking. Her eyebrows creased.

“No matter what actions we do, it will still be good. Base on the distance from



ranked employees. When the West Entrance had problems, because they


they could not conceal their inner anxiety and confusion.

also understand that we need to prioritize saving human lives. They do not have

then it will already be too late!”


Festival, and the happy civilians who were actively participating, and slowly

Perhaps her sincere thoughts were effectively, but the other guild employees

they immediately began to discuss about how to divide the tasks on how to deal

“……Excuse me. May I ask what has happened?”

When everybody turned to look at the voice of the owner, everybody seemed to be

“A…Aizu Wallenstein……”

stare at the female in front of her.

short shirt. The rapier, that was usually placed on top of the armor, was also inside

in the sunlight.

others, she is an completely unattainable existence, and was standing right in front


She quietly listened and once she completely understood the situation, she turned


also slightly help out Ganesha, that fellow.”

filled with joy.

felt her shoulders stiffen again when she heard the next question.

“Y…Yes. Most of the monsters headed off in the direction of East Main Street.”

headed off to?

“Misha, what kind of monsters escaped?”

Listening to her friend’s answer, Eina’s brows creased.

monsters that even appear further down on the 20th floor.

were an insurmountable existence.

Eina lifted her head and stared at the sky in the direction of East Main Street.


The nervous atmosphere caused my ears to even feel some minor pain.

In this bright and brilliant street that was decorated with flags everywhere, there

Listening to the echoing cries from the surrounding, I was at a complete loss of

That monster, with its long hair that seems like a tail, roared. The handcuffs and

let out a grinding noise as it dragged along on the floor.

I remembered the name because of Eina-san’s guidance and her lessons about the

This was a monster that appeared in a floor far below the floor that I reached.


The Silverback began to move.

——It’s coming over.



enemy’s body.

screamed in terror. Our bodies rolled beautifully together with me on the stone

After rolling two or three times, we stopped. I swiftly lifted my head and kneeled

Using a posture that covered Kami-sama and stood up.

The Silverback that had its attack dodged turned around and rushed towards this

It’s ferocious eyes targeted us, and once again, rushed over to us.

Looking at the monster that had absolute no confusion about heading towards us, I

the exact opposite direction of where the monster had headed to.

single second. But my action was futile as the Silverback immediately fixed its


This monster was not looking at me, it’s locked target was ——Kami-sama!?

earlier, and I had sprained my body. To the fellow that seemed to be blocking the

right hand swung through the air.


The violent punch exploded on my body.

Although it hit the armor on top, but it still created a massive impact and my

I felt that my entire field of vision seemed to have frozen, and my body seemed to


refreshing noise.

knocked into a small shop. To be accurate, half of my body was stuck inside the

trying to breathe.

The street had entered a state of complete chaos.

Just like a spider larvae, everyone was scrambling and striving to be first. In


In front of the approaching Silverback, stood a girl shivering.

“Ughhh, NOOOO”

Enduring the pain that was eroded my entire body, my body also had some strength.

I ran over to the chains that were attached to the monsters hands that created



extremely sharp and impatiently pulled with all its strength.


In terms of strength, there was no comparison. In front of the monster’s power, I

Despite this, I still used my entire body’s strength to pull onto the chain——Then


reverse momentum. The chain drew a big arc in the sky. For now, an opening had

I ran past the monster in one breathe and grabbed onto Kami-sama’s hands.

————If we walk on the Main Street, we’ll be caught!




“H…How would I know!? It is the first time for me to see that monster! I really

I held onto Kami-sama’s tiny arms, and used a moaning sound to inquire about this

had happened. She seemed very uneasy and held onto my hand even more tightly.

and it was still closely following.

It looks like the monster was not trying to randomly attack others. It looked like

(What on earth is happening!?)

Although it was still daytime, the inside of the alley felt faint and gloomy. This

terrain seemed to maintain the exact same shape, the sunlight was unable to shine

We ran down the path and headed to the south of the East Main Street. This means

Main Street.

was no time for us to think about it.

expression because she was unable to breathe. Behind her was a dark shadow that

the monsters.

However, It was still there.

I turned my line of sight back to the front, then I selflessly increased my leg’s

situation, no matter what, we should still run first. Just like that.


Then after passing the big bend on the path, I finally understood the meaning of the


There were many bends in the alley; On the walls, a few rooms and dirty stairs

was also arranged quite messily.

This is ……?

Because the area was rebuilt many times, so it had become a confusing residential

This was a strange and complex area that was inhabited by the poor. It was said

residential area was named after the designer who was responsible for

dungeon than the actual dungeon.


up getting flanked.

eyes seemed to have completely seen through my fear and could only bitterly avoid


From the alley, the monster’s figure could be clearly seen within our visions.

onto the hand of Kami-sama and headed towards Daedalus Road.

air inside this dark, constructed residential area seemed to be sticky and wet.

many small huts made with stones. On the wall outside of the house was a few

dressed up very neat seemed to understand completely the complex road and was

Once they noticed us running, and the Silverback behind us, the color in their face

entire area had become deserted.


compared to a normal human, had already reached its limits.

approaching Silverback seemed to be able to seize Kami-sama, who was gradually

“Kami-sama, turn there!”


uphills, we took a fork and entered another road. This way we have changed our

(Did we escape from it?)

distance from the Silverback. I observed the rear.

retreated? I suddenly felt at ease for a moment.

My sense of hearing seemed to feel the abnormal movement first.

Once I thought that the disturbing sound was coming from somewhere that wasn’t

(This is bad————!?)

was cut off by a white-object several times.

and gently moved between the buildings. Completely ignoring the structure of this


It was a surprise attack from above. The monster that dropped right in between me

the landing, Kami-sama and I were each standing separately at one side.

And I was looking face to face with the Silverback. Just when I was about to

blocking me also made its move.

I, who was standing in front of it, completely received this massive roar.

There was no special effect, it could not even count as an attack, it was just an

It was a roar that could only come from the instincts of a wild beast, but it deeply

I had completely entered a state of .

The pressure from the Silverback was the real deal.

buried. What was awaken in my mind was the Minotaur.

also continued to tremble.

Right now I was standing at a crossroad.

reminded of the symbol of despair, the Minotaur. I really wanted to escape far far

Inside there was a person. An existence that I must protect. The hand that was


Fear and Obligations, Imagination and Mission. The completely contrasting


simply conquered.

Despite this.

Because of the tiny will of being a man, I could not back away from this.

Go on.

You must go on ahead right!?


It felt like as if I expelled all the fear away, and unexpectedly, strength surged

I stomped towards the Silverback.

The Silverback also went on attack.

attacked. I could only rely on my body’s instincts to move.

Suddenly, I lowered my head and that exaggerated left fist passed through the top

I equipped my dagger on me, this was a golden opportunity.

and used my strength to slash at it.


The dagger that I was swing on my left hand also felt a strong impact and

The weapon bounced off. The dagger did not even pierce through that white, rough

——The dagger shattered?

fragments of the blade, my cheeks unconsciously twitched.

I was completely stunned by the scene in front of my eyes, and could not speak.


directly to the wall.

for a moment, as I tried to open both my eyes.

What was in front of me right now, was a ugly monster face.

How could this be? Just when I was thinking about this, the Silverback deliberately

completely distorted due to fear.

If this continues, then I will really be finished……!?

from the other’s binds——At this moment, my fingers seemed to have touched

I lowered my gaze, it was a Magic Stone Lamp that was installed onto the wall.

Chandelier from the wall. I single-handedly operated the fist-sized Magic Stone

Pressing the Magic Stone Chandelier, that was so bright that you could not open


eyes and took a few steps backwards.


ran over to Kami-sama. Before she could say what she wanted to say, I grabbed


A unspeakable remorse filled my heart.

I am so weak, I completely failed to protect the person in front of me.

Weak, Poor, Frail, Fragile, Delicate, Spineless, Flimsy, Powerless, Vulnerable and

It felt that I had completely accepted these ridicule phrases. It surged through my

The voice of the beastman youth, even Wallenstein had heard of the phrases that

Exactly the same, the same as that time.


It was a beast-like roar from afar.

The enemy will chase once again.

We will certainly be caught up, even if we were to be lucky, it will absolutely not

In order to protect Kami-sama, In order to help her, what should I do……!

As these thoughts flashed through my mind, a simple answer appeared.

weak me was capable of doing.

If it was to help Kami-sama, then it was enough.


disappeared, Kami-sama gasped while she asked me. It feels like she was worried

I completely ignored Kami-sama’s question and turned to the right in the crossroad.

black stone road, was a tunnel—— A narrow sewer appeared, looking inside, you

residential area nearby.

who was thrown inside, had a surprised expression and turned her head to

Then, I slowly shut the iron fence that was located near the entrance.

“……Sorry, Kami-sama”

became cold.


“I……What are you planning to do!?”

To the weak me, who was unable to protect this person, it was the only method to

Being the bait.


Perhaps she understood my real intentions, Kami-sama had a shocked face and

“Y…You…Why are you saying such stupid things!???”

“No! I disagree! I will absolutely not agree to such a thing! Immediately open this,


That small body clinged onto the unmovable iron fence, trying to push it forward,

Facing the feelings that had led me, I felt happy, but at the same time, I felt said.



So I can only follow my own heart and say the words that laid deep in my heart.


My grandfather was killed by a monster. Because he was attacked while he left the

could only hear the news about his death from the villager’s mouth, nothing more.

So, from the depths of my heart, the concept of family was precious.

“I am extremely afraid about losing my family……I could not protect anyone, that

Coming to Orario to have a fateful encounter was absolutely not a lie. As if it was

would not be broken off, I listened to this person’s words, and went to search for

However, I believe that besides from that, somewhere in my heart, I was also

The gods were able to give, that was the bonds of a family.

“So, Please, Allow me to protect Kami-sama, this family member!”

because I could not protect her, so that’s why I said this wish out loud.

eyes and stared at me, her face has also become increasingly bitter.


Kami-sama’s eyebrows creased, her face was filled with sadness. She raised her

“……There’s no problem. The speed of my

In the end, I still strongly smiled at Kami-sama.

Hearing Kami-sama constantly calling me from behind, but I did not look back.

This happened because of my own weakness of not being able to accomplish


came from and returned to the crossroad.

head, I put my hand into the pouch on my leg. The potion that had
that it contained.

surged upwards.

The Silverback ran out from the end of the path.


The monster noticed Kami-sama was not around, and looked left and right. But I


After confirming that the monster was running over towards me, I also began to

This happened because of my own weakness of not being able to accomplish

While I was escaping, my sight was attracted to the bright right lines on the wall. It


Kami-sama saw these signs, then it should be easy for her to escape.

should be able to reach the depths of Daedalus Road. If I lead it over there, then it

I, who found the directions, immediately headed to the opposite direction of the


From the shadows of the nearby streets, from the small windows in their houses,

movements of me and the monster.

(Who, in the end, who was it?)

However, there was a completely different gaze that I could not ignore, a gaze with

It was completely different than the fearful gaze, it felt like a carefree and relaxed

For awhile now, this person has been watching me. It was a feeling of déjà

uncomfortable, my consciousness was still attracted to it.

Words cannot fully describe the faint chill that emerged in my throat. I used my



attack above from the Silverback. I was thrown onto the stone road. I could only

Although it looked rather rough, a sprinkler that was spouting a water pillar was in

an atmosphere that felt like it was for a resting area.


on me gradually became more intense, and maybe it was because it could not find

I do not know how, but even the two chains on its wrist also began to swing around

The ground was shattered, the walls were cut apart, it was just like as if a tragic

Because of the irritating sound of the air, being pierced through by the monstrous


ferocious attack over and over again.

Finally, I was caught.

Accompanied by a sharp, high-pitched roar, the chains were also straighten up, and

Although because I had placed my dagger to guard my head, I successfully

Red sparks flashed through my eyes, followed by my body flying away.

“Ahh, kuuu……!?”

and desperately tried to stand up. I did not care about my body’s reaction to resist it,

As expected, I was completely unmatched. There was absolutely no way to win

My line of sight froze at the stone street, and the pain and remorse intertwined

I slowly raised my head. I saw the Silverback was spraying its saliva as it roared in

was holding onto issued a metallic rattling sound.

seemed like my body and mind had already given up.

still worried.

that one thing.

It was this feeling.

The moment that Wallenstein lent me a helping hand.

again. Because my heart still had this childish thinking of wanting to meet her once

feel tangled.

I had already some confusion with the current and the past scene, and bowed my



That voice that called out to me brought my back from my blank consciousness,

Lifting up my head, my vision had recovered. But the scene in front of my eyes, I

There was a person that came to help. It wasn’t that person, but it was a person

I saw the gasping Kami-sama, Hestia-sama.

Complex emotions surged through my incomprehensible body, not even a single


If this continues, then the situation will develop in the worst possible direction.

it feels like the color in its eyes had changed, and the target it locked onto changed

It widened its eyes and stared.

in the next moment, it used all its strength and rushed towards her.

I began to run.


shortened the distance

tiny body.

We passed by the huge body of the monster that was right in front of us. I and

Just when I thought whether if I will fall down as I recklessly ran into another path,

Following the sounds of the screams, the world in front of my eyes spun over a

“……K…Kami-sama, are you alright!?”

After encountering such a strong impact, I who was thrown into the flat stone road,

time, Kami-sama who fell onto ground also felt dizzy and replied using a feeble

After I felt assured, I immediately raised my voice and asked.


Kami-sama’s clothes were completely drenched in sweat. Probably, after I


the intelligence from the witnesses who observed my and the monster running


me with complex feelings.

Kami-sama, said this to me.

and gently smiled.


back to you!”

Her tiny mouth softly said.


That promise that I absolutely cannot forget.

——“ Please, don’t leave me alone” ——

And left Kami-sama alone.

Frowning, I struggled to speak.

Then before I had finished speaking, Kami-sama was determined and interrupted

“It is too early to give up, Bell-kun”

“I have an idea.”

Under my gaze, Kami-sama had a prideful expression and opened the box.


Kami-sama also had her mouth half open and looked above.

an ape-like silhouette that was rapidly descending.


We immediately fled from the place.

Silverback. Kami-sama and I did not stop and continued to accelerate.

Then what were those touching lines from earlier!?


Seeing Kami-sama fall onto floor, I could not help but exclaim.

bowing to the gods. At this moment, the Silverback was also quickly approaching

“S…Sorry, Kami-sama!”

It was not the time to say this.

A princess carry ——Just like what the heroes would always do in those fairy tales.

continued to mutter.

of my heart……!”

Kami-sama’s words did not convey to myself.

tight to Kami-sama. I used all my strength and pushed off. Kami-sama was

concentrated on running around and escaping this endless labyrinth.

Finally, at last, we were abandoned by the goddess of luck.

In front was a three floor tall building, completely blocking the path, and forming a

no way to head back. Out path to retreat was completely blocked.

Kami-sama looked around, the residents of Daedalus Road continued to secretly


undoubtedly be asking for trouble. Such a reaction was to be expected and we

Slowly, the monster will catch up.

jaw, as if she was thinking of something.


and lifted my head.

“Bell-kun, you will defeat that monster.”

“I will update your status here once again. Afterwards, using your enhanced

Indeed, if Kami-sama can update my status that was engraved on back again, then

But……Even so, I still could not stand up against it.

reached the 6th floor, it was a figure that was double. It could be said that the

which the monster appeared represents the difference in strength. My

still an existence that was incomparable.


attack was completely useless against that guy. Even if my power increased a bit, I

After entering Daedalus Road, I had already tried to use my deadliest attack that I

Even if my Status was to be enhanced, and the strength of my weapon also

“I……absolutely cannot defeat that guy.”

The insults that the beastman youth had said. The constant laughter of the

painful to the current me.

Right now, my self-confidence was completely gone.


Kami-sama said this while using a hand to open the chest, and placing the item in

What was taken out was a black dagger within its sheath.

was astonishing about this dagger was that from the handle to its sheath, even the

It was a straight dagger that was completely dyed black.


out a faint red light in my hand.

the design of the weapon.

“Bell-kun, when did you become such a lowly fellow? Before, you were always

depths of the dungeon, right? The you, who was carefree, at that time, found a goal

Shrugging my shoulders, Kami-sama continued to use a gentle voice to speak.

Bell Cranel, who made that Wallen-whatever monster-like woman as a target, this

Finally, Kami-sama’s face became solemn, and then continued to speak.


you trust me, the me, who completely trust in you.”

my eyes.

the sound of crying, I nodded my head and replied “Yes.”


Under the sunlight, the messy houses in Daedalus Road let off a small shadow. As

increasingly stronger.

(Hurry Hurry Hurry, Faster!)

work nonstop. In front of her was Bell’s back. He was currently in a kneeling


underwear remained on his upper body. Hestia constantly used her god’s blood to

You do not need to use your eyes to update the Status. After all, it was the

bringing it out. Even if it was separated by underwear, as long as the body itself

“——Hey, Hestia? Listen to me.”

them. Hestia remembered the words of Hephaestus.

words, this weapon could also be considered as alive.”

Status to it. This was the current .

“Which also means that, just like the child that was granted God’s Grace, it also

will also evolve.”

So, this dagger could only be used by the people who also have Hestia’s Grace. As

Hephaetus had said this.

will also demonstrate an appropriate level of strength.”

Not too strong nor too weak, it was a weapon of growing.

you hand it to Bell Cranel, its growth will only just begun.”

Then as the user becomes the strongest, this dagger will also become the strongest

“To Blacksmiths, this type of weapon that can reach the strongest level, is

To her friend, who was filled with complaints, Hestia offered her sincere gratitude.

This weapon that will be effective against the Silverback was also maturing.

To Bell, who has the skill in his status, how much will it

point was questionable.


Hestia’s heartbeat also gradually accelerated, basically at the same time, the Status



Endurance: H 101 – H 199

Agility: F 313 – D 512


It was an rapid increase. Could it still increase? It was already growing at an

The flames of jealousy to Aizu lit up in Hestia’s chest, making her almost mad. But

(If that’s the case……!)

Bell’s hand was holding onto that black blade, and like a fetus beating around, the

(Next is all up to Bell-kun!)

“Okay, go!”

× × ×

The moment after hearing this sound, Bell’s bodily perception had reached its limit.

by a group of flames. However, his head was still clear and bright.



It was the Silverback. Even though I have been strengthened, it was a monster that

There was a very slim chance of victory. Can I really defeat this monster, Bell was

However, even if he could not believe it, he still could not continue to remind

If it was just like Hestia had said, no matter what, Bell will still believe in it.

fight against the monster.

The Silverback stopped its roar.


different speed. Even though there may still be a large gap between them, but the


do not do any silly things that will risk your life!”

Eina-san had said to him.

monster must have the existence of an unavoidable weakness.”

postures of numerous monsters.

spot that will make even monsters cry.”

“It only takes one attack. If you are able to penetrate through the enemy’s skin,

The reason behind why monsters are monsters was because they all carry the

“The rest, even if I don’t say it, you should understand it right? Yes, no matter

——Magic Stone. That is the absolute weak spot for defeating monsters.

The Silverback was also approaching. At that moment, the time seemed to be in

let out a faint light. A powerful attack seemed to be leaking out


killing blow that he betted everything on.

enemy’s chest.

A sudden attack.

The black blade pierced through the center of the monster’s chest.

followed was the feeling of something hard being shattered.


the sky.

In the end, the body that only wished to pierce through its enemy seemed to be like

Soon, he fell onto the ground.

After rolling on the ground a few turns, he finally stopped. Bell laid on the ground


be stagnant. And finally, the body began to collapse.


following the wind, it had completely disappeared without leaving a trace.

the purplish-red light continued to glow.

Immediately, sounds of cheers burst out from all directions.

who had been watching the battle between Bell and Silverback. It was completely

They stuck their bodies from the windows and kept cheering. In the corner of this

Facing the constant praises about himself, from all directions, Bell also revealed a

At least they succeeded. In the depths of the road stood Hestia with a face filled
with a glorious smile——Then she fell down onto the ground. B

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