Dungeon Ni Deai O Motomeru No Wa Machigatte Iru Darou Ka / Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka Vol 2 Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Jiri, Jiri, the sound of scraping the soil was heard everywhere.

surrounded by light green walls. This was known as a . It is a cubic space

Inside this place, I held my in a reversed grip and headed

Four legs, two thin and sharp forearm, plus two huge eyeballs. Its entire body was

of ants.

roughly the same size as me. Also it used its thin waist as support when it lifted its


Floor’s , these two are usually known by Adventurers as the

The name originates from the hard shell that wrapped around its whole body, as

in the dust. The skin that was covering the body was as solid as a armor. You can

really isn’t a joke if you were directly hit by its shelled attack.

suddenly breaking out caused people to dread it.

Constant attacks, until the other’s defense completely shattered, then taking the

pattern of the Killer Ants.

become their prey, because it was different than the monsters that could be easily


grinding its teeth.

it doesn’t actually make a noise, it seems that it will secrete a hormone that we

This tactic matches very well with its hard shell. Although to us Adventurers, it is

No matter what, to defeat it, you must rely on a swift attack. Of course, killing it in

Separated by a few steps away, the Killer Ant and I stared at each other.

The one that moved first was me. No matter what, counterattacking and attack

So my side was the one that provoked the battle. I issued a cry and rushed and

The enemy’s claw depicted a white arc in the air. It was approaching from the left

My side was faster. With an attack speed that was superior to the Killer Ant, I cut


I rotated around to the right side of the Killer Ant, which had lost its weapon.

prepare for the next instant.

the hard shells. It was the normal method to attack the soft flesh inside the gap.

difficult, at least in theory it was.

Aiming at the head of the Killer Ant, that lost its arm, and revealed a defenseless


At first, there was only the feeling. Then as the blade did not meet any resistance

Sannnnn, accompanied by a nice sound,the dagger slid through the Killer Ant’s

neck. The Monster’s head that was spinning in the air, carried a expression as if it

Following it, the body that seemed to notice that it lost its head, also fell to the

“……Ah, not bad!”


already familiar with my hand.

Killer Ant’s hard shell like it was butter.



the Magic Stone of the monsters I killed.

childhood days. During all my previous birthdays, I would get a picture book about

that, at that time, I would read the book very precariously. In the beginning, I did

But now when I was using this dagger, I would not be afraid and my heart

(Thank you, Kami-sama……)

I smiled cheerfully and thankfully.

weapon, and also to not disappoint Kami-sama’s expectations.

to continue my exploration of the 7th floor.

“You really are courageous huh~?”

Bell could not help but let out a scream. In contrast to Eina’s

now frowning in front of him.

headquarters while admiring the very existence of the dagger he obtained from


had increased to the 7th floor. The instant he mentioned this, Bell felt that he




stared at him and Bell was forced to enter a state where he was being stared at like

The reason behind Eina’s anger was just as she had said, that Bell did not care

was the act of Adventurers going on an

“A week ago, who was the person who nearly died against a Minotaur!?”

“Then why do you still have this behavior of continuing to go down floors! You

“S…Sorry…….!” Bell said this while holding back his tears. From Eina’s

could only turn into a demon and shout at him.

enter the floors below the 5th floor.

difficulty will also increase. Using Bell entering the 7th floor as an example, the

than the situation of meeting a group of Kobolds. A person would be completely


your happy attitude and deeply engrave the terror of the dungeon inside your

Huh, Bell issued off an unpromising sound.

already been engraved on every inch of his skin.

guidance, saying “Yes, please give it to me” and sincerely embracing it was

“P…Please wait a minute!? About that, I, from that time have also grown a lot

“Your ability is obviously still at H, what kind of growth are you talking

“R…Really! My , a few abilities inside have already gone over E!?”

Eina suddenly stopped her actions. Her eyes froze in a stiff manner.

her face quickly showed disbelief.

“It’s true, It’s true! I don’t know if it was because of my recent good fortune or


Although her time of becoming Bell’s adviser was still short, but she could still

According to Eina’s observation, Bell just now did not lie.

“……Is it really an E?”

After a while, Eina reached out a hand towards Bell.

C, D, E…… At the same time, she leaked out a “Wuahhhh” sound. She tried again.

Eina was confused. Bell was not lying. Although he wasn’t lying, but his ability

Eina’s disbelief about his abilities being E was not groundless. With a time span of

deeply related to whether if that person was powerful or not. And generally most

had good skills.

matter what, that was too fast.

adventurer, then Eina may be persuaded, but the person in front of her was

“Wuahhhhh”, Eina, who continued to have a tangled expression. She was

Bell, who was being stared at on the other side, also did not say a word. It was as if

“……About this, Bell-kun”

“The engraved on your back, can you show it to me?”

Eina, with a serious expression, said this. Bell could not help but raise his voice.

“Ah, it isn’t that I don’t believe in you? Only that……”

Yes, only that……Bell’s Goddess Hestia probably wouldn’t have given him

Could it be that, there was any mistakes when conveying the information.

this sign, E, absolutely defies common knowledge for Eina.

Bell’s words.

The guild, which places the Adventurers under their jurisdiction, also developed

report their Lv and rankings since it acts as an indicator to judge their strength. But

Among this, there are people who have rare and Special .

become tomorrow’s enemy. It was natural to not reveal your own weaknesses and

“I will make a promise with you. From now on, I will not mention it to

responsibility. I swear to you that I’ll absolutely obey this.”

“Yes, although only a little. The abilities within should still be capable.

specialized in comprehensive Theology.

“If I can’t use these pair of eyes to confirm it, I, no matter how long, will not allow


“I will not look at Magic and the Skill windows, okay? Please!”

fine……I understand”

Considering she had taken care of him in various cases, he placed absolute trust in

“About this, then……Do I begin to strip?”

confirm it again! You’re also making me feel embarrassed!”

with sufficient space. Bell held back his embarrassment and quickly changed into

In that short amount of time, Eina stared at the black engraved on his

quickly coughed a few times to fix her arrayed head.


Lv. 1

Endurance: H 199

Agility: D 521


Although she had already accepted that there was a 50% chance that it was

Aside from , according to these abilities, it was more than enough to

was slightly lower, this clear lower gap for wasn’t a

was to dodge and create confusion, and then find an opportunity to strike once and

However, seeing that


inside her body has broken. Then gradually, a sudden chill blew through her back.

concerning the Adventurers entering the dungeon. Eina finally understood how

Bell’s , no matter what, it was simply too fast.

This possibility instantly flashed through her mind.

ability. If it was from a skill, Eina almost regretted while thinking about it……But,

(……If it was only a glance)

side of the center of the back.


impulse. Not only Eina, if there was a treasure chest with the lid opened,

Due to her curiosity, Eina looked at the Magic and Skill window.

She can’t read it.

contents of the Magic and Skill window.

just in case. She played a trick in the area where it would not affect Bell’s abilities,

Text>’s system and essence. It was too difficult for her to understand these twisted,

could be said that it was her unique method of writing.

“About this, Eina-san……you’re not finished yet?”

Listening to Bell’s shy voice, Eina’s ears also beeped once, and she recovered. She

Bell, who was quickly wearing his clothes, and issued an apology inside her heart.

Looking at his status, she couldn’t stop Bell from enter the 7th floor. Although it

trouble going alone as long as they are prepared.



clothes, Eina impolitely glued her eyes and stared at him. Bell could not help but

Actually, Eina did not stare at Bell’s body as if she wanted to lick his entire body.

cheap, armor.

“Ah, yes?”


Then after a day.

shape facing the Main Street. And stood there by myself.

Yes, meet……

Even though he knew something like that couldn’t happen, he couldn’t help but

Yesterday, Eina-san gave an invitation of buying my armor together.

equipment, which is that my current armor is too unreliable. That person really

Yes, that must be it. There is no other meaning. It is only the intimate kindness


Based on the form, it may seem to match.

front of the plaza’s statue at 10 am.

“Hey~, B~ell~kun~!”

Then the agreed upon time finally came.

became bigger in my field of vision.

buy new armor?”

——Towards being alone together with Eina-san, this matter somehow made me

This point cannot be clearly mentioned to her. This type of me, really is still

I, with an expression of not being able to calm down, looked left and right.

together with Bell-kun, but somehow I felt very excited”

always wear the guild uniform. However, today she was wearing a cute, white

removed the glasses she usually wear for her eyes.

but now Eina-san felt like she suddenly had an adult-like atmosphere. How could I


I excitedly stared at Eina-san and was captivated.

actually so excited now, is it me that feels a bit strange?”

Seeing me denying it in a panic, Eina- san smiled. Uwahhhh, Uwahhhh……

Adventurers was also very high.

“Cough, cough. Do you have anything you want to say, Bell-kun?”

She looked down at me from above with a mischievous eyes that looks like they

Uwahhh, Uwaaaa

“Hey! I’m only 19 years old!”

Eina used her slender white arms to mercilessly clasp down on my neck.

my cheeks were headed towards Eina-san’s chest……

“N…no, please forgive meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!?”

but cry out.

× × ×

“Ah, really? I would have thought that Eina-san was quite popular……Especially

“Fufu, you’re such a sweet talker, Bell-kun. But it’s the truth. After all, ever since I

Today was a bright and clear sunny day.

really, the blue skies was almost dazzling clear. I followed Eina-san from the North

walked, and I felt more relaxed physically and mentally.

filled with people everywhere. The shops, no matter how big or small, had

were in high spirits.

(while I was treated as a servant), but she would just wave graciously to counter it.

happiness and entered a state where he felt like his entire body had lost its strength.

will reach the dungeon.”

that I’m being mean? Ah, forget it, I’ll tell you”

known as the Main District’s Main Streets. They were: North, North-East, East,

oath. Overlooking the roads from the sky, it will look like four thick lines


above the dungeon.

overwhelming presence of the skyscraper facility while I quietly waited for Einasan

“The place we are heading to…….is actually the dungeon.”

“To be more precise, it is the skyscraper above the dungeon.”

skyscraper facility in front of my eyes.

was to observe and manage the dungeon.

“Inside Babel……Doesn’t it only have Adventurer’s Public Facilities such as

“You really don’t know anything……Forget it, you’ve only been an Adventurer

today, I’ll teach some useful information to you, okay?”

instill Dungeon knowledge into me from before. To be honest, looking at Einasan’s

I prayed that it would not develop into the situation back then, and I began to

“First of all, the guild-owned Babel, is just like what Bell-kun just said. It has the

is also a simple canteen, treatment facility and even a gold exchange, you know?”


probably wait a long time in line if you head there……Now, I’ll continue

also rents out spaces, and many businessmen would rent these areas to sell their

I can understand her intentions slightly. In other words, we’re heading to Babel in

“Because it was constructed directly above the dungeon, these shops are all

should be the representative for shop openings in Babel.


hanging from my waist.

“Ah, it is a popular that sells equipment. Their equipment qualities are

one…but I only know that much……”

leased out area of the

Looking at me, who issued the most tragic cry today, Eina-san gave off a smile that

How did something like this happen? Just when I wanted to inquire further, she

“W…We’re here……”


surrounded Babel. One can see the green plants and the various forms of fountains

While they were heading here, there were many residents in the streets that were

almost all of them are Adventurers carrying large-sized swords, spears and other

amount of people, this place did not give off a crowded feeling.

Familia>. That’s only something for the rich!”

“Please don’t joke around. I’ve been sweating like mad now!?”

she didn’t care. Her brisk pace shows no signs of slowing down.

“Okay, let’s go! If you’re a man, then don’t squirm around here trying to stop!”

thing I could do was let Eina-san pull me forward.

I did since I was small, was warm and gave off a slightly itchy feeling. My mind

However, after getting mixed in the crowd, the active male Adventurers around

This time, my face turned to blue, but thanks to that, it also helped me calm down.

Since we’re heading to the top-class Blacksmith shops in Orario, I’ll


Towards me, who was a male, but still squirmed around telling her to stop, she

I determinedly gave up, and carried the determination of being killed, trembled and

“Errrr, I don’t know……”

levels up. These abilities are more specialized than the .”

, Eina concluded.

to decide which abilities to enhance. Among these abilities,

from huh……No matter what abilities there

According to Eina, the ability is necessary for the current

this ability.

this, we also know that their faction’s fighting power should also be quite high.

ancient works have all become antiques, there are still some that are being

add attributes to weapons since they have the power of the given by the


they can place a skill from the Adventurer’s Status into the weapon as well. Just

Indeed, I unconsciously nodded.

“Among them, there are also weapons that can create phenomenons like


effects to magic are called . There are only a handful of

I couldn’t help but swallow. Although Eina-san was speaking casually, what she

that can defeat hundreds of veteran warriors——which is Magic.

of breaking apart once it reaches its limits. Although it doesn’t need

It really is a costly weapon that is thrown away after being used, Eina-san gave off

From her expression, I could tell that there are very few people that uses Magic

Adventurer, who wants stability in order to fight in an ever-changing dungeon, a

No matter what, it is possible to encounter accidents anywhere and at any time.

else is there?”

I might have the opportunity to use this knowledge eventually, no, I absolutely will

“Ah~, to Adventurers, the typical abilities are


“Yes. Speaking of this, it is to activate Gods’ 18 . This ability is also


“It seems to be a very old story. A member of a certain faction with this

effect is to directly give eternal life.”

“Fufu, indeed. But the main point of this story is at the end……The Sage joyfully

the stone to the God. But in front of the Sage’s eyes, the god threw it to the floor


soul, and that God seemed to laugh continuously.”

By the way, the myths that I mentioned here, refers to my Kami-sama who would

I, for the very first time, felt that I was lucky that my encounter with a God was

“The philosopher’s stone seemed to be something that was created accidentally. If

again who was able to utilize the ability to its maximum limit. The

“Maximum……? The Development Ability also have proficiencies just like the

“Unnn, it doesn’t have proficiencies with numbers like Basic Abilities. It only has

to the next rank, that it can’t even be compared to a Basic Ability.”

That must be an incredible ability……this was what I thought about what Einasan

After all, it was an area that I have no experience with, so I could only have such

While we were talking, we had already reached the door in front of Babel.

walls and hole occurred in multiple areas circling the tower. It was a design that

people or where they were coming from. Passing through the door, the white and

The entrance to the dungeon was underneath this place.

“Go up. After all, the vacant spaces that Babel provides starts at the 4th floor.”

On the 3rd floor, I explored using my upper body to discover the location of the

suddenly cut off as Eina-san grabbed onto my hand and pulled me to the center

We got on top of one of the several circular pedestals here. The wall was a

obvious feeling.

wall……The pedestal left the ground and began to float.


Looks like this glass-like object was a elevator to move between floors…….It


The stones looked like they were transforming the Magic Power inside

was informed by Eina-san that these Magic Stones have to be replaced every once

After a while, we reached the 4th floor of Babel.

others since it’s rare for us to come here. Bell-kun, you also want to look

After glancing around, there were shops that sell weapon and armor everywhere. I


the end, every shops belongs to the ……?


North-West Main Street.

shop was …… 8 Million Varisu.

The store right next to me had a display window. I looked carefully at the price of

(30 Milllion Varisu!?)

looking at me with a wry smile.

Today I brought the dagger that was created by Hephaestus. Kami-sama also said it

“Welcome~! This customer, may I ask what you want to buy today?”

by an employee with a bright, cheerful voice.

well-trained and beautiful business smile. Her cute black twin tails would often

Underneath the red apron, that looks like the uniform, she had a petite figure with

“……What are you doing, Kami-sama”

Kami-sama’s smile stiffened.

this place to work……!

can go to has increased, our Familia isn’t that short of money anymore”

obediently go home……! You coming here is too early!”



“Okay, let’s go home together!? After all, Kami-sama is a God. I can’t let you

“No, leave me alone, leave me alone Bell-kun! Sometimes Gods also have things

“What exactly do you mean, that Kami-sama also have times when she has

I was using both my hands to grab onto her right wrist, but Kami-sama turned her

In the end, what on earth happened that made Kami-sama so stubborn……!

such a scene. However, it was not the time to worry about such things.


Watawata, she panicked and ran off into the store’s interior. The petite figure and


Facing me, who issued a resigned sigh, Eina-san did not know whether to give out

Then I remembered that I didn’t come alone today, so I cooled off slightly and

……Currently, I should temporarily forget about Kami-sama……

“Letting you see such an embarrassing scene, I’m really sorry……”

I nodded while walking together with Eina-san, who had a wry smile. Our

This time, we also rode on the Magic Stone Elevator, and slowly rose to the upper

“Okay, we’re here.”

Opening the manual door of the elevator that stopped, I looked around. It was a

Sword, Spear, Axe, Hammer, Dagger, Bow, Shield, Armor and other defensive

out like tiles in the wide space of the floor. Also, I don’t know why, but the

Thinking that all the people here must be first-class Adventurers, I suddenly

“Like the high-class brand , I shouldn’t ruin them. Bell-kun

To me, who was ill at ease, could not say anything right now. I could only admit it.

“Actually there is no such thing. Forget it, it is best if you saw it instead! Follow

Eina-san took me and entered the shop with the most customers. It was a shop that

Continuously moving into the interior of the shop, Eina-san stopped in front of the

spearhead pointing at the ceiling, was lined up one by one.

Anyways, it must be terribly expensive. Thinking about this, I looked at the


“Fufu, shocked right?”

I, who was stunned, inquired this to Eina-san who had a good mood.

Blacksmith is that even their bottom ranked members have the

inside the shop to sell”


creations to sell. And those creations will have to first pass through a management

by an Adventurer where it can then be purchased. This way, the direct evaluation

praise or the harshest assessment. To them, it is to propel and help motivate them

Although it was a little surprising, I quickly understood. Instead of locking

practice, why not allow the wide world to stimulate them. This way,

“Doing it like this causes no harm to the shop. By creating this system, it

In the group of rookie Adventurers, there may be a top-class adventurer fledgling

become an honored customer that will purchase top-class equipment. So the key


few customers and wait for these individuals to mature and become the upper layer.

could an Adventurer produce, no one knows.

form a new bond. During this period, they will continue to build and deepen their

What on earth does this mean? I used my eyes to inquire.

after the rookie Adventurers purchases their products, they will remember the

these Blacksmiths weren’t discovered a management team or the Blacksmiths were

the Adventurers. Although the two won’t match perfectly, only the Adventurers

that were poured into these creations.”

At least as far as I’m concerned, I still have some attachment to the dagger and

“And, if it was created specifically for someone, then it will contain more feelings,

had told me.”

I would have never dreamed that this person would actually do such a childish act.

that even Bell-kun is able to purchase. Bell-kun, how much

“About that, exactly 10 000 Varisu.”

“Well then, if I had to say, it might be tricky to fit a whole set of armor with that

there might be something from a rookie Blacksmiths, and we may find an

Compared to me, it looks like Eina-san was more energetic. I, who had slightly

Eina-san’s suggested that it might be more efficient if we split up to search,

armor and shield.

(Wow……Although these were the creations from the lowest ranked Blacksmith,

It was most fitting to describe this as a Forest of Armor.

standing on the floor, manifested its dignity. Among those, there were also lifesized

if I were to wear it.

simple, yet robust. It was also decorated with a gorgeous shine. There really is all

Whether it was male or female, everybody was selecting the armor that fits them.

(What should I do. It feels that I’m becoming quite excited……?)

sped up. I headed to the interior of the shop. Suddenly, I widened my eyes.

seemed to be a box of defensive gear that was stacked up like a small mountain.


up like a mountain of garbage, but they also gave off a feeling. Besides this box,

that the have deemed to be low-valued.

already incomplete.

Close to the bottom of the box was a label: 5700, 6400, 3900……Although the

The armor that I looked at before was already 15000 Varisu. Even the guild’s light

not wrong. This was a price level that I can buy.

body and I shouldn’t be stingy with it.

Walking along the arranged boxes, I suddenly stopped.

Silver white. It was not bright red nor was it a dull black. On the surface, it had a

figure. However, it struck a chord with me.

Although the knee guard and breastplate area was small, it feels like it will fit me.

looked like a very disorderly armor.

goods could not compare with this. Then I knocked on it. Although I don’t know

The size looks just right as well.


Of course it might be because it was the first time I saw such an item.

Lifting up the breastplate, I carefully looked. Then I suddenly turned it around——

the back of the breastplate.

(Welf Crosso……)

I forcibly turned my consciousness away from the armor to the name of the creator.

was the first time I experienced it after hearing about it.

Looking at the price recorded on the box……Eh, 9900 Varisu.

“Hey—, Bell-kun! I saw something good! It was a leather armor! Although it is

it……Huh, Bell-kun also found something he likes?”

crouched down……Unnnn Uhhhh, she revealed a expression as if she was

Looking at the selling method of it being placed in boxes, it is easy to give off an

“……Did you decide to purchase that?”

“Yes. I want this.”

you decided it so quickly”

Looking at me, who had a apologetic expression, Eina-san could only say “Well,

“After all, Bell-kun will be the one that uses it. From my perspective, I can only

body……but if you decided to purchase this, I won’t oppose it.”

I said a word of thanks while holding the box and stood up.

I really spent a considerable amount.

Eina-san had disappeared again. I carried my backpack that had the light armor

Where did she head off to/ I racked my head and searched. Suddenly, I found her.

from the shop.


Its shape mimics the cover for the hands, its length was also from the wrist to the

The color was also the same as Eina-san’s jade-like eyes.


“Ahhhh!? No, I can’t have it! P…Please return it immediately!”

“N…No, only……that I feel bad about it”

will simply feel ill at ease for receiving a precious item from a female.

“I hope you can accept it. This is not for me, but for you.”

“To be honest, it is not surprising for an Adventurer to die at any time. No matter

lives. I have seen too many Adventurers not coming back”

“……I hope that you will not suddenly disappear, Bell-kun. Or are you still unable

Eina-san smiled shyly, and stared at me.

“Is it not possible?”

And tried hard to use my bangs to cover my slightly reddened face.

“……And, Bell-kun, didn’t you say that you love me?”


Eina-san’s cheeks were also slightly dyed red.

and on a whim……”

meaning, I also understood?”

“Perhaps you do not understand. I also slightly wish to become your strength. I do

you accept it now?”

I touched my nose that was squeezed by Eina-san, then I nodded with my reddened

“Thank you……”

It feels that the chest that was holding the jade-colored armor also has something

× × ×

The sky was gradually being dyed into a dark red color. The time should be

After we finished buying our things, I walked Eina-san back home. Then I began

I ran and left the West Main Street and entered an alley that was formed by


The Wallenstein in my head used a cold glare to stare at me. Of course this was

I didn’t wa

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