Elf Tensei Kara no Cheat Kenkoku-ki

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An old successful wizard wanted to pass away without pain and violence. He decided to use magic in his lasts days to receive a chance for regeneration. The wizard has been working on this system for many hours. He felt for 30 times, but the 31st one led to purpose. until he woke up as Syril – a kid who has to dwell among elves. Humans dominated the region and used elves as slaves. Oppression, labor, and pathetic existence are what Syril had to bear. When Syril turns 14, he sees memories from his past. Now he aspires to repair his magic knowledge and assist his depressed fox-girl mate. Will Syril form a new happy government in the land where people, elves, and others can live in peace and equality?

Elf Tensei Kara no Cheat Kenkoku-ki

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