Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 10

Chapter 10 His Majesty Azolias, The Childish 40 year old

I’m the famous king of the Azolias kingdom, Leon Azolias. (TL : he use “yo” that usually used by people in high standing, watch hxh the ant arc, the way the king of the ant speak, that’s how it sound)

Currently, I had my legs sprawled as I sat upon my throne, however it did feel slightly uncomfortable. ( TL:  stretched my leg – sitting arrogantly )

Even though the prime minister and the administrator were working hard, I didn’t really have anything to do.

My kingdom was built through military might. Of course, I have the confidence to use my own strength if the situation calls for it. However, regarding political and financial affairs, the burden was too heavy for just one person alone. So, in order to keep this kingdom standing, government related jobs like those were entrusted to people like the prime minister and the administrator. And since the kingdom’s military power was not needed for now, I had nothing to do.

Ah… By the way, didn’t I just say some pun that sounded really amusing?

The part where I talked about [myself] and [self-confidence]. (TL : i’ll put the punme here instead, it’s 「自身」と「自信」, both can be read as Jishin, but have different meaning , i already write the meaning in the text okay ~ xD)

Right, prime minister. Isn’t my pun is interesting?

[Your Majesty, administrator-dono and I are busy at the moment, please be quiet for a moment.]

Heh. What a boring person.

Right, administrator?

[ …….. ]

Though he didn’t said anything, I got thumbs up from the administrator.

What a nice fellow. His face was super scary though.

Duke Grid Ractos… he’s the current administrator.

Because of his scary face, baseless rumors about him started appearing, I pity him

Well, his face was scary after all, I guess it couldn’t be helped.

His face scares me as well. If I saw that face on the battlefield, I think I would flee.

[Wait, Your Majesty! You said that out loud! Oh…Look, Administrator-dono already stopped working! Administrator-dono is a sensitive person, please be careful! Are you trying to destroy Azolias kingdom? We already have economic difficulties as it is!]

I got scolded. Even though I’m the king…

Well, I guess it was slightly my fault.

I repent.

However, the administrator was really diligent and honest, those traits didn’t match his face.

In some meaning, he is the kingdom’s cornerstone, he is one of the most important people in the entire kingdom, but even though he had a salary that was lower than a normal administrator, he would still work just as hard.

That said, he didn’t do anything other than looking over the financial affairs of this kingdom.

No matter what people said, it would be better to give him some kind of reward for his work…

If the administrator wasn’t here, the kingdom would fall to pieces.

[That’s right, maybe I should give a one week vacation to the administrator!]

[ Oi, your Majesty! Like I said, if you do that we would go bankrupt! Cut it out!]

I got scolded again. Rather than that, his language… (TL : prime minister is using informal language)

[I enjoy doing this kind of work. That’s why it’s not needed for his majesty to give me a vacation… If his majesty wants to give me some kind of reward, then I want to get something for my family]

Oooh, the administrator really loves his family eh. Even though his face is scary…

His family… the Ractos household…

Even though he said that, the administrator’s family was already a duke house which is the highest rank for a noble.

I couldn’t raise their status more than that.

Madam Liliana is also selfless, just like her husband.

However, if the king gave a present to the wife of some noble it would cause a lot of problems…

There are various reasons why this would cause problems…

If that’s so, then how about Jake-kun?

I cannot think of any other reward besides searching for a fiancée for him.

That’s right, let’s just engage our childre- ah…, I only have sons.

Then how about Erza-chan ?

Armor! I’m sure she will give that as an immediate answer.

However, I already cooperated with her to help make her armour.

The ordering, also introducing her to the craftsman…

When I placed the order for that armor, the craftsman questioned my sanity…

Something like full plate black metal, even I would never think about wearing such a thing.

That’s right! Isn’t it fine just to marry Erza-chan with my son Alto!?

Yep, that’s great. That child, If I got careless, he would become stronger than me.

Isn’t it just perfect for the Azolias royal family who gained respect through military power!?

How is it? What do you think, administrator ?

[If it was me, I wouldn’t want the queen to be someone who wears full plate armor on daily basis.]

That’s true. I didn’t want that either.

Or rather, I imagine that having the administrator as a father in law would be really scary.

Especially the face.

[Like I said don’t say it out loud dammit! Look, administrator-dono now has teary eyes! If you don’t have anything to do just go away to sleep or something!]

I got scolded again.

With that tone, prime minister was scary.

Though it is not as scary as the administrator’s face.

[Bastard!!!] – Prime minister

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