Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 16

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The Prince’s Misunderstanding Is Super Mach

I, Alto Azolias, am, just like everybody knows, the first prince of the kingdom and the heir to the throne. Other than myself, there is my little brother, Hans, who didn’t have any talent in military, so he already abdicated from the inheritance of the throne

At the moment, under the prime minister, he is learning about politics so he can help me in the future.

Under such reason, the one who will succeed Father to become the king already been [decided] to be me.

Well, it’s not like I live a life of depravity everyday because of that.

The king has to be someone whose strength stands above others.

If there to be a king without power, then people won’t follow that king.

And so, everyday I practice and study under the knight captain and such.

Amidst my thoughts, I headed towards the practice field.

…. In the middle, I heard the voice of a certain person.

[ Then, Jake. What the business do you have here? ] – Grid

..Governor Grid Ractos

A man who was rumored to have laid up some kind of scheme behind the Azolias kingdom

A man that I have to watch out for.

However, I just heard him said ‘Jake’ just now. It can’t be..

[ Ah~ , Just to let you know, I just have a bit of free time so I thought maybe we can have some father-son bonding time by eating a meal together ~ ] -Jake

Wha-..! Why is Jake at the royal castle!?

Jake Ractos, the son of Governor Ractos.

With his constantly suspicious behaviour, he is a person whom I can’t find the proof of his evil doing. What a sly snake.

The top two people one needs to watch out for in this kingdom, are having a conversation.

The subject.. a meal.. I think I understand, it’s some sort of farce, right?

As expected of them, as here in the castle, the walls have ears.

Most likely, it was a meeting of some sorts to arrange a scheme together.

[ …In what store? ] -Jake

[ Well~ How about the 『Crescent Moon Pavilion』. ]

『Crescent Moon Pavilion』 ..I remember hearing about that a while ago.

That was when.. Oh that’s right. At the time I was tailing Jake several days ago.

【..That’s right, two men. On the way to Crescent Moon Pavilion. Yup, I can’t carry them until that place after all right ~】 – Jake

It was a store name that I heard from him when he called someone with a communication magic item.

Now that I mention it, Jake did appear to have anxiety if there’s some kind of ruckus happening at that place.

..So that place really must have something important about it.

[ Actually, I just received new information, you know. That thing is confirmed to have already existed in that place, you know ] – Jake

Jake make some kind of gesture to the governor.

The.. What?

Hand, sword… Something sharp.. Knife?

That thing on his hand.. I don’t understand; there is too little information.

What is the thing that already [ exists ] ..?

[ By the way, this, too. ] -Jake

This time a.. beverage?

But, the motion he is doing with his hand too strange.

That’s not a gesture of someone holding a glass.

Rather, it’s as if he’s holding a small bottle.. It can’t be!

[ Is that all true!? ] -Grid

The governor raised his voice in joy.

There’s no mistake!

『Poison』or maybe 『magic potion』

Furthermore, the illegal kind..!!

If that’s the case, then the first gesture was..


… They were hiring some kind of assassins, right?

Perhaps, they will use assassins to kill someone. Or perhaps, they want to make that person their puppet by using that magic potion!

The target … is it, perhaps, Father? The knight captain? The prime minister?

It was hard to think that Father or the knight captain would fall to the likes of assassins.

Then that would mean it has to be the prime minister.

[ Jake!  We have to make hurry!! ]

[ Kishishi ..You don’t need to rush, I already told the shopkeeper about it, you know . There’s still quite a bit of time. Even if you took your time, it wouldn’t be a problem. ]

With large strides, the governor began to walk in a hurry.

It won’t be good if I just let them go like this!

However, I fear that it’ll only increase their vigilance, and again, they will destroy the evidence.

Even if I tail them, the risk of getting exposed this time is too big.

…. If it’s him, maybe it will go more smoothly.

The light armoured knight corps’s ace.

Zen Helix.

Let’s ask him, a person that I can trust, to resolve this problem.


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