Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 20

[ I, I deeply apologize ! ! ]

Zen Helix’s wholehearted apology echoed inside the shop.

Just like always, I , the Prime minister got the information from the anbu, whom is following the Governor-dono in his outings, that [One of the knights is in the middle of accusing the governor in some false charge]. And when I arrived to that place in a speed that’s exceeding human’s limit, the knight that the anbu told me already put his hand on the handle of his sword and is about to take out his sword from the sheath.

Though Governor-dono already have received countless misunderstandings and false charges, never once had he got a knight point his sword towards him. 
Because of that, how much governor-dono’s glass heart will hurt is something that is still unknown to me. 

Luckily for me, as I desperately explain to him that all of the rumours about the Governor-dono is just some false rumours and misunderstandings, and that on the contrary to the rumours is that the kingdom will fall into ruin when he is not with us, the knight, Zen Helix, seems to have understood it and his face slowly become whiter and whiter. Thus, as he realized his own mistake, it arrived at now that he’s apologizing to Governor-dono. 

[ I deeply apologize! Knowing that this sin cannot be forgiven with just apologizing, please freely give any punishment that Governor-dono seems fit !! ]

[ Governor-dono… He already said so, what should we do ?] 

Though it’s only ended in an attempt, he already tried to point his sword on a duke, a governor. Worst case scenario, he could have been beheaded for treason.
At least, for sure, he will get imprisoned and get dissmised as a knight. 

Governor-dono’s answer, is well …  is just like I’ve guessed.

[ Well, he already apologized. There’s no need to punish him anymore, right. ] 

It looks like he didn’t receive any bit of a shock now that the misunderstanding already solved… Rather than that, it seems that he is in a good mood and even told that he didn’t need any punishment. 

This Governer-dono, well how should I say it, on the contrary of how his face looks, he didn’t really like such things like punishment, beheading, or imprisonment. 
Perhaps because of that, he’s quite tolerant toward the rude things that’s happened to him.

Well, thinking that if I insist on punishing him, despite that Governor-dono already said not to and make him worry instead, that could possibly affect the financial affairs management and I have no other choice than to accept his judgement, though it was quite soft toward the perpretators. 

Personally, there’re a lot of people that I want to give punishment to… 
Especially the patrolling garrison…
Though I know that they are told to [ not give mercy towards any suspcious person ], I wish for them to raise a problem near the royal castle. 
Well, I don’t want them to actually raise a problem though … 
But I want to be spared from having to run until the outskirt near the ramparts. 
… perhaps I need to tell the knight leader about Governor-dono.
There’s also a possibility that the newcomers didn’t know about this thing after all. 

Also his majesty. 
If that bastard is not the emperor of this kingdom, I already long since throw him into the jail. 
He always says it in a loud voice that the Governor-dono’s face is scary. 
Someday, I’ll definitely beat him up.
Just prepare yourself, I’ll make it that

that you wouldn’t even be able to chew meat with your back teeth! 

[ Wha, what … ! Ractos-sama, you said that you forgive me !? Even though I did something so rude towards you !? ]

I got pulled back into the reality by Zen Helix’s voice of surprise as he was already preparing himself to accept any punishment. 
Ooh, not good.
To get distracted like this… 
Furthermore, because of thinking about something like the emperor.
Hearing his word, Governor-dono start to speak. 

[ Human is a being that always makes a mistake. You already realized your own mistake and seeks forgiveness to me… It pains my heart if I have to punish someone like you … Furthermore, it all started because my own face is scary. I am someone who didn’t really mind such disrespect after all! fufufu …. ]

The Governor-dono that talks a lot and said something that didn’t bring any misunderstanding in it…
Wait, what happened with you Governer-dono ? Did you eat something weird ?
Does fish meat really have this kind of effect towards the humans? 
You even said something that sounds a bit with masochism after all… 
… hmm ? Governor-dono, are you perhaps…drunk?

[ I am not drunk at all ]

All drunkards have said something like that you know. 
So that’s it. When I thought that you talk more than usual, it’s because you drank some liquor, huh.
Governor-dono when he’s drunk is talkative. And just like this, his words changes from the usual words which invites misunderstandings, into proper words that didn’t bring any misunderstandings. 
If he always speaks like this, it will lighten the burden on my leg and stomach …
Perhaps, it’s better to make alcohol as his usual drink ?
… no, it will be bad if

bad if he got 2 days hangover because of that. 

Furthermore, the Governor-dono in this condition is quite troublesome in it’s own way . 

[ Oooh …  …! Duke Ractos-sama, what a person with a big heart you are !  Someone with the ability as a great person is not inferior to His majesty … ! I feel pity to myself that has been manipulated by looks and rumours … ! But being able to meet someone like you, how blessed I am ! ! ] 

… Perhaps because there’s a gap between Governor-dono’s act and how he actually looks. 
Just like this, it make one feel an excessive amount of respect towards him. 
If unlucky, it could even surpass that person’s respect of His majesty. 
This knight is also just like that. 
He even cried because of it after all … 

— After that, Governor-dono, who’s pleased by Zen Helix’s words, also offered some Cresent Moon Pavilion’s foreign country’s food to him. 
At first, Zen Helix timidly tried to put the sashimi into his mouth. But since it seems that it fit his palate, he moved his chopstick with excitement.
And then, without missing this opportunity, Jake-kun also tried to recommend some foreign country’s alcohol.
It is also higly praised by Zen Helix.
Since I already finished my work, I also ended up joining them. 

[ Aah , what a great person Grid-sama and Jake-sama is! Not only did they forgive me who’s done something rude towards them, they even introduced me to this amazing food from another country called sashimi and ginjo … ! Perhaps these people … No. They are without doubt a saint … The messenger of a god, of course ! ! ]

On the way back from Cresent Moon Pavilion, Zen Helix praised those two while
those two while shedding tears. 
It seems that those two people already ascended to divinity inside his mind, I wonder if this will arouse any problem…
I got a bit worried. 

[ … Now that I think about it, from where did you hear that they’re plotting something towards the kingdom ? I think that you wouldn’t be moved like this if it’s just based on the rumours. And I think that you will be able to judge that the rumour is something that didn’t have any credibility to act as the knight leader have done. ]

Suddenly remembered, I asked him where he got his information from. 
… The answer that came from his mouth is something that brings pain to my head. 

[ Aah … I heard it from Prince Alto. He said something about assasination, or some magic potion… though it’s not my place to say it since I also believed in it, I wonder how he reached that conclusion ? … Even thought they’re such great people.]

That damn emperor.
So he still haven’t explained a damn thing to His Highness, huh !! 
 [  I will be the one to explain to my own sons. With that, surely, they will understand easily right? ] Even though he said that ! 
Now that I remember about it, the face that His Highness had made when talking to Governor-dono, isn’t that a surprised face after realizing something ! ! 
His Highness attitude towards Governor-dono after that was a proper one, so I even didn’t realize it ! 
So you realized it by yourself right ! ? What a good kid you are ! ! 

The hell with disrespect ! That damned emperor … !
I will ask for his explanation when I get back ! 
Prepare yourself ! !

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