Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 23

I am a newcomer in the kingdom’s chivalric order – Heavy Armoured Unit. 
I am called as [Limp Leg] by everyone around me. 

Though it’s a nickname with nothing to be ashamed about, it can’t be helped. 
What happened at the time when we, the heavy armored unit, are in the middle of subjugating a monster… 

At that time, I was scared of the vice commander who is also known as the [ Jet Black Dark Knight from Hell], Erza Ractos’s, fighting spirit. Thus when she suddenly roared, I got surprised and lost the support of my leg. Thus, I ended up with this nickname. (ED: His knees feels weak… is this love? But how about commander-san?)

Well, my other comrades also have weird nicknames like [ Stupid Tongue ] or [ Headstand ] .
It seems that having such a nickname attached to you is something like a tradition in the Heavy Armor Unit. 
That’s why, since it’s not like they’re making fun of me, I don’t really need to get concerned about that nickname. But [Limp Leg] is a bit …. 

By the way, the [Stupid Tongue] is the nickname of some eccentric guy who merrily eats the unnappetizing food in the cafetaria. 
The [Headstand] is the nickname of some clumsy person who, by mistake, used their elbow instead of the cap for the knee. 

And so, while I spend my resting time griefing over the shamefull nickname that I got, I heard a fuss from the other troops.
Wondering what happened, I came closer to the source of the commotion and, to my surprise, the mother of Vice Commander Erza, the [ Arachnee Duchess ] Liliane Ractos, is in the middle of a conversation with Vice Commander. 
It was the lineup of the infamous women from the Ractos household. 

Ractos household that is full of dark rumours… 
Of course, I also know about those rumours. 
Since we were directly informed by commander that the rumours surrounding the consul, Grid Ractos, and his son, Jake Ractos, that they tried to ursup the royalty is no more than just a fake rumour. I didn’t really believe in the

rumours about them.
But the rumour that surrounds these two women, they have a different type of rumours. 

She didn’t bring it with her right now, but there’s such rumour that the duchess has a big spider that will hiss at everyone that displeases her, or something like the duchess actually made a contract with a demon to retain her beauty. 
As for the vice commander, without saying, it must be about how she have the power that’s outside the human standards, along how violent her personality is. 
Half of it, since I already saw it with my own eyes, about how vice commander really have that inhumane power the time we went for monster subjugation, I ended up thinking that perhaps those occultic rumours is somewhat true. 

Such person are standing in front of me… 
Looking at this spectacle, I ended up gasping.
… my leg didn’t go limp though. 

From what I heard, it seems that the duchess is making a lunch box for the vice commander. 
She made it? Perhaps I heard it wrong. 
Duchess didn’t cook it by her own. 
Let me rephrase it. Someone cooked it then she brought it here. 

[ How about it, everyone ? The lunch box, I made is too much today  … I wouldn’t say that it will make you guys full. But how about some ? ]

Without realizing that the other knights are already slowly moving away as I was looking at this spectacle in a daze, I ended up becoming the one who’s the nearest with the two. So she suddenly asked so towards me.

[[ ザ;わおzうぇ0ペ;ァpを、あヴl@■tr;klじゃw ! ! ! ] ] 

After the duchess asked me, the howl from vice commander came following. 

[ Hiiih! No … tha, thank you ! ! ] 

The vice commander that suddenly howled… 
I pathetically shrieked and declined her offer because of the vice commander’s howl that seems saying [ Oi, don’t you dare take something from me ] .
Aah, that was dangerous … my leg almost got limp for sure.

[[HAhあHa  ! ! あwぽ◆lじぇrvbんpw !  ]] 

Perhaps hearing me reply with such a

a pathetic voice, the vice commander said so with an aura like she’s mocking me. 
… though it’s vexing, a scary thing is indeed scary. 
It’s is better than going limp at this place. 

[  Eh, of course that’s not it, how rude of you … did you want me to punish you, eh, Erza ~ ? ]

Pu, punishment ! ?
Aah, the punishment is for the vice commander , heh … My body jolted for a second. 
… wait, punishment to the vice commander she said !?  How will she do it … ?

[[ aUッ! ? わお;あksd…dkじゃれ;f:wじぇア! ?yおイれ;んレイおあ ! あ;い;えんsd◆∟wpjkうぇrjp !! ]]

The vice commander that showed fear against the duchess word…
That vice commander is frightned ! 
Does that mean, that the duchess is more scary than the vice commander who has inhumane strength … ! ? 
It seems that the other knights also reached the same conclusion as me. And so they were whispering against each other and are dazed off at the place. 

[Ha ? Oi , you lot , don’t just stand there doin’ nothing. The rest time will end you know. Quickly ea … eh , ain’t it … Isn’t it duchess ractos we have here ! What bussiness brings you here? To think that the duchess would come to such a place like this … ]

Perhaps hearing our light commotion from a far, the commander went towards us .
Wow, amazing ! The commander using formal speech ! ! 
The kingdom chivalric order, Heavy armour unit, commander. 
That commander who has the nicknames [ Ashen Iron Wall ], [ Perfect Heavy Armour Knight], [ No Respect ], and also [ The Shackles of the Untamed Beast] that he got when he was just enlisting… is using formal speech ! ! 
Didn’t he even use rough speech towards royalty ? The knight commander that is even infamous for that saying, is using formal speech ! ! (ED: He needs to be respectful towards his future mother-in-law~)

[ … Ah , that’s right, Commander-san. How about it? I have a lunch box with me. How about we eat it together ? ]

? ]

[ Ah … yeah ]

At the the tip of my vision, who almost went limp for real after hearing the commander using formal speech, I could see the commander easily handled the vice commander’s howl and accepted the invitation from the duchess. 
Wha, what actually happening… What the heck’s happening in this place right now …  ! ?

…. The three arrived at the table made of wood that’s placed on the edge of the training place. 
That bizzare spectacle make everyone nail their eyes on them. 

[ Damn, amazing … Commander is having a meal with the [ Jet Black Knight from Hell ] and the [ Arachnee Duchess ] at the same time … damn amazing ] 

The [ Headstand ] who is standing right beside me even before I realized it, muttered so. 
That’s true, if I was in the Commander’s place right now, I’m sure that I wouldn’t be able to differentiate the food’s taste. 
The worst, I will end up limping in place. 

[ Hey, you know. Don’t you think that place right now is the strongest dining table, right …. ? ]

This time , the [Stupid Tongue] is the one who speak.
Indeed, I also agree with him. 
It even crossed my mind that if it’s those three, they will be able to calmly have a meal even in the middle of a war. 

It seems even a senior who’s already a veteran of many battles wasn’t able to hide their suprise because of the current happening that their hands stopped moving from their food. 
In the middle of that, more surprise comes to us. 

[ Everyone, could you please let me pass ? ] 

The voice that has dignity in it… 
The voice that I remember from the enrollment ceremony . 

[ The, the knight captain … ! ! ? ]

A, amazing . 
The knight captain that I can only watch from far away, the one who’s admired by all the knights. 
The knight captain, [ Azolias’s Sword] and [ The Supreme Knight], that’s widely known even on another
even on another country is right in front of me … ! ! 
Damn , I almost went limp. 

As if raising a cheer, the whole Heavy Armored Knight’s troops are murmuring. 
I’m also not an exception, as my emotion got hold of myself, I ended up leaking an 「ooh」 like voice from my mouth. 
The knight captain is calmly passing through all of us.
His destination is the said [ strongest dining table ]. 
He greets over toward that table looking so natural. 

[ Oi  … The strongest dining table just became the ultimate dining table … oi … ] 

The [Headstand] said so in dismay. 
Even though the rest time already passed since earlier, it seems that no one realized about that. 
Rather, we wouldn’t be able to get back to practice with this kind of mental state. 
Somehow, it feels like when were about to depart to a high scale subjugation mission.

[ Yoshi !  You lot, listen to me ! Cancel the afternoon training ! ! Instead, the knight captain that is with us right here, will be having a sham battle with our Vice Captain ! ! ] 

Then, when I thought why the Commander suddenly raised from his seat, with a large voice that sounds like it will reach all of us who’re in an excited state, he declared the change of schedule of the afternoon training. 
The training ground turned into silence for a moment. 
The next instant, cheers-

[ UOOOOOOooooOOOO ! ! !! ] 

With a loud voice that make me wonder if it will reach the castle gates… 
I also raised my voice while throwing up my fist in the air. 
Mock battle between the [ Supreme Knight] and the [ Jet Black Knight from Hell ]… 
What will happen is not something that we could imagine. 
Furthermore, looking at how Vice Commander is preparing her personal sword… It seems they will be having a mock battle with real swords and not a training sword. 
This is not something that we could even see during the Kingdom’s Anniversary Day ! This really make my leg go limp … … ! !

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