Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 27

The next day at the Chivalric Order’s conference room, which is linked with the Knight Captain’s room… 
This room that is usually used as a room for war strategies during chaotic times or when planning a scheduled subjugation, with the Knight Captain as the leader, along with the Light Armoured Unit’s commander, the Heavy Armoured Unit’s commander, the Special Unit’s commander, and the Escort Unit’s commander, these five heads sat around the circular table. 
They’re doing the regular Chivalric Order’s meeting.

[ hmm, That’s right … with this agenda, the capital’s defense will have no problem, I guess.]

[ Then, that’s all for the scheduled subjugation, right? If I remember it right, there should be another topic other than this, right ? ]

Receiving an ‘OK’ sign from the Knight Captain, the Light Armoured Unit’s commander, with his young and handsome appearance, asked back.
Hearing his question, the oldest among the five, with his particularly white long beard, the Special Unit’s commander answered.

[ Now that you said it, isn’t it about time that we decided who will be the Vice captain already ?  It’s already vacant for more than 8 years…]

[ Then why don’t Gramps do it ? You’re the oldest among us, after all. No one would protest if you were the one who gets the seat, you know?]

With his rude manner of speaking, the one with the scary tug-like face, it was the Heavy Armoured Unit’s commander.

[ This one is already an old man who’s waiting for his retirement. If I become a vice captain at this age, I don’t know how long I will last … Rather, aren’t you the one who’s most fitting for the position ? ]

[ Don’t joke around ! I have one hell of a bothersome Vice commander with me. If I stop being their commander, my whole unit will stop working ! … Ain’t the Light Unit’s commander more fitting for this ? His succesor is already set in place, too,

after all. That guy named Zen or is it Gen …? ]

[ Though he indeed have the prowess for the position, he is still green. I still have to guide him a little bit more … How about the Escort Unit’s commander ? ]

All of the other commanders focused their gaze on the bald-headed muscular man, the commander of the Escort Unit.

[ … This one, doesn’t want to do it. ]

Thought they already knew what the outcome will be, hearing that lazy way of talking, the Heavy Unit’s commander made a gesture of giving up.

[ … Well, it’s not a position that’s fit for a person who’s not willing to do it, after all. It’s not like we really need the vice-captain position to be filled right now. How about we postpone this for later? ]

As the knight captain said so, and just as he was about to close the conference, the Heavy Armoured Unit’s captain, as if just remembering something, made a smile on his face and went on with the conference.

[ That’s right ! Let’s just make the Vice commander at my place, Erza Ractos, as the Vice captain ! ! ]

[ Eh ? Wait. What are you talking about … ]

Hearing the sudden proposal, the Knight captain raised his voice in surprise.

[ … Clearly , her ability is not something that I doubt of. Personally, I don’t mind if she becomes our Vice captain. ]

[ Wait, she is just a girl in her teens, you know … ? ]

[ This one shall accept too. Captain said that she’s young, but what of it? Age is no big matter. In the Chivalric order, one’s ability is what matters. She entered the Chivalric order by skipping a few years, right? Then, there’s no problem for me. ]

[ This one shall not protest as long as this one is not the one that got chosen for it. ]

Continuing after the Light Armoured Unit’ commander, the Special Unit’s

Unit’s commander and the Escort Unit’s commander also accepted the proposal from the Heavy Unit’s commander.

[ But, you know … ]

[ Alright ! It’s decided then, right !? With this, I bid farewell to one of my proble- … having the Vice captain chosen from one of my troops is an honor, right ! ? ]

[ Heavy Armoured Unit’s commander … ! You … ! ! ]

Just like what Knight Captain thought, the Heavy Armoured Unit’s commander had tried and shoved the problematic Vice commander of his troops, Erza Ractos, onto the Knight Captain from now on.

[ You wouldn’t say something so pretentious as rejecting what comes from the majority vote, right? Honoured Knight Captain? ]

[ Gununu … ! ]

All of the commanders in the conference room, including the Knight Captain, at the least, knew about the rumour about Erza, the girl that the Heavy Armoured Unit’s commander is trying to shove off to the Knight Captain. Everything from her inhuman strength to the uproar that came out from that power.

Thinking about the effect that will come into her troops, giving her the position of Vice Knight Captain, whom doesn’t have a direct troops at their command, is something that’s ideal for the commanders who aren’t particulary fussy about eminence. 
Though in the end, all of the problems will be shoved onto the Knight Captain. And of course, the present Knight Captain doesn’t feel really pleased about that.

[ Well … Right, actually, I too have something on my mind lately… ]

The Knight Captain’s face became dark, then he suddenly stood up, and slowly walked around the sitting commanders.

[ Some time ago , I had a mock battle with the topic of our conversation right now, Erza Ractos. And I realized something … I too, have already become old… ]

Why did he suddenly say that? The rest of the commanders became confused.

[ In the latter half of that battle, I wasn’t even able to return her blows and was

and was only able to focus myself on defending … ] 

The knight captain stopped his step right behind the Heavy Armoured Unit’s commander then he put his hand on the commander’s shoulder.

[ That’s why, I think that it’s about the time that I retire from my seat … I’m thinking of entrusting the Chivalric order to you, you know. Heavy Armoured Unit’s commander … no, the Knight Captain … ! ] (1)
[ What ! ! ? ]

With the sudden information of the retirement of the current Knight Captain, and the appoinment of the next Knight Captain, the Heavy Armoured Unit’s commander raised his voice in surprise and protested against the Knight Captain’s decision.

[ Wa , wait a minute ! There’s no way someone like me is getting appointed as the Knight Captain, right ! ? If you want to choose a successor, the Light Armoured Unit’s commander is the one who’s fits the position, right?  You thought so to , right ! ? ]

[ Wha, what are you saying? I’ve never even once won against you, you know. You, who’s stronger than me, are indeed the best fitting person to fill in the position ! Think about our “ability is all that matters” doctrine ! ! ]

[ If, if we talk about ability then that’s it ! Special Unit’s Gramps ! ! You’re the one best fitting for the position, right ! ? The [[ Skilled Veteran Knight ]] ! Ain’t that just perfect for a Knight Captain !? The burden is too heavy for I, [[ No Respect]], you know ! ! ]

[ aaah, Granny, is the snacks ready ? ]

[ The hell are you pretending to be senile, you damned Gramps ! ! Oy , Escort Unit’s commander , you … ]

[[ There’s no way in the world this one will do iiiiiiittttt ! ! ! ]]

[ Woah, your voice is so loud ! !  Furthermore I felt you tried to bite me ! Did you
! Did you really hate it that much ! ? Oi, think about it a bit. It’s the Knight Captain position, you know ? The strongest knight’s title, just this easily … ]

[ It’s alright. If it’s you, you will be able to be strongest knight just fine ! Do you best, kay  ! ! ]

[ Knight Captain … you bastard … ! ]

[ Oi oi, cut it out. I’m already the [ ex ] Knight Captain you know. The Knight Captain is now you … ! ]

[ HAha .. HAHAHA … ]

The Heavy Armoured Unit’s commander, whom already lost any place to run, made a dry laugh that echoed inside the room.

After the laughter stopped, silence dropped into the room for several seconds…

[ Oi oi , don’t take it seriously. It’s just a joke you know, a joke. There’s now way Erza will be able to serve as the Vice captain . She’s stupid beyond help after all. ]

[ Hahaha , I understand. Alright. As expected, she’s still too young … Ah, of course the talk about me receding from my seat is also joke, you know ? I still in my prime after all ](2)

[ Really… Please stop joking when we’re having a meeting like this, you two . I got a little serious midway, you know. ] – Light Armoured Unit’s commander

[ That’s right. This is still the Chivalric Order conference, per se. It’s not good to mess around too much. ] – Special Unit’s commander

[ … This one wouldn’t mind if it’s not a joke though] – Escort Unit’s commander

Laughter could be heard echoing inside the room…

[ hahaha …. By the way, guys … ]

[ Don’t you think that Erza’s armour … it’s something that already passed the category of heavy armour, right? I think it’s better if she’s moved to the special unit …. ]

[ Bffft ! ? He-heavy Armoured Unit’s  ! You , really are … ! ! ! ]


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