Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 28

Inside Azolias kingdom’s teritorry, a strongly-made carriage is on it’s way towards the capital. 
This one, Diebold Ractos, because of certain circumtances, are now hastily going back to this one’s home without stopping… 
Bringing along several escort knights that surrounds the carriage for protecting this one.

This one was respected in one’s homeland as the [Hero of the War] and is called as [ Sorcerer King of the Dusk ].
… But, at the same time, this one also got feared. 
In fact, the escort knights who’re currently surrounding the carriage that this one rode right now, are more vigilant to this one rather than the possibility of an attack from outside…

… Even if you guys didn’t do that, this one won’t do anything violent.
This one made a great military gain due to the war. And this is the story after the war has ended.
But for the sake of continuing this peaceful time, who knows how long this will last as possible? And so, rather than having a new spark to start the war again because of this one’s sorcery that’s too powerfull, using several sorcerer’s contracts and written vows, the kingdoms in this continent and this one have signed a pact.

Whereas, no country is allowed to use Diebold Ractos for military’s sake.
Whereas, Diebold Ractos will not be tied to any country and, at the same time, will not have any cooperative relatioship with any country. 
Whereas, no country ais allowed to tie Diebold Ractos to their country for any benefit.
Whereas, Diebold Ractos is prohibited to use his sorcery to harm or, per-chance, hurt another human other than when he felt like his life is in danger. 
Whereas, Diebold Ractos shall not harm

any personnel who brings the name of the Ractos Duke household, whom came from Azolias kingdom.
… etc .

The moment the contractor, a.k.a the top brass of each country were to break this pact, the one who broke the pact will be given a severe punishment, which is death. 
This pact will not be rendered invalid unless by the death of Diebold Ractos.

… Because of that pact, this one right now cannot use any magic that will bring a harm to another person. 
Or rather, this one became good at not using it. 
At the time when this one was still in his prime, the world was full of war, war, and war. The world was in chaos. By the reason of protecting one’s family and kingdom, this one uses his sorcery, which has the ability to defeat a lot of enemies. But, in the first place, this one is not really fond of war. 
This one’s tone of voice, speech, and conduct, that became the reason people feared this one, were needed during the time of the war so this one forcibly reformed this one’s act into that. 
But in the end, this one ended up becoming too much familiar with how this one’s act and couldn’t return to how he was before… 
But even so …

This one knows that the escort knights have to control the carriage while protecting this one. But isn’t this too slow? 
This one wanted to see the face of this one’s grandkids as soon as possible, you know?
Even though this one already hurriedly came to azolias since this one heard about Jack’s marriage meeting… Will we really be able to get in time in this pace … ?



[ … Is our journey to the land of salvation still far ? ] (read : When will we arrive? )

[ Ha , ha ? …. Pa, pardon me ? ]

Hnngh, this one tried to ask the young man who became the coach. But as this one thought, our conversation didn’t connect.
fufu ~ n 
But, this one have a really excellent valet by his side. 
The one who will translate it for this one at the time when his conversation didn’t connect with other peole, right !

[ … Rinna ]

As this one called over his apprentice’s name, this one looked at her in the eye that asked for her to interpret this one’s word. 
She, whom this one looked at, is Rinna Veil.
Her age is just at her late thirties, with a robe of the high class magician over her shoulder and an expresionless face coupled with knife-like sharp eyes. 
One will already understand from seeing her attire, she’s a human who lives for magic.
Though this one called her as a valet, but she’s actually more of an apprentice of this one. 
And she’s also the biological sister of the wife of this one’s son, Liliane-chan.
Though they don’t look alike at all.

The moment she opened her mouth and this one thought that she will translate this one’s speech into the one that the coach could easily understand, she replied with unexpectedly cold words.

[ … I am deeply sorry Diebold-sama . My soul rejects and swirls with dark intention.] (read : No ) (1)

Eh … why did she refuse? 
Furthermore, she talked like how this one’s talking … 
Ah, this is that. Right. She still resent this one because he drank the last high

last high quality tea from another country that Grid send to us specially.
It can’t be helped right? It’s very delicious after all ~ 
Didn’t this one already gave you that salty and hard cookie, called senbei, to you ? 
What a narrow minded person you are …

[ So the resentment haven’t subdued yet. Do you say that the salt platter of strenght is not enough? But those fresh small springs were this one’s, for you to know. ] (read : So you’re still angry, huh. Didn’t I already give you that senbei, right ? The tea were mine, you know?]

Ah, she ignored this one. She’s seriously a narrow minded person.
She’s totally different from the quiet and gentle Liliane-chan, huh.
This one thought, that’s why she is still unmaried even now …

[ If there is no silence that I heard, then the abyys shall be where you go … Understood ? ] ( read : Shut up, I’ll kill you … Understood ? )

[My true intention is none of them.] (read : Sorry… )

[ I understand. ] (Read : There’s no next time… You hear me ?)

What’s with this kid? Scary~ 
Even though this one didn’t say it outloud…
Rather, saying ‘Shut up. I kill you’ to your master a.k.a teacher is really something. That’s why she’s still unma …

[ Diebold-sama ? ] (Read : Oi , barstad …)

Damn it, Rinna is really pissed off. 
This one has to deceive her. If not, this one’s life will be gone before meeting with his grandkids … !

[ …. hmm ? ]

Oooh, in this right timing, it seems that this one’s detection magic has detecting something.
In the direction one o’ clock, 500 meters. 
An evil presence…
center style=”margin-top:25px”>
An evil presence…
This one’s a big one, huh …

[ Coach, stop the cart. ]



The carriage stopped and this one stepped outside. 
Though one of the escort knights came over to ask what happened, this one stopped him. Then this one used survilance magic to take a look at the target.

[ … Anything on sight ? ] – Diebold

Standing right beside this one, this one asked for Rinna’s confirmation whom uses the same survilance magic as this one.

[ Human type … by eye measurement, around 3 meters, blue skin … it seems to be decomposing. Perhaps it’s an Undead High Orc ] – Rinna

[ Umu , No mistake … It took camp on the roadway … But, knowing that it’s not a human made it easier. ] – Diebold

After all, if it’s was a human, even if the opponent is a thief that lied on ambush, unless they clearly showed me their killing intent, the pact will activate after all. Since that undead is quite a nuisance, let’s just exterminate it here. 
Slowly raising his right hand, this one used shadow sorcery to manipulate that orc’s shadow. 
Creating several shadow nails with a sharp tip, the orc was skewered from the attack that came protruding out from below it. 
This one confirmed with survilance magic that the orc writhes in agony.
Slowly, that orc’s movement become slower and finally stopped.

[ How’s the condition ?]

[ Death confirmed. ]

Yosh, extermination success! 
And then, this one also managed to deceive her… 
fufu ~ This one has to say that his own skillfull tact is indeed admirab —

[ Diebold-sama ]

[hmm ?]

[ Thus, there’s no forgotten past … ] (read : You can’t deceive me, Gramps. )

Jack, Erza … Ojii-chan’s perhaps already done for…

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