Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 37

– Alright , it begins ! The marriage interview between the young master of our household, Duke Ractos’ household, Jake=Ractos -sama, with the only daughter of the Earl Nizzet Household, Annesa=Nizzet-sama, will begin !
Sorry for the late introduction. Reporting live is the head maid of the Ractos household , Teressa !
… also , she will be the one to give updates on how things will go ! (Teressa)

– Long time no see everyone. Its the head butler, Velt, here . (velt)

– Please treat me well, Velt -san ! (Teressa)

– Yes, me as well, please treat me well. (velt)

– Well then,  the current condition is that Diebold-sama, Grid-sama, Liliane-sama, Jake-sama, Erzsama, and then Rinna=Veil are standing in row taking their respective positions in welcoming the guest, waiting for Earl Nizzet’s family that is coming to Duke house !
Quite an amazing lineup we have here, right, Velt-san ! (Teressa)

– Indeed . “Let’s take over this country” . You can feel the atmosphere seemingly saying such idea. (velt)

– Oooh ! At this moment, the Earl Nizzet family has arrived at the Duke’s house !
Entering Ractos house is the Earl Nizzet couple that each has a smile on their faces, followed with, somehow with the look of grief on her face and looking unconfident with herself, Annessama ! (Teressa)

– It make me think that this is a good start for this event . (velt)

– Alright , at this moment, Raul=Nizzet-sama started his greeting … but , look ! ?
What happened ! Jake-sama is frozen after looking at Annessama ! !
Oho ~… is this perhaps … (Teressa)

[ How beautiful … ]

– Ooooh  ! ? Jake-sama is launching a preemptive attack to Annessama !
But, seriously, what happened with Jake-sama, his eyes that are usually half closed, like he’s sleepy, has never opened big like this ! (Teressa)

– Probably Jake-sama has fallen in love with her at first sight.
That expression, looked like how Grid-sama reacted when he first met Liliane-sama .
Goodness gracious! What a nostalgic scene . (velt)

– What a surprise ! Jake-sama has unexpectedly fallen in love at first sight ! !
So the is end  already decided this fast ! ?
Annessama’s face turned red ,too ! ! (Teressa)

[ … Well, let’s set aside the long greeting . It seem that now is the time for the young ones. It seems that it’s better to let them be together for now ]

– OOH ! Here comes a nice assist from Earl Raul=Nizzet-sama !
It seems that after Grid-sama made some eye signal with Raul-sama, they made it so that Jake-sama and Annessama are left alone together in the room . (Teressa)

– What a splendid act! Did you see it? The eye contact that happened just now.
They communicated with their eyes that seemingly contained some secret intention at each other just like some big shots of an evil sect.
It seems that Raul=Nizzet-sama also started to become used with how the Duke Ractos household is .
In my opinion, it’s something that is worth celebrating . (velt)

– Jake-sama seems to have realized that everyone heard his mutter… And now his face had unusually become red ! !
Just as Master has told, we maids went to the arranged room ! (Teressa)

– This is a really good start .
However, what worries me is Rinna=Veil-sama.
It looks like the light in her eyes are gone. (velt)

– Indeed ! What an amazing expression you have there, Rinnsama ! !
The pair of eyes that look like you detest everything existed in the world ! !
Then, this will mark the end of the first part of this event.
After this, we will move to another room and look for the continuation at the guest room by the projection magic that’s already prepared in there !
Yaah ~ What are your thoughts about the event up to this point, Velt-san !? (Teressa)

– Hmm, think I can already guess the end of this event. But the fact that Jake-sama fell in love at first sight is slightly out of my expectations . However, it still gives a nice impression. I suppose there wouldn’t be anything bad that will happen . (velt)

– So that’s it !
Then after a slight intermission, the second half of the event will start.
Please wait for the continuation after a short while ! (Teressa)

– … Alright ! let’s begin, the marriage interview between Jake-sama and Annessama ! The second half !
Reporting live again, Teressa  , and ! (Teressa)

– Delivering as the commentator, Velt, here . (velt)

– And then , we have called a guest with us here !
[ Witch of Ice Floe ] [ The Pupil of the Dusk ] [ Eternal Winter], Rinna=Veil-sama !
Rinnsama, thank you for the cooperation ! ! (Teressa)

– Everyone should just die . (Rinna)

– OOOh !? This is … I feel like it’s better if we don’t comment on this one ! (Teressa)

– Indeed . It seems that something bad will happen if we carelessly said something . (velt)

– Well then , let’s just let Rinnsama aside for now. What is happening at the moment … ?
OOOh ! What happened that the two of them are silent ! !
There’re totally no movement … no, perhaps Jake-sama will start to make a move  !? (Teressa)

[ To, today … the weather is nice, right?]

[ ah , eh … umm, yes … ]

– AAh  ! ! Not good ! He missed ! ! (Teressa)

– It seems that Jake-sama is really nervous at the moment.
well, it’s not his fault . After all, there’re not many chances for Jake-sama to talk with a girl his age. (velt)

[ uh , I’m sorry … it’s , that , um … I’ve almost never have proper convesation with a girl before . I can’t really figure out what to talk about… ]

[ ah … its, okay . no, problem … um ]

– It seems just like what Velt-san had said, Jake-sama is really nervous !
If this keep on, will the assist that Raul=Nizzet-sama gave to him at the first half of the event be in vain ! ? (Teressa)

– It’s really makes one worry, right . After all, look , both of them are not really good with communicating. (velt)

– Just cancel this damn thing … (Rinna)

– Thought some scary word came out from Rinnsama’s mouth, the marriage interview is still ongoing ! 
Hmm ? It seems that Jake-sama’s expression changed from before , what in the world is happening right now ! ? (Teressa)

[ umm … As I thought, are you afraid of me ? Because of the rumours … or perhaps because of my face ?]

[ … eh ?]

-It looks like Jake-sama is feeling really anxious right now.
Well, not totally his fault.
After what happened all this time, surely this time too … perhaps he thought so in his head. (velt)

– What a surprise ! At this moment, Jake-sama is becoming negative ! !
This is bad ! Will the marriage interview be cancelled as this continues ! ? (Teressa)

– That’s right ! Come on! Cancel this damn thing ! ! (Rinna)

-Rinnsama said something that’s totally not good !
It’s not something that’s you should say to your own nephew ! ! (Teressa)

[ No, you’re … wrong ! I’m not , scared , just … shy . … Because of my sorcery , umm , Jake-sama’s emotion … is transmited … ]

[ eh ? Sorcery … ah , psychological sensor … eh ! ? ]

– Ooh ! ? An unfamiliar word has come out !
What did she actually mean … ? (Teressa)

– I wonder what that means ? Psychological sensor … ? (velt)

– Umm , by the information that just came …  hmm ! ? Oh, surprisingly , it seems that Annessama possesses a unique sorcery trait , and the name of that trait is [ Sorcery trait of Psychological Sensor ] !
And then, to our surprise, the effect of this sorcery is that she could feel the emotion and feelings of the opponent to a certain extent ! (Teressa)

– Oh, then that means … (velt)

[ eh … ! ah, umm , it’s … I’m … Im sorry … ueh , ehh … ]

– OOooooh ! ! It seems that Jake-sama’s feelings has already been transmitted to Annessama from the start ! !
Jake-sama covered his face with his hand and hanged his head down ! ! (Teressa)

– This situation is indeed embarassing for him . If it was me, surely I wouldn’t be able to look at her face again, forever. (velt)

– To think that the situation exploded to something like this ! Who can predict that something like this will happen ! !
… Ooh ? Please wait a moment ! (Teressa)

[ … no, it’s alright …  Is that so , so all of it, are transmitted , then I guess it’s alright]

[ eh ? ]

This is … ! No way ! ? In this kind of situation ! ?
Will Jake-sama decide about it at this kind of situation ! ?
Will he become serious and tell his feelings toward Annessama ! ? (Teressa)

[ You know, perhaps this is the first time that I felt love with someone. I think , that I’ve fallen in love with you the moment I saw you  … That’s why , will you become my fiancee … No. Will you become my wife ?]

– He said it  ! !  Jake-sama’s first love confession of his life ! !
His face is still beet red and his body is slightly trembling. Even I felt embarassed looking at it ! !
Well then … How will Annessama answer him ~ … !  ? (Teressa)


– … Rinnsama eyes become bloodshot , it seems she is watching over how this confession will become ! (Teressa)

[ Yes , if Jake-sama are fine with me … I , want to life together with you , too … ]

– Its, It’s decideeed ! ! ! GOOOAAALLL ! !
It’s ‘I want to life together with youuu’ , ‘I want to life together with youuu’  !!
Comment please, Rinnsama ! ! (Teressa)

– DAMN IT ! ! This world better destroyed ! ! ! (Rinna)

– We received [ better destroyed ] !
Yaah~ What a passionate marriage meeting we have here, right ~ Velt-san ! (Teressa)

– Indeed. Although the second half has a lot of things that made my heart  worry. In the end, didn’t we get the best result of all  ?
With this, the future of the Ractos household is secured . (velt)

– Alright ! Then , since the lunch time is coming near , we have to prepare for it. The live report will end here.
Rinnsama, Velt-sama , thank you so much for this time ! (Teressa)

– Thank you very much . (velt)

– DAmn ! DAmn damn it , why only me … ! ! (Rinna)

– Well then , the reporter of this event, Terresa ! (Teressa)

– Commentator , Velt … and then  .(velt)

– Every happy person must Die  ! !  ! (Rinna)

… RinnVeil-sama , reporting at the event !
Thanks for the hard work ! ! (Teressa)

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