Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 41


Let’s go back for a moment. At the moment is the day of the marriage meeting between Jake=Ractos and Anessa=Nizzet. 

Celebrating the success of the marriage meeting, both families of Ractos and Nizzet held a small scale party that’s only attended by family members. 


In the middle of pleasant atmosphere where the members of the two families watches over the Jake and Anessa that is being bashful towards each other while chatting with each other, one snake could be seen leaving the place looking expressionless though one could still feel boredom on her face. 


[ Aah, I still thought that Jake-sama’s marriage interview going well is good … but … ] 


The black snake … Jake’s familiar which is called as Neko muttered so, then made a deep sigh and shook her head slowly. 

Of course, since she is actually a snake so she didn’t really mutter or even sigh… But anyway, she sighed and muttered so. 


[ I calmed a bit after talking about it with Big Sis Mary before. But when I … Just like this, really experienced it myself, I really felt tormented by this idescribable worry… ] 


Prior to this, Neko already told her problem to the big spider Mary-chan who is also the friend of the mistress of the house, Liliana=Ractos, about the problem if her Master … or Her parther successfully engaged and then married: won’t her existence be forgotten in her master’s eyes. And so Neko asked for Mary’s advice.

The result of that is she was able to slightly reduce her worry about being forgotten by the master. But in the present condition, Neko is tortured with a different worry. 


[ This is, how should I describe it … That’s right. Myy heart is welled up with this feeling that I also have to search for my own spouse. That’s it. ] 


Even if she’s a familiar, she is still a snake … a living being. 

Therefore, she still has the instinct that tells her that she has to make an offspring, that she have to multiply her kind. 

And today, because of seeing the two young people that had now became fiancees to each other, those feelings became stronger inside her. 

Then she just needs to make one. It’s easy to say that but her present condition is that she is a familiar of a sorcerer. 

Since she, compared to a normal snake already differs quite a bit … no , it’s more correct to call her a totally different existence, the problem became quite troublesome for her.

The most prominent one is the difference in her life span. 

Because she is a familiar, her life is tied with the lifespan of her master. 

At the moment, she already reached the age of fifteens. In snake world, she already reached an old age where it’s not weird that she will meet her end anytime soon. 


And now she’s stuck in a dillema of the fact that it’s probably imposible for her to satisfy her instinct to find a spouse and create a descendant because of her long lifespan. And thus she worried again as she sighed and hang her head. 


[ Haah  … Even though I wouldn’t able to find the answer even if I ponder about it like this, I can’t help but think about it. Even though this is an auspicious day for Jake-kun … Uuuh, I’m not a good familiar… ! ] 


[ Wah… What happened to you? Fair lady with beautiful red eyes… ]


As Neko started to having negative thoughts in her head, she heard someone call her. 

As she turned back towards the voice, she’s surprised. With a white scale covering it’s body, an amber coloured eyes, a male lizard that’s wearing a blue bowtie on it’s neck can be seen.


[ You sure made such long face in this happy day, eh, mademoselle. If it’s alright with you, I could hear one or two of your problems… no ?]


The white lizard said so to Neko with a gentelmanly act towards her. 

Well, since he’s actually a lizard, there’s no way he can actually say something with this mouth, it’s just… umm, yeah, the communication between reptiles… something like that, yeah. 

They communicated with each other with sympathy just like telepathy. 

No mistaking it. 


[ Ah, umm … May I ask who you are? ] 


[ Oh, how rude of me … I forgot to introduce myself. ] 


Answering Neko’s question, the lizard fixed his appearance and made a gentlemanly bow towards her…

Well, this was already mentioned several times now. But he’s actually a lizard, so it’s not like he really made a gentlemanly bow towards her… that’s right. It’s just him lowering his four legs in a good manner… Aah, this don’t matter anymore. 

The lizard started to introduce himself to Neko with a splendid movement while still bowing towards her. 


[ I am the familiar of the eldest daughter of the Nizzet household and the fiancee of Jake=Ractos-sama, Anessa=Nizzet’s… My name is [[ Nivu ]] the amber lizard. Pleased to make your acquintance. ]


The lizard that called himself as Nivu while glancing at Neko with a fascinating flirtatious glance, still bowing his head and maintaining his gentlemanly posture.


[ Ah, how, how do you do … M, me … not that, ukh … I-a … My name is Neko, I am Jake-sama’s … not that, eeh, I am the eldest son of Ractos household’s … ] 


Neko become confused because suddenly the opponent introduced himself in such a good manner, or perhaps she have just never met any other familiar in her life. So she replied with a messy answer. 


[ Fufu, I am sorry. It’s seems that I have made you confused. It’s alright Neko-san, you can just talk like how you usually do… ] 


Hearing Nivu’s word that really doesn’t mind Neko who cannot make an elegant answer… For some reason, it made Neko embarassed and scratch her cheeks…

Scratch her cheeks?  Even though she’s a snake, how did she do it without hand or even legs… ?

How does this thing work?!

Anyone, please tell me!  (ED: Her tail. She still has her tail.)


[ Then, Lady Neko, why did you make such gloomy expression, if I may ask? ] 


[ Ah, actually … it’s like this … ] 


Neko decided to open herself up toward the Nivu who seems to be able to feel her worry. 

The fact that her instinct to make a descendadnt is aroused, but with her identity as a familiar that has a long life, she is worried whether she could have one or not.

Hearing Neko’s problem, Nivu make a warm smile saying “oh, it’s about that.”

Even though she spoke seriously, but only getting such answer from Nivu made Neko slighly sullen and then answered while pouting. 


[ What are you mean with “about that”. Even thought I look like this, I still a woman you know? For a woman, that is a serious problem, alright! ] 


[ Aah, it’s not like that. I am very sorry. It’s quite cute of you to have such problem. So I unconsiously … you know? ] 


As Nivu asked for her forgiveness, he continued his words as he answers the problem that Neko has. 


[ You don’t need to actually be worried about that thing. All familiars has long life spans after all. You only need to find a spouse that is a familiar, just like you. Then everything will be alright, right? Furthermore, you’re still young. Even though you should’ve already reached the end of your life if you’re a normal snake, but as a familiar fifteen years old is still considered as quite young. There’re still a lot of other meetings out there that you could experience. I even know about a frog that is still alive and energetic even after being continously transfered as a familiar for 300 years! …Even he is still not the oldest familiar out there. You don’t need to be so confused right now … Though it’s not quite good for me to say this, but don’t you know that there’s this saying [ The time will find a way for you ], right? ] 


[ Ah, umm, now that you said it, indeed that’s perhaps true… But… yep, I still worried about it. No matter how many times I have, there’s not really that much chance for me to meet a same snake familiar like me… ] 


While her worry already slighly gone after talking about it to him, Neko who is still not totally relieved of her worry started to grumble about how scarce her encounters are… 


[ Oh, don’t you know, Lady Neko. We, familiars could still create an offspring without being tied with the difference of species, you know. Well, if the difference between the species is too far apart, I heard that it’ll be quite hard to create and offspring though… ] 


[ Eh, is that true!? ] 


Neko make a surprised expression after hearing the fact that she has never known. 

If it’s like that, then she certainly could do something about it. And so her worry started to disappear. 


[ Of course, that’s true… Furthermore, a fair lady like you will surely have many familiars that wants to become your spouse. If it’s come like that, even I wanted to announce my candidacy to become your spouse…  Fair lady with beautifull ruby eyes. ] 


[ Hah, wha,…. ! What are you … ! Suddenly… What are you saying… ] 


Suddenly, having something like that directly spoken to her face made Neko’s heart start to beat faster. 

Unconciously, she tried to cover her chest with her hand so that her heartbeat wouldn’t be heard by Nivu…

Since she’s a snake, she didn’t have a hand and where her chest actually is, is also a question. But anyway, she placed her hand on her chest… 


[ … Hmm, it seems that I have a hope for it, no … ? Hmm, perhaps I have to make a assertive approach since I, too, have been alone for a long time, right. Surely we will have a lot of time where we can meet each other now that our master are engaged to each other… If you wish for it, anytime, I’m willing to become your spouse, Neko … ] 


[ Khh … ! ] 


Romantically, Nivu whispers such sweet words really close to her ears that she felt like his lips are about to touch her cheeks. While she’s a pokilotherm, she got her face red because of some unknown theory.

Getting caught out of guard, Neko who got courted seriously couldn’t cope with the condition and was lost for words. 


[ Oops, I am sorry. It seems that I’ve gone too far. Perhaps this is too much of a stimulation for a young lady like you, eh ? Though it’s regretable, let this evil guy who made a young lady feel embarrased go away now… ]


Neko could only look at him with her eyes as he leaves while still maintaining his gentlemanly knight-like act until the end. 

Neko’s heartbeat is still beating fast as she thought that perhaps Nivu is just messing with her. 


In the end, because she already consulted her problem to Nivu and now that her problem is already wiped clean from her mind, doesn’t mean that her heart will get its peace anytime soon. 

As for why, now, Neko’s head is full of the white lizard with the gentlemanly knight-like attitude that she just met few moments ago with name the Nivu. 


And… There’s another person that was looking at the exchange between these two animals.

With dead fish-like eyes, and a eyes that doesn’t seem to be focused at that, that woman is just looking at the two animal’s encounter.

Her name is Rinna=Veil. The sorcerer that’s crowned with the name of [ Eternal Winter ]

She is also another one, who in this happy days, made the same expression as Neko. But different from the snake, there’s no gentlemanly knight-like person who appeared in front of her at all. 

Perhaps, after this… too. 


(ED:Aww… Only Rinna doesn’t have a love life… yet?)

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