Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 43


A certain nobleman is sitting inside a carriage. With a gloomy expression, he looked over a piece of paper… An invitation letter is in his hand that arrived at his house several days ago.

That invitation letter, came from the governor, Grid=Ractos, of the country, Azolias Kingdom, that gave the man his viscount pedigree. The invitation letter is about the engagement party of the son of the governor, Jake=Ractos.


In general, his viscount rank is not someone who can get an invitation letter for this kind of party. But there’s a reason that he’s invited in this party.

But it’s just a simple reason.

His son, whom is working in the Magic Guild, is one of the few friends that Jake=Ractos has. He is the one getting the invitation letter.


It goes without saying that the viscount himself doesn’t have any relationship with the Ractos household.

… Even if he has a chance to have a relationship with them, it will be something that he doesn’t wish for.

He… the viscount is a comparatively [ Good ] noble.

Of course, he still indulges himself in luxury to a certain extent just like a normal noble.

But he never did something evil even once.

[ The secret of a long life is not involving yourself in something that is bothersome. ]

The viscount lives with such a mindset.

Surely, the people who has the same mindset as him will think of this.


If possible, he mustn’t make any contact with the Ractos household.


That’s right, [ The dark rumour of the Ractos Household ]

The dark rumour that makes the one who hears it shudder in fear, coiling around the Ractos household.

Though there’s no positive proof to the rumour, there will be no smoke at the place that has no fire.

It’s clear that if he makes any contact with the Ractos, he will be involved in something troublesome.

Receiving a letter from such a household, it’s made him gloomy.


But the one who invited him is the Duke. If there’s nothing that’s urgent, then he can’t do anything about it. He cannot refuse the invitation.


[ It’s alright, Father. You don’t need to be that nervous. Even Jake-kun is a really good guy, different from the rumours. ] – Son


His son who is worried while looking at his nervous father, talked to him with the intention to make him at ease.

But that still didn’t remove the Viscount’s nervousness.

That’s how strong and famous the [ Ractos’s Dark Rumour ] is planted in the people’s heads.

And just like that, while he still in gloom, the carriage finally arrived at Ractos household.




While waiting for all of the guests to appear, the Viscount is having a lighthearted chat with the people that has the same rank as him. Then, suddenly, he could see a person walking up to the stage.

Several people among the ones who looked at the person’s appearance gasped.

That person is the master of this mansion, Duke Grid=Ractos.

Duke Ractos opened his mouth.


[ Everyone, I am sorry to disturb yoi in the middle of your pleasant chat. Soon, His majesty will arrive at this place… By his arrival, His majesty will be the one to announce the engagement. For now, please enjoy your talk. ] – Grid


With a deep voice that seems to have come from the depths of the hell, the duke said only that and walked down from the stage.

As if to imitate a few other people who’s restarting their conversation, the viscount, once again, started his conversation.

However, deep inside, the Viscount cannot be calm at all.

He made realized whether he wanted to or not, by looking at the Duke Ractos’s appearance, he is at the domain of the Duke Ractos right now.


Because of realizing that truth, his heartbeat became even faster and faster.

He started to find a weird thing in the mansion even though he doesn’t particularly feel anything at the time of his arrival.


Even though this is a Duke house, the lack of gorgeous furniture is weird.

People who could calmly work in this mansion is weird.

He felt like there’s something weird crawling at the window just a moment ago.

Some time ago, he felt like he’s heared some weird laugh.

Perhaps he ended up entering the mansion of the devil.


The viscount prayed inside the Devil mansion.

If possible, please make it so that nothing happens and that he could come back home safely.


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