Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 44



Usually, our house is coiled in a silent atmosphere because not many servants work here… the Duke Ractos mansion.

But, with the exception for today, I could hear the bustling sound of people chatting from the banquet hall, which makes this house unusually flourished.


That’s a matter of course because today is the engagement party for my big brother, Jake=Ractos, and the one who will become my sister-in-law next year, Anessa=Nizzet.


… Normally I would felt happy about it. Of course I do feel happy for them. But the [me right now] is a bit… Umm, I don’t have any composure to do that.


Because the thing that I’m wearing is not my usual dignified, solid, and very cool heavy armor made from black metal… But a really flaky, thin, full of frills, and has no spec of defense power on it-a dress.

…It’s not like I hate this dress.

The dress that I wore has the red and black colour that symbolizes the Ractos household. it’s also smooth when touched.

The design that mother created for me is a beautiful dress, even from the eyes of someone that’s not really knowledgeable in clothing.


But… I still felt that the weight is not enough.

The feeling of stability stepping into the ground that my usual armour gives, I can’t feel it at all in this cloth.

I really can’t calm down.

I even ended up jumping for three meters for no reason.

Right now, my heart is really insecure.

I have no composure to give Big brother and his fiancée my blessings right now.

Even though this is my own house, I felt like wanting to go back home.

I want to go home, wear my favorite armor, and calm myself down.


Well, ignoring all of that… In the banquet hall, a lot of nobles that already given the invitation letter, or the knights that has high peerage already entered the hall and is having some complicated talk with each other.

They are just waiting for the arrival of His majesty. With the arrival of His majesty, the party will be officially opened.

When that happens, I will have to join in with father, mother, big brother, and sister-in-law who already stepped out to have a chat with other guests in the banquet hall.


…That’s right, only me alone will have to wait in the waiting room… waiting until His majesty comes then its my turn to come out.

From what mother said [ It’s impossible for Erza to be accompanying our guest. It’s  better to not let her do anything reckless more than needed ].

Well, I also thought the same…


[ … Bored ] – Erza


When I muttered so, I heard the sound of the door being knocked. A sound that I’m familiar with entered my ears.


[ Oi, Erza, the Duke Ractos and his wife said that you have to prepare. His majesty is about to arrive. ] – Prolly, one of knights


[ …I understand ] – Erza


After saying so, I head toward the door that connects directly from corridor to the banquet hall so that I can go anytime when called. Then, as the door opened, several 

people that I know who are wearing a knight attire came into sight.


That’s right, it’s my superior in the knight brigade that I am affiliated with… The Heavy Armoured Unit commander along with the other knights from the Heavy Armoured Unit.

Why is the commander also at this place?

Also, the knight who had come as the guard for His majesty is already placed over there. The Heavy Armoured Unit, that has a relationship with me, became the guards for the nobles that’s gathered at Duke Ractos’ mansion.


[Aah, I’m already fed up with all of this. The Duke’s household is really trouble… so… Wha!? ] – Commander


Everyone looked at my appearance that just came out of the waiting room. The commander hanged his head and isn’t be able to mutter a word. The other members looked surprised as their expression stiffened.


[ …What? ] – Erza


[ No, it’s just… ah… dammit. Can’t hold it…. ] – Commander


Unusually of him, the commander didn’t speak his words clearly and seems to be struggling with his words. Then, the next moment, he raised his head…


[ Gyahahaha! Heeeh! Oi, you lot, see this? Erza is wearing a dress, a dress dammit!! Furthermore, it really  looks good on her! Gheh… Hihihi ! ! ] – Commander (TL : 

that secret praise ) (ED: I can see ship now…)


He pointed his finger at me and laughed out loud.


[ Wa, wait, commander! That’s not good. Calm down!! This is the Duke Ractos mansion. And there’re also other nobles here! Pointing your hand while laughing … Our vice commander is also a Young lady of Duke house, you know!? ]


[ Eh? … Hah!? What, again!? Come on, say it one more time!! ] – Commander


[ … Our vice commander, is a young lady ….Pfft … Young lady of the duke household… ]


[ ‘Ya ·ng·lei·?di ! Gyahhihihihi ! ! ] – Commander


[ Sto, Hfu ! Please stop it commander… don’t say it with that kind of tone … Pfft ! ]


As the commander once again bursted into laugh, even the other knights started to laughed without being afraid of me who already has quite a long history as knight.

…Commander is meanie!

Even though I am already this gloomy because of having to wearing this dress that I don’t want to wear in the first place ! !

Why is he laughing loudly like that ! !


[ Hiih hi … Oi Erza. Come on. Try to speak like a princess! It’s sure gonna be interesting ! ] –  Commander


Even if it’s interesting, why do I have to!?

… If it’s already come to this, let’s just go all out.

My already pent up stress being told to wear this dress and not an armour.

Let’s go all out ! !


The high handed young lady that came out in a folk tale.


[ I am the fair lady, Erza=Scarlet desu wa ! ]


[ Gyuihi ! !  Hiih ! ! ]


Coming after that, appealing my high pedigree.


[ I am daughter of duke household desu wa ! ] 


[ Hyeeh … ! ! Cough … !  WA …. wait, my breath , Hiih  ! ] – Commander


Changing my tone, with a triumphant expression.


[ Next week, I’ll be seventeen, amazing am I … ? ] – Erza


[ Hyiih … Cough, cough … ! No, sto … Hyuuh … I’ll die because laughter … !!  ] – Commander


… I think the commander better die while laughing just like that.


[ Ah ! Oi , I thought of something good ! Let’s make Erza’s Second name the [ Fair lady of duke household ! ]. How about that!!? ]




(TL : sorry that the joke is properly translated since nobleman english is just proper english ( or that’s what the internet said after I searched for roughly ten minutes) ~


btw the last nickname is actually [ Koushaku Reijou Desu wa ! ] ( I am the daughter of the duke household ! ] )


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