Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 46




They’ve defeated me.


I, Alto=Azolias, finally realized the big mistake that I’ve made when I was attending the engagement party of Jake=Ractos.


Once again, I thought. He defeated me.




—- The engagement party of Jake=Ractos and Anessa=Nizzet went normally without any problems occurring.


… But after that, the problem did occur.




[ … Well then, this marks the end of the engagement announcement between my son, Jake and Miss Anessa. But I wish for everyone to accompany us for a little bit more. ] – Grid.




It started with the words that came out from the head of the party, Duke Grid=Ractos… The Governor himself.


The guests started to murmur amongst themselves, wondering what’s happening. And just like them, His majesty, my father, also looked slightly confused and then exchanged looks with the Prime minister.




[ And so, because of many circumstances, the introduction became late. My daughter, Erza=Scarlet, will have her social debut today ] – Grid




The young miss of the Ractos household, Erza=Ractos.


The vice commander of our kingdom’s Chivalric Order, the Heavy Armored Unit. The jet black knight from hell.


She is a female knight that’s feared because of her appearance and power.


How she looks when she’s roaring like a wild beast that had lost all sense is said to even make a veteran knight tremble in fear.




As a prince of the country, I have a lot of chances to attend a party that’s sponsored by other nobles.


Indeed, I never once saw her, Erza=Ractos, in such party.


Of course, as a knight, I still sometimes see her… But as a noble lad, I’ve never seen her even once.


Probably, she wanted to devote her life as a knight and not as a noble lady. So she had never once shown her face on high society and threw away her life as a noble lady. All this time I always thought so.


Because of that, even if she is still a family member of the Ractos household, I felt that I can like her.


Of course, I didn’t mean the “love” like.


It’s a likeness because it’s already the tradition in the Azolias kingdom to be fond of people who is strong.




Of course, she has that nickname and so is feared by people.


But the fact that she’s feared because of her appearance and power, I thought, it that’s compared with the viciousness of Jake=Ractos and Grid=Ractos, it’s still better. It’s not that evil.


And so, ErzRactos, is a person that enters the category of people with common sense, even though she’s from Ractos household. Or so I judged her.




…And, right now, the governor declaring her social debut after all this time.


In general, it’s something that he should’ve done four years ago… Then why now?


As I revolve my head thinking what in the world the governor is actually thinking, he finally called Erza to the venue.




— Seeing her appearance, the people in the hall either gulped or raised their voice in surprise.


She isn’t wearing her usual armor but is instead in a beautiful dress.


Her appearance now, no one would object to call her beautiful. And it wouldn’t be weird if she is to be nominated as the belle of society. She is the very image of a noble lady itself.




Erza=Ractos, walked with refined steps and a gallant expression, though still as sharp as sword, towards his majesty.


… And then, she started her greeting.


Out of all things, she did a bow for a knight.




[ It’s been a long time, His majesty. In this occasion, I offer my gratitude to His majesty for coming to my big brother and sister-in-law’s engagement party. I am sorry for my late greeting. Though His majesty already knows me, let me introduce myself still. My name is Erza=Scarlet, with respect for His Majesty… ] – Erza




Without even minding the guests who started murmuring to each other with a surprised expression due to seeing this weird spectacle, Erza=Ractos continued her greeting.


Normally, it’s outside the common sense for a noble lady to do a knight’s bow.




If this place is not the Azolias Kingdom, and if she’s not someone that’s affiliated with the chivalric order, she could be deemed doing s disrespectful thing to His majesty and be punished for it.




Then, the name of the Ractos household will be smeared with dirt. They will be judged that they can’t properly educate her as a noble lady… her act will result to that.




But… that’s right, that case is true. If this is not the Azolias kingdom… If she’s not someone affiliated with chivalric order…




Since this is the Azolias kingdom where they respect the people with strength, she is the << Jet black knight from hell >>, Erza=Ractos. And since His majesty is the <>, Leon=Azolias. Then the act that she had done…




[ Fufu, fuhaha ! Splendid ! Isn’t this a splendid young lady, huh. Governor… Duke Grid=Ractos.  While she is a Noble lady, she is still a knight… No, it’s more correct to say,  her true self is a knight itself! Though she is a woman, a noble lady, she wishes to become the knight for my kingdom! Her wish to become the sword of my country, the shield of my country, I can feel it clearly! … It’s truly a splendid greeting, Young lady of the duke household, Erza=Ractos. I will remember your name. You are truly a noble lady that perfectly fits for the Azolias kingdom! ] – Leon 




That’s right … she was praised. His majesty will take a liking to her.




… But, I can’t understand.


I already stated it before… But why did they do this only now?


What’s the meaning to holding her social debut on the same day as the engagement party of the Jake=Ractos ?


And more, what’s the connection with this thing and the other case?


The uproar that’s happening right now is too tidy compared to what Grid=Ractos and Jake=Ractos have done.


I think this is has nothing to do with their evilness.


However, will they be really doing something that’s meaningless?




The case this time, indeed is something that’s outside common sense and will bring a problem if it happened in another country.


However, for this place, the Azolias Kingdom, while it’s still something outside common sense, it wouldn’t bring any trouble.


When looking at the result of this act, basing on the fact that she’s a Noble lady and a knight at the same time, His majesty became fond of her.


Erza=Ractos is praised by His majesty. Is it only that?




… Hmm? Noble lady and a knight!?


So that’s it! I understand!!




They, the Duke Ractos household, after making the name of Erza=Scarlet as a knight well known, and then announcing her social debut, it’ll create a fact that she is a person that’s accepted by His majesty as a Noble lady while also being a knight!!


Creating a knight with an authority of a Duke’s noble lady!


In other words, she becomes a knight that will not accept any order from someone who’s lower than the a duke!




… Then, perhaps, the actual role that Erza=Ractos held is the [Frontal attack to take over the chivalric order]]!? (TL : Ooh, if the commander idea to make Erza the Vice captain become true, how panicked will Prince Alto be ? ]




In the past, there was a case where a woman became the chivalric order captain.


In a case where every commander of chivalric order, including the captain of the chivalric order, withdrew from their seat. Then in the present condition, the one who is closer to becoming the knight captain and being accepted by His Majesty, the one who is a noble lady as well as a knight… that’s right. There is no one who will doubt her power, Erza=Ractos’.


The only knight that will have a higher position than her is only the knight captain.


She would be able to get the position of the knight captain without a hitch! And no one couldn’t even object it!


… However, that’s right! There’s still more!!




She is also someone who has a blood relationship with the << Hero of the war>> Diebold=Ractos!!




Since Diebold-dono is someone who’s proficient in sorcery, I’ve never thought it in my head until now, but other than Jake … Erza=Ractos, she is also the granddaughter of that hero!


Being recognized by His majesty, the granddaughter of the hero, a noble with high pedigree, and a knight at the same time!!


What the hell! It’ll make her like some main character of some folktale, wouldn’t it!?


Who in their sane mind would dare to oppose someone like her!?




Surely, this is the actual aim for this engagement party.


Indeed, they’ve beat me!


Now that it had already progressed this far, and the fact that they do this in a frontal attack, making me unable to intervene!!


This is my mistake. It’s my mistake on putting to much attention at Jake alone.




The Ractos household ended up creating a knight captain that they can command as they please!!




How this fact will affect their plan, for someone like me who isn’t able to grasp the full picture of their plan, I can’t imagine it.


However, I have no doubt. This, surely, will become an important factor for their plan .


… I’m sure that their plan is already reaching its final phase.


What should I do… ! What in the world should I do?!!



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