Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Jake-san is a Home Economics guy.


My name is Jake. Jake – Ractos, the oldest son of the duke house of Ractos. My father is Grid – Ractos.

He is the administrator of this country.

Even so, what he does most, is manage the financial affairs of our country, and doesn’t do much in politics. He is a delicate man who is quite timid.


But even so, it seems that every citizen in this country fears my father.

I think that, maybe, it is because of his face. To be honest, even I am scared.

There was a time that I woke up at night to go to the toilet and came across him. I almost wet myself.

Although, if I say that to him, he will probably go seclude himself in his room, so I will never say that to him.


None of our problems are better than our father’s.

For some reason, Mother, my sister and I are feared by the people too.

For my mother, well, it’s to be expected if they fear Mary-chan, no?

My sister….well, if someone brings a double handed sword that big, and wears a full plate that makes loud, clattering noises………well of course, right?


As for me ….. what is my problem, I wonder?

Ah ~ …. maybe…….it’s really because of the sorcery, right?…….

I have a magical trait that I received from my grandfather.

Furthermore, it’s the rare [shadow sorcery].

Just like the name says, it is sorcery that allows one to manifest and manipulate shadows. (ED: Doctor Strange, anyone?)

It seems to be the same trait as the one my grandfather had.

My grandfather, Diebold – Ractos was, at his prime days, a famous sorcerer, and his nickname is [Sorcerer King of the Dusk ] …….


Sorcerer King….twilight….aren’t those all related to evilness?

….. Well, it’s not like it’s my place to say it.

[Incarnation of devil snake]

That’s my nickname.

People say that the shape of the magic that manipulate makes it look like I am accompanied by a snake.

I don’t want it! I want something like, [Lightning] or maybe [Whirlwind] or those kinds of heroic nicknames as my nicknames, you know?!

What do you mean, with that devil snake, with that incarnation?!

It means that I’m that devil snake ? Isn’t that totally a monster?!

Well, I think the reason that they fear me is not only that though.


[As I thought, it’s the face, right….?]


My face was reflected back at me in the spring in the middle of the castle town.

An eye that always looks like it is laughing, a mouth that always looks like I am scoffing.

Once a week, I get told something like [Bastard, what are you scheming?]

I don’t think about anything except that I want a friend, I want a lover…..(ED: My good brother, come here ;;)

Although I learn sorcery, since I am the eldest son, I will probably be taking over father’s job and manage finances in the future.

I don’t scheme to dominate the world using sorcery, you know?!

Uh, my face itself shouldn’t be that bad…..how did it turn out like this?


[shaah …. ]


Something peeked out from the pocket of my clothes and looked over my face; it was a black snake with red eyes.


[…. Are you trying to comfort me ? Nako]


Her name is Nako.

Because of the dark rumours surrounding our house, I’ve never had any friends since childhood. She was my only friend.

Well, since I was able to make a friend, no matter how scarce, then she should be my best friend, right?

After I finished my sorcery training, I summoned her as my familiar. She is quite reliable.


[That’s right. It can’t be helped even if I feel down. At a time like this, it’s best to eat delicious things. That’s what father says after all …. maybe I should go looking around the stalls.]


[shaa — h! ]


Entering the side road from the main road, I move into an alleyway which has fewer people.

…..after all, if I stay on the main road, then people will look at me hostilely.

Ah……not good. I am turning negative again.


Just then, I heard the sound of a woman screaming from the alleyway.

When I take a peek …. how terrible! There’s one girl who is about to be violated by two men.

Uwaah, their muscles are brawny …. it’s scary~ . I have this very-meager body after all, so I am not quite fond of those types of people, you know.

No, it’s not the time to think something like that. I am a sorcerer. I must have a confidence.

At this kind of time, it’s better to use a strong remark to make oneself look haughty! is what grandfather said.

A-Alright, I’ll do it ….. !


—- Several minutes later, I, who somehow able to punish the hoodlums and save the girl, felt this satisfied feeling ….. or not.

Didn’t she become more scared of me then the hoodlums? This girl ……


[Oi , Jake – Ractos … !]


When I turn over and look at who has called me, there appeared the kingdom’s first prince.

His name is Alto – Azolias.

Wait, why did is prince at this kind of place?! He also didn’t bring any guards; it’s dangerous, you know?!


[What are you planning to do with those men?]


Well, what should I do about them? Should I hand them to the guards?


[…… Bastard, what is it exactly that you are scheming?]


Haha, today, I got told that again.


Ah, somehow prime minister-san is running out to the main street with an amazing speed.

Such a lively person, that prime minister.

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