Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 66


In the royal castle, inside the hall where no speck of dust could be seen.

The polished marble reflected the sunlight like that of a mirror.

On the end of a red carpet that was embroidered with golden thread, one big double door.

On the other side of the carpet, a grand huge, luxurious armchair… the throne.

Yes, this is the throne hall of the Azolias Kingdom.

Now, sitting on those throne, the king of Azolias Kingdom, Leon=Azolias, with a majestic throne on his head.

Next to him, stand a thin man old man. The minister of Azolias, who comb his hair backward as if to hide the bald spot of his head.


Normally, in this time of the day, there wouldn’t be any meeting like this. But, today, there was a special reason as for why the king wait on the throne hall like this.

He just received a request for audience with the king from the Governor, Duke Grid=Ractos, and his son, Jake=Ractos, followed by another request from the count Raul=Nizzet.


Although the other party were someone who was familiar with him, but it’s been long time since king Leon had two formal visits at the same days.

As if to showing his intention to show his dignity. The king had more serious expression than usual as he sat while straighten his back.

As the prime minister sighed and mutter, it would helped me much if you always act like that though, the sound of door knocking could be heard as one of the servant bringing information that Grid=Ractos and his son had arrived.


“Alright, let them in”


The king spoke with dignified voice, giving the permission for Grid=Ractos to enter the room.

And so, the two person enter the room and bowed in front of the king.


“Your majesty, the head of Duke Ractos household, Grid=Ractos, and Jake=Ractos, came as his majesty command. So, may I ask why did his majesty call us here?”


After they said their greeting to the king, Grid quickly asked for the reason the king called them to the castle today.


“Hmm? …. wait wait. Isn’t it you guys who asked for audience with me?”


That’s right, just like what stated above, the king did not call two of them today here.

The reason that the king sat on the throne today was because the two asked for audience with the king.


“Eh, hmm… ? It’s strange. It’s not a mistake that we are called by his majesty to the castle. … What’s the matter?”


Both of the party are confused as the information that they had contradict each other. In addition, Jake and minister were also confused as for what happened.

… Then suddenly, as if to add more ingredient to the chaos, the servant in front of the door announced another arrival of visitor.


“ Your Majesty, Count Raul=Nizzed has arrived”

“Hmmm? He already arrived? The audience with count should have been later… Isn’t the schedule is bit messy here? Even duke said that he didn’t even request any audience with me. Is perhaps, count is the same case? It seems it’s better to just confirm it. Let him enter”


Grid=Ractos misinformation, plus the mistake on the audience time with the count.

Perhaps for some reason, the schedule were in mess.

To confirm the situation, King Leon gave the permission to the servant to let the count enter the room.


“It’s great pleasure to meet you today, his majesty. Governor assistant, Count Raul=Nizzet, come responding to his majesty’s call. So, what his majesty need from me?”


Raul=Nizzet, just like Grid=Ractos, asked his majesty the reason for the call after giving the courtesy to the king.

Seeing this, King Leon showed again surprised expression. Just like Grid=Ractos, Raul=Nizzet was received call to the castle instead of proposing the audience with the king.


“Hmm…? What happened, I was indeed called to the castle in the name of his majesty…”


Raul=Nizzet placed his palm over his mouth, and fell into deep thought. Then once again, another voice come from the direction of the door.

However, this time it wasn’t from the servant who stand by the side of the door.


“Grid=Ractos,  Jake=Ractos, Raul=Nizzet, I was the one who call them”


The door opened, as the gap between the door slowly opened, the owner of that voice showed it’s appearance.

It was the first prince of the Azolias kingdom himself.


“This is… such thing, alto. Why did you use my name to call them here?”


Then prince also answered to the king that asked him in surprise.


“I’m terribly sorry your majesty. Surely they will come if I use my name if I call them to this place today. But I still felt uneasy about it so I use your name without your permission”


“… Haah, His highness Alto, even if you’re the person who will be the next king, it’s not commendable to using the king’s name carelessly. As things stand, even if you’re the first prince, you might be punished”

“Well, I’m sorry prime minister. I’m worried of the possibility of them destroying the evidence due to the vigilance if I call them with under my name. And this matter, your majesty have to see it with his own eyes”


Prince Alto said his apologize to the king who still have the expression of confusion on his face, and the Prime minister who just reprimand him.

To sum up the matter, Prince alto faking the king name and used it to call the Duke Grid=Ractos, his son, Jake=Ractos and the Count Raul=Nizzet.

Moreover, it seems that there was something that king Leon and prime minister had to witness.


Inside people’s heart on the room, all kind of emotion were stirred.

A person who had no idea of what happened. A pale man. Another with bad premonition.


“So… why did you call Governor, his son, and count here?”


The silence came back to the room with the question that king threw to Prince Alto.

Everyone stood in silence and wait.


“Of course, it’s because…”


Prince Alto hung his face as if he deep in thought, a shadow appeared on his face.

Suddenly, he pointed his finger, as the cape that hung over his shoulder flutered.


“ I’m here to reveal all of the wrong doing that Duke Grid=Ractos and his faction has been doing to this kingdom”


Everyone in the room tried to hide their shaken heart, as the chaos started again.


“It took me long time, but finally, I’ve found the clue. You wouldn’t be able to run away anymore. Governor, Grid=Ractos! At this moment, I will reveal all of your scheme to the world!”


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