Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 67


As I thought that I, Grid=Ractos, and my son, Jake=Ractos were summoned for the audience with his majesty, King Leon.


Then, it seems that the one who actually summoned us were Prince Alto, under the name of the king. Also, Rebelion? What did I do that I was accused for rebelion?

Anyway, prince also said that I was doing something that endangering the kingdom right in front of my face.

Now I felt bit nervous.


“Wait, Wait a minute, Your highness! You seems to be misunderstood, there’s no way governor doing something like that… !”


“Shut up Minister, I know it’s something that hard to accept, but anyway, please just listen to me”



Even though the prime minister tried to protest for me, he had to shut up when the prince said “Shut up”

What happen? In the first place, Why did I even try to rebel against the country?


“It’s useless even if you pretending to be confused, Duke Grid, I already saw all of your plan!”


Oh, I wasn’t acting at all.

Rather than that, why did you looked so proud like that?

Your expression was the exact same expression that the king always made before he ended up being reprimanded by prime minister.

And, plan? I never had any kind of plan whatsoever in the first place.


…Wait, was it a counted as rebellion to import a foreign food to the country?

That shouldn’t violate the law, it’s difficult, but was the way I choose my ingredient wrong?


“It seems that you didn’t have any thought of confessing. Then let me be the one who said it, your true aim… it’s to usurp the throne from the royal family!”


No way, if that true, then it is surely was a rebellion.


Silence fell into the room.

No wonder, in this room were only two guard that were brought by his highness and his highness, Count Raul, me, Jake, prime minister and his majesty.

Apart from his highness and his guard, everyone here knew that I never ever had aimed for the throne, let alone that… I am never done anything really evil before.

Now, what should I do? What kind of reaction was appropriate for this kind of condition.


“Pardon me, His majesty. Usurping the throne?

Unfortunately, I’ve never had such thought in my mind at all… That said, there are other thing, the foreign food indeed make me a bit careless”

“I know, the Crescent Moon Pavilion… Right?”


Oh, did his Highness also know about the Crescent moon Pavilion?

Aah, did he not meant about the throne, but some kind of fish with the same name?

The dish name should also named like Usurpation or something similar to that, I guess.


“Although you hide it well, do you think I didn’t know about it? In order to make the throne yours… you make a vicious plan to make Jake as the king!”


Oh, it’s about real throne.


There were too much thing happened, I didn’t know what happening anymore.

Why… It must be some misunderstand. Why did I wanted to usurping the throne with some delicious exotic seafood restaurant?

Also, what did he meant by making Jake as the king? I couldn’t understand.


“Your highness, about that matter, what are you talking about? I still quite confused about this, what are you meant by I, planning to make the Jake as the king”

“So you still pretending didn’t know anything, huh. Well let me answer your question”


His highness turned his back on me and walked away slowly on the room.

It’s not clear why did he did that.


“First of all, indeed I said that you intend to usurping the throne, but you will not do it directly. And I use word usurpation, I suppose that kind of reckless act is not really appropriate to use in our country”


Suddenly the prince stopped, faced toward me, glared me in the eye.


“And you guys know that, so you guys did two measures… two measures to attack the law and execute your plan!”


He raised his two finger in front of his face as he shouted.


“ Through the visit of Diebold=Ractos you give the impression to the citizen that the strongest person in this kingdom is the sorcerer king! Of course with this, Jake=Ractos who is the grandson of such person, who also had the same ability as his grandfather will also regarded as a strong person!At this time Grid=Ractos will take use of the situation and using the pretext of importing foreign cuisine to actually bring assassins and poison to kill the king and me!! This will lead to the abdication of the throne! Of course, Jake=Ractos then will be chosen as the candidate of the next king! Why, that’s of course, it’s because Liliane=Ractos had been courting on the queen!!… Naturally, there will be someone who said their objection. It’s mainly people who didn’t use magic and sorcery. But you can suppress them! Yes, it’s Erza=Ractos!! She will said… Although I inherited the blood of the hero itself, but my brother is the one who get its power and surely worth of it! How many people who could reject after that happened?!”


His highness spoke about my plan, speculated about it, and then return to the starting point of his walk. Then stop on the red carpet.


“ That’s what you guys are planning”


Then His highness moved his head looked at us.

… How horrible, I had never imagined all of that.


In his higness, eyes… perhaps, my family had become something like super villain family?

I had bad feeling about this. To be honest, now that my mental couldn’t take it anymore I just want to go home for today, but I had to solve the misunderstanding no matter what happened.


“Your higness! It’s unfortunate, but I’ve never had such plan at all…!”

“It’s a lie. Do you want to say that, right?…. it’s pity, Grid=Ractos”



His highness stared at me with pitying eyes.

Please don’t do that. We really just a happy family that wanted to live in peace, that’s all.




what? Why did he pause for so long?


“… I have witness and evidence!!”



I couldn’t help to retort to that. That’s of course.

I never remember doing something evil that could become some sort of “evidence”


In other word, I already tired mentally. If possible, I hope someone help me, I wonder why are other people are silent?

I looked around.

Now, Jake already stopped thinking completely, Prime minister’s head are popping blue veins because of prince said “Shut up” to him, and His majesty, who have pale face and trembling.

And Count Raul, he just stood there with bitter smile and played with his fingernail.


No, Count Raul seems pretty relaxed, did he realized what happened?

His highness was talking about me, indeed, but of course, the one who were object of this problem would be me, Jake and of course, Count Raul, right?

I didn’t thought that this was correct time to play with your nail.

Did you also had your hair cut this morning?


“Well, bring them up!”


At his highness command, the guards who were waiting outside ran outside.

Aah, what should I do? What I didn’t know is whether the the evidence really able to prove of my crime, or not.

My stomach started to ache…


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