Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 70.71

Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 70-71


With light brown skin, one could already knew that I wasn’t someone who came from Azolias Kingdom . My name is, Yuuga .

Whatever in my hometown or in Azolias kingdom, my social position wasn’t really that high, as I was just Civilian, thus I didn’t had any surname .

Speaking of my homeland, my homeland was a country that was located on the small island on the east from the continent from where Azolias Kingdom, people called it the land of the east . Unlike Azolias kingdom, there were no nobility in that place . In my homeland the people who were referred as nobility were called as “Kousou”, while the people who was referred as the Knight here were called as “shogun” . Those people had the same role as the nobles, as the one who were in charge of the country’s politic .

Well since I was just a citizen, that was the limit of my knowledge, though it seems that they had a different politics compared to Azolias .


The place where I live now was inside the alleyway of the castle town, where my father together with myself run a shop called “Crescent moon pavilion” .


I suppose it was already five, six years since the first time I came to this country .


The reason why we did something so bothersome as went to the other country just to run a small shop like this was actually pretty simple .

My mother . who has already passed away, is a person who was the citizens of Azolias Kingdom .

Then, after the death of my mother, my father decided to bury her in the place where she was born, thus we came to the capital, build a grave for her and live here .


Just as it supposed to happen, even thought this was the hometown of my mother, the first time we arrived at this land it was pretty tough for us .

Especially, the language barrier . For my father who meet with mother in this continent, understanding the local language wasn’t a hard task for him, but it wasn’t so for me .

In the first place, I was born in the east, raised there, and the language that I learn through my life was a different language from this place .


Well, while I still in learning phase, but compared to the first time I migrate to this place, it could be said that I already learned a lot .

Regarding reading and writing, as long as it wasn’t something that I wasn’t learned yet, it would pose no problem for me .

Also, I made friend in this place .


That was right, that friend’s name is Jake=Ractos .

The first time I met with him, I thought that there was a scary person that came to the shop, but through my father’s translation, the time we exchange word I knew that he wasn’t actually a bad person despite his scary face, after that we became friend .


Just like what I had said before, in my place, there wasn’t  any concept such as nobility . So whether people said that he is the first son of the duke household, I wouldn’t changed how I interact with him, and I probably that was the right choice .


Jake, he didn’t had many friend, and I thought that him having a friend on the same age as him that would interact with him openly, was something that fresh for him .

. . . Well it wasn’t my place to speak about people lack of friends, though .


Anyway, since we became a friends, Jake and me met a lot .

Well, for us who had a different status which is duke and civilian, we couldn’t meeting openly in public, but he still came to my place whether he had time on his hand .


Well, there was time where he made a mess when he talk about a marriage meeting to a certain knight, by acting like he was on some kind of play, but still I would never thought that I want to cut my ties with him .


But, there something that I conceal from him, rather, it was something that I couldn’t tell him .


That was . . . .


“——————————— . —————- Crescent moon———–“


From my meeting with Jake until this moment, I still couldn’t completely completely catch the word of this continent .


“———— Crescent moon———-“


Let’s confirm the current situation once again .

For some reason I was kneeling in front of a really important person, the king, who didn’t look really well, inside a really extravagance room with my hand tied together behind my back .

And then, right in front of my face, a person who spoke with really fluent, fast azolias language, the one who bring me here, the prince .

The one who stand over there facing over here, Jake-kun, his father, Duke ractos, and some other noble-like person with a blonde hair with blue tip .

By the way, there was also the old man who sometime sell a kebab in front of my store, in the same condition like mr, with his hand tied on the back of his back .

Then there was this girl who wore an apron who for some reason sleeping on the corner of the room .

Also, who was the old man who cover his eyes with his hand who stand on the back of the king? It feels like I had seen him somewhere before .  But compared to this man, I could see that his veins on his temple were swelling, with a really frightening expression, was he angry? Wait, at me? It was really scary though .


To be honest, I didn’t had any clue of what actually happened .

The time when my father gone out to get the supply for the shop, and I was preparing to hang the closed sign for today, a man who looked like a prince suddenly bursted into the shop and talked about something really fast .

Because he spoke to fast and so fluently, I couldn’t understand what in the world did he talked about, but hearing Jake names come out here and there I just responded with Yes and yes, and now the situation become like this .


Well, it seems that wasn’t really the right choice to made .

Did he confuse me with some kind of criminal?

Wait, but the uncle from the kebab stall also had his hand tied . I always felt that this wasn’t a place where a normal civilian like me should come, so perhaps it the custom to have your hand tied when coming to this place .

Dammit— Even if the prince talked a little more slower, I wasn’t sure that I could follow his word . . . No matter how hard I tried, the only word that I could catch was the word “Crescent moon Pavilion” !


“ . . . !! His highness (?)! Please wait a minute . That man (?) ——- actually my friend!!”


Just as I tried what the prince talking about, Jake suddenly shouted something in different tone than usual .  

For this reason,while I still couldn’t completely understood what he saying, I could understood more than usual .

It seems as if I had been guilty of some crime .

But then Jake said to that I wasn’t a criminal, but a friend of his . He is protecting me .

While, this guy who looked like a prince . Was he really a prince? But a prince wouldn’t came to such dangerous place as an alley .

“Haha, ——-  jake? – —— —- but—– !”


Oh, I felt like the prince was in good mood .

He may understood what Jake tried to say .


“————————- !  Are there ———————- “


. . . Wait, wait? Did he really understood what Jake tried to say?

I always felt like he spoke in stronger tone than before in faster word .

No, but he had a triumphant face now, with his corner of mouth slightly raised . He should be really in good mood .

Anyway I for sure couldn’t understood his word . But for sure .


“ . . . Ah, yes”

“——————————– ! Do you —————— !”

“Oh Yeah, Yes, Yes”


Okay, I should answered it in the most friendlier way that I could .

. . . Why does Jake Had a face that the world was about to ending .




King of the azolias, Leon=Azolias .

Just as the one who held a great position, as the king of Azolias, I could be said was very gallant and had outstanding bravery, which wasn’t any inferior to the previous kings .


When fighting against the demons, I command the troop from the front line, sometime fight by myself in battle .

In this way, some people might thought me as a simple minded muscle head .

In the other country, usually one wouldn’t allow their king to rush into battle and took part into a battle like that .

But this was the kingdom of Azolias .


The king was supposed to be strong . It was not even an exaggeration to said that it was the king’s job to guide the people and soldiers to victory .

In fact, although I wasn’t able to stand in front of the battlefield in the previous war, but after the war was over . . . I lead a party hunting for the remnant of the enemy soldier, I also hunted after the enemy dragon rider in a large scale expedition and ended up defeating several dragon with my own hand .

Yes, I  was a strong man .

My mind always in alert, but wouldn’t succumb in fear, as I wouldn’t fell into panic .


. . . At least until this moment .


— Governor, Grid=Ractos ! At this moment, I will reveal all of your scheme to the world!”


That was the sign of the hellist time .

The man who said that was my son, the first prince of the Azolias Kingdom, he was also the one who said to be the next king, Alto=Azolias .

When I first heard that, I calmly thought “ what is my son talking about” . But then I realized that my son really wanted to arrest the governor and the other, my face turned completely blue .


To be honest, I now was in complete fear .

From whom? Did  I really need to mention that?

Of course, it was  the man who stood behind me, leaning slightly to the left, while making a face of a murderer . . . . the prime minister .

What an earth happened for him to release that kind of killing intent that you usually point to your enemy to your own lord?


. . . Well, although I said that, I pretty much knew why .

Well, the reason . . . was not really hard to guess, right?


Somewhere in my mind, resurrect the memory when the father of the Duke Ractos who were about to get impeached at this moment, the sorcery king, gave the notice of his sudden return .

At that time, I forgot for what reason why I were put on seiza by the prime minister and had to listen to his preaching .

Speaking of its content, it seems that my son, Alto=Azolias had misunderstand that the governor . . . Duke Grid=Ractos, and his whole family were planning to do something bad to the country, and at that moment, I was tried to solve the misunderstanding .


I remember that minister said “You said you wanted to tell about him yourself, you should explain it properly, you useless king!” to me, I remembered it word by word .

Well, I remembered it again now after all these time I forgotten about it .


That was to say, there was no way that the situation would turned into such helpless situation just because I forgot to tell my son about the fact that the governor was not like what he thought .

wasn’t that right? With eyes asking that, I shifted my sight to the prime minister behind me .


. . . Prime minister bit his hand to the point of bleeding, staring fiercely at me with red veins bulging out from his temple .


I quickly shifted my gaze from him .

It seems the situation escalated into this mess really because I forgot to explain things to my son .


Wouldn’t that be bad for me then?

Just at that moment, seeing the conversation that unfold in front of me, made my shirt wet with cold sweat .


“ But have you forgotten? I already told you guys that I have the evidence, and these evidence are not something that you guys can run away from”


Just as when the fear that had been brought by prime minister made my shirt wet to the point that it wouldn’t really matter if I changed my shirt right now, the trial that Alto gave to the duke had reached its climax .


The testimony of the secret conversation between the Count and Duke, The bribes that Jake gave to the old man on the alley, and the confessed assassin .

. . . My son’s intelligence-gathering ability really amazing, heh .

If I didn’t know the fact that the governor was just a scary faced man who wouldn’t even able to harm a fly in front of his face, I would believe everything that my son had said just now .


“ . . . Oi, stop him . What are you doing? Didn’t you hear that? Am I not clear enough that you couldn’t hear me? OI, stop him quickly . You’re the only one who could stop him . OI”


At the same time, not only the trial, but the killing intent that the prime minister emit also had reached its peak .

He spoke to me with a trembling voice that I could only barely heard as if he holding his anger .


Again, I am scared .


Look, my legs were shaking like newborn fawn you know? My knee couldn’t muster any strength .  To be honest, I felt that I wouldn’t be able to properly stood up for a few days .

But, didn’t you thought that it was quite amazing for me to not lose control of myself in situation like this .


“The man who hired you is the Ractos household! Is that true?”

“Ah, yes, no mistake, just as you said”


Alto brought a light brown skinned man into the room who had been regarded as an assassin, and confess that he was an assassin .

But I know, I felt that this man was someone who had a similar atmosphere as me .

You know, when I was scared at meeting a foreigner, and that person spoke in their own language fluently?

I didn’t understand what in the world they were talking about so I just gave a random answer .


Now, I felt the same atmosphere with this man as when I gave those random response .


“That are all the witness, and the evidences . Well, Duke Ractos . . . And Jake . Do you have any excuses?”


They seems had something to say but couldn’t do due to the shock they received from the trial and the confession of the assassin guy .

Now the situation had an became an utter chaos .


Of course, now that everyone had been pushed into despair .



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