Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 72


In the kingdom of Azolias, the Dukes family were formed by a four household.

The Duke Azolias, Duke Luozov , Duke Calfield and Duke Ractos.


First, the duke Azolias who became the current king… and of course the part of the royal family.

At the same time, they would be the one who act as proxy for the king in the absence of the king if something happened.


The second one. The duke of Luozov. Eighth generation ago they had severed their relation with the current royal family.

They were family who quit the war for the throne because they didn’t had strong heir.

Although, in the present day, they didn’t had that much power as in the past, but they still held a great power within the country.

They still had the blood of the royalty and has been allowed to build their own household because of their excellence in their work.


Third was the duke Calfield, was a kingdom that peacefully surrender and absorbed into the Azolias during war of distant past.

It was at the early stage of a war and when that kingdom realized that they couldn’t win the force of Azolias kingdom, they decided to surrender to avoid a pointless massacre.

The decision of Calfield king won the admiration of the king Azolias at that time and then he welcomed them as one of the duke in Azolias.

Now they were mainly in control of the nobles in Azolias.


The fourth was the Duke Ractos, the one who receive the perigee of Duke due to the achievement of the “hero of the war” in the previous war.

Even thought this family didn’t had any relation to the royalty, but due to the extraordinary and amazing result that Diebold=Ractos, the sorcery king, had on the previous war, the previous king deemed their family was worth enough to granted the duke title.

… That was the reason that was given into public, while it was also a fact, but there were another reason that was so that Grid=Ractos, the person who held the reign of the economy of the kingdom so that it wouldn’t collapse, would stay in Azolias.

So the family job was to manage the country finance problem and to not cut off the blood of the hero.


— Well, that was the rough explanation of the four duke household, but in the meantime, we don’t need all of those information.

Now at the present time, the head of the duke of Azolias and Calfield weren’t present in the throne hall.

The one that was present were the head of Duke Ractos, and The head of Louzov.

Now, let’s get into the matter.


The prime minister of the Azolias kingdom. Igor=Lauren=Ozova=Louzov.

The head of Louzov family, and already reached the age of 52 years old.

He had a high 170 cm tall height with good posture for someone of his age.

With a rather thin body but didn’t made him look like a sickly person. He had a monocle on on one of his eyes with grey pupil. His hair were black, it recede a bit, but no white hair could be seen.


Just like what mentioned above, he had the bloodline of the king from eight generation ago.

The king who overthrew the former king and became a king by force. A man who were proud of his overwhelming power as the king of Azolias, but at the same time he was a brutal man.

Although he wasn’t a dumb king, he was far from a wise king.

… Then, as if punished by the heaven for his act, his bloodline never had strong body.

His sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, cousins, and even his grandchildren’s, none of them could achieve the same power as the Azolias household.


Then as the matter of course, the next king were come from another household.

His bloodline should become the part of the Duke Azolias, as he was the previous royalty.

But as they were about to do so, they had found out that his bloodline held the ability to govern politics.

The savage king of the eight generation ago wasn’t called as monarch precisely because it was his family who was in charge of politics.


The king of the seventh generation ago, the ancestor of the present king, took this as a special case, and separate their family and give their family a perigee of duke household. And finally entrusting them with politics, that was the history of Louzov household.


Of course, due to the impression that people and nobles had on the past king, people didn’t had any good impression of their household

But, they worked really hard to overturn those impression and to make Azolias a better country.
The effort of the the current prime minister, Igor, his father, his grandfather and even his great grandfather, finally made Azolias more prosperous and Louzov family finally recognized by the king, nobles and it’s people.


—– Yes, they were Louzov Family… a loyal prime minister who devotes everything they got for the great of his country.

If we go further to the past, perhaps it could be said that what they done was their atonement for their country, but there wasn’t any lies in their devotion to their country.


As for the current condition of that loyal prime minister, he bit his lips to the extent it’s bleed, with a red vein popped out from his temple he glare at the king with killing gaze.

The reason was simple, it was because the duke ractos, who was in charge of the country’s economy put into trial by the Prince.

In a way, the one who should’ve receive the angry, almost killing intent, gaze by the prime minister and in worst case got imprisoned was the prince, but the situation was a bit complex.


The minister…. Igor did said to the king that his son perhaps had some misunderstanding toward the duke household and so he told the king to explain the thing to the prince.

Nevertheless, this happened.

What the hell in the world did  the king do for this to happen!?


In addition, the prince command him to not open his mouth so now the condition turned into a state where only king could stop the thing from going to bad from worse, but the king didn’t do anything at all.

And the trial came to an end without solving anything.


“You seems to have done many things in the back, but now this is the end of it. This is the end! Duke Ractos… no, Ractos household!!”


As the prince Alto=Azolias, the son of the king, declared so to the Duke Ractos… who was put into trial due to the misunderstanding, hanged his head with dark expression on his face.

At that moment, a sound of something snapping in prime minister’s mind could be heard.


“…. The trial, is it over? His highness Alto”

“Ah, ah”


Prince Alto who suddenly called by Prime minister answered in surprise.

No wonder of his surprise, since the prime minister’s voice were colder and lower than usual.


“So, that’s it… Your majesty, do you have anything other to say?”

The prime minister said to the king who remain silent all this time.


“… It’s just, I’m sorry”


A brief word from the king.


Everyone in the room looked at Igor who then suddenly bursted into laughter with a crazed expression.
If you only hearing the laughing voice, it would felt like a happy laughter that pleasant to be heard, but when you saw his expression, it wasn’t so at all.

Well, of course, the situation wasn’t something that could be solved with a simple apology.

On the contrary of how the prince accuse the Duke Grid=Ractos as an evil ruler.

He was a very good man who is harmless to a people and animal. There was also a fact that he had a very fragile heart.

To the extent that the mental burden that he receive today would affecting the country finances very much.


But if he had only been angry with the king, as expected he wouldn’t had reacted like this.

That’s right, he wasn’t only angry at the king, but he also angry at his own uselessness, too.

As mentioned above, he was a loyal minister that was recognized by the king and the other.

Nevertheless, the matter just now was still something that was ridiculous even for him .


“What Loyal Minister? All this time I’ve been acting just like how a loyal prime minister should act, but I wouldn’t do in this situation”

Suddenly the prime minister said something that didn’t had any relation at all with the trial.

Everyone at the room, whether it was someone from duke side, or even the prince side, looked at each other dubiously.


“Yes, it isn’t a loyalty if you just blindly follow the order like that. It is also a loyalty to correct their mistake even if your life is at stake”


As if he just found some enlightenment in his life, the minister looked up leaked such word that wasn’t meant for anyone.

Then he looked back into the people in the room, as if he had a great determination on his face.


“Yes… that’s right… What I will do is a loyalty”

—- In an instant, gust of wind rose into the room, and the figure of the prime minister suddenly disappeared.


Curtains were fluttered, documents were flying, so were clothes. Looking at the prime minister who suddenly disappeared from his place, everyone in the room made an expression of surprise.

Not only the one who didn’t had any experience in fighting like Grid=Ractos and Raul=Nizzet, even the king of Azolias …. Leon=Azolias, a man who was known for his strength, as well as the talented prince who would inherit his position, Alto=Azolias, couldn’t caught up with Igor movement.


“Because the king Azolias is a strong man, he didn’t know how it felt.

And so, he must learn how it felt…”


Suddenly, the people who were searching as to where Igor went, heard a voice coming from behind them .

The prime minister, Igor, stand in front of the entrance door.


Grid, Jake, Raul and Alto were thinking about the same thing, why he stand at that place.

But Leon… Leon=Azolias perceived what the prime minister about to do, as he spent many years with Igor, as his prime minister and friends.


That was a distance that Igor would take for stance.


“If you make a mistake, you will suffer because of it, so I’m gonna hit you!”

Once again sharp gust of wind rose in the room.

In a blink of an eyes the prime minister swing his right arm while opened his eye widely.




The prime minister vigorously swung his right arms.

It surely wasn’t the speed that could be seen by naked eyes.

But why? For some reason, everyone in the room felt like they could see the moment the fist touched King’s face in slow motion.

The minister’s fist slowly moved toward the king’s face. The governor couldn’t help to cover his face. His son, Jake, and Grid’s assistant, Raul, couldn’t do anything, as they couldn’t catch the speed of the prime minister.

The were also the prince who was confused as for what happened, and the king who already gave up and close his face and clenched his teeth in resignation.



Together with the murderous and cry of loyalty of the prime minister of the kingdom, Igor=Lauren=Ozova=Louzov, the time seems like turn back to normal.

It look like as if the Minister’s fist, were made of steel or something like that. The speed it moved breaks through the sound barrier and created sound wave.

The punch with so much destructive energy, the it causing internal bleeding rendering the strong muscle and skin of Leon=Azolias useless.

Nevertheless, the power were immeasurable. The impact transmitted to the skin create a scar on that skin.




The king, Leon=Azolias, whilst made a pitiful sound, flies and spun around from the Throne.

The king felt like something were lost inside his mouth that spit out blood as he felt a burning pain on his cheek.


Moving his line of sight, he saw his teeth flying in the air as he flung from the throne.


The king, while moving in the air, moved his tongue to felt that his wisdom tooth had fell off it’s place, and fell into the marble on the floor.

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