Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 80

Continental school- Diebold composite academy.

The curriculum of this academy, the academy that was built for the person who made a great accomplishment in the war in the past, the hero who called as the sorcerer king, could be divided into three. Noble departement, Sorcery department, and lastly knight departement.

As for myself, I was the part of the Noble Department in long term period among that three… the so called Long term noble dept.


Just as the prefix, long term, implied, the term were divided into long term and short term, where the long term was 6 years long whilst the short term was three years long.

Why it divided into two? What was the differences?


… To said it simply, the short term were for those who would inherit the house, while the long term was for kids who weren’t.


To be honest, for a noble, the knowledge that one’s needed for succeed one’s house  wasn’t something that you usually learnt at school.

If one search for it, probably there was a school for that, too, but Diebold academy wasn’t really right place for that.


The best course of action would be learnt the needed knowledge from private tutor. Taking your time enrolling into academy just a waste of times.

However, attending the academy that had “Diebold” as its name were charming more than anything else.

If that so, then one just need to attend the academy for a short period of time before graduating, right? Also If it’s three years, it’s not like they wouldn’t learnt anything, so it’s alright.

There was even some possibility that they would created some sort of connection with another country’s important figures.

That’s right. In other word, the short term student was those who wanted to earn the title of graduating from Diebold Academy in just short period of time.

Simply saying, it was the department that mainly attended by those chosen kids, the one who would became the head of respective family.


On the other hand, the long term noble departement , if I had to sum it up, actually it wouldn’t be too much different from the short term kids in term of “to earn the achievement of graduating from Diebold Academy”, but the actual meaning was different from those from the short term.

Those who attend the long term noble departement usually were the third children, fourth children and so on. In other word, spare, excess, the kids who had such standing.

Those who had a little value even in a political marriage, they were enrolled into Diebold academy to add value into their name.

That was the main reason of the most children who attend the Long Term Noble Departement.

If that was the reason, wouldn’t the short term would be just fine, too? Of course, there was another reason to attend the long term, too.


If possible, searching for a spouse, or even place to to work using the connection from the academy. That was usually the main reason for enrolling into the long term departement.

Just like mentioned above, the student who enroll into the long term departement mostly were those who regarded as excess or reserve.

Anyone from such position usually turned out to become a good for nothing.

It wasn’t really wise decision to let out anyone like that in the eye of politics and society.

Probably, the academy also guessed so, and thus the subject of the class were focused on counter measure for that possibility.

In other word, the gathering of those who didn’t succeed the house, and those who didn’t had any future prospect. The department of those who weren’t chosen. That was, the long term noble departement.


… Reaching this point, surely there were already one who guessed the current condition of the noble departement.

That was right, since the sense of superiority of the short term departement over the long term departement already sapped into the students, also to the fact that it was also truth, the long term noble departement always had to felt ashamed over the short term.

Now, after long talk, pardon me for not naming myself first, my name Rose=Lesta.

I was the daughter of Count from Septard Kingdom who were part of the four kingdom who built the Diebold Composite Academy.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, I was part of the long term noble department. Sixth years, in other word senior in this academy.


Just as one expected as the one who affiliated in the long term noble departement, I also wasn’t  any exception… one of the excess, the youngest daughter of three.

And just like everyone, the time I “was” freshman, I lead the school live being looked down by those from short term noble departement.


That was right, it was in the past. Now, it’s all passed, due to something that happened long time ago.

It wasn’t like the inferiority complex toward the short term departemen were gone, or the meanness toward the long term noble departemen dissapeared at all.

Well, each became better for sure, but for me personally, it was for different reason.

I was saved. By her, I was saved.

That person’s name, is Darisama.

The noble lady of Duke Ractos Household From Azolias kingdom,Daria=Ractos-sama.

The blazing deep crimson hair, wavy hair that creates a beautiful flower petals like shape, however when one looks at her face, on the contrast of that blazing aura they could felt the intellectual and serenity on her beautiful well ordered face.

The sharp eyes like that of an artistic knife, containing a strong determination that no one could ever surpassed.


That right, I was someone that had been saved by Darisama.

This was the story from four years ago, the time when I was at my second years.


— Just like in the other school, Dining hall exist in Diebold Academy.

Thought, it wasn’t a cheap place like eatery for commoner, but place that was built like a restaurant for noble purveyors, and so that was the origin of the problem.

Now that I thought about it, it was just a simple problem. Simply said, it was a the ownership of the seating.

I remember that time someone suddenly said this to me, “excuse me, but this was our table, could you please leave?”.

Of course, the one who said that to me was a student from short term noble departement. Furthermore it was someone from Marquis house of another country.


Basically, in this dining hall there wasn’t something like predetermined seating position.

Thought there was this silent agreement of, no short term and long term student eat in the same table, but at that time, I already sat in that place and in the middle of my meal.

Now, that student said that the place where I sat was something that they already reserve that table for themselves.

Of course, in this place there was no system like reserving table. Probably, it was something that was created among the short term departement, some selfish rule that they create for themselves.

However, my opponent that time were the short term noble departement students that presences were big inside the academy, and furthermore it was someone from high standing like marquis.

There wasn’t any other choice for me to just do as they had said.


… However, the timing just wasn’t right. I was already in the middle of my meal.

I wasn’t at a condition where I could just move even if they asked me to.

And so, being urged to leave the table by those kids, honestly, I slightly fell into panic.

My mind was confused on what should I prioritize, and so I could only stay flustered in that place.

Looking at that, the short term student started to get irritated and raised their voice, the situation worsened as the curious onlooker also started to gather.

At such moment.


” Noisy …”


A clear, bell like voice.

” What? Who said that just now?”


As the short term student, me, and the curious onlooker searched for the one who said that line, a beautiful red fell into our eyes.

That was colour of a hair, the hair colour of one of the student.


“In the middle of meal… Be quiet… “


With a emotionless gaze pointed toward us, in the middle of the clamor, she raised one of her finger and put it in front of her lips like when someone reprimand a children saying “You mustn’t’ make racket, okay?”.

Of course, the short term departement students didn’t though good of that gesture, and so the kid who started the quarrel raised their voice to her.


“What? I’ve never see you here. In other word, you, long term student right? You, who just an excess to your family, dare to reprimand me, the one who will inherit the house, huh!? What shabby house you come from, huh!?”


Now that I thought about it, she must made that provocative gesture to save me from those short term students.


“… Ractos”




She said it with short, monotonous tone.

After that, she raised from her seat, then started to introduced herself with a beautiful gesture.


“Eldest daughter of Azolias Kingdom Ractos Duke Household… Daria=Ractos… Please to make your acquaintance”



The word that came out from her mouth made the place silence.

The country that one mustn’t made enemy of, Azolias. If one talk about the Ractos household who came from that country, surely little who didn’t know.

… No, for anyone who went into this academy, there was no way they didn’t’ know about it.

After all, they were the direct descendant of the one who became the name of this academy, Diebold.


She, Darisama, returned into her seat and continued her meal after she finished saying that as if nothing happened.


The short term student’s face became really pale unlike anything before, as they became speechless.

Then, without even putting their hand on their food, they left the dining hall like running away.


After that, the dining hall fell into silence. It was like everyone abiding the word “Be quiet when eating” from Darisama.

However, I was completely charmed by Darisama, and so I approached her and said my thanks.

Because I had to do so.


“Tha, thank you very much, Ractos-sama. Umm, for saving me, this time”

“… Don’t worry”


As I stared at her begging for an answer, what came from her mouth was only one short sentence.

It was as if, any of our relationship would end at this point, sensing that I asked her again.


“Umm, why someone like Ractos-sama also in long term… ?”


Now that I thought about it, it was some ill-mannered, lack consideration question that I had asked her. Realized that after the word came out from my mouth, I felt like blood got sucked out from my face.

However, the gaze of hate, hostility and rebuke from her that I thought would came never came, after a moment of silence, what came out of her mouth were a slight sentence that was filled with sorrow.


“… I am, an excess, as well”


It was shock.

That Darisama, the very person who more noble than any noble at that place, said it with her own mouth that she also an excess.

… Then, what about me? What about those from Short term departement? If someone like Darisama was an excess, then what was the other?

I sure, the Ractos Duke household, the Azolias Kingdom, had their own reason.

However, even so, I thought.

It’s wrong.

Not Darisama.


I thought that everyone, other than Darisama, was wrong.

I had to correct them.


Darisama mustn’t stay as an excess.

If that so, then it was the world was the one in the mistake here.

I mustn’t kept thing continue like this.


“… Ractos-sama. I suppose the place isn’t really appropriate to say something like this,but please, would you became my friend? I promise, I will bring you to the place where you should be”


The reply that came from Darisama was a short, one sentence.


“… Just call me, Daria”


At that time, I quietly thanked her for that, but deep in my heart, I was actually dancing wildly like never before.

I promise I would brought Darisama to the place she actually belong. I would correct this wicked word into the correct one.

Not this world where power, lineage, made you noble, but how nobles act was the things that made noble,a noble.


That was my meeting with Darisama.

And the plan moving forward just as planned.

We would tell the world how magnificence Darisama is.

At first, started from this academy, then slowly outside.

We, “Daria Faction” would correct the world. For the perfect world.

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