Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 81

Haah, what should I do. How the things turned out like this, I wonder?

The time was afternoon. Around the time when the school already over. The place was building that was built as the student dormitory.

Since I was someone from Ractos family, my room was created comparatively bigger than the other room.

Then the one who sighed just now was me, Daria=Ractos.

If you had to ask what my problem was, it was about my position in the school, the academy with my grandfather’s name as it’s label where I enroll, and the people around me.


“Is there something matter, Darisama!! Are there anything that bothering you!? If you ordered us to, we, the “Daria Faction” will do anything with our live, whether against those from the short term, knight departement, or even another faction, and resolve the problem!!”


Yes, this was it.

For some reason, a faction with my name was established, and to my surprise it was the biggest faction inside the academy… and somehow, umm, they all had quite aggressive line of thought.

And then inside my room, those who were quite close to me who called themselves as the “manager” of Darifaction were gathered and having a meeting on what step they should took after this.

I wonder how the thing turned out like this.

Even thought I was just a normal noble lady, who enroll this school because my great grandfather’s will asked for it.

I also weren’t someone like my brother or sister, who were blessed with something or had a mass knowledge about sorcery.

Among us sibling, I was the only one who didn’t inherit the sorcery trait of shadow from great grandfather after all.


… I’m sorry. I lied.

It’s quite hard to said my face was plain one. Also, I was a someone from Duke household, that was also not really something common, I suppose.

Also, I said that I wondered how things turned out like this, but I actually already guessed the reason why the things turned out like this.


My family, Ractos Duke Household, was a lineage where person who easily got

misunderstood usually born into the family.Great grandfather, grandfather and grandmother, father and aunt, I heard all of them had some misunderstanding happened around them.

I even heard that father and grandfather were suspected as a ringleader of an evil organization by the current emperor, Alto=Azolias, that they didn’t had any clue of.

His majesty’s son, the third prince Zeo=Azolias, who enrolled into the academy at the same time as myself and so the same year as me even said to me ” You have a perfect Ractos’s face, heh”.

Thought I myself well aware of that fact, but having someone said that straight into my face, it slightly hurt.


If only my face were the factor of the misunderstanding, explaining things could easily resolve the problem.

Surely there were someone who had thought that.

However, that was something that was impossible for me.

I didn’t know whether it was some kind of a sickness, or perhaps due to the influence that my surrounding had to me, or perhaps just heredity from my parents.


Somehow, I couldn’t properly express the word I said like what I had in mind.


It doesn’t meant I couldn’t speak at all.

I just couldn’t put something that I had in mind properly into word.

Also, I couldn’t properly put any expression into the word that came out from my mouth.


The first friend that I made since I enter the academy , Rose=Restsan. That time when I first knew about her, she had a little trouble with the students from the short term departement in the dining hall, when I thought “They’re quite noisy, huh~” what was come out from my mouth was something like “You are all noisy”, also when I tried to softly told them “Please be quiet a bit when eating”, for some reason what came out was something so provoking like “Can’t you realize such thing?”, and so that short term student got mad at me.


That was right, due to the combination of my “perfect Ractos’s Face” and the fact that “I couldn’t’ speak like what I had in thought”, my surrounding got misunderstood about me.

Furthermore… I couldn’t speak to them who misunderstood about me, that they misunderstood.


Just in case, Zio-sama, the one who act as my overseer, or rather the one who would gave a follow up for anything happened, already tried to explain to everyone in the so called DariFaction about my true character, but it ended up made them regard him as their enemy, and so he ended up couldn’t do anything to them.

And so thing progressed slowly without I being able to told the truth to them and DariFaction were grown into one large power, and now both me and Zio-sama could only pray so that no problem arised.


Haah, seriously my constitution,


“… troublesome”


“Kh! Understood Darisama! We will remove anything that trouble you, Darisama! Ladies and Gentlemen! ! Let’s prepare! ! We will remove Darisama’s sorrow!!”


Overreacting after hearing the word that pass from my lips, the first one who spoke was Rose-san, who I mentioned before.

Eh, wait, what? Aah!? Aaah!! Wait, Rose-san!

Stop ! ! That was mistake ! ! Said it, Daria, come on, said it! Said that violence is bad, quarrel is no good!!


“Rose… don’t…”


Yaay ! I said it ! I did my best ! !


“Hah… Is that so? However, why? We, DariFaction should already reach perfection, but even so, it still not the time, is that it?”


No, not that. It wasn’t about the time, you know? What I meant that you shouldn’t do that removing and such, you know, it was no good, right?

I wonder what should I said at this time… No, this was that one situation one where giving an excuse would ended up no good, right. If I answer carelessly, it possible that they only misunderstood about it.

That’s right, then answering with something that was totally unrelated to the topic to evade the topic was good, it should be.

Yep. Alright, let’s go with that.

That’s right. Let’s talk about our cute little sister that will enroll into the academy this year!


” This year… my little sister will enroll to the academy”


Oooh, I was able to speak just as it is not like usual.


” Little sister, is it? I am well aware of the presence of Darisama’s mad little brother, but … that little sister, what term she will attend, if I may ask?”


Somehow, she just said something bad about Grisis… Well, it wasn’t my fault, so let’s ignore that.


“… She will enroll to short term”


The moment I said so, the people in Darifaction started to clamour.

No, you guys wrong. Sera really is a good kid you know. That’s why please stop with ‘A new enemies appeared’, okay? Don’t raise your killing intent, please?


“If I may ask, that little sister, is she that Sera=Ractos?”


One of the member of Daria faction said my sister’s name.

Oh, you know about her. Since there were none of the DariFaction that came from Azolias, I thought that there would be no one who knew about her, but as expected from someone who had a special standing like her, she ought to be well known, heh.


“That Sera=Ractos,the one who disregard Darisama and that “Mad sorcerer” Grisis, and even with her position as the youngest and a woman, she is the one who got chosen as the one who will inherit the Duke household…”


Hmm… It’s a truth though, but the way she said it, umm, how should I said it. It felt kinda aggressive, right?

You were wrong, you know? It’s not like I had some dark thought like envy toward Sera, you know? I really thought of her as my cute little sister, you know.


“That girl… Sera, is truly adorable… One with talent… The one who should become the head of the family… Sera…”


Did I able to convey that to them? I really affectionate to Sera, you know? Thats why, everyone, please be friend with her, okay?


“… Is that so, if someone as big as her entering the short term departement, then we should also rethink our plan, is that so?”


Hmmm, it’s properly conveyed, right? Everything was alright, right? You guys would rethink the plan in a peaceful way, right?


“If that so, then we should rethink the plan so we can defeat her along with that Mad Sorcerer in one blow. Carelessly defeating only one of them and exhausting our firepower will be a foolish move”


It wasn’t conveyed to them!!

I already guessed it, but they really didn’t understand!!


Aah, what should I do about this now… If somehow Grisis would put his yes on the other thing than sorcery, and realized that we, as a siblings were getting misunderstood, the situation should be better than now, but… !


“Grisis… Really, troublesome”

“… ! Please leave it to us, Darisama! Please wait a little bit more, we will put that cocky Mad Sorcerer into the ground and teach him his lesson!!”


…Ah. I’m sorry Grisis.

It seems that the misunderstood that they had about you, also partly was your big sister’s fault, too.

Ah, not good. I had to do something …! For Sera’s sake as well, as the eldest sister I had to do something about the misunderstood that people had about us in this academy, I had to do something … !!


But, you know Grisis, your big sister thought that one part of the misunderstood that happened to us, was also partly your fault, you know.

That’s why, please, your big sister beg you, please don’t do another thing that would worsened the situation even more, please.

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