Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Disappointing, Beautiful (Babe) Erza



My name, is Erza- Ractos ! (TL : She use Jibun – which can be used by man and woman. used by warrior I think. Can also mean “myself” also she always shout! )

I am, the oldest daughter of the Ractos household!

Dad, Grid Ractos, is the administrator of the country!


Although I am only a young person in my sixteens, His Majesty and the Knight Captain had their eyes on me. As a result of my diligent training, I was honored with the position of the Kingdom’s Chivalric Knights, Heavy Armour Knight, Vice Captain!

Thanks to that, no one will say anything even if I walk around while wearing this full plate heavy armour all day!

….Yes, I am often called [ eccentric ] by my honored brother and also my honored mother, but …..


Knight’s equipment. Especially the armour. I love it!!!!


I’m also quite interested in dresses or maybe jewels and the like, just like any other young woman at my age. But, what good are those thin fabrics, and those fragile stones?! I completely do not understand it!!


Compared to this thick, black, metal plate that I am wearing at the moment, the dress is only beautiful! It’s defensive power is more or less nonexistent! (ED: I’m getting FFXV vibes peeps)

It would be better if they had magic stones, but the jewel is only something shiny! If I poke it with this strong gauntlet that is also made from black metal, it will be smashed into bits!


Ah, it will trouble me if you misunderstand.

It is vexing if you think that this is just armour, or just something that is strong and solid…..(ED: Like my sword hm?)

This armour’s beauty……I polish it to the extent that no one else can match it!

The design of every part is to deflect sword strikes, a streamlined shape.

Furthermore, it is ornamented with reddish metal, allowing it to have a fiery glow.

Semi-polished with heat resistance treatment on the surface.

The inner-plate which I wear inside is furnished with a cold-resistant soft silver metal. It’s all perfect, even the places where no one can see. (ED: *insert lenny*)


…….Ah. You realised it? Did you realise it?

That’s right! Let me tell you the truth! This armour was fully custom made!

Exclusively for me, mine only, only one! Only one just for me!


Oops, what a blunder I just made. I only focused on the armour and forgot about the main explanation.

Yes! This double handed sword!!

Of course, it is also made out of black metal! Fully Custom!

Fufu, furthermore it’s not just black metal.

With the assistance of a high grade sorcerer who possesses metal-forging traits – Wow! – it was attached with a magic stone of fire and earth!

And the result of that is – surprisingly – that the edge of the blade will become red hot and vibrates at high speed!! (ED: *insert lenny faces everywhere)

There is nothing it cannot cut!!


Furthermore, until some time ago, I was actually allowed to go subjugate the monsters around here because of my job as a knight. During that time, I was allowed to swing this armour and sword as much I wanted.

Perhaps it was because of that, that it seemed my tension got higher.

Ah, the sensation of easily slicing through the monsters.

The pleasant impact when my armour completely protects me from the monster’s fang is really….really…….!


『Woooooooooooohh ! ! !』


[ Oi , Erza! We are inside the castle walls now! ]


…I became too excited and ended up roaring. I was scolded by Captain-dono.

I became downhearted.

Ah, all of the newcomer knights got scared.

I am sorry.


Yes…….judging by the reaction of the new knights…..yes, I seem to be feared for some reason?

If I’m not mistaken…..the hell ……… darkness…? black ……? Uuum, i think it’s because of that somewhat annoying nickname that I am feared……


By the way, honored father and honored mother, and also honored brother is for some reason also feared.

I completely did not understand the reason for this matter!

Ah, the one we just gossiped about, it’s honored father.

What is he doing in the middle of the main street … eh ?

Why did the prime minister-dono sleep at this kind of place?

It’s better if he sleeps inside since he will catch a cold if he sleeps at this place, you know!


(TL : She uses dearimasu at the end of her sentence. Dearimasu !)

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