Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 82


Continental school- Diebold composite academy that was built after the death of my master, Diebold=Ractos.

The first topic that the Sorcerer Guild brought up after the academy was built was, who would became the headmaster.


For any sorcerer, or rather the one who adore Diebold, the title of the headmaster of the Diebold Academy, was something that was very charming.

However, at the same time, the position of the headmaster itself was something that wasn’t really desirable for someone who work as a sorcerer.

For the people who devoted their entire life for magic experiment, nothing beat the agony of sacrificing their time to do experiment and research for another thing.

Thats why, the Guild were really troubled to choose who was the right person for that position, and after much consideration, it ended up with me chosen as the right person and now sitting in this place right now bringing this story.


My name “Sorcery king of Ice floe”, Diebold=Ractos’s sole pupil, Rinna=Veil.


I, who elected as the sorcery king a short moment after the death of my master, just like the other sorcery king, were given some restriction on doing magic experiment so that we didn’t steal the duty of the youngers.

Someone who had a deep connection with Diebold, and having no dissatisfaction upon accepting the position of the Headmaster, I was someone that perfect for the position.


“Well, the reason isn’t only that, though”


Sitting alone inside the principal’s room, I murmured so while looking at a the document about the students.


“Grisis… Child of sorcery, heh…”


The one that I had in my hand right now was my nephew’s children, my sister’s grandchildren, the information paper about Crisis.

Sorcery Research department, written on the top of the document.


Generally, the sorcery departement were divided into two big major.

The one that focused on the usage of sorcery for battle, the main course would be training, and went outside for drill, the so called Combat sorcery departement.

And then, the other one that focusing on experiment or research indoor, major that focusing on sorcery’s development, Sorcery research department.

Grisis was the later, he enroll into the Sorcery Research department.

Due to a certain accident, Griris wasn’t able to enter the Combat sorcery departement, but I suppose even without that he would still entered the research department.


Well, let’s set that aside for now, the document about the student containing the information about their qualities… the degree of their sorcery aptitude, whether they had sorcery trait or not was stated in it.

Inside Grisis’s file, written an information that would make one doubt their eyes.


“Sorcery Aptitude, High… Sorcery trait, exist… Details. Sorcery trait of magic detection, Sorcery trait of Flame, Gold (Alchemist)… and Shadow”


A person who had several sorcery traits. Furthermore, its four.

The amount wasn’t something unusual. But their type was something that was extraordinary.


Though it wasn’t something that people usually discuss, but for someone who had several sorcery trait, “hit” and “miss” were important.

Generally, sorcery trait that had long name, and hard to understand was something that deemed as miss.

Among that, three of the sorcery trait that Grisis poses were something that even someone who was stupid on magic would understand it’s meaning just by hearing the name.

It would be either miracle, or due to the lineage.


If I had to add more, he was the direct descendant of my master, Diebold.


If a person like that, who was on the same level as a country’s treasure enrolled into a school, there were no one else that was fitted to become the headmasters except me.

I should said that was the main reason why the Guild chose me as the headmaster.


“Well, I felt that kid’s head is something similar to that “Metal Maniac”, so he would be “Sorcery experiment maniac”, heh”


Said that, I throw the document.

Grisis, while he had the blood of Ractos household who had a tendency to get misunderstood by their appearance, if I had to say, his appearance would be more of his mother, Nizzet.

Gentle looking slightly opened eyes, a mouth that always formed a smile. I could said that he is a handsome.

Well, the “colour” was bit problem though, but compared to his father and grandfather, I could said that it was a face that hardly would get into any misunderstanding.


But even so, inside this academy, the other student still had some misunderstanding about him.

They misunderstood that he was a madman.

After all, he was a hopeless research maniac.


That kid could only thought about experiment inside his head.

Inside the classroom, when having meal, even when he was doing experiment in class, he only thought about his own experiment, and then out of nowhere would receive some enlightenment, and turned ecstatic due to that.

… Wait, probably he really is little crazy.

Well, if I said that, then most of the sorcerer would be counted as a crazy people then.


But even so, he didn’t do any human experiment just like what the other student feared about.

It was just some unfounded rumour.

That fool’s experiment content full of something stupid, sometimes ago he showed me a report about his experiment about simplified spell that could compress a bread into a same hardness as a magic stone.

Honestly, I didn’t know what the use of that magic.

By the way, the spell about compressing bread into the same hardness as average magic stone, was something that Grisis thought by himself.

I wonder, why my nephew got so serious on compressing a bread to that extent.

He said that next time he wanted to create a spell that could change steak’s colour into pea green without changing it’s taste.


… Probably, something really wrong with that kid’s head.

Lately, it seems that he started to gather the other experiment maniac like him from somewhere else.


” Anyway, only two years until the graduation, I hope there is no problem until then”


If, by some chance I ended up into perfect sailing of a unmarried life because of that kid.

I would throw him into abyss without any mercy.


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