Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 86


(TL : so this girl speak like, Erza, adding De Aru at the end of her sentences, also using wagahai)

Thou shalt call me!… No, me, my!Me name… No, My name is Sera=Ractos!

Youngest daughter of the Ractos Duke household, from Azolias Kingdom, so this year this one, Ah! I, enrolled into the Continental School- Diebold Composite Academy, Noble short term departement, yep!

Both of me… my, brother and sister were also enrolled into this academy, with esteemed big sister Daria was part of Noble Departement long term, whilst Esteemed big brother Grisis was part of Sorcery Experiment Departement, yes!

Then, this spider doll that I always kept beside was Small Marry-chan! It was fluffy doll that created to just looked like mine grandmother’s friend, a big spider with lots of red eyes that died before I was born, Yes!


… Eh? Did I just use, “mine” improperly ? Also, keep adding exclamation mark on the end of my speech , too?

Ah, to, today, umm, … ah yes, I didn’t felt really well, yes.

Thus, whilst its was bit rude, let me spoke like this.


Just like I had said before, I was the youngest of the Ractos household. In other word, Diebold, whose name became the name for this academy, was mine great grandfather, yes.

Thats why, while everyone from Azolias… for example his majesty, Prime minister, also the previous prime minister, looked really reluctant about it, there was no other option for me to not enroll into this academy.


Those who I had said above, kept saying that they were worried as the school was a dangerous place as the people from various country could also enrolled into, but I had thought that they just worries too much, yes.

I already reached thirteen years old, also if by any chance the ‘unprecedented’ thing that they worried about didn’t really happened, well, it would be boring, wouldn’t it, it would be unhealthy, yes!

Nowadays, people were demanding for anything global, yes.

Also, what I need right now was a friend of a same age, yes.


I understood that everyone from Azolias kingdom took a good care of me, and so the reason for those people doing so, but because of then doing that,  mine own friends were zero, yes!


Ah, well it’s not really zero actually.

Grandson of the previous prime minister, Felix=Nest=Orzhova=Orzhov. Felix-kun was mine friend.

… Well, more than that he was mine fiancee, too , so when he became mine husband, mine friends number would really reduced to zero, yeah.


Thats why, before that really happened, I had to create friend in this Diebold-Academy, Yeah! That was mine true objective!

As far as the story goes, I had heard that both of mine mother and grandmother had their fair of hardship in searching for friends, too, but I would still do her best, yes!


Well, saying that, actually I was pretty lucky, as you know, I already found someone who seems like she could became mine friends, yeah!

It was something happened yesterday.


“— Sera=Ractos! Did you hear me?!”


The one who said that was girl with sleek reddish brown hair that grow until her shoulder, with purple dress, and thick eyebrows giving the impression of a strong willed girl.


“Let me introduce myself, My name Miria=Ursa, I am someone from Rozz Kingdom duke household, I have a complain that I want to say to you!”


That girl putting her hand on her hips, standing imposingly.

Looking at how her… Mirichan’s act, was something that made mine heart moved.

After all, as far as mine life inside Azolias kingdom, there were no one who would said their thought to me, at all.


“Ah, anything wrong with me? Had I done something that made thee want to complain?”


While mine heart was moved, the opponent was someone who wanted to said their complaint.

Thats why, so the thing didn’t became big problem, I had to move accordingly, yeah.



“That! That precisely it! You’re direct descendant of Deibold-sama and Duke Daughter like me, right!? Thats why, you shouldn’t use that way of talking! It’s improper!!”


Hearing those word, me heart felt moved once again.

If this place was Azolias, no matter how much me spoke mine opinion on wanting to fix this manner of speech, anyone just brushed it off with saying “It wasn’t something you should really worrying about, right?”

Even I thought that I  had to do something about it, you know!

However, this girl, Mirichan, she pointing out those things and said her complain directly, yeah!


“Oh, tho… you also think so, right!? Me… I thought so as well, but. No matter how hard I tried, I never able to remove this habit, yeah!”


Considering that what was Mirichan had said was something that hit the mark, I tried to fix mine speech pattern while talking, but still failed as my usual speech pattern still ended up coming out in the end.


“Eh? You also thought that way of talking is weird?”

“Of course! Me… I am! always thinking to fix this way of talking, but everyone in mine home country never take it seriously, yeah!”


As I thought this couldn’t be fixed on such short time, but even so, me had tried mine best and able to told her while tried fixing some word in the middle.

… This speech pattern was something that I received from mine grandfather. The reason was when the current emperor inherited the throne, the current emperor tried to change his speech pattern to mimicking the previous emperor, and so that spark the envy of mine grandfather, and so, since I was small mine grandfather hinted me to spoke like him and so it latched and became mine habit until now, that was how the things goes, yeah.

Furthermore, just like what I had said before, since no one tried to really reprimand me for this, it became deeply rooted in meself, and not something that could be fixed in just one day.


“Ah, is that so… so that how it is. I understand…. Hah! Ah, no, not only that! I also have complain about that spider doll!”


Mirichan who seems to fell into thought for a moment, suddenly raised her face looked like realized something, then continue to changed the topic into Small Marry-chan that I hug, yes.


“Why Spider!? In the first place, the fact that you keep bringing a doll everywhere you goes already unreasonable, you know!! Even while I also love doll, I never thought to bring it into class like you, you know!! Also, those attendant! Even though I am someone with the same standing as you, I didn’t bring anyone to the class, you know!?”


That was amazing. A perfect sound argument, if I had to say. I just realized that now that Mirichan said that.

No one ever brought doll into the class. Now that Mirichan said that is the common sense, I thought that it was indeed true.

But, I was helpless about the attendant, yep.


“Well, if thee ask about the spider, it was something that mine grandmother made with great grandfather’s belongings, that’s all I could say… but I understood about bringing the doll into the class, yeah! After this, I will leave it inside mine room, yeah! Ah, but the attendant, that wasn’t something that I could do something about. It was the order from His Majesty Alto and Prime minister, thus…”

“Ah, eh? So the spider wasn’t you hobby… ? Also the attendant was the king’s order? Rather, you’re quite honest, eh. Honestly, I thought that you would rebuke to anything I said, you know”


Hearing mine answer, Mirichan’s became somewhat more relaxed as the way she talked was softened compared to before.


“I  wasn’t as fool that wouldn’t hear to other people advice. Rather, Mirichan is amazing, yeah! Thou properly reprimand how me act, thou speech mannerism also perfect, Mirichan, thou are just like mine ideal noble lady, yeah! If possible, I wished for thou to became mine friend!”


Just like what I had said before, after our conversation up to this point, I started to feel wanted to become closer to Mirichan, so I asked her to become mine friend.

So, I grasped her hand and move closed to her, after looked surprised for a moment, Mirichan answered with slightly higher tone.


“Hm, hmph! Well. If you able to fix those improper habit, well? Maybe, just maybe I think I will become your friend, you know? … Since right now, you’re still not fit to became my friend? Wouldn’t it better if you change yourself first by hearing my advice time to time, right?”


Mirichan said so while turned her face away trying to avoid eye contact, then she let go of mine hand, and quickly walked away to the seemingly direction of her room.

Mirichan said it herself. That if I could fix this habit of mine, and if I could act more fitting as a noble lady, she said that she would become mine friend, yes.

Reforming myself was mine original aim, and by doing so, Mirichan would became mine friend.


Again, I thought that it was correct choice to enroll into this academy.

I sure, if I stayed at Azolias, the thought of seriously fixing this habit, learning the common sense of a noble lady, or even creating a friend would be impossible task, and I would ended grew up into a wrong adult,yeah.


Esteemed grandfather, father, mother, also big brother and sister.

I would try the best, I would create lot of friend, became a splendid noble lady and succeed the house! Watch over me, yeah!

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