Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 89


Continental School-Diebold Composite academy, a school where around 900 students enrolled into.

Due the dormitory system, most of the time the students spent their days inside the school ground except when they have long holiday.

And so, just like in other school, this school also have space where the student could have their meal.


This place that was usually called as school cafeteria, wasn’t something like a normal cheap cafetaria a commoner would went to, as almost all of the students enrolled into this school were nobles.  

Also rather than having a abundant of menu to choose for, in this cafetaria where the student have a limited option of menu each day, made this place more akin to a restaurant than anything else.

The students walking into this clean and tidy room, looking for free space before choosing the food from the menu, then finally decide the portion. The waiter then will bring the food just like what they had ordered into their table.


Eating is a thing that no living being could escape from.

And for human, it also part of their entertainment, comfort and sometimes place for seeking stimulus.


Surely most of the human would answer the taste was the most important thing when it come to a food.

However, there was another thing that just as important as that. It was “The condition where one could eat without feeling any danger in their surrounding” that is.

No matter how good the food is, it would be impossible for the one who eat the food to be able to appreciate the taste if they were constantly bathed in feeling of uneasiness.

In the condition where it wasn’t the right time to have a meal, just like its stated, no human could be able to take their food.


… And now, noon, break time. The Continental School-Diebold composite academy were currently in that “not the right situation to have a meal”.


“Waah, how unusual, heh. Even though big sister always finished her meal early. To think that the three of us could have a meal together like this outside the house, right?”

“Indeed! The fact that this wasn’t our house made me felt bit strange about this!”

“… You’re right”

The three person who spoke just now, sat on a table that was far from crowd looked liked they tried to avoid the crowd… but, it was the crowd that tried to take their distance from the three.

Furthermore, the way they took their distance wasn’t like a people who tried to avoid getting involved, but rather a distance that two warrior would take before their fight to death on the arena.


That was a matter of course, since those three who sat on the middle of vortex were the people who said to be the most famous people inside the academy.

Long Term Noble Division -Leader of Daria Faction- Daria=Ractos.

Magic Experiment Course – Mad Sorcerer – Grisis=Diebold=Nizzet=Ractos.

Short Term Noble Division – Ractos’s Treasured Child- Sera=Ractos.

Just as their name implies, all of them were brother and sister by blood.

For a sibling from a same house to eat together on the same table, if that was the only thing that happened, it wouldn’t be that much of weird thing and wouldn’t really caused the people around them to raised their vigilance like that.  


— That’s if excluding the fact that the three siblings from the Ractos, were hostile against each other.

That’s right, these three… the three kids from Ractos household, they were on each other throats.

The eldest daughter, Daria, having a complex of being born without bearing any talent. With the doctrine of “A talent that we got when we were born is not what made us a noble” she lead the “Daria Faction” under her arms and creating a scheme to destroying the other two who born under the lucky star.

As for the oldest son, Grisis, born with everything that a people could imagine to have. But, the sole thing that he thought should be his in the first place, the seat of the next head of the duke household, were snatched by his little sister. And so, that driven him mad.

The youngest, Sera, grow up dotted by the adult around her, and so she didn‘t know anything about the evil of the world. Acted like a dimwitted children that didn’t know, and never thought about what was her sibling thought actually were.


The three of them hide their true face, acted like a siblings that get along with each other as they share their table and having meal together.


It couldn’t be helped that the other student around them, also engulfed by the tension.


“Oh, yeah,Sera. How about your school. Are you already used to the school?”

“Mmm… I still couldn’t remember all the location of the classroom, it felt like me need more time. The one that brother enrolled into is the Magic Experiment Course, right? Me know nothing about magic so me have little to none knowledge about the matter, but what are you exactly doing when doing magic experiment?”

“I can’t just explaining it with a word, you know… But I just experimenting on everything. Trying on every possibility to know the result of “If” and “Why” is what I call experiment, I guess?”


Up to this point, it sounds like a little sister that reporting her recent activities to her brother. Just a normal sibling talk.

And so, the other student who in the middle of their meal didn’t need to stop their hand and continues their meal peacefully.

However, reality wasn’t so sweet that it ended in such peaceful manner.


“But, I have to say it that it is all thanks to Sera succeeding the house in my stead that I can spend all of my time into experiment even though I am the oldest son. Even though this public place, I still want to say my thanks to you. Thanks for taking my place”


Everyone who heard that felt like the time had stopped. It was by no mean just a metaphor.

If one look closely at those people who stopped moving, it really looked like the time had stopped for them .

Those who about to put the food into their mouth. Those who in the middle of wipe their mouth with napkin. Those who about to sat in their seat.

They stopped, even stopped making any sound.


“Big brother, please don’t say that! Mepower is needed, thus I done all of this, big brother didn’t need to worry about it at all! I not dissatisfied with it at all, actually!”


It looked as clear as day that the face of those who had stopped moving, became paler like blood had been sucked out of their face.

It couldn’t be helped. After all, they heard a conversation full of sarcasm…  the conversation about inheritance in the public place right in front them.

Everyone sure that Sera=Ractos didn’t actually meant it, but the way she choose her wording just like pouring oil into flame.


“Is that so? Then I am happy for you… Khi! Kahya Hyahyaa!”


Grisis started to laughed maniacally as the tip of his mouth raised like it was splitted into two.

He opened his eyes wide, the light that reflected from his marbled patterned iris shine suspiciously.

Even though it wasn’t directly pointed at themselves, but the intimidating air that Grisis emit made it hard for the students to even tried to run away from the cafeteria.


“Grisis… Shut your, mouth…”


A voice that could be heard as clear as day

even in the face of Grisis maniacal laugh that was reverberating in the middle of the cafetaria.


“This is the cafetaria… it’s your bad habit… to not notice… your surrounding, no?”


The eyes that sharply glare directly into that marble motive eyes, was the oldest daughter‘s Daria.

Thanks to the tone that sound like it wouldn’t accept any objection, Grisis laugh started to calmed down.


“Oops, not good, not good. I’m sorry big sis, it seems that I got too excited”


Thanks to her word, the fear that was caused by his madness dissapeared.

Grisis also following what Daria had said as he correct his posture looking like sane person except from the colour of his head.


“But, big sis, I think that big sis really need to talk more, you know? If you keep that taciturnity, people will thought that you can’t talk, you know?”


The phrase that couldn’t be called other than a rude sentences come out from Grisis mouth, made the cafetaria suddenly filled with the storm of killing intent.

It was something that the people from Daria Faction emit.


“Ooh, why it’s suddenly become colder, heh? I wonder if storm will come?  Well, it’s just a small rain I suppose?”


However, Grisis show no sign of faltering, on the contrary he gather more of their attention and decided to ridicule them.

The word that remind people that his great grandfather, Diebold=Ractos, was a man who defeated the Sorcerer King of Rainy Weather and raised into the seat of the Sorcery King by doing that. For Grisis that said to be the next Diebold Ractos, the people from Daria faction was just a fraction of a rain, a small rain that wouldn’t even able to scratch him no matter how many they were.

The truth is, even if all of the people in the Daria Faction at that place attacked Grisis together, they knew that they would easily defeated, and so the atmosphere inside the cafeteria turned tense once again.

And exactly at that moment.


—- The sound of bell ringing resounded inside the school.


It was the sound that mark the end of the afternoon break. It was something that came from chime that located at the top of highest tower in Deibold Academy.


“… The bell”

“Ooh, fun time always felt really fast, heh”

“It was delicious! Next time I will try the chicken!”


The three who were the main culprit of all the happening, seems to already finished their meal even when their scuffling against each other, as they raised from their seat.

The tension inside the room elevated slightly thanks to that.


“Then, big sister, I’ll have to back to Experiment building. Let’s continue this later, okay?”

“… Alright… let’s do it later…”

“Yeah! It was fun having meal together with big sister and brother after long time!”


Said that, the three raised from their seat and walked to different direction.

However, it wasn’t like this mark the end of their battle.

They were just out of time.

The students that finally relieved from the pressure could only prayed so that they didn’t get involved in it next time.


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