Evil-like Duke Household / Evil-like Duke Household Chapter 9

Commander’s Tsukkomi is Mach 1 


I am the commander of this kingdom’s Heavy Armour Unit of the Chivalric Knights.
The Heavy Armour Unit was just like the name implied; we wore a full plate armour, held warhammers, double handed axes, double handed swords or other such kind of weapons that had great destructive power. We were a unit that used these kinds of weapons.
Since everyone always had their face covered, it was said that our intimidating air was really extraordinary.
Although there were no beauties in this unit unlike the Light Armour Unit, in battle, there was no other unit as reliable as ours.

..Furthermore, our vice commander was that [Jet Black Dark Knight from Hell].
Just like everyone already knows, she is the oldest daughter of the [Ractos Household].
It’s Erza Ractos.
Well, regarding the rumours of the Ractos Household, I had already been told from the start by the Knight Captain that it was just a baseless rumour, and I too understood that she was not a bad person at all.
However, I always wondered whether the rumours about Erza were actually true.
Of course, not the ones regarding her terrifying character.
After all, after having talked to her several times, I already knew she was just a muscle head.

The rumour I was talking about was that of her frightening power.

..The first time I saw her, her image was full of was ladened with things to be criticized about.
Full plate made of black metal..
Red metal for an ornament that resembled fire..
The thing in her hand was a double handed sword that was also made from black metal.
Furthermore, it was furnished with a magical stone.

Isn’t that what she looks like?
She really looked like a knight that came from hell, you know. She really was a dark knight that came from hell, you know.
Or rather, what were those things that protruded from your face?
Hah? Hair? Your own? Are you serious? I thought that was fire that came from hell. TN:(he use “wa” to end his sentence here…. which is feminine way to speak, just for this line btw, not like he always speak with feminine way)

..Seriously, I don’t understand how that had happened.
How was a 16 years old woman able to move while wear that thing?
This kind of thing was impossible, even for me.
Although the black metal had the word ‘Metal’ in it’s name, it’s hardness and weight were not something comparable to normal metal.
Honestly speaking, it was not a material usually used to make full armour.
You would lose your mobility, after all.
Normally, people just applied it at the important places like the breastplate or joints.
Furthermore, it was just a thin coat on the surface TN:(Aka plating)
Yours was not just plating, right?
How thick is that armour of yours?
Aren’t you just a fool?

Speaking of which, with the red metal, well, using it for an ornament was not something that was rare.
It’s cheaper than gold after all, and the level of hardness was also at an extreme degree.
In exchange, since it is quite heavy, excessive use of red metal was also not advised, especially in armour..
However, why did she add it all over her armour?
You didn’t even forget to add the ornament on the back, damn it.
I didn’t praise you, don’t look embarrassed!
Aren’t you just a fool?

On the top of that, you have a double handed sword made of black metal?
While wearing full plate made of blac

k metal?
Are you even able to swing that thing?
Really, aren’t you just a fool?
Haah? The inner plate is made from soft silver metal?
Noisy. You’re noisy. Just shut up.

And so, that’s it.
Even when wearing an armour that weight is cannot be imagined under usual circumstances, that girl, Erza, is still able to fight.
Even though she shouldn’t be able to move at all, she still had a polished swordsmanship.

Presently, due to the Chivalric Knights’ work, we were coming out from the kingdom to subjugate the monsters that plague the land,
She plunged into the enemy with the same speed as the Light Armour knights, then proceeds to bisect the monsters one by one.
….. Wait a moment, you, just now, didn’t you just cut the crystal turtle’s shell right into two?
That’s a thing that you usually just smash with war hammer, you know.
..And you just cut it like it’s butter?
Aahh, the Heavy Armour Unit. At this point, isn’t it just fine for her to be the sole unit of this unit, damn it.
Aahh, look at what you did.. the newcomer got all scared now..
That’s true ! It’s all ‘cause of you, damn it!
Don’t shout because you got excited!
You wear a full plate armour, you know. The sound reverberates because of your armour. Yes, it’s you, you know. It can only heard as something like some monster roaring, you know!!
Why are you getting embarrassed!? I didn’t praise you at all, damn it!!
Aah, enough! Retreat ! Retreaat ! !

We who were returned to the rampart, although there were no heavy injuries nor any casualties. However, everyone was exhausted.
..Excluding one person.
That’s right. It’s you. You’re noisy, you know! Stop roaring!
I’ll make you write another report, damn it!
…. Hmm? What? The surrounding is noisy, eh. Oi! There’s a person who fainted at the main street!
Oi, you, what in the world is happeni- .. Eh, woaah!? Isn’t it Administrator Ractos?
Woah, that’s a surprise to me.. As always his face is scary, eh..
Aah, the newcomer just lost his legs.
(EN: Basically means his legs gave out, we had to keep the direct translation due to the involvement of that phrase in the story itself)
Haah.. Today is really terrible.. I just want to quickly go home and sleep..
Aah!? The one who fainted is the prime minister as well, isn’t it?
Oi, we will carry him to the royal castle.. Eh, Erza!
You, what are you doing just casually trying to go home with the Administrator. Oi!
You mean I have to carry him alone!?

Aah, I want to stop being the commander..

(TL : ship ship ship ship ship ship ship ship ship ship ship )pon.
(EN: This person has a really annoying tendency to use ‘you know’ at the end of a lot of his sentences)

A Scientific Term, a number indicating the ratio of the speed of an object to the speed of sound in the medium through which the object is moving 

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