General Above I Am Below / General Above I am Below Chapter 10

General Above I am Below Chapter Ten “Mother In Law and Daughter In Law Conflict” 


Taifei: Title for consort of deceased emperor or prince.
Jianghu: It is used to describe the pugilistic world of ancient China.

At the capital city military barracks, the General holds in both hand and stand, using an undeniable tone of pleading she said: “For years of life and death friendship, now facing with critical moment, please brothers lend me a helping hand.”

“Yes!” All the aides shouts out in unison, then sat down in two rows, each person holding a writing brush facing a roll of blank paper, reading the book《Principal’s between mother in law and daughter in law》《Women’s topic》《Filial piety to mother in law》 and other titles, each of their facial expression was painstakingly forced.

In Dai Qin state, military family usually married another military family. Ye Zhao mother was a tigress from a valiant general’s family, her grandmother was also from the general’s family, her female great ancestors was a more violent heroine roaming in the jianghu. All are a straightforward woman, the interaction between the in-laws was not bad, but sometimes the two lioness would contend for hegemony, making the third tiger holding the authority, the old great-grandfather cannot help to avoid a few scenes. Elder sister-in-law Huang shi may looked weak, but she is well mastered in the art of blade, three or four normal men also cannot approached her.

An Taifei is a traditional city woman, she was particular about the customs, and delicate in nature. She loved the common behavior between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. So how is Ye Zhao going to make her happy, this is an extremely difficult to solve, despite her great strength, she do not know where to start from.

Ye Zhao is a person whose one word is heavy as nine tripods.

The thing she promised to do, she will certainly accomplished it.

She was contemplating to find Huang shi to discuss about this matters, but that will provoke her to be more worried. So she directly summons all of her Mobei aids and adviser top officials, started a combat meeting and arranging missions, ordered them to go home to ask their old mother and daughter in law, learn from their experiences, then come back to report about the specific affairs.

The top officials were unwilling, and weakly put forward a sentence, “This is not the job of big masters, how can we …”

Ye Zhao immediately raised her eyebrows and berated: “The current Emperor used filial piety to govern the country! You are not even showing filial piety to your own mother! Simply disgraceful! Do you know what is to manage a family, governing the country, and pacifying the world?! [1] You cannot even manage your family! Why do you join the army, to sweep the land under heaven?! This General put importance on filial piety! Deduct your three months of salary, go back and reflect! Understood what is the filial piety to one’s mother then come to see me again! “

The aides were so scared, obediently make records, digging their minds to find references.

Ye Zhao leaned back on her chair, overseeing people to work for a moment, then take a sip of a tea, she asked Qiu Shui: “Where is Hu Li?”

Qiu Hua went forward to answer, “Counselor leave a message saying that firstly he didn’t have a mother, secondly he didn’t have a daughter-in-law, so he really cannot help, but he was upset seeing General depressed appearances. So he went to a nearby Buddhist temple recently to find Buddhist monk to offered incense sticks, and wished the Generals to be successful as well.

“Motherf*ck*r! Offered incense sticks?” Ye Zhao almost choked on the tea, she banged the table screaming, “That damn bastard, the last time he said he was a Taoism disciple!”

Qiu Shui rushed forward to pacify the General anger.

On the other hand, in An Wang residence, An Taifei was also doing mental preparations. Any mother would hope to have a daughter-in-law fit to their liking, let alone it was her most beloved son’s wife, the more you have to choose carefully. Even if family status or the appearance is low, she should also be a gentle and virtuous lady from noble house, so she can look after the household and love dearly her husband.

When the marriage decree came, she was as if struck by a lightning, knowing her son in this life will not expected to have good days, her tears flows down jar by jar. Even more, the Empress Dowager had summons her to the palace early, repeatedly told her this daughter-in-law is a special case, in the future can be of big use to the Emperor Dezhong. So she should not be too strict on the furen etiquette, do not show the mother-in-law hostility, and make the outstanding official hearts went cold, even if not fond of, in the future the residence will be separated, then what the eyes cannot see, the heart doesn’t grieve.

She had just comes out, then was met with her sister sympathy gaze and advised: “Your daughter in law has a haughty manner and strong temperament, but rub along can be adapted together, somehow you can still have the daughter-in-law filial piety.” The person who do not know how to comfort continued: “In any case your son is not interested to be an official, but can now rely on the bride to support the household, is also considered as good thing. “

Heard this words she wish she could spit back.

If the daughter-in-law can not manage the house, be obedient to the mother-in-law, curry favor with the husband, why do they get married?

Her man An Qinwang, died of exhaustion from managing state affairs, she’s a widow at young age, but she knows how to do good deeds. Years after years provides relief to the disaster victims, and went to the temple to offered incense sticks, was this counted as malicious women? Her young son was so sick many years ago, almost die prematurely, only in recent years he gradually gets better. Therefore she has spoiled him, although now his conduct was dissolute, but with the exception of his unpleasant reputation, he rarely cause troubles for the family!

But, what does that woman said in private: “The son of a Qinwang and the mighty General second child, which is the young and talented with upright behavior and appearances? The powerful General, married to An Qinwang family good for nothing is such a waste. “

Yes, her son is a bit worthless, but she is a mother, her heart can only dote him. They family are not shameless to rely on women working to fed the worthless, how can she let him be pushed down under woman skirt? And never be able to lift his head for a lifetime?

Getting married to a sensible and docile quail is fine? Who wants to rely on the phoenix to climb high?!

An Taifei was not reconciled, but she dares not went against Empress Dowager words. Since Xia YuJin already been married, she holds in her discontent, from time to time she would bathe in tears. She didn’t dare to attack, can only secretly complaint about her daughter in law, wishing this living Yanwang can quickly become bored with her son, leave this house, and go find other men who have the ability.

Now, Xia YuJin encourages his mother: “She put up a pageantry and brings the weapon to entered the house, showing her power to me. On the wedding night I became angry and leave, she doesn’t stop or console me! Also, she hides weapons under the shirt, don’t know what the intention. I leave home for a few days without return, she was not even concerned……This woman do not see me, why still want to marry me? Then in front of me, why should she be so strong-minded, always gives me no face? No matter what, I must display my power once! Make her to give up! Mother, no matter what you are her elder again, you must pick up your airs and let her do her duty as a daughter-in-law.”

“That’s right!” An Taifei thought more and more, sympathized with her young son and overcome the fear of her daughter-in-law, she once again in glory and straighten the back, she said indignantly, “Even if she was the Emperor’s favorite general, she is still the daughter-in-law of An Qinwang residence! I do not believe she dared to go against me! “

“Right! It’s like that! “ Xia YuJin pulled in a lot of reinforcement, continuously cheer on.

In the early next morning, just in maoshi (5-7 am) time, Ye Zhao was preparing to leave for the royal court, before that she passed through An Taifei door, reverently standing outside the door, she request the servant girl to inform, then wait on to pay respects.

An Taifei mother-in-law is the Empress Dowager, since married she has spent her life leisurely every day, so usually she leaves bed at chenshi (7-9 am) time. Now her daughter-in-law wants to come early to visit, can not make her late for the royal court either, with no better option she had to break from the sleep, splash a little cold water on the face, biting hard the teeth to get up, get dressed, then comes out to receive daughter-in-law courtesy.

Ye Zhao supported her into the main room, asked for her health, then they both looked at each other in silent, finally she spoke: “Today, mother complexion is pretty good.”

What is good? An Taifei brain was muddled from the lack of sleep, it takes a while, after a few moments she nodded, then chased away the sleepiness, with a high spirit she prepared to give lectures.

Unexpectedly, the soldiers outside the chamber reported: “General, should leave for the court now.”

Ye Zhao quickly make her courtesy, in an instant she runs away.

An Taifei clenched her fist, she was dumbfounded for a long time, then angrily asked: “Where is Wangfei? Still have not come to pay respect? She is getting more and more lazy, had she not seen her mother-in-law already get up? “

With difficulty wait until Ye Zhao return home, she took off the martial attire, then rushed to the hall, reverently stands next to An Taifei, like the watchful guard, her body is straight. Then she mumbled several times, trying to speaks about the the usual topics circulated among the women in the city prepared by her aides, she attempts to chat about daily affairs: “Minister Coachman Chang seems to have taken a new concubine.”

An Taifei coldly swept a glance, intent on causing tension: “Junwang still has no children, you are busy with officials work, feared cannot take into consideration. Might as well let him take several concubines, it is good to spread the leafs. How about I give you my personal maid Cui Zhi? “

Ye Zhao ponders a bit, then shook her head: “No good.”

An Taifei excitedly asked, “Why not?”

Ye Zhao honestly said: “She is very skinny, chest not full, a thin waist, buttock not big enough, doesn’t seem she can bear a child. I see that Cui Ye is a little better, her figure is good to bear a child, her face is also pretty ah……really is good! If she goes to Mobei, all the military soldiers will have red-eye, definitely will fight for her, it is better to take her. “

Cui Ye is secretly delighted for the praise, she bashfully looked at Ye Zhao elegant face, blushed and lowered her head.

An Taifei was speechless.

Ye Zhao saw her face was not good, hurriedly said: “If mother is reluctant to part, then the commander told me previously that the women of Yangzhou are pretty good, each person appearances are like a fairy, complete with the looks and skills, can serve the man properly, I listened back then are somewhat excited. Later on, I will take him to choose nicely, brings back some beautiful women with the best figure to bear a child. “

She is so proactive, in the end want to take concubine for the husband, or herself is the one taking the concubine?

An Taifei becomes suspicious, she roared back: “Dream on! As long as I’m still alive, do not dream of bringing your beauties into the house! “


[1] Is a traditional Confucian view from the Book Of Rites – The Great Learning. The meaning is “First cultivate yourself, then regulate your family, to manage the country, in order to bring peace to the world. Source

Some people already notice, but to make it clear Hu Li is Hu Qing nickname. Hu Li means a fox or figuratively means a sly person, while Hu Qing is his real name.

While I was translating this I realized I’ve made a mistake about the status between the Emperor and YuJin. It is not the tang di – younger male cousin, it is zhi zi – nephew. Sorry m(。≧ _ ≦。)m

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