General Above I Am Below / General Above I am Below Chapter 4

General Above I am Below Chapter Four “Bridal Room and Ornamented Candles.”


Junwang: Prince of second rank.
Wangye: A form to addressed the Wang/Qinwang (Prince of first rank).
Taifei: Title of consort for deceased emperor/prince.
Daren: Big Adult/Title of respect towards superior.

Xia YuQue had a foresight.

He made preparations early to arranged a martial art experts, the moment YuJin tries to climb the wall in a flash they catches him and pulled down, then sealed the acupuncture points making him unable to speaks, body cannot move, making every effort to controlled so as to avoid him from making another disaster.

The auspicious time just arrived, the drum music sounds, the decorated sedan chair being the focus of public attention comes trippingly.

Ye Zhao slowly walks down, body is straight, the chest is not undulating, red flaming veil hiding her expressions, except for the priceless delicate piece of ruby gemstones on the belt, the wedding dress does not have any decorative pattern. She looked at the sound of discussions, slowly move towards the wedding hall, the movement is confident and at ease, just like dragon prancing tiger pacing.[1]

Xia YuJin is dragged out by two big guy, his figure is slim, his height in Dai Qin even though is considered as tall, but is only merely a half fingers taller than Ye Zhao, once again his complexion turns unsightly, his action is limited, both of them stands together making a great contrast, just like a tyrant’s forcing a maiden to marry.

The royal wedding, in a sense, also considered as a forced marriage.

Especially to be forced to marry this living Yanwang no one else dares to touch.

All men have a conscience for Xia YuJin and hold tears of sympathy.

Dezong Emperor specially send people to attend the wedding, also reward a lot of things to Nanping Junwang to regard as a comfort and to give both sides a face. An taifei practically cries the entire times of ceremonies, if people don’t know the truth, it does not look like to welcome a daughter in law but is like attending her son funeral. Duke Zhenguo old Ye grandfather on the contrary is delighted, towards the newlywed instructed: “You must give birth to a son soon, to scatter the leafs, when the son grows up can go on the battlefield like his mother!” When he said these words, his mind seemed sober, but his eyes were always looking at Xia YuJin’s stomach. It was strange.

In history the most……indescribable of a wedding ceremony, without any mishap the curtains falls down.

What is done cannot be undone, the newlyweds is carried to the bridal room, the guards finally undo Xia YuJin acupuncture points, respectfully retire, quickly to receive the rewards.

Xia YuJin eased his muscles and looked at the so-called bride sitting in front of him. Although her posture is deliberately restraint, a little more gentle compared to when going to war, but still with a bold feeling, like a resting tiger, indifferent, absolutely not like a newlywed bride, the tempo of her forefinger tapping on the bed column seems to show this farce deep impatience.

Does this look like a bride? More like a man!

On contrast, the genuine big master is depressed like a man married into the wife’s family!

Xia YuJin the more he thinks the more angry he becomes, fiercely, unconcerned regardless of what and tells her what’s on his mind: “You are my wife, only a wife, don’t expect to control my action!”

Ye Zhao only faintly answers: “Oh”

Her voice is low, during wartime frequently used to shouted orders to the soldiers, making her harm the throat and the voice became hoarse. Is far from the esteem soft Wu accent on the capital city, bringing the ice-cold with a command like flavor, seems like not paying attention to the man who roared just now.

Xia YuJin since birth only he can ignore people, has he ever been ignored before? His heart there is an unexplained discomfort.

Ye Zhao wait for a long time and see he didn’t talk, asked: “Finished?”

Xia YuJin sneered, slammed the door and ran a few steps, not caring of other people astonished look, readily picked up a snow and rubbed his face, with a piercing chill the hot head quickly calm down. He is no fool, is clear that Nanping Junwang has no power only an empty title, no more than a chess piece the emperor used to controlled the great general, it’s impossible to divorced and leave. The only way is for Ye Zhao to be completely disgusted at him, suffers a beat, and take initiative to leave.

How to make a wife dislike oneself?

This scoundrel has abundant of experience to use as references.

The most lethal trick is on the wedding night, to go dote on a concubine, make the bride completely lose her face!

Xia YuJin has always been reckless and act without a delay, immediately went to the concubine room at Qing Xin courtyard, The guards standing outside the bridal room without the generals order, does not dare to stop, the other servants quietly went to find An taifei and An Wanye husband and wife to report. An taifei felt sorry for her son and hated the daughter in law therefore is not concerned, Xia YuQue was already discouraged by this bastard of younger brother, only hope that the general will not act herself and use violent method to teach him a lesson, so he is also not concerned.

Xia YuJin sail smoothly to the front door of Yang shi room.

Yang shi is surprised to see him at this moment, only now to salute: “It turns out to be my husband ah? Entirely blame this stupid concubine faulty eyes, only more than half a year have not meet at night, so dark, all of sudden does not recognized.”

This is said in pure resentment.

Xia YuJin awkwardly touch the nose, recalling himself for a few years playing outside, not paying attention to the women in the house, occasionally by mother reminder he comes home to sleep for two nights, also rarely to find Yang shi to spend the night, now it is inconvenient to find her first, really can’t bear, so only laugh ha ha, then turn away to find Mei niang.

Mei niang sees he arrived, suddenly remembered a servant inquired about the wolf teeth club, is so scared to pale, decisively said: “This concubine body at the present is not clean, cannot serve on bed.”

Xia YuJin impatiently wave hand: “I don’t care.”

Mei niang quickly said: “This concubine has a cold, stomachache, eyes pain, the whole body is powerless, the heart is also stuffed, and recently cannot sleep peacefully, even sleep talking, in a dream also can bite a person……really……really cannot ah……go look for Xuan er.”

“You are throwing stone on someone who is down you slut! In the past to speaks of sisterly love, actually is trying to harm me!” Xuan er living next door heard the talk, without combing the hair straightaway comes over, pointing a finger to Mei niang and bawl out, after that quickly facing Xia YuJin “plop” kneel down, face covered in tears, kowtow on the floor: “Junwang daren spare servant life ah, please consider that Xuan er from childhood to serve with mutual affection, give a way to live! Permit this servant to light a lamp before Buddha[2], to the end of life……”

Two delicate as flower beauty feign madness and play dumb, cried until became so ugly, making this naturally handsome master seems like forcing an honest girl into prostitution.

From the corner of eyes he sweep a glance, at the side there is a beautiful maidservant, instantly backs out ten feet away, sweep a look again, a not so beautiful maidservant also backs out three feet away, the smart servant boy also quietly lowered their head and retreated in the shadows.

Xia YuJin felt an indescribable misery, also know is not good to force someone to jump into a fire pit, he hesitated again and again, in the end depressingly went to the study room to sleep, everyone is afraid of the famous generals name, nobody dares to manage him, as a result the tea was cold, even does not have a piece of blanket, can only curl up hugging himself, harshly sneeze a few times.

On the other end, after Ye Zhao received the message, take down the red dress and tossed it at the corner of bridal chamber, she turned to look at the mirror, the red candle light is dim, on the mirror reflects a thin pursed up lips, high sword like eyebrows, even in the festive atmosphere the two beautiful ceramic glass eyeball cannot covered the sharpness honed from years on battlefield.

She slowly stood up, raised her low voice instructing her subordinates outside: “Sleep, no need to wait.”

“But! Junwang!”

“General! He is so hateful!”

Two similar sounding voice resonating at the same times, stepping forward to speaks is a couple of twins sister, thick eyebrows and big eyes, a slightly dark skin but is also somewhat delicate, wearing an army uniform, on the waist carrying a machete, the facial expression because of anger appears sinister, seems to be at any time can chop people.

The older sister is called Qiu Hua, the younger sister is called Qiu Shui, originally is Qi Longshan mountain bandit leader Qiu LaoHu daughters, since small likes to play with blade and spears so they possessed a good skills. Four years ago Qi Longshan was invaded by Man Jin, they committed murder and arson and all manners of evil. Qiu LaoHu was unwilling to collaborate together, as a results Man Jin dispatch a troops to destroys them, then was rescued by Ye Zhao, feeling moved by her chivalry he became her supporter, from then on he served as her commander. Qiu Hua and Qiu Shui since young revered the martial skill, had a full admiration and worship towards Ye Zhao skills in martial arts, voluntary enters the army to attend the generals, at that time is one of few people who knows her true identity.

Now the generals whom they worship was immensely humiliated on the wedding night, the two sisters felt like their self is the one being insulted. Bandit habit on the spot flare up, pull out the machete and turned around.

Ye Zhao hastily stopped: “Where are you going?”

Qiu Hua spitting anger said: “I, this grandma will go find that ungrateful bastard and tie him up! Whip him fiercely and put a knife on his neck, make him kneel down and knock his head several times, then throws him on your bed! See if he still stays on bed! That fucker! Dare to look down on our general, they haven’t come out of their mother’s womb!”

“Audacious! This is under the foot of emperor, you only know to shout kill, quickly put away your reckless temper, irresponsible remarks will give general troubles!” Qiu Shui quickly stops her sisters impulse, then sneered and said, “I have a package of aphrodisiac powder, put it into Junwang tea, and then take him over here, certainly immediately to succeed.”

Qiu Hua nodded: “Sister is very thoughtful, if he does not drink, I filled him down.”

“Enough!” Ye Zhao had a headache listening, she stopped these two women wanting to kidnap her husband, went to the table to pour herself a cup of tea, think for a moment and ordered, “Get a blanket to the study room, the rest whatever he wants just let him do it. “

“General……” Qiu Hua and Qiu Shui sounds aggrieved.

“First of all.” Ye Zhao shake her sleeve, a delicate short dagger slipped out, from the waist belt drew out some money, sighed, then put it under the pillow, ready to sleep, lift up the red curtain and from a distant brandish a hand.”

The auspicious red candle symbolize a dragon and phoenix, suddenly extinguished.

Unhappy couple made by heavens.


[1]Dragon like prancing and tiger like pacing: Majestic gait, imposing air.
[2]Light a lamp before Buddha: Meaning to enter a secluded life/ become a nun.

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