General Above I Am Below / General Above I am Below Chapter 6

General Above I am Below Chapter Six “Hide Out”


Junwang: Prince of Second Rank, referred to as Junwangye
Taifei: Title of consort for deceased Emperor/Prince

Nanping Junwang went out for seven days and did not return home, he even ignored the first return of bride to her parental home.

An Taifei rushed to Ye Zhao room, with a face covered in tears, she said: “It’s all your fault, causing my son to be afraid to come home.”

Ye Zhao is in the middle of maintaining the weapons, she heard the words and can’t help from frowning and said: “Is a decreed from Emperor to get married. “

“I don’t care! Don’t care! ” An Taifei tears seems like a flood, her crying voice almost collapse the wall, nobody can endure it, she doesn’t care anymore and grab Ye Zhao and kept shaking her, “You’re a heartless woman, forcing my son to wander outside, in that heavy snow, eat wind drink dew, don’t know what is his suffering, if something occurs how is it? Find my son quickly.”

Ye Zhao patiently explained: “He wants to leave home himself, since married I only said a few words to him, a total of four words, did I ever force him? “

An Taifei looked at the person in front wielding a meteor hammer and not concerned at all, her eyes twitched, she wiped the tears and decided to tactfully said: “He is it not also your husband, it’s fine if you’re not warm and kind, or not loving tenderly, or not enough filial piety, but how can you brandish weapons every day? “

Ye Zhao: “My work is exactly to brandish weapons.”

An Taifei thought of her precious son bestowed with a bad luck marriage, her nose is sore and cry again, “Don’t think you can bully ourselves widow and orphans! Anyway, you’re not looking for him to come back, I … … I will not live!”

Ye Zhao gave up to her unreasonable reason, helpless and said: “Alright, I ‘ll try to find him, but if he did not want to return?”

An Taifei quickly said: “Then you apologize and lower yourself a little, begging him to come back! “

“Ridiculous!” Ye Zhao was furious, “It was he that didn’t want to see me, not me that didn’t want to see him, let alone I am the grand two pin high officials, task with guarding the capital city, how can I let my subordinates see the joke. “

The general finally lose temper, although the tone and manner are restrained, but still carry the mighty force of a commander, like fighting in a battle kind of demeanor and appeared domineering. An taifei is intimidated and her heart stops a bit, the imposing manner she roused with difficulty also became soft. She hesitated a moment, but remembered her beloved son, gather back her courage and stutters a threat saying, “In ……In any case in three days you cannot find my child, then I’ll suicide in front of Empress Dowager! Tell you guilty of being unfilial!” After finish speaking not daring to see Ye Zhao face she leave hurriedly.

After she walked far away, Mei Niang standing by the side comes and lean over, sticking to Ye Zhao arm and get close to her ear to divulge: “Generals don’t worry. In An Taifei heart only have Junwang. She frequently likes to cry, every year threatened to commit suicide by hanging or slam against the wall or go on a hunger strike more than four or five times. Never seen her really do it, it’s just to scare people. “

Xuan er whispered on the other side: “Junwang sometimes cannot stand it, he often went out of house for ten days to half a month’s. Anyway his gambling skills are good, he knows many of the lowlife. Even if he won’t come back home for half a year, also will not starve to death … … If General wants to find Junwang, go to the courtesans quarters or gambling house, most likely will hide in there.”

After identifying clearly the one in charge of the house in the future, they quickly live on somebody while secretly helping another and sold off Xia YuJin for a favor.

Qiu Hua quickly said: “General wants to send people for help? We can move the secret guard, surely can secure him.”

“No need, I know where he is.” Ye Zhao personally put on a black fox fur cloak and walked to the door, she suddenly remembered something,” Where did Hu Li go? How come haven’t seen him lately? “

Qiu Hua answered: “Military adviser recently took a vacation, probably he is out somewhere for a stroll.”

Qiu Shui raised her head, look forward to see General and gently added: “He is in bad mood recently and wants to go somewhere for relief.”

Ye Zhao frowned and ordered: “Tell him once had enough rest, to return and report back.”

Qiu Shui nervously wriggle her lips, seems like thinking of something.

Ye Zhao already stepped out the door.

In the middle of wind and snow, her footsteps did not pause and decisively walked towards the west.

Where is Xia YuJin hiding at?

The upper west of the city, in the corner of a secluded alley there is a small dirty shop. The banner signifying that this is a drunken greasy bar that hangs for years, a lazy old dog lying on the moss-covered stone steps. Inside of the shop is comfortably warm, a red clay on the stove stewing a pot of mutton which exudes a rich seductive aroma. Time seems to leisurely and carefree stops at this moment.

The owner named is Lao Gao, whose name was worthy of his wrinkled face. Wearing a worn out sheepskin coat, he sat on the heatable brick bed. The opposite of him, in the gloomy light is a young nobleman dressed in a gorgeous mink fur coat, holding a lotus-patterned hand warmer in his hand. The black hair like a waterfall is tied casually with a purple pearl band. The skin is flawless like jade with a fine sculpted facial features. Almond-like pupil is black as the deepest dark night, flashed with a dot of bright starlight. His mouth hangs a heartless smile.

The unsuitable person appears at the most inappropriate place, the feeling is very weird. But looking at his natural mood, it does not feel so oddly.

Lao Gao sigh, filled his cup with wine again: “Young wangye……No, now is Nanping Junwang, you this newlywed, nestled in this old place here and not going back home is not the way ah, can’t always hide for a lifetime? “

“So wordy!” Xia YuJin stopped his chopsticks, glanced up at him, “Are you disliking that I would eat you to bankrupt? Just like eating your mutton meat is to think highly of you! Don’t forget that you owed me seven hundred and eighty-seven tael. I have eaten your five tael worth of mutton meat, but you drank twenty tael of my good wine! “

Lao Gao spoke politely, but his manner is not in a slightest fear, cheerfully said: “I don’t dare to dislike, Junwang presence is an honor to my humble place, even eat for another hundred eighty days also will be glad.”

“You just want to take my wine,” Xia YuJin sneered and drank a few shot, he listened to outside sound of silence snow, felt bored and asked, “Lao Gao, play again a few round?” “

Lao Gao put down his hands and chopsticks, beaming and said: “That is good.”

Xia YuJin smiled: “Ha, not afraid to lose another several hundreds?” 

Lao Gao: “Not afraid, anyway, no matter if I owed seven hundreds or seventy thousands, I still cannot pay back.”

“Pei!” Xia YuJin with a straight face, hit the table, half-jokingly threatened, “Audacious wicked men! How dare you tease this Junwang! Cannot pay the debt take your daughter and sold her off!”

“That is better ah! I always worry to death about her marriage.” Lao Gao eyes shine, delighted, “Sold to Imperial Censor Huang or to High Official Zhang ah! Even Imperial Minister Liu is not bad ah! I’ll go make some inquires, all are established household, mingle well for several years, don’t have to worry because there is a servant, food and clothing, letting go for marriage is equal to money on the face. “

Xia Yujin choked he almost spit out the mutton, somewhat feeling tipsy, with a mocking tone said: “Forget about it, with your daughter famous for being shrewish? Still wants to marry her out to wreck a man? If anyone dares to marry her, I this father will add twenty tael to the unfortunate guy……”

Lao Gao did not wait for him to finish, immediately reply: “I on behalf of Cui Hua thank Junwang!”

Xia YuJin stare at him with anger and said: “Get lost! It is to give him consolation! “

“The same is true,” Lao Gao acted as if he didn’t understand, and said politely, “Come here, eat these two pieces of mutton meat for consolation.”

Xia YuJin is angered he fiercely “Pei” at him.

Wine into the stomach, he thought of the valiant female at his home, felt that he have a really bad luck and cannot help starts sighing.

Lao Gao saw and advised: “Junwang, the timber has turned into a boat already, just admit it, enough venting out and return home.”

Xia YuJin firmly said: ” Not going back! I, your father don’t want to see that woman, I’ve lost face and don’t dare to meet people “

Lao Gao: “Junwang … You’ve lost a lot of face already, this is not bad.”

Xia Yujin becomes angry out of shame saying: “Oneself are willing to lose face with others force you to lose face is two different story! I am drunk and willing to bark like a dog is because I am happy to do it, if others force me to bark like a dog is exactly a humiliation!”

“Cursed your blind fellows, it’s their fault for tricking your money using woman, you wants to keep squandering until dead? Your energy should also be exhausted, cannot hide forever isn’t?” Lao Gao persuade patiently, “What’s more the Great General is a heroine, although slightly with male appearance, but looked closely is also not bad. Anyway, compared with my family willy women, blind in one eye and is also violent. I just glanced at the girls along the road, at once she will take out a mallet and chase me and beat me up on the streets, but still living together for so many years? “

Xia Yujin coldly snorted.

Lao Gao sighed: “This old man has been living for sixty years, can understand thoroughly. In woman the most important thing is to be devoted and nice to you, sincerely look after you, the other such as appearance or temperament, everything else is void.”

Xia Yujin sneered. “Will she be nice to me?” Does the sun rise in the west?”

Lao Gao then poured him wine and said: “Not getting together, how do you know?”

Xia Yujin shakes head: “I, your father is a man, said no is still no! I simply can’t be suppressed by a woman!”

“Well, Nanping Junwang is really man enough!”

The worn out bamboo curtains makes a loud sounds and opened, the cold air immediately assaults the face. A tall and thin men came in, dressed in a plain and simple black clothes with a silver lined jacket, a boot on his foot, his body is draped in a cloak covered in snowfall. His face was cold, facial features seem normal but is a very attractive sight, especially those fine half narrowed eyes, resembled like a cunning fox that plays with the hunter.

“Hu Qing?”


In ancient China the officials are grade using the nine-rank(pin) system. The rank are from 1 – 9, where 9 is the lowest and 1 is the highest.  Each rank was further classified into [Zheng yi pin; Standard class] and [Cong yi pin; Secondary class]. Making a total of 18 ranks. Read more on Wikipedia

Ye Zhao is a Zheng er pin, means that she is a Rank 2, Standard Class.

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