General Above I Am Below / General Above I am Below Chapter 8

General Above I am Below Chapter Eight “Lioness From Hedong Roars”


An Taifei: Title for consort of deceased emperor or prince
Laozi: “I, your father” is used to refer own self in anger or contempt, or arrogantly joking.

Ta Xue is a pedigree of precious horse that has walked thousands of miles, since young followed Ye Zhao to go into the battle, and experienced a great waves, the sentiments is deep. At this time, it is arrogantly facing Xia YuJin and make some noise out from the nose, raise the hoof, then turned to docilely rubbed slowly against Ye Zhao palm, like a pair of master and servant.

Ye Zhao touched the smooth horse mane, then stop at its mouth and stuffed a small piece of malt sugar. She stands there and turned to looked at Xia YuJin changing his expression, saw him gnashing his teeth, then turns to grumpy face, after that turns to deep hatred, in a moment turns to sadness, completely disheartened …… on the beautiful face, her long eyelashes is droop low, beautiful eyes hidden beneath, from time to time taking a quick glance at him, seems like thinking a bad ideas, feels very fascinating. As if she was back in the north desert mountain, surrounding by dead-end, trying to break through the sable; or as if shouting out on the vast prairie, taming the unruly wild horse.

Whether hunting or taming a beast, can bring out the feelings of excitements, in the heart is difficult to endure the itch.

Unfortunately, in front of this eye is not a sable or is a horse, but is her husband, therefore the methods cannot be used.

Ye Zhao looked one more time, feeling regret saying: “Let’s go.”

Xia YuJin shake his head, no matter what is unwilling.

Ye Zhao asked, “Why not?”

Xia YuJin shake his head, choke for a moment and spit out two words: “Lose face.”

Ye Zhao asked more but there are no answers, she have to make a guess.

Previously in the army, the life is very simple, except for risking their lives out of nothing. Besides her there’s a whole bunch of big and tall rough men, covered with sweat and alcohol, while chatting on three sentence will not forget to give respects to the old mother. Regardless of whether the mind or action, they are very easy to fathom: such as excitement is thinking of a woman, when homesick missing his family, when in anger is thinking of the enemy, or feeling depressed most likely after spending all of the salary.

The imperial court sends to supervise the army officials needs a profound minds, can also play a few tricks method, but is simply for the purpose of money, power and merit, she acts appropriately to the situation, gives what is desired, is not difficult to deal with.

She acts as a men from a young age, hanging out with a men, so she was extremely aware of male psychology.

Before the snow, a fine horse, a weak body, embarrassed to mention, these four factor together, the answers is: Ta Xue is too high, Xia YuJin skills are very bad and cannot climbs it!

Ye Zhao sighed softly.

Maybe she should not ruthlessly expose the truth and let the other person lose face.

Xia YuJin saw Ye Zhao shake her head, then walked over, reached out and grabbed his shoulder. He immediately soar to the sky, feeling dizzy his body loses control, until his eyes open again, he found himself already sitting firmly on the saddle. The horse also cast him a suspected contemptuous look, not waiting for him to open his mouth, Ye Zhao patted the horse’s buttocks, Ta Xue four hoofs rise up, like an arrow, stamping forward on the vast snow, turning out of the alley, proficiently running towards Duke Zhenguo residence.

“Wrong way!” Ye Zhao shouted out.

Ta Xue calmly turned around, going towards the An Qinwang residence.

On the snowy days, there is very few pedestrian. Xia YuJin hugged the horse neck, only feels the cold wind as sharp as a knife, slipping into the neck collar, cutting the two cheeks, is unable to say the uncomfortable pain. He raised his head and caught a dark shadow in the middle of the air. Ye Zhao was performing the qinggong, jumping on the roof, her foot light as a cloud, the figure tearing out the sky, her black robes flying in the wind, elegant like a red-crowned crane flying in the sky, not fast nor slow, depending on the horse speed, seems like there is an abundance of energy left over.

While feeling dazzled, the horse quickly stopped, and the red-crowned crane fall to the ground.

Xia YuJin as if awake from the dream, is amazed to see his family vermilion entrance gate, he pushed out Ye Zhao helping hand, rushed down from the horseback, shrinking his cold neck and boldly said, “How ……how can there is someone who used qinggong and steps on the city wall everywhere? ! Very … very unreasonable! “

Ye Zhao brushed out the snow on her body, repeat again, “Anyway, I am very abnormal.”

Xia YuJin listened, his eyelids skips over, stealthily look to see if she was angry or not.

Ye Zhao’s complexion does not have any big changes, only ordered the small manservant to take Ta Xue into the shed and to take good care of it, then standing at the gate, extending her hand making the invitation posture.

Xia YuJin legs appears heavy, slowly walked in.

Ye Zhao asked: “Could it be I need to carry you in?”

“Get lost! Laozi has legs! “ Xia YuJin face is green, and added,” Also have the guts! “

He lifted his head high and went inside, Ye Zhao followed closely behind him, watching him pass through the winding corridor, walking towards An Taifei hall room to pay respects. An Taifei saw her obedient son return in peace, unable to contain the joy, not paying attention to his facial expression, immediately wipe her tears, rushed to pamper him, touched his face, quickly command Ye Zhao: “Do not see how skinny is your husband? Should quickly goes to stew properly some foods to supplements the body, take a look at his oval face how much weight have loses.”

“Huh? He’s skinny?” Ye Zhao was bored standing at the side, heard her mother in law questions, immediately straighten up, take a look at Xia YuJin, then look at her own palms, compare a little, honestly answers, “He probably weighs a hundred and thirty catty (about 78 kg), weighs a bit less than my bronze double side axes, does not count as skinny.”

An Taifei and Xia YuJin complexions both turns ugly.

Ye Zhao proceed to shut her mouth, standing besides the wooden statue.

Xia YuJin with great difficulty settles his mother’s nagging, was about to return to the study room, and order the servants to move out the bed and all kinds of things, to thoroughly living separately between the husband and wife. Ye Zhao slowly walked behind him, apparently having something to say, so he paused, wonderingly asked: “What are you doing?”

Ye Zhao folding her arms in front of her chest, calmly said: “Tomorrow we go back to my parental home.”

Xia YuJin discovered that he had forgotten about this matter, still like before stubbornly said: “What time is it, still need to return back?”

Ye Zhao: “I have told them that you are sick in bed and postponed it.”

Xia YuJin: “Then just maintain it this way, no need to go back.”

“That won’t do,” Ye Zhao said seriously, “We have to go home, and hopefully you will do your best to pretend to be in harmony, do not make troubles at Duke Zhenguo residence.”

Xia YuJin tilted his head for a moment, laughing asked, “Why?”

Ye Zhao said: “My grandfather’s mind has not been sober, I do not want him to be anxious.”

Xia YuJin: “Are you really worried?”

“I don’t want to beat around the bush,” Ye Zhao sat down on the chair in the corridor, with admitted tone speaks, “I know I am not fit as a good wife, this marriage makes everyone uncomfortable, we have to live together is very hard indeed, so I do not want you to do anything. After this you go your own way, and I go my own way. Regardless of whether you wants to whoring or gambling or if you wants to take a concubine, I will not mind at all, you don’t need to give me a face, but you have to give a bit of face to my family members.”

“Face? I thought you didn’t care about it” Xia YuJin remembered the old hatred, smirked his lips and mockingly smile, lowered his head.

Ye Zhao silent for a moment, lowering her voice, “Ye family for generations stationed to guard the north desert, after the city destruction was subjected to extermination, when the grandfather in the capital city found out of the news, it angers him and hurts his sanity until now have not sober from it. Elder sister-in-law and nephew was away visiting her parents home and luckily escape the disaster, she is still young but live as a widow, taking care of family housekeeping, staying at my Ye family the favor is big as a mountain … They are my only kin, I do not wish them to be embarrassed because of me. “

“Can’t see it, the General also cares about blood relatives,” Xia YuJin felt his heart slightly choked, but however looking at her grim cold face, did not hold back and say, “Unfortunately you care about them, but I don’t care!”

“Bastard!” Ye Zhao violently rage, letting out a slow speech, “You dare say it again?”

Xia YuJin stubbornly said: “I’ll say it! Laozi don’t care. “

Ye Zhao suddenly strike his hand, aggressively pushed him on the blue-stone pillar, coming close to his ears whispering: “Do not ignore my warning.”

Xia YuJin trying hard to struggle but could not move, angrily said: “You! You are not afraid … “

“Under the heavens, who dares not give them face, I will not respect that person!” Ye Zhao interrupted, looking carefully at him from head to toe, smiles gently. The crystalline eyes flashed into a deep cold glare, like a beast looking at the prey, the white teeth all carrying some sinister, “Do not play tricks, this Laozi in north desert is the leader of the rogue, you youngsters are still confused and not aware of the truths ah! “

Xia YuJin wrist aches a sharp pains, endures a sweating head, can only clenched teeth: “Okay, okay, I give, let go of me!”

Only then Ye Zhao slowly released him, then fiercely punched down the pillar, and turned walked away.

Xia YuJin sluggishly regained his spirit back, slowly inclined his head on the pillars on corridor, leaving behind was a half-inch deep fist mark, the wind blows up the crushed stone powder, flying in the breeze.

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