Ghost Hunters And Psychic Detectives

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A fragment from Historic Ghosts and Ghost Hunters.
Further events narrate about several famous secrets that were slightly described in earlier author’s novel “The Riddle of Personality”. Those secrets don’t relate to magic but rational scholars that study a man’s individuality, open aspects of every mind, explore reasons for paranormal phenomena etc. The writer aimed to show competitors that function separately about an important and unusual subject.

The first team includes researchers’ merits in a field of insane activity and oddity. The second concentrates on amateur enthusiasts’ opinions and tend to operate in a different way that seemed supernatural in a science experience. The two principles deserve existence and together they can achieve many victories and disclose new routes of the investigation if both confess and combine instead of fighting. The author intellectualizes this topic in his new novel.

Ghost Hunters And Psychic Detectives



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