Goblin Slayer / Goblin Slayer Volume 1 Chapter 1 part1

Translated by Lickytee

Edited by Kidyeon, Ruzenor


Part 1

As he ended the fight capable of making people feel nauseous, the man stepped on the corpse of a goblin.

His slightly dirty black helmet, armor, and chainmail were all stained red with the monster’s blood.

His left hand held a torch, while tied to his left arm was a small, weathered shield that looked like it had gone through many battles.

With his empty right hand, he stepped on the corpse underneath him and effortlessly pulled his sword out of it’s head.

The sword, which was covered in the monster’s brain matter, was neither short nor long, and looked like it was both a cheap and a rough handicraft.

Meanwhile, a girl lay paralyzed on the ground, shivering in both pain and fear, her elbow pierced by an arrow.

She had bright golden hair and a cute oval-shaped face. Yet now, her face had twisted unbearably from her sweat and tears.

The beautiful girl was slim, and wore what seemed to be priest’s attire.

Her hand that was currently holding her mace trembled slightly.

——The man in front of me, who is he?

The girl felt that he was different from the goblins.

No, it was more like he was a monster that had a totally different origin than them.

The man’s apparel, aura, and actions were just too abnormal.

[………Excuse me, who are……]

While the girl endured her fear and pain, she asked him.

At last, the man opened his mouth and answered her.

[Goblin slayer.]

——He was a slayer. He preyed not on dragons or vampires, but instead on goblins, the weakest in the hierarchy of the monsters.

If it had been a normal situation, she would’ve felt that this name was silly the moment that she heard it.

Yet now, she didn’t think so.

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