Goblin Slayer / Goblin Slayer Volume 1 Chapter 1 part4

Part 4

Translated by Lickytee

Edited by Ruzenor, Anivyl

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What would that man – Goblin Slayer – think when he’s looking at her, shivering and staring at him to the point of forgetting her pain in the shoulders.

Without a moment of hesitation, he walked to the front of the priestess and squatted.

Shocked, the priestess gasped as her body shuddered.

Even though the torch was providing light, she couldn’t see the eyes of the man inside the helmet, as if it was completely filled with darkness.

[A rookie, huh.]

He muttered silently after checking the priestess’ identification tag.

As he placed his torch on the floor, his identification tag swayed at the front of his chest.

In the darkness, the tag reflected a dull light. Without doubt, it was a silver glint.


The priestess gasped softly as she immediately understood the meaning of that colour.

He was ranked third among the ten ranks in the Adventurer’s Guild.

Other than the handful of Platinum-ranked adventurers who appeared only few times in all of history and the Gold-ranked adventurers who were important on a national level, the Silver-ranked) were the ones who could be said as the most skilled amongst the adventurers that weren’t affiliated with the government.

[…Silver ranked……adventurer……]

He was, without question, a great talent among the adventurers, and was entirely different from the lowest porcelain-ranked priestess.

——If you wait a while, I think another adventurer will come along……

Recalling the female receptionist’s words, the priestess deduced that she was probably talking about him……

[It looks like you can still speak.]


[You were lucky.]

Faced with the brutal and ruthless actions of Goblin Slayer, the priestess couldn’t even utter a single word.


The barb on the arrowhead teared at the priestess’s flesh, making her pant in pain.

After forcefully pulling out the arrow, blood flowed freely out from the wound, as did her tears, and fell to the ground.

Still, Goblin Slayer roughly took out a small bottle from a bag tied to his waist.

[Drink this.]

The green solution swished around in the bottle as it let out a phosphorescent

Glow—— This is a healing potion.

The priestess and her party wanted to get it too. But due to their lack of time and funds, they gave up on the idea.

The priestess wavered her gaze between the small bottle and the female mage. Was it okay for her to just accept that small bottle?

[about that!]

As soon as she made a noise, the following words that came out of her mouth so smoothly that it was unbelievable.

[C-can I give it to her instead? My Miracle can’t seem to heal her……]

[Where is she wounded and what caused it?]

[Uh. About that, I think it’s her stomach, and it was stabbed by a dagger.]


Even when Goblin Slayer was checking out the female mage’s wounds, his actions were still crude and clumsy.

As soon as he applied a little pressure on the female mage’s stomach with his finger, she immediately started vomiting blood.

Without a glance to the priestess, who was staring nervously, he quickly checked the wound of the female mage and simply said:

[Give it up.]


The pale priestess held her breath as her hand carrying the female mage tightened.


Goblin Slayer pulled out the dagger that was stuck in the chainmail between the gap of the armor on his own shoulder.

On the blade, some black, sticky and ominous substance could be seen.

[This is poison.]


[They made this by mixing poisonous herbs gathered from the wild with their own urine, excrement and saliva.]

——You were lucky.

Recalling the words said by Goblin Slayer, the priestess couldn’t help but gasped.

There wasn’t any poison on the arrowhead, so she was safe right now.

If among those two goblins, the one with the dagger attacked her first……

[Once you’ve been poisoned with this, it’ll leave you with breathing problems, total paralysis, fever, loss of consciousness and, finally, death..]

After wiping the bent dagger on the waistcloth of the goblin, he pinned it to his belt and with his face still hidden in the helmet, he said :

[Their methods are still primitive.]

[T-then, as long as she is detoxified, she’ll……]

[Even though I have the antidote, it’s too late. The poison has already spread throughout her body.]


At that very moment, a glimmer of consciousness appeared in the blank eyes of the female mage.

The bloody foam around her mouth popped. With trembling lips, she spoke with a very soft voice that it almost couldn’t be heard.



Without a moment’s hesitation, Goblin Slayer ran the mage’s throat through with his sword.

After making a short groan, the female mage’s body twitched violently, blood foaming out of her mouth, and died.

Pulling out the sword, Goblin Slayer noticed the blade had become blunt with fat and clicked his tongue.

[Don’t make her suffer any more.]

[How could you?! Who knows, she could have been saved……]

The priestess hugged the corpse of the female mage as she cried out with a pale face.


She couldn’t say any further. Was it true, that there was no way to save the female mage?

If it was really so, was killing the female mage here really for the her own sake?

The priestess had no idea.

After all, the priestess haven’t received the [Detoxification] Miracle.

Even if she had wanted to let the female mage drink the antidote, it wasn’t hers to begin with and it belonged to the man in front of her.

The priestess neither drank the healing potion nor stood up. All she did was tremble as she sat frozen in place.

[Listen here. They may be stupid, but they aren’t completely foolish either.]

The Goblin Slayer said bluntly.

[At least, they know about killing the enemy’s mage first——Look.]

He pointed at the rat’s skull and crow’s feathers that was hanging off the wall.

[This is a totem of the goblins. In other words, there’s a Goblin Shaman amongst them.]

[Goblin Shaman……]

[Don’t you know about it?]

The priestess nodded uneasily.

[It’s like a Magic caster, but much better than this girl here.]

[TLN: Just to clarify things, but I apparently used ‘Mage’ for the magic user girl. ‘Spell Caster’ is actually a more accurate term as ???? is used here(Literal translation is Incantation Simple Task lmao). ]

This was the first time the priestess heard about a goblin who could use incantations.

If they knew about it, could it have prevented the demise of their entire party?


The priestess denied it in her heart, as she had already given up long ago.

Even if they heard of a goblin capable of casting incantations, they wouldn’t have treated it as a serious matter.

After all, until a moment ago, she had believed that goblins were nothing but easy-to-beat monsters meant for rookie adventurers to train themselves.

[Were there any big ones?]

With that, Goblin Slayer stared hard at the face of the priestess on the floor.

This time——the priestess saw his eyes slightly.

In the deep, dark interior of the dirty helmet, his cold eyes gleamed like a machine.

Under the intense stare of the pair of eyes in the helmet, the priestess shuffled uncomfortably, but then immediately sat up straight.

She suddenly recalled the warmth and wetness that had formed beneath her body.

Her entire party had been decimated right in front of her, the sole survivor.

This cold fact felt like a dream to the priestess.

Compared to that, the pain on her shoulders and the shame of wetting herself felt more realistic.

[T-there was one…I think…but…I only cared about escaping……]

As the priestess tried to scour through her ambiguous memories, she shook her head weakly.

[It’s a hobgoblin. Looks like they took in a survivor to bolster their forces.]

[Is it…a big goblin?]

[Something like that.]

After checking his weapons and equipment, Goblin Slayer stood up.

[I’ll continue through that side tunnel. I’ll have to beat them there.]

The priestess raised her head to look at him.

He wasn’t looking at the priestess anymore, but at the gloomy darkness in front of him.

[How about you? Will you go back, or wait here?]

The priestess tightened her grip on her mace with her weak hands.

Although her legs were trembling, she stood up stubbornly, tears rolling down her face.

[I-I’m coming…with you!]

No matter if it was going back or staying here alone, she couldn’t accept either. Following him was her only option.

Goblin Slayer nodded his head.

[Then drink the potion.]

Between her heavy breaths, the priestess gulped down the bitter solution in the small bottle.

The pain on her shoulder slowly faded away.

This potion was made from a mixture of over 10 kinds of herbs. Although it didn’t have the miraculous effect of healing wounds, but it was enough to be used as a painkiller.

She instinctively sighed in relief. After all, this was her first time drinking a potion.

[I’m done.]

Seeing that the priestess had finished drinking the potion, Goblin Slayer stepped into the gloomy darkness.

Walking with firm steps, he didn’t even turn to look at the priestess.

In order to stay close, the female priest hurried towards him with small steps.

Before  leaving, the priestess turned to look at the corpse of the female mage.

Biting her lower lip, she bowed deeply towards her.

I’ll definitely come back for you later.

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