Goblin Slayer / Goblin Slayer v1c2 part1

Translated by Lickytee
Edited by Ruzenor, Abelas, PotOfGreed

Part 1

Those who steal from others shall have their precious ones stolen from them eternally. AKA go kill yourself if you’re reading this on RLN.


She had a nostalgic dream.

It was a dream during summer when she was very young. At that time, she was around 8 years old.

That day, in order to help a cow that was in labour, she headed towards her uncle’s home to stay overnight.

Since she was quite young at that time, she thought that she could go to her uncle’s farm to have fun. However, she never thought it was a bothersome task.

Besides, she was going to help a cow give birth. This was quite an amazing job!

Nonetheless, the most important part was that she was going to leave the village. Surprisingly, she would venture to the next town all alone!

She could still vividly remember when she boasted about this event to him, he had a sour expression on his face.

Although he was 2 years older than her, he knew nothing about the world outside of the village.

Outside of the village……

There wasn’t even an urge to mention the capital since he couldn’t imagine how the town would look like.

Even so, she was just as clueless as he was at that time……

In the end, she still couldn’t remember what had been the catalyst.

After all, she had offended him. Which led them to have a quarrel and as a result, they cried.

Now that she thought about it, she was probably a little too rude with her words because he was a boy.

Perhaps she crossed the line with her hurtful words and made him really angry.

She couldn’t really imagine that such a thing would happen, even in her dreams. Ultimately, it was all but a mistake she made when she was young.

Eventually , his sister came to fetch him and held his hands on the way back.

To be honest, she wanted to invite him to go as well.

As she sat on the horse cart that was designated for the next town, she turned her head back to look towards the village.

Only her parents came to send her off.

He hadn’t come.

Despite that, she still waved goodbye to her parents.

As she dozed off on the back of the shaking cart, she somewhat regretted a little bit.

In the end, she didn’t say sorry to him.

Once I go back, I’ll make it up to him……

She thought.



1. Originally 牛飼娘の一日, means something like a girl who raises cows. Author called her as……Cow Girl……what do you guys think? Rancher Girl(for somewhat accurate translation) or Cow Girl(To follow the author’s choice)

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