God and Devil World

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People lived in peace until a catastrophe happened. Zombies and other beasts suddenly spread around the country. The world was polluted with corpses, exhaust, radiation, bacteria, and other awful things. People prayed to survive the ugly and dangerous monsters.

So did Yue Zhong with his band. They endured a chain of challenges and were exhausted of violence and battles. In the final stage, the team got to know that they won, however for Zhong real struggle was only about to start. Recently dinosaurs and orcs joined the territory to either murder or turn people into slaves. They are strong, rough, and heavy. No weapon can destroy them. New creatures called orcs are known for their speed and cruelty.

Altogether monsters transform the country into their kingdom. Watching how the monsters torture humanity, Zhong plans to beat them.

This world is resembling a computer game, but is it ruled by God or the Demon? Now both Zhong and beasts should achieve a new level to obtain authority and more.

God and Devil World

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