God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 175

In restricting Yue Zhong from continuing to recruit survivors, Longhai Survivor Camp seemed to imply that they had already regarded Yue Zhong’s group as a possible enemy, and is not willing to allow Yue Zhong to continue expanding his forces.

Yue Zhong had considered attacking and taking LongHai Survival Camp many times, and snatch all the survivors, food and equipment. But Yue Zhong’s forces were limited as a majority of his men were normal humans. In a battle, the strongest two groups of men are naturally the evolvers and the military.

In a real war, the Military group will be much more effective than an evolver. The Military had taken control of all military weapons including but not limited to IFV, cannons, rocket launchers etc.

Although Yue Zhong had many militants who had defected to his camp, Yue Zhong had no confidence that they would listen to his commands and attack LongHai Survivor Camp. After all, many of their friends are still in the LongHai Survivor Camp.

Also, the LongHai Survivor Camp group is not weak either. There are more than 6000 survivors in LongHai Survivor Camp. In addition to the military, there are still countless numbers of policemen, commandos, military police and several factions with power. Even if Yue Zhong tries to take them head on, he does not have any guarantee that he will be able to win the war.

But if he does not take control of LongHai Survivor Camp, he will need to leave at least half of his army to guard his camp. If he takes all his soldiers out with him on a raid, it is highly probable that the LongHai Survivor Camp will launch a sneak attack at his camp. All that he had worked to build up will be swallowed by the LongHai Survivor Camp.

Similarly, LongHai Survivor Camp also feel threatened by Yue Zhong’s group. They also dare not to take any large scale actions in the event that Yue Zhong’s group attack them when all their forces were engaged with the enemy. They could only send small teams of men to go to the surrounding areas to search for more food.

Both parties are wary of each other, and are placed in a difficult position by the presence of each other. At the same time, they are locked in a stalemate. Neither of them dared to use all their forces to try to recover surrounding villages.

Looking at the pretty Guo Yu in front of him, he could not help feeling a bit better. “Yu Er [1], come here!” he waved.

Guo Yu approached Yue Zhong and sat on his lap.

Feeling the soft feeling of Guo Yu’s body and the lovely smell of her fragrance as she slipped into Yue Zhong’s arms, Yue Zhong felt very happy as he hugged Guo Yu. His troubles seemed to magically disappear.

Yue Zhong hugged Guo Yu, and slowly shared his troubles and frustration with her: “Yu Er, Longhai Survivor Camp is becoming an eyesore to me. I am hoping to move my soldiers and take the city by force, and remove this obstacle. What do you think?”

After listening to Yue Zhong, Guo Yu’s big round eyes seem to widen in surprise. The she smiled and replied. “Master, I feel that now is not the time to forcefully launch an attack. For LongHai Survivor Camp, there is only one man standing at the top – Chen JianFeng. All we have to do is to assassinate him. LongHai Survivor Camp will be in chaos as each faction fights for control of the city. All we have to do is to grab the opportunity created by the Chaos to attack LongHai Survival Camp. This will allow us to get what we want with half the effort.”

Listening to Guo Yu, Yue Zhong eyes also widen in surprise. He looked at the pretty and seductive Lolita in his arms. Never did he imagined that Guo Yu would come up with this devilish plan.

But this plan is really not a bad idea. The officials in power LongHai Survivor Camp are corrupted and only care about their own powers. Only Chen JianFeng and a few other officials are holding the fort by themselves. Also, Lei Cheng, the military commander, is standing at one side, waiting for an opportunity to strike. If Chen JianFeng is assassinated, there will definitely be Chaos in LongHai Survivor Camp as various factions fought for power.

It is just that Yue Zhong did not expect that the pretty and innocent looking Guo Yu would come up with such a plan.

Guo Yu also looked at Yue Zhong. Her big pretty eyes did not even blink or show any trace of impurity. She had racked her brains to think of this scheme to assist Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong hugged Guo Yu tightly and softly replied: “We cannot do that!”

Chen Yao and Ji Qing Wu has strong ties to Chen JianFeng. Ji Qing Wu is also one of the generals under Yue Zhong. If he tries to attack LongHai Survival Camp, Ji Qing Wu and Chen Yao will sit on the fence, and will not help either party. But if these two girls know that Yue Zhong had ordered a hit on and assassinate Chen JianFeng, they will not take this lying down and may attack Yue Zhong’s camp instead.

Only a few very loyal men from Yue Zhong’s team would be comfortable with the idea of Yue Zhong assassinating Chen JianFeng. But as for the rest of his men, especially the newly recruited men from LongHai survivor camp, it would be difficult to predict their reactions.

Guo Yu just smiled and said: “Then we have to wait for a chance. Lei Cheng is not willing to take orders from anyone, including Chen JianFeng. I estimated that we need not wait for long before he will stage a coup.”

Yue Zhong was playing with Guo Yu’s fingers, as he considered for a moment, and agreed. “For the time being, we could only do this.”

Seeing that Yue Zhong had turned silent, Guo Yu is like a cat, as she enjoyed the pampering that Yue Zhong showers on her. Yue Zhong is often busy and seldom have much time to be with her. If he is not bringing men to search for more food supplies, he would be among the marksmen to practice his shooting skills. They have very little time spent together, and Guo Yu treasured each moment.

“Captain Yue! Captain Yue! Chen Zhiguang issued an urgent missive!” Da Gou shouted as he entered into the room without knocking. Seeing that Yue Zhong was hugging Guo Yu, he turned beet red in embarrassment and stopped moving and shouting.

Once Yue Zhong let go, Guo Yu discretely walked away from Yue Zhong’s embrace with a hint of disappointment on her face. She stood besides Yue Zhong, and her presence was like a pure and flawless lily.

Da Gou quickly informed Yue Zhong of Wisemen Chen’s missive: “Shang Lin county has a huge army of zombie that was marching towards LongHai Survival Camp. LongHai Survival Camp has requested for help from us, and request that we assign some soldier to protect the survivor camp!”

Yue Zhong raised his eyebrows and seemed to mull over this piece of news. Then he asked Da Gou: “How reliable is this piece of information? Has Chen Shi Tou verified this piece of information?”

Before the apocalypse, the population in Shang Lin county has a population of over 100,000 people. It is much bigger than Qing Yuan county where the Survivor Camp is located it. Although the number of people is lesser than Shang Lin county, it is also easier for Li JianFeng [2] to control the city.

Killing 5000+ zombies in Big Cliff village is already the limit of what Yue Zhong’s party could do. If there were 100,000 zombies, Yue Zhong feels that this is mission impossible.

A town has various ancillary facilities that were much better than that of villages. Yue Zhong also knows this fact. But the problem is that a town has insanely high numbers of zombies. Capturing a town will need a massive amount of ammunition. With the LongHai survivor camp watching at the sidelines, Yue Zhong dared not to lead his men to capture any town.

Da Gou quickly replied, “Chen Shi Tou has already verified that piece of information. There is indeed a massive throng of zombies that were making their wave towards LongHai Survival Camp.”

Chen Shi Tou is a very careful man. He would definitely confirm the information before reporting it to Yue Zhong.

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